WWE Issues Statement On Ashley Massaro Affidavit Posted By: WrestlingNewsSource.com on May 22, 2019 WWE has released the following statement in response to an affidavit that included a claim by Ashley Massaro that she was sexually assaulted in … Almost 6 immediately after, the alleged doctor and the woman in fatigues moved me into a room that did not appear to be a treatment room and placed me on a table. While Massaro had since apologized to WWE for joining the lawsuit that went "out of control," her affidavit remains one of the saddest things you could ever read. "Ashley Massaro recently died. It should also be noted that this affidavit is involved in the class-action lawsuit she was engaged in against WWE. Since her death shock allegations have emerged in the form of an affidavit claiming Massaro was raped by a military doctor while on a WWE trip to Kuwait in 2006. Ashley Massaro tragically passed away at the age of 39-year-old. I had asked to rest in the Humvee, which was air-conditioned during a break, and the US Army soldiers insisted I was suffering from dehydration, notified Gary, and insisted on taking me to a nearby military base in Kuwait. We, the Squared Circle Sisters who had the amazing honor of working with Ashley Massaro in the WWE, have come together to honor Ashley’s memory - and to create light and hope in the wake of tragedy. al., pending before you. Maria Kanellis did not receive this type of treatment, so I suspected that it was related to my fair skin and light eyes. Regardless, he told me that I needed to tell him what had happened. The man and woman yelled “one minute” and threw a dirty quilt on me as I was lying naked on the table, and when Gary entered the room he attempted to ask them what was going on but they immediately stormed out. We all knew and loved Ashley and her beautiful spirit. According to the affidavit, Massaro said she was never informed of the “long-term risks associated with concussions or repeated head trauma and I had never even heard the terms of TBI or CTE mentioned.” Ashley Massaro Died of Apparent Suicide After Claiming Years of … In a 2017 affidavit as part of Kyros' lawsuit, Massaro claimed she wasn't properly trained in the ring and didn't receive proper medical care for injuries. Finally, the tour was over and we were in Saudi Arabia and about to get on our flight home via London and my ticket was inexplicably missing. Dr. Rios then informed Vince, who informed Kevin Dunn, John Laurinaitis, and several other company executives or lawyers that I had never even met but were all present at a meeting that I was called into shortly after. I could not believe that anyone would expect me to stay there overnight alone given the circumstances. "Ashley Massaro recently died. Nevertheless, Gary and rest of the group left and got on their flight. Their solution was to leave me in Riyadh alone and put me up in a hotel by the airport. The WWE has issued a statement addressing the late Ashley Massaro’s 15-page affidavit that made public over the past week by lawyer Konstantine Kyros.. We have detailed the contents of the affidavit on the site where Massaro alleged she had been drugged and sexually assaulted while appearing on behalf of WWE at an army base in Kuwait in July 2006 and added she … I am a strong supporter of the US military and was always very enthusiastic when given the opportunity to do something to help the men and women fighting 5 overseas for our freedom. Her smile radiated the entire locker room and arenas everywhere. �^[email protected]�îL�ב�̺*#�B��5p#������,�^i�HE�M�ᇡ מ�)-Z��M-x� gN�h�z�i\�.bh,�ġx^���R[�o1V�v�a�n�N�q�"�%hbs�8ǰ��$b��A�!���+̷E�S�v���k�+��J�ls�e ;ս�:���� m���D���(3���3�n���I�ux���%�s; << /Length 5 0 R /Filter /FlateDecode >> At the beginning of the trip, I received harsh treatment from several men in Saudi Arabia, even while wearing a burqa. I explained to her that I was injected with an IV of an unknown substance, which left me unable to move or scream, and then was sexually assaulted. An affidavit written by the Late Ashley Massaro back when she joined the class action lawsuit by Konstantine Kyros has resurfaced on the internet once again. His lack of sensitivity in referring to my ordeal as “one bad experience” left me speechless. In the documentation of that case, Ashley Massaro wrote in an affidavit that she was raped by someone in US Military fatigues when WWE sent herself and a … She left behind a daughter named Alexa and tons of friends and fans all around the world. After I returned to the US, Dr. Rios set a meeting with me and questioned me about the incident. Long after Ashley Massaro filed an affidavit, which WWE only learned of the contents after she passed away, Ashley sent an email to WWE on Oct. 20, 2018 - … Obviously, given my mental and physical condition, and that I was in Kuwait and the group had to leave for the next destination, I was not in a position to stick around by myself and have a rape kit administered. This was made known after the company released an email correspondence from the 2005 Diva Search winner where she expressed regret for being involved in the lawsuit. al. In her statement, it was also said that Vince McMahon encouraged her not to follow through with any charges or tell anyone about it because they didn’t want one bad incident to spoil WWE’s relationship with the military and all the good they were doing. It was clear that there had already been a conversation and that they had reached a decision on their own prior to consulting with me as this was not a debate but rather Vince instructing me to keep this confidential. Ashley-Massaro-Affidavit-Clean-11.1. Gary said to call when I woke up and that he, or one of the others we were traveling with, would come back to get me. He was with a woman who was dressed in full military fatigues. WWE is saddened by the death of Ashley Massaro, and we reiterate our condolences to her family. WWE claim that they never knew the contents of this affidavit or anything to do with sexual misconduct until after Ashley’s death. It was not clear whether she was dating anyone at the time of her death. This made me very uncomfortable, but I brushed it off and was still looking forward to the tour. (Photo by Bobby Bank/Getty Images) Source:Getty Images WWE has denied telling late superstar Ashley Massaro to keep quiet about sexual assault claims. %PDF-1.3 Once your account is created, you'll be logged-in to this account. She was best known for her time with World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) and … Breaking this down from a legal standpoint it appears that WWE is saying that Ashley Massaro committed Perjury when she submitted her affidavit to the Court. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Ashley M. Massaro (May 26, 1979 – May 16, 2019) was an American professional wrestler, reality television contestant, television host, model, and radio personality. �F���@��R��[email protected]�+���)C������M���\cl's��(��1��/�1.���ʪ�����K�.���v{~r�䮥Fz�^�Q(�lQ�V�~�=�L�CF+����m崰WRx��F%�|y2!��N�밓���[.���)x;e�H�� �Z�}Z�}@M}U~:]� I could not believe what was happening, but there was no way I was staying 8 alone in a hotel without a burqa in Riyadh for the night so I called a friend who is a travel agent who arranged for me meet an airline employee who by some miracle got me onto a flight. In addition to the pain and terror, I felt almost dehumanized, and was extremely disturbed by the feeling that I was somehow given to this man as some type of sick birthday present, and it also made me sick that the female soldier willingly guarded the door for him while he raped me without blinking an eye. This is the same lawsuit that WWE says Massaro apologized for being a part of. I have read and understood everything written in this statement. stream Jimmy said he and the rest of the group were going to get lunch and left. Despite being unable to control my movements, I remained fully conscious for every second of the attack. ?�-�$�3�,���@���]��I��Ð�&��f�ؔ�M�e��4�̤��6hr� ��G'���t����D��n˾j���T>�`>RzO�m���z�߿y��ׯ��A����Z������I? Vince went on to say that I would not be required to travel to the Middle East ever again and that the WWE would institute a new policy where any time a female WWE performer went to the Middle East, she would have a female WWE escort with her 24/7 to ensure this did not happen again. He represented himself as a US Army doctor but I observed that all the other doctors at the facility had been wearing scrubs so I do not know whether this was true. The man then proceeded to violently rape and sodomize me. Then he said it was not in the best interest of the WWE for me to make the information about my attack public. I don’t know exactly how long this went on for but if felt like an eternity. The experience was a living nightmare. HSX�ET��r�7b�2�P�J8MO�K�� UN��;�1�*r7� $�v��>i��� �(8�Y�c� ��:�'�@_�ܜ�J�r�$vwo]_���L�BZ��rh3�Y�(tβ�6�t���@��&�jS!`0;�%��qV�eq2k�h��9_�V�UU5��-/�dѴm����R�fz���W��,�Cj��Da��H/�{`���-��,l�W2��m6x6���c�> ��7�����G�U�[L���ȋ��3TH6H��5.�FD��F�-GZ�n�A����[:%�0��4���H���J|��ՎҮ�t핣�|;e��ԁS%����� �=}E�F| �u�ڹ)�n�=������qhB���!as�����zϥB/�'�/�xp�g�3Ta�ӎ��-}2���N3鬫V~ The victim has now been identified as the 39-year-old brother of late World Wrestling Entertainment star Ashley Massaro. I was told at the base that I needed an IV for dehydration. When I arrived at the sickbay, an IV was placed in my arm almost immediately. Just a few months before beloved former WWE wrestler Ashley Massaro took her own life in May 2019 at 39, she starred in a music video for a song … Long after Ashley Massaro filed an affidavit, which WWE only learned of the contents after she passed away, Ashley sent an email to WWE on Oct. 20, 2018 - … I then met the rest of the group because we had to head to the next location on the tour schedule. Ashley Massaro: Late WWE Star raped by the military and asked not to disclose it to anyone by Vince McMahon. (&'i�!P`��H[Z�:N˴Y��E�[email protected]��!���ÉmGQ�N�:KY���� Wj�-g�[#j$w�p4a�l�<0�tk1�;�)&�!��z�}Q�4�mj۷N���-�3�mӕ���:`I�M���ݫ������UBcM��J|�U��ѱ�2��$�[�qh"��܇��[�E^� �>�t�Y�Q���3z����OtdF�59g�MU9'���p����;�mXՃ!��f#]��G�5���QK��R�����ݘ�*D� � This did not make 9 me feel better about the situation. As reported by abc7, police said Ronald Massaro was stabbed around 9.15 pm on Saturday, November 21, at the corner of West 38th Street and Eighth Avenue in Midtown. Shortly after I woke, Maria appeared in my hotel room. While I was still in the sickbay, he approached me and almost immediately administered an IV of an unknown substance in my other arm. Each second that went by was excruciating and I have never felt more helpless or been more terrified in my entire life. Affidavit written by the late wrestler reveals dark side of WWE. I also felt a sense of abandonment and wished someone had just stayed with me at the base as this likely would never have happened had I not been left there alone. Content warning - this is sickening reading. In an affidavit from Ashley Massaro, she explained her horrifying experience of being raped while on a WWE trip to The Middle East to support the American military. Ashley Massaro's brain may be donated to science, a lawyer for the late WWE star revealed on Saturday. �IC��JV��$��b�>��Z���nq=p� ����. As a result, I was one of four performers chosen to go on a two-week tour in support of our troops in Afghanistan, Kuwait, and Saudi Arabia. Massaro passed away on May 16 as the result of an apparent suicide and her passing has led to the details of a class action lawsuit against the promotion resurfacing. The woman guarded the door while the man proceeded to inject me with a drug that caused me to be unable to move my body or to scream. Her affidavit when she sued WWE includes her being encouraged by Vince McMahon not to report that she was drugged and raped by US military staff while on tour in Kuwait. 4 0 obj She then relayed this information to Jimmy, Ron, and Gary. Affidavit Reveals Harrowing Details Of Ashley Massaro’s Sexual Assault – And WWE’s Alleged Attempt To Cover It Up In November 2016, Ashley Massaro made national headlines by stating, under oath, that she was sexually assaulted while on tour as a WWE Superstar. Massaro, who simply went by “Ashley” under the WWE label, mentioned the sexual assault as part of a lawsuit related to head injuries. I have always considered myself to be a fighter and survivor so I can’t even find the words to describe what it felt like to be thrown on a table and stripped and then brutalized in the worst possible way that one human being is capable of brutalizing another – all while being unable to move or speak. The WWE has strongly refuted allegations regarding sexual assault claims made by late star Ashley Massaro. ... Massaro said in her 2017 affidavit: 'Aside from my … WWE Seemingly Nixes Seth Rollins SmackDown Return, Brodie Lee Tribute T-Shirt Becomes Highest Seller Of 2020 In Four Hours, Pro Wrestling World Reacts To AEW Brodie Lee Celebration Of Life, Marty Jannetty Claims He’s Been Offered To Do MULTIPLE Adult Movies With Mia Khalifa, Brodie Lee’s Wife Amanda Unloads On Idea Of Cover-Up Over His Passing, This was made known after the company released an email correspondence, Mick Foley Blames Himself For Poor Reception Of WWE 24/7 Title, Vince McMahon Had Difficult Time Deciding Winner After Mid Match Injury On SmackDown, Brodie Lee’s Wife Releases Heartfelt Thank You To AEW & Tony Khan. We also get your email address to automatically create an account for you in our website. But again, I felt so defeated at that point that it seemed pointless to protest. In an affidavit from Ashley Massaro, she explained her horrifying experience of being raped while on a WWE trip to The Middle East to support the American military. The recent death, said to be a suicide, of Ashley Massaro has once again put spotlight on an affidavit she signed when she agreed to join the class action lawsuit by Konstantine Kyros. I have no idea how he knew anything had happened. I also admittedly was uncomfortable with the thought of all the wrestlers finding out so I asked Vince and those in the room to keep the incident quiet and they agreed. She had heard from Gary that when he picked me up from the base, my body was limp and my speech was impaired.