Submachine 7 - The CoreはこちらSubmachine 7 - The Coreはこちら【海外P&C】(Pastel Gamesさん)Submachineシリーズ第7弾。不思議な世界観の場所で、色々な場所を探索しよう。 関連記事Pastel Gamesさんゲーム一覧ここから Submachine: 32 Chambers (or Sub32, stylized as Submachine: 32 chambers) is the third side game of the Submachine series. We have over 49 of the best Submachine games for you! 逃出Jay Is Games室是Submachine宇宙的一个地点。 该构造构的模型与Mateusz Skutnik制作的Flash游戏“逃出Jay Is Games”完全相同。有11个场景。大多数墙壁都是由腐蚀的米色砖制成。 The grand finale of the Submachine saga. Escape from Jay Is Games is the result—fan fiction, made by the creator with the players in mind, containing all that wonderful Mateusz vibe, with embellishments from his popular series topping a slice of JayIsGames, and 2.15K Mateusz Skutnik games Daymare Town 4 2.22K Mateusz Skutnik games Submachine 1 1.94K Mateusz Skutnik games … With its … Gameplay This game in the Submachine series plays differently than the other games, as there is no linear direction to it. It consists of two rooms. Submachine insight: read articles and interviews, watch Markiplier play Submachine 1 and follow tv tropes. Jay is Games interview May 10, 2014 There are a lot of game developers out there, but few have achieved the cult following and widespread popularity of Mateusz Skutnik. That’s what Murtaugh told us in previous ~~ Submachine 6:The Edgeはこちら 【海外P&C】 ( Pastel Gamesさん)不思議な世界観でおなじみのP&Cゲーム。沢山の謎を解き、進んでいきましょう。 関連記事 Pastel Gamesさんゲーム一覧 ここから … I think this game is not part of the series simply because it doesn't appear in the Submachine Universe page . 1 Plot 2 List of locations 2.1 32 chambers 3 Quotes 4 Development 5 Trivia 6 See also 7 References This game recounts the exploration of the 32 chambers by an unidentified explorer. Submachine 10: The Exit: Mateusz Skutnik brings the story that began over ten years ago to a close in this tenth installment of his wildly popular point-and-click adventure series. -.- This is my first video! The grand finale of the Submachine saga. “Jay is Games”主催(でいいのかな? )の“ Flash Game Design Competition ”応募作品です。 制作期間が限られていたせいなのか、今までの作品に比べるとコンパクトにまとまっていますが、これまでの作品同様、ゲームとしてのクオリティは、しっかりと平均点を上回っています。 "Submachine Universe" developed parallel with main storyline games and so, for example, karma energy appears more and more frequently. In this location yet another way is used to introduce new graphics: use a device (not in this Submachine 2: the Lighthouseはこちら フラッシュバック【海外P&C】不思議な世界観のP&Cゲーム。不思議な夢を見ていた。ゲームをしていた。そう、サブマシーン・・・。そしてゲームを終えたが、夢から覚めた記憶が無い。 But though the end may be in your grasp, getting Allegedly no one has ever been there before. Submachine Desarrolladora(s) Mateusz Skutnik Distribuidora(s) Pastel Games, Arcade Town y Jay is Games Diseñador(es) Mateusz Skutnik Compositor(es) Mateusz Skutnik Última versión Submachine … Straight to the defense systems of the net. r/submachine A subreddit for fans of one of the greatest point and click game series of all time and one of the best games on the internet. The player starts off in a laboratory location with the portal coordinates 000 and is given a list of coordinates for six more locations. -- FedericoF talk contribuctions twitter 18:22, June 7, 2014 (UTC) and is given a list of coordinates for six more locations. It took me two hours to finish it. You find yourself stuck in a strange room... weird computers and yellow gunge everywhere. Submachine is a creation of Mateusz Skutnik One of the most popular escape games returns. The dimensional tomb is a location in Submachine Universe. Hmm, I don't know if a "non-Submachine games" section, it would be too long. Escape from Jay Is Games 2.9K Mateusz Skutnik games Where is 2014? Escape from Jay Is Games 画像をクリックすると、サイトにリンクするよ "Submachineシリーズ"、 "10人の小人探しシリーズ " " DayMare Town シリーズ " などでお馴染みの アタシが尊敬してやまない Skutnik さんの新作です。 幾つかの装置が置かれた部屋で、出口を探して脱出しよう。 Contents[show] Architecture This area may be part of the temple underneath the pyramid from Submachine 9: The Temple. Games and comic books created by Mateusz Skutnik. Enjoy Escape From Jay is Games. Jouez à Escape from Jay is Games, classé parmi les jeux d'aventure et jeux d'escape-room et d'évasion (s'échapper, sortir) bambistar 26/06/2014 20:02 Même créateur que submachine ^^ d'ailleurs, ils ont mis un petit clin d'oeil en reviews: -ak-| Jay is Games ~~ ~~ We’re travelling to the outskirts of the submachine universe. 2014.03.15 Submachine 9:the Temple 2014.06.08 Escape from Jay Is Games 2014.09.17 10 Gnomes in Venice ~ 小人探しゲーム 2014.10.07 Eien 2015.01.02 Where is … 1: the Basement 2: the Lighthouse 3: the Loop 4: the Lab 5: the Root 6: the Edge 7: the Core 8: the Plan 9: the Temple 10: the Exit Ancient Adventure Future Loop Submachine 7; jay is games review December 15, 2010 Mateusz Skutnik’s Submachine series has kept puzzle and adventure game fans guessing for over five years. Boasting twice as many rooms, a … Can you Escape From Jay is Games? This is a list of walkthroughs for all the Submachine games. In the first one, there is a karma portal stand that contains the karma portal that leads to the Escape from Jay Is Games room. If lag , sorry :P Do you have the wits to find your way out? Submachine 1: the Basementはこちら フラッシュバック 【海外P&C】 ( Pastel Gamesさん)不思議な世界観のP&Cゲーム。沢山の謎を解き、進んでいきましょう。 関連記事 Pastel Gamesさんゲーム一覧 ここからネタバレ↓ Play online for free at Kongregate, including Submachine 10: the Exit, Submachine 7: the Core, and Submachine 8: the Plan Submachine Remix: Mateusz Skutnik has created an extended version of his recent point-and-click game, Submachine. Can you dig through the sand and puzzles to escape?