So what are you waiting for? Hot is similar to sexy in that it’s an attractiveness that provokes sexual interest or even lust.You can say that “he is hot,” or that “he is a hottie.” Both hot and sexy are slightly objectifying. Saying Pretty girl in African Languages. Upvote. So why not tell her how beautiful she is in several languages? Very professional. No matter where you are in the world, it’s easy to find beautiful things and beautiful acts. Would definitely recommend! Well, this much is true and in so many different ways. The word is used to describe a … The process of having my letter translated was simple and efficient. As you go and look for beauty around you, you will realise that you are very beautiful from the inside out. Definitely recommend them for your translation needs. Jabali (jah-bah-lee) – ‘strong as a rock’ Jabali literally means ‘rock’. It can be: All around the globe, there’s no denying that the word ‘beautiful’ is one of the most commonly used words. As overseas recently and needed a Legal Document translated urgently at 10pm (Melbourne Time). . Navajo: nízhóní. If you've woken up with a prevailing sense of anxiety about how the day will go, you could say … Have you ever heard of the quote, “Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder”? 5 ⭐️ Plus!!! Very little price for a detailed German drivers license translation. We go to places for sightseeing to admire the beauty of nature. We are OPEN and delivering translations daily. Just inform us which language you want to translate your document to. Angst. God has made all human beings beautiful. Saying beautiful girl in European Languages, Saying beautiful girl in Middle-Eastern Languages, Saying beautiful girl in African Languages, Saying beautiful girl in Austronesian Languages, Saying beautiful girl in Other Foreign Languages. 12 Beautiful Words in Other Languages. Languages: Beautiful In Different Languages: Afrikaans: pragtige: Albanian: bukur: Arabic: hellwa: Armenian: geghets’ik: Azerbaijani: göz?l: Basque: eder: Belarusian: pryhožaja: Bengali: sundara: Bosnian: lijepa: Bulgarian: krasiv: Catalan: bella: Cebuano: maanindot nga: Chinese: Meilì: Croatian: lijepa: Czech: krásná: Danish: smuk: Dutch: mooi: English: beautiful: Esperanto: bela: Estonian: ilus: … Their service is incredible and very prompt! Afrikaans. EthnoLink translated my certificate just hours after I had requested an immediate translation. You can use this word for many things. Well, if you’re not here to research for your lover, that’s okay. Here are some synonyms of the word ‘beautiful’. 32 Of The Most Beautiful Words In The English Language. Beautiful girl in all languages. Here’s a definition from urban dictionary. The good folk over at Reddit have come together to share their favourite words in their mother tongues. Level 1 / 501 Church Street To tell your significant other that they are beautiful – both inside and out, To express a heartfelt admiration for someone or something, Comely – it means pleasing in appearance, fair or attractive, Seemly – handsome or of pleasing appearance, Attractive – provides delight especially when it comes to manner or appearance, Pretty – means moderate but quite a noticeable beauty, Handsome –pleasing symmetry and proportion; stateliness. I picked the regular service and it's great. Sign up to remove ads and customize your list of languages. Had it translated and certified within 10 minutes. Acacia Meaning : With Greek origin, Acacia means 'Guileless' and 'Honorable'. Copyright 2019 EthnoLink Language Services. Never miss a beat with MailOnline's latest news for women. Will definitely recommend this place to everyone. We are always searching for beauty. How to Say ‘Beautiful’ in Different Languages and Impress Your Bae. Throughout the centuries, poets have used figurative language to describe beautiful women. Great prices for what they offer compared to other translators. There are even different ways to address a suspected criminal depending on whether they’ve just been accused, are on trial, or have been convicted . Another Word for Beautiful: 70+ Ways to Say “Beautiful” in Different Languages. Please find below many ways to say beautiful girl in different languages. Friendly and amazing customer service. Now I am able to receive my passport and see my family in Malaysia as soon as possible! Saying beautiful girl in European Languages. Plus, almost every language has its very own version for expressing its admiration for all the wonderful things. Photo about Beautiful girl with a banner of world`s different languages over grey background. Here is the translation and the Japanese word for beautiful girl: 美少女 Edit. This is the translation … Marketing Translation + Localisation Services, How To Say Beautiful in Different Languages. Richmond VIC 3121, ℹ️ COVID-19 UPDATE This EthnoLink article lists several ways to say beautiful in different languages. Price is good.I ordered my document for the 24 hr service and i got it back within few hours. Be it a beautiful girl or a beautiful landscape. by Dan Dalton. Very responsive to e-mails. Igor Katsev. Second time using translation services from EthnoLink, and I must say that their customer service is above excellent. Deolinda: Portuguese name meaning “Beautiful God”. And no matter what language you use to express yourself and to say ‘beautiful’, this word’s strength cannot be denied. Perfect for Valentine’s Day to tell your sweetie, or just because you love them everyday. Will definitely use again if I need. Dictionary Entries near beautiful girl. Iktsuarpok. Behiye: Turkish name meaning “Beautiful, attractive, charming”. ‘Beautiful’ isn’t just limited for lovers, you can also say it to your mother, children or best friend whichever works for you. Contact us today and get a free quote. 2 0. All Rights Reserved. Here are ways to say beautiful in different languages. Over 100,000 Italian translations of English words and phrases. Aimee Meaning: A beloved friend in French!. I highly recommend this service, and will definitely be using them again, if and when required. In this article, we have listed many ways for you to say beautiful in different languages. Burk. 1 decade ago. Entirely eloquent, and yet utterly ineffable. Beautiful in Spanish – Hermosa / Hermoso. Simply listening to your significant other sing you a song of love is beautiful, using the necklace your husband gave you is beautiful. Image of pupil, smiling, student - 79317739 Inupik-Niviaqsiatsiaq. Highly recommend . Upvote. Which words are easy to memorise? The most beautiful words in 12 different languages, as voted for by Reddit users. SMOOTH GIRL'S NAME LANGUAGE MEANING/ORIGIN; Yaa: Akan "Thursday" Lule: Albanian "Flower" Rahmah: Arabic "Mercy" Naiara: Basque: Form of the place name Nájera: Emina: Bosnian: From Amin, "Trustworthy, truthful" Raya: Bulgarian "Paradise," also a diminutive of Rayna: Mireia: Catalan: Form of the Occitan name Mirèio, a literary invention meaning "admirable" Elowen: Cornish "Elm tree" Lenna It’s mostly finding beauty in events and people then ultimately realising just how beautiful your soul is. This Site Might Help You. Edit. It’s just one simple word that has hundreds, if not thousands of meanings around the world. I like this guys because of their quality and quick service. Source(s): For an exact quote, contact us and send a scan or clear photo of your document. Bethan McKernan @mck_beth Wednesday 16 September 2015 15:00 offbeat. Turns out, there’s a word for that feeling when everyone lingers over the table talking after a meal. We are OPEN and delivering translations daily. 0 0. Excellent service and awesome customer support. 15. No more waiting. I'm really impressed with the translation service they provided. Alexandria Meaning : With Greek origin, Alexandria is a feminine version of Alexander, which means 'Defender of Men'. Saying beautiful girl in Asian Languages. RE: Explore celebrity trends and tips on fashion, style, beauty, diets, health, relationships and more. I would give 10 stars if I could. We eat different cuisines around the world. If you need translations for your documents, EthnoLink Language Services has hundreds of translators for different languages. We adore different cultures from around the world – all the greetings, festivals, traditions, music and languages. Ways to say pretty girl. We are an expert NAATI translation provider so you can vouch for our authority. To be able to nail it, you should also learn how to correctly pronounce each word to be understood by locals and to get your point across. If you want to know how to say beautiful girl in Japanese, you will find the translation here. If you are planning to express your admiration for your romantic interest, then saying ‘beautiful’ in different languages is one way to go. In the English language alone, there are several ways to mean beautiful. Best service ever. Efficient, professional and hassle free service. Shakespeare's sonnets provide examples of how to use such literary devices. All Rights Reserved. Inuit. Eskaleut-Aleut-Asxinux amgixsikux. And with extremely lucrative promotions, a possibility without reason the rating supplier continues to skyrocket in the eyes of observers and loyal customers. Describing any Girl as Beautiful Pick a generic term for “girl.” There are many words that translate to … This is the translation of the word "beautiful girl" to over 100 other languages. 5 years ago. Cherokee: ᏦᏚᎯ (tsoduhi). We hope this will help you to understand Japanese better. Every part of the world is abundant with beauty, and every language has its own word for expressing admiration for it. I high recommend them! Iktsuarpok refers to the feeling of anticipation when you're expecting someone that … Tasting blueberry cake is beautiful, as well as baking a cake for the ones you love is beautiful. Congratulations for all team !!!! I've had a great experience with EthnoLink - super efficient, super fast and better price than other translators. The list below is a great taste of the languages represented, but to learn more beautiful words, phrases, concepts and sentences, we recommend you check out FluentU. Now that you know how to say beautiful in different languages, you’ll be able to express yourself and your admiration when you go travelling around the world or when you impress your significant other. Image of girl, many, different - 79317550 It’s perfect for Valentine’s Day or just to show your darling how much you appreciate and admire her. After checking it, we will email you the firm quote in less than 15 minutes! Here is the translation and the Irish word for beautiful girl: EthnoLink Language Services © 2013 - 2021. Abigail Meaning : With Hebrew origin, Abigail means to 'Give Joy'. Lakota: niȟópeče yelo. Plus, it’s for free! Order today with no delay! When it comes to languages, there are different ways to express the word ‘beautiful’. Incredibly fast respond to every single email. Not only will she be amazed and impressed, but she’ll also find it romantic that you took the effort to make her feel special. Great service. In Spanish, you say hermosa or hermoso when you want to call someone “beautiful” or “gorgeous.”. “Beautiful” isn’t just for lovers either, saying it to your children, mom, or best friend totally works, too. Please find below many ways to say beautiful in different languages. Keep up the good work! Italian Translation of “girl” | The official Collins English-Italian Dictionary online. Depending on the thing or person, someone or something who is beautiful has a perfection of colour, form, qualities and many more. Life is mostly all about the pursuit of beauty. Ingrid: Norse name meaning “Beauty of Froy”. Chichewa. Fantastic service. This is the translation of the word "beautiful girl" to over 100 other languages. Kalaallisut-Niviarsiarartsiaq. There are different ways of addressing men and women, immediate superiors, higher superiors, inferior colleagues, male children, female children, your boyfriend, girlfriend or spouse. Asxinuxchixazax-Beautiful Girl. When Romeo first sees Juliet in the well-known play, "Romeo and Juliet," he describes her beauty using metaphor, simile and hyperbole, "Oh, she doth teach the torches to burn bright! From all of the different ways to say beautiful in different languages listed above, which ones are your favourite? beautiful flower. Make the word “beautiful” even more meaningful by learning how to say it in 50 different languages. 21 Beautiful Words From Other Languages That Will Brighten Your Day A Little Bit. A mother will always find her children beautiful. Language. Incredibly fast respond for the translations.The time to process the document made the difference. mtsikana wokongola. 16. Beautiful girl in all languages. Photo about Beautiful smiling girl with a billboard of world`s different languages over grey background. mooi meisie. Amazing and fast service. On the other hand, the child regards the mother as the most beautiful woman on earth. Google allows users to search the Web for images, news, products, video, and other content. I’m am 100% satisfied and would highly recommend it to everyone. Let us know in the comments below. Beautiful. We hope this will help you to understand Irish better. beautiful … Abila: Arabic name that means “to be … Here is the translation and the French word for beautiful girl: belle fille Edit. Beautiful Girl In Different Languages. The english language Premier League, such as West Ham, Swansea City and Southampton, it has tested that football is their particular true identity. Lindeza: Spanish name meaning “Very pretty, exquisite”. This Buzzle article lists down the many ways to say beautiful in different languages. That’s right! Random acts of kindness are beautiful, as well as receiving help from strangers is beautiful. And just as Khalil Gibran said, “Beauty is not in the face; beauty is a light in the heart.”. Using Slang Words to Call a Woman Beautiful or Pretty Tell a woman she is pretty. But there ... Beautiful in French – Beau / Belle. Caution: these beautiful French words may cause shortness of breath or weakness at the knees. Anonymous. The girl is pretty. We’ll be happy to help you. I’m am 100% satisfied and would highly recommend it. No matter where you are around the world, you will see beauty all around you. q: How do you say ‘you are beautiful’, in Native American languages? Excellent. If you want to know how to say beautiful girl in Irish, you will find the translation here. Did we miss anything? Quick and reliable service. :). Please find below many ways to say beautiful girl in different languages. Edit. People travel around the world to look for beauty. Sebahat: Turkish name meaning “Beauty, prettiness”. Or tell a man that … Answering to all of my questions precisely. Everyone has heard that Paris is the city of love and French is the language of romance.. We all know that French people have a certain je ne sais quoi (ineffable quality) about them: great style, amazing food, stellar wine, gorgeous accents and a lovely language.