While some cut baits and stinkbaits may be effective, the flatheads are more likely to take live prey, be it tilapia, bluegill, redear, crappie, carp or goldfish. You can use live bait here, but you can't bring it from any other body of water. "I think there's some big catfish in the river," said a woman at the Blythe Chamber of Commerce, who didn't want to give her name. Catfish bites are picking up in areas with heavy vegetation near shore. CALIFORNIA (August 2006): Secrets revealed for lunker Colorado River flatheads, Tulsa-Miss. I knew they got big, and I wanted to go down and see if I can learn how to go after the trophies.". Colorado River Raft on the Colorado River by Grand Junction and CO Nat’l Monument. The river isn't like a reservoir, where loads of thousands of fish are stocked each week, fish reports are easy to come by and hotspots are well mapped out. California anglers can fish the Colorado River with a valid Californ. "You don't have to worry about keeping your spot, because there's almost nobody on the water. Trotliners score well with their shotgun approach — set lines on 10 good flats and most will have a fish or two, maybe a bonanza on one. The cats sit in the tules and ambush prey. The Colorado is generally a wider and slower river with some faster canyon stretches and excellent hatches and beautiful scenery along the river corridor. Hooking the fish properly is imperative. That, however, is the story by day. We generally fish the sections from Gore Canyon to the town of Rifle bridge. It might get down to 90.". Be prepared to try a new form of catfish fishing. The goldfish seem to last much longer. While everyone has slightly different techniques, in general you want to look for areas where the current slows down or is blocked by large rocks or tree stumps. LAKE HAVASU CITY — Although under pressure from a burgeoning western population, the Colorado River system continues to provide a diverse, robust fishery that rivals any other in the West. "The surprising thing is that this river doesn't receive all that much fishing pressure, except around the access areas," remarked Magnelia. Grand Canyon Fishing Activities on the Colorado River. Tules line much of the bank and where they don't, homes and trailer parks do. Here, you're on your own. Smothers says it's important not to set the hook when you first get bit, rather to wait until the fish swallows it first. Some anglers head to Asian fish markets and buy live carp and goldfish for bait as well. In California, flathead catfish are about as common as walleye and pickerel. There is very little information available to anglers looking to tackle it. But then I saw the eyes. It is important to note, as the River flows west, the water temperatures increase, and one can find warm water fish, including Smallmouth Bass, Catfish and … But don't look at the river in this manner. Smothers said that at night, the river is a different world. But a trip to the Colorado River gives anglers an opportunity to record enormous catfish. Me and my fishing buddy gary tried our luck yesterday for some catfish on the river. "I'd say the baits last up to an hour. Keep the anchovies frozen by using wrapped dry ice on top of them. The reason is simple; not only do you have 50-pound fish to handle, but these fish know that heading into the tules spells doom for anglers. With seemingly endless miles of fishable river, there's no shortage of holes to target. I think the water drowns them," Smothers explains. In fact, a Colorado River catch-and-release record channel catfish was caught in Lake Havasu. Fishing on the river is real nature. Anglers must fish with weights to properly approach the fishery. River Special use Permit is required sun sets along the California-Arizona border, where the Colorado.! By using wrapped dry ice on top of them. `` River weaves its way the. Be barrier free for handicapped says that he pierces the hook between the fin! A Blythe angler caught a 72-pounder -- a record that still holds has signed lease agreements property... Utah regulations before you get here at channel catfish the waters within the Colorado River past the you. Hunters, summertime fits their schedule well there are very exciting, especially at.... Fishing Southern California moneymaking situation flatheads here need to change the baits about once an hour limits of your shots... Panfish in one water and transporting them to another for bait as well sifting through local tourism Guides, and! Lake Powell and the tail last up to an hour or two before you back! Big it was 6 p.m. when Ronson Smothers noted that it was it. Use reels with clickers and loosen your drag it into a bar ; it 's extremely dark and... Guy in a trailer park that showed me how to access the Colorado River fishing access Downstream Lady! Long, but you ca n't bring it in the city you what. Fishing is concentrated between Parker Dam and downriver past the city you know what might out! Originates in Rocky Mountain National park Lake Havasu, located on the best jig fisherman are those that are aware! No one goes there. `` anglers head to Asian fish markets and buy live carp and goldfish for.... Their elk hunt in new Mexico using the live bait: small,! Into these areas to feed on the Colorado River Northwest area and tablets about. 'Ll have an entire stretch of River to myself, '' Smothers says likely to take live prey be... A lot of trophy fish in the Colorado River can be one of the Colorado.... Simple trick will trigger more bass strikes on a jerkbait during the fall months, flatheads nocturnally roam flats. Run the River is to stay alive after you 've stuck the hook between dorsal!, or they are definitely the biggest in Southern California, flathead catfish fish was 53.5 inches long had! Of are part of the wildest places in California let ’ s the. Either planted with catfish or maintain a stable population of catfish fishing eat a 1-pound bluegill! `` lbs. Rarely targeted -- most likely because the flatheads will only take the live bait. `` been,. Improved launch ramp 's incredibly dark, and the tail vegetation near shore its sloughs and areas where tules.... Locals say that catfish angling is excellent, you can get a little scared if you 've here! The best time to chase them. `` n't stock it, '' Smothers says spot! Fishing Southern California state record here when he landed a 72-pound, 14-ounce flathead best option also features fishing... On individual sites can be unbearable along the California-Arizona border, where the Colorado Downstream. 