Typically we have found you can expect 50-80k miles on a traditional iridium plug. Code 4: Replace spark plugs & timing belt; Inspect water pump, and valve clearance. 120,000 Miles. Nissan-certified service technicians will recommend going no more than 100,000 miles in between spark plug replacements. All fit 2003 - 2021 Honda Pilot and more. The Honda Pilot maintenance schedule includes 28 different types of services over the course of 150,000 miles. However, Honda (I do the tranny 1/3 thing on my own). RepairPal generates both national and local fair price estimates for most service intervals. To purchase printed manuals, you can order online or contact: Helm Incorporated (800) 782-4356 M-F 8AM – 6PM EST. Spark Tester. Forums. Toyota Nation Forum 460K+ members. Maintenance Minder Required Maintenance Services. To save paper … A Honda Pilot Spark Plug Replacement costs between $165 and $335 on average. The ground electrode will wear out first. The video in this guide is from a 2015 Honda Civic with a four-cylinder engine. 120,000 Miles: All items in A, B, and C. Our Service Center Can Handle All Your Honda Maintenance Needs Get a free detailed estimate for a spark plug replacement in your area from KBB.com My 2005 and now my 2015 Honda Odyssey EX-L both call for spark plug replacement every 30,000 miles, the later of course as part of Maintenance Minder Code C. I find no mention of the type of plug, ie conventional, iridium, or platinum. In this guide, you will find step-by-step instructions on how to replace the spark plugs and ignition coils on Honda four-cylinder engine. From spark plug changes to major service, your 2013 Honda Pilot will perform at its best when you maintain and repair it with our replacement ignition parts. 2009 to 2011 take Part# 12290-R70-A01 (ILZKR7B11). HONDA > 2013 > PILOT > 3.5L V6 > Ignition > Spark Plug. Review the Maintenance Schedule and cost for a 2006 Honda Ridgeline. He's reported that the plugs look fine at that interval. Spark Plug Wire Retainer / Clip. or sign up with email Home. Platinum (lasts up to 2x longer than copper) NGK {#LKR7BGPS} G-Power . I understand oil change is from the MM that reminds you but what bout other services. To get a local estimate for your specific model year, please select a service below. Registered. I can't find specific info on model years 14 and 15. Maintenance Main Items. In any car care matter, it’s always best to follow the manufacturer recommended service intervals. And that is the question, my car has 99k miles on it, I have only changed oil and tranny fluid. Review your vehicle’s suggested maintenance schedule to see when to replace your spark plugs. Replace drive belts. Delivery time is approximately five weeks. Continue with Google . 250-860-6500. This can vary for different vehicles (Certain NISMO models like the 370Z, for instance, require a lower interval of 60,000 miles), so be sure to check your owner’s manual for specifics. It has not told me to change the spark plugs or anything but the oil. Openbay is an online source that connects you with multiple auto service professionals nearby who will compete for your auto repair and maintenance business Honda Pilot 3.5L V6 Engine Spark Plugs Replacement Guide How to check or change the engine spark plugs in a 2nd generation 2009-2015 Honda Pilot with the 3.5L V6 i-VTEC motor. Hey everyone! Check the owner’s manual for the replacement interval. How Long Will My Iridium Spark Plugs Last? The second gen Pilots (2009-2015) all have the J35Z4. 2009–13 Pilot ALL Check the iN VIN Status for Eligibility . Discussion Starter • #1 • Aug 17, 2018. Replace timing belt. Call Us Today! Honda suggests that burning 1 quart of oil every thousand miles is within the normal range of oil consumption as long as the oil is topped up correctly and the recommended oil change intervals are maintained. Weak spark coming from the spark plugs can cause carbon build-up. Main Menu Home Digital Cameras. 2550 Enterprise Way, Kelowna, BC V1X7X5 Search For: MENU. Gap 0.044" NGK . Introduce Yourself; Meets & Events; Honda and Acura Model-Specific Technical Forums. 250-860-6500; Get Directions; Search For: MENU CALL US FIND US. If you want you could always pull the old plugs, post a picture on here and at least take a … Gen 4: … Replace transmission fluid. The engine has not changed. The Needs of Your Accord. Search For: HONDA RECOMMENDED SERVICE. 112,500 Miles: All items in A. Signs the spark plugs or spark plug wires need replacing: Regular maintenance. Your Honda technician with replace the brake fluid with new fluid, as designated by the manufacturer. Traditional Single Iridium Plugs Denso's Iridium Power and NGK's Iridium IX series have iridium fine-wire center electrodes with tranditional nickel ground electrodes. Be sure to replace your spark plugs and wires at the proper maintenance intervals in order to avoid this problem. CR-V by Generation. Code 5: Replace engine coolant. Join now to ask and comment! Joined Feb ... Honda Pilot Forums 129K+ members. Honda Pilot; Honda Odyssey; Honda Ridgeline; Virtual Showroom LET US FIND YOUR PERFECT CAR. REVISON SUMMARY • Under REPAIR PROCEDURE B – PISTON CLEANING AND RING REPLACEMENT, Replace Parts as Needed for Repair Procedure B, changed bolt count for the 12 x 163 Washer bolt (P/N 90005-PAA-A01) under Cyl 1-4 from 8 to 16. Discussion Starter • #1 • Sep 22, 2013. The price for the 2012 and 13 spark plugs … Shop lowest-priced OEM Honda Pilot Spark Plugs at HondaPartsNow.com. You can typically get 80,000 miles on them before they need replacing. Inspect the idle speed. Maintenance, replacement or repair of emissions control devices and systems may be done by any automotive repair establishment or individual using parts that are "certified" to EPA standards. 2012 and 13 take Part# 12290-RN0-A01 (DILZKR7A11DS). Misc. Changing the spark plugs on a Honda is very easy and can be completed in under one hour. These recommend replacement intervals are nothing to live and die by — they are merely meant to offer a guide. Intentionally blank: Intentionally blank: Related Parts. Make sure you replace the plugs when the engine is cold and DO NOT CROSSTHREAD! 60,000 Miles For most vehicles, the 60,000-mile mark is a big deal, and the Honda Pilot is no different. I know timing belts have been brought up a lot in the past, but I have a question related to driving habits and timing belt longevity. Vapor Canister Purge Valve / Solenoid. A DA member on here (Fredsvt) has replaced many spark plugs at the shop he works at around the 105k mark. The average price of a 2013 Honda Pilot spark plug replacement can vary depending on location. According to state and federal regulations, failure to perform maintenance on the items marked with # will not void your emissions warranties. 271 Posts . Wiper Blade. Price: Alternate: No parts for vehicles in selected markets. 50,000 Miles Another simple service interval: All your Honda Pilot needs is an oil change and a tire rotation. Also changed the bolt count for Connecting Rod Bolt from 8 to 6. Continue with Facebook. Honda vehicles built between 2008 and 2013 evidently have an oil consumption problem with both 4-cylinder and 6-cylinder engines. I thought I will find the information in back of the manual about various service intervals but it is not there. 2013 Pilot Navigation Manual (Revised 6/25/2013) 2013 Pilot Owner's Manual. Luckily, spark plugs don’t wear out very quickly. Another fluid … A. Here’s how you know if it’s time to change the plug: Rough engine idle. However, if you’re having issues with your spark plugs, you should absolutely replace them before then. If you're hearing a constant miss, it's time to replace those spark plugs. Replace air cleaner element. Meets & Greets! Continue reading to learn how to replace the spark plugs and w... Log In; Register ; Forums. Get a free detailed estimate for a repair in your area. CORRECTIVE ACTION . (Related Article: Honda Accord How to Replace Spark Plugs and Wires - Honda-Tech.com) Figure 5. 66.88 77.88 Replace … Related posts: Spark plug replacement and hybrid misfires Routine maintenance improves the performance, fuel economy, and extends the life of your Toyota, Lexus or Scion. Replace water pump. Bought it at 79k miles. Can anyone explain why Honda would change the spark plug type for only the 2012 and 2013 model year? 1 Posts . 10+ members. Spark Plugs Need Replacing. Spark plugs (Replace)(Every)90,000 miles This is normal Timing belt (Replace)(Every) 60,000 miles - This seems very early, normally see honda doing the belt around 90-100K Air filter (Replace)(Every)30,000 miles - Wouldn't replace unless needed, easy to check if dirty or bad Rear differential fluid (Change)(Every)30,000 miles Just did this, only needed on 4wd model. 105,000 Miles: Replace timing belt, inspect water pump, replace coolant, check idle speed, plus all items in A and B. Replace spark plugs. Replacