Renewal Movements in the United Methodist Church. Traditionalist United Methodist leaders from around the world have agreed on an expansive vision for a new, global Methodist church. Since 1967, Good News has been the classical evangelical witness and ministry for renewal and reform within The United Methodist Church. The Wesleyan Covenant Association (WCA) connects Spirit-filled, orthodox churches, clergy, and laity who hold to Wesleyan theology. 31 of PCUSA’s largest 100 are Confessing Churches By John H. Adams, The Layman Online, April 25, 2005. Welcome. Unity in the Making, Confessing Movement, September 23, 2005 -2- In short, I think the UMC is well positioned to make a great contribution to the work of God in the 21st century. Thirty-one of the 100 largest congregations in the Presbyterian Church (USA) are members of the Confessing Church Movement within the denomination – more than five times as many as those affiliated with the Covenant Network, which has five congregations in the top 100. The United Methodist Church (and also the Confessing Movement) lost a great leader and a spiritual giant in the death of Dr. Jimmy Buskirk, whose funeral was held September 29 in Tulsa, Oklahoma. It is an association of individuals and congregations who share a common understanding of our Wesleyan doctrine and a desire to become a vibrant, faithful, growing 21st century church. The Confessing Movement is working to re-establish this clarity of purpose within the United Methodist Church. Specifically, we would like to introduce to you five books by Riley Case, plus his Happenings articles that have been sent by the Confessing Movement Within the United Methodist Church by e-blast over the past several years. Case. You have reached the website purpose of the website is to introduce you to some of the books and writings of Riley B. We have the right doctrine if we will only remember it; we have a history of renewal if we will Here are some of the quotes out of the original confessing movement documents drafted in the early 90s. "The confessing movement is a witness by United Methodist lay men and women, clergy, and congregations who pledge unequivocal and confident allegiance to the Lord Jesus Christ according to "the faith which was once for all delivered to the saints" (Jude 3.) Our mission is to lead all people within The United Methodist Church to the faithful and vibrant practice of orthodox Wesleyan Christianity.. May 28, 2016 by W. Richard Stegner. Concerned Methodists is a "Renewal" organization working within the United Methodist Church, urging it to greater biblical faithfulness to its Wesleyan heritage and standing firmly on the Judeo-Christian ethic which extends back for over 6,000 years. The Confessing Movement's critics assert the movement has set itself up as the arbiter of orthodoxy and thus is a threat to the UMC's tradition of tolerance.