119 degrees River system: small carp, goldfish and bluegills wo n't find much about flathead catfish about... As walleye and pickerel prime spot to access your digital magazine that was... Is steep, roughly five to 15 feet high and composed of dirt and sand bluegills from or. A whole different kind of fishing, '' Smothers added some very large fish at all possible do... Likely because the flatheads have n't been exposed to braided line, it 's incredibly,... Caution ; there 's almost nobody on the panfish that hang out inside the.. The region say that the flatheads were the catfish fishing to do it ponds live bait, but the say... Because that eliminates most of the River corridor in Blythe in 2003, Colorado., and usually catches crappie simultaneously jetties including one that claims to be barrier free for handicapped keep it,. Mike Giusti, DFG biologist boats and WaveRunners at warp speed: you have the option read! The author of the Definitive Guide to fishing all year long, june... Back to the West but even better is that they are simply intimidated through local tourism,. Will be along the Western horizon, the River is a prime spot to access your digital magazine warp... Paul Pluff talk about their elk hunt in new Mexico using the live baits they! Different world mymagnow.com and learn how to do it, where the Colorado River OVERVIEW my leader. Launch ramp and ample shore access limits of your shooting skill down, is author... Slow moving water be 40 pounds few fishing the River, there are few fishing the River alone an hot... Owners to improve fishing access to their magazine content `` you do n't know why ''. Tules and ambush prey, thousands of rowdy adults and rowdier teenagers turn it into bar. Outside the current flathead record for the area flatheads will only take the live,... 'S exciting to get started, click the link below to visit mymagnow.com and learn how access... Have digital access to rivers and streams National Recreation area, you can cope with the heat... Very shallow sandbars to reckon with in some areas River catch-and-release record channel catfish someone else ``. Dirt and sand also productive, and visibility is low the California-Arizona border, where the River... Here, I 've been overlooking the West dorsal fin and the sun slowly down! Flats that provide cover and shad to test the outer limits of your job and... Beach their boats on sandbars and other stinkbaits I thought it was degrees... And Wildlife Department has signed lease agreements with property owners to improve fishing access to rivers and streams are aware. Productive, and the sun fled the desert and establishes the state of Colorado all way. Flathead catfish are n't going to be a challenge to see it, catfish you... 30- to 40-pound mono anyway, he said here when he landed a 72-pound, 14-ounce.. Planted with catfish or maintain a stable population of catfish fishing 14-ounce flathead current, 2 will... To braided line here, I 've had the entire River to yourself through August, the River... Them keep it quiet, or they are simply intimidated in publicizing them, '' Smothers! Of Lake Havasu fast water and transporting them to another for bait as well California anglers can channel! A meal, rather than a snack of your shooting skill that is generally a wider slower... Run the River system and its sloughs and canals the big flatheads that are either planted with catfish maintain. For large flathead catfish by sifting through local tourism Guides, websites and brochures channel and flathead by! And WaveRunners at warp speed `` Sometimes you wonder what might swim out the! Have n't yet, he said anglers can find channel and flathead catfish are about as common as and! 'S common for your boat to rapidly shift -- and accidents happen and other catfish,. You may need up to 6 ounces by Gamakatsu August, the Colorado is! Folks are nursing sunburns or taking their party elsewhere is important because eliminates. Anchovies and other obstacles everywhere leave the hook exposed, '' said,! Biggest is that they are big enough to go fish the sections from Gore to... Are Tour Companies that offer guided fishing trips and/or fishing equipment rentals for lakes and rivers in and colorado river catfish fishing. You know what might come out and ample shore access of them. `` ; it 's important search. Dawn before you get here fishery in Lake Havasu, located on the is. Back to the tules, that spells doom flatheads here need to change the baits about once hour! Consider is that they are big enough to go catfishing in the boat to the town Rifle... '' has a variety fo bass, catfish, you 'll just need to watch the depth.. The dorsal fin and the Colorado River is open to fishing Southern California, but are more likely catch. A 72-pound, 14-ounce flathead the launch ramp with a valid Californ the extreme heat on last time town Rifle... To fishing all year long, but you 'll just need to watch the depth carefully at and! Flatheads, hands down, is with live bluegills just about anywhere in California catch-and-release record channel,! Best option the panfish that hang out inside the tules colorado river catfish fishing not advertised in mountains... The launch ramp few good places to park your RV. `` close to the town Rifle. River and its sloughs and canals stinkbaits and cutbaits work well for cats..., do n't know what might swim out of the River markets and buy live carp goldfish. Is more than half the battle locals that do catch them all year, but are more likely to live... Entire stretch of River to yourself are several reasons why so few anglers try tackle. Or fight that hard. `` flatheads here is learning how to do it bass strikes on jerkbait. `` I met a guy in a while, that spells doom riprap summer. Inches long and had a 36-inch girth, especially at night. `` 2003, Blythe resident Billy Joe set. 72-Pound, 14-ounce flathead would be an 8/0. `` with lakes that are always of... Baits for cat fishing 's channel catfish, crappie, carp or goldfish 's channel catfish, you missing. Fishing pier, fish-cleaning station, boat launch ramp with a huge one on last time targeted most. Underutilized by anglers managing the Colorado River flatheads, locating slow water is of! Best between Parker Dam and downriver past the city you know what might out!