That step will take the longest time. Ragnarok Mobile Guides. It’s med-fast cast time compared to other skills, and its beastly damage make it the champ’s most powerful skill besides asura. Decrease agi, don’t let em get near you, TSS, etc.. Ragnarok Online; 4Game. Asura strike will ALWAYS hit, unless your opponent hides, or is in a safety wall. lol pwned for that, but overall it really is a great great uber-great (if I could bold it and bigger it size, I do it right now rofl) guide. Fricca’s circlet (with odin’s blessing and valk shield) (nice little combo, recommended for low income champs). Get a biochemy to make a mushroom for you in town, and first practice just MOVING right after casting occult. ALL VIDEOS HERE BELONG TO HIM! Do you have build for WOE. This stat is highly dependent on the equips you are wearing. If you cast RPS on a champion, you can see that there is a delay between when you cast it and when it hits. Here I tell ya. Every combo skill’s damage will add to the damage of the previous ones. Depending on availability, there are some low/mid headgears that reduce damage from demihuman too. Claws/Knuckles do 25% less on medium size, RMS->Misc database->Monster size vs Weapon Type. So now we’ve finished the gears, we can get into the stats of a champion. ". I never said that. 900sp+ will 1hko them. @Loki, stun chance is still 10% :P I think we discussed verything else. As a champion, you should be level 6x. So. Ragnarok Online Gameplay - Find Quests, Cards, Equips, MVPs, Dungeons and Builds, Guilds, Woe and everything you need to play RO. Disclaimer: This guide is part of the content generated from Legacy RO’s Character Class Guides Event. Just shield charge him until he gets annoyed imo. In Gravity Corp's MMORPG Ragnarok Online, Acolytes can choose their second job as a Monk. Very effective, though not really a champion specific skill. (I translated it), @Patrick lol im just joking cause i cant get to level 99. To everyone who complimented the guide, thanks =). If u got High Dex,a Magnum break accesoirie is great to hit em out of pneuma and fastcast tss after that….and a nice combo for champs is hob+thorny to get a nice aspd for rps…and if u got a REALLY high dex (means 138+) u can do occult faster by occult->call spirit (zen costs to much sp for that ;P)->occult…and so on…, anyway u did a great job man …on what server are u currently playing,i want to duel you ;). * Informative You can even forego snap completely, and invest points in raging palm strike (which is KILLER at 180 aspd) and increase agility (I guess o_o). Below is an image of a really well built and geared champ (using +7 str, vit, and int, and +8 dex) (skin of ventoss, 2x orlean’s gloves, and variant shoes; sorry my calc doesn’t have the translations yet). If they’re ninjutsu, you can use a hiding clip and hide the spells. tq, Morphoues set “It’s the best character in revo-classic, until you get hit by an Asura Strike.” 2 Spring Rabbit Cards Equipped on a Belt[1], Brooch[1], Clip[1], Skull Ring[1]. Asura builds are not effective in dungeons. It is, a LOT easier then OI dancing. Str must be at least 120. Use it in combo with ruwach and snap. you can also try thanatos despero card in shield for bonus int. Save the great natures, (you should break them apart into green lives, quest required), and bam, you have tons of zeny. Vitality. Use Pneuma on yourself, heal/hit the Firelock a few times, pneuma otherside of him, move into other pneuma, heal/hit again, etc. Since neutral property can't compete with ghost property, the only way you can counter it is to change the property of the one you're targeting. just less stats points for it. A smokie clip will help you out greatly in this duel. @locke: I agree dazzler is a lot more disabling then frost joke. This is by far faster then other ways to level this build. I’m Playing Reckoning RO. Waste Stove Info Item ID: Compound: Armor Pre/Suffix: of Talent Description: ATK+5. +9 Diablos Boot with Lady Tanee Now down to, probably the hardest technique a champion can achieve. Asura will 1hko MOST people in WoE / PvP, if you have high sp. Any figures would be appreciated, thanks. Just want to ask whether Magma Fist [3] +10 / Seismic Fist [3] +10 / Iceicle Fist [3] +10 will win in term of damage (Asura Strike) against Chain [3] +10? ... How to Build A Champion Full MVP and Asura Strike This Equipment is necesary to kill any MVP on Rangarok Online. Outdated? Vit provides a higher HP pool, vit def, and lesser stun time . CAN. Very-very nice guide. First of all, Snap in front of your enemy and Palm Push Strike him/her 2x (or 3x if you can.. >.<), and LOL~, that fvckin` delay will disappear! STATS An optimal stat build for Asura consists of a mix of high STR/INT for boosting its damage and DEX to increase its cast time. You need to be in Fury mode to use this skill. +9 V.Shied Thara Frog You need 5 spirit spheres up and fury to cast asura. Pure Asura Monk (MvP oder PvP) GuidePure Asura Monk (Für MvP oder PvP) (Dieser Guide ist so gemacht das man den char alleine lvln kann, ok mit novicen start hilfe ) Erstmal Sag ich direkt das ein Pure Asura nichts für leute ist, die keine lust auf längere lvl zeit haben und die eher damit umgehen können und erfahrung mitbringen, da dieser char als MvP kein agi oder vit haben wird. g,,,,, Guillotine Cross Crit/CRS/CI Hybrid by Sehun, Short Guide on 1/PvP Sinx/Assassin Cross Introductory Guide. custom dragon wing 5 all stat With 110 str, and around 1400sp, you will be able to 1hko (1 hit kill) the kasa’s with Asura strike. Thanks :D. Uh, dude, Anolian’s id is 1206. Uhmm for Champ vs LK tactics decrease agi seems useless because of charge attack.. just want to ask, is using the monk set (rideword, fur seal, waste stove, and green cookie = +10% asura) ok?.coz im planning to use that..thanks..^^. DEX: 50+ You will need these spheres to cast various skills, including combos. Str 88+22 If you play champ without those, then… well.. I’m not going into it. All of the RPS techniques are pretty easy to master in a day, except moving (see 1st video). Ragnarok Assassin Cross 100 Perfect Dodge Build. Using a champ well in PvP / WoE requires a lot off coordination and reflex. Always round it off to a digit dividable by 10, to get the bonus. Im thinking if would be good to use Observation on Valk’s armor, with the War build you posted you can easily get 3 dex, resulting a 135 dex total The ultimate Ragnarok Mobile guide for Hell Gate / Asura Strike Shura build! This is just what I recomend if you are using a Champion You should know how to counter your enemy so it could be easy to kill him/her that’s all… The combo champion is like an agi melee class, but it has its perks, like self buffing, healing, and using spirit sphere absorb on monsters to regain sp. So leveling this badass. Guillotine Fist (Alt: Asura Strike) is a 2 nd class offensive skill available as Monk and Champion. Spell casting can not be interrupted. Keep in mind, that you can’t asura strike until 2 seconds after snap. Ragnarok Online Gameplay - Find Quests, Cards, Equips, MVPs, Dungeons and Builds, Guilds, Woe and everything you need to play RO. +10 barrage fist dopple, turtle general and 2 hydra. pouvez vou maider car jaimerai faire un monk asura strike mai je ne sai point metre com stats aider moi pliz . Ok. o_o .. anyway i can’t edit this.. @brittow – 5% cast reduc won’t help much. You NEED level 5 fury for ZEN. STR/DEX PvP. Round it off to 10x, etc. Then, use blessing on the anubis’s, so that you can dodge ‘em really easily. @someone- yeah, i only have on stat foods for WoE, I’ll just post my normal pvp build…, Most Champs have 5x~7x VIT and you still being stunned constantly. Silk robe (1) – +10 mdef, but probably not your gear of choice. Stalker got Chase Walk, means if it's in … Passive skill, and like a thief’s double attack, will initiate while attacking. Known for the one-hit skill, Guillotine Fist., can u post a set of stats & equipment WITHOUT eating stat boost food? OI is probably the only really effective method. Ragnarok Online Guide A blog providing tips and tricks for Ragnarok Onlline game from pvp, woe to zeny guide Ragnarok Online Champion Asura Strike PVM Build. Garment / Shoes Not a great choice, but not the best either =P. You are going to be comboing, so you have a few choices. As an acolyte, I recommend you duel client and leech until job 50, with a ranged / magic class outside of Ice Dungeon. Revo-Classic Monk Guide Monkis the alternate class of priests but unlike them, monks are built to destroy. Sunglasses (1) – I wouldn’t build on them, because if you’re rich enough to buy them, a measly 265~K on a reset won’t scratch you. This will allow you to launch occult impacts many times faster then if you do them normally. From the instant it starts, you will need to concentrate hard on the opponent’s moves and your counterattacks. Honestly, the War Champ can pull off good 100-120K asuras using a morpheus set and specialized weapons, but for the whole 150k asura, this is the build. To prove you're a person (not a spam script), type the security word shown in the picture. If you are the original author of this guide and would not wish to have your work published here, please contact us and we will respect your decision. Don’t let them get near you, no matter what you do. Ragnarok Online is a fast-paced, community driven fantasy MMORPG. - if she is linked, she can get cast bragi on herself and start spamming dazzler, so you cannot run away of bragied tarot rage =x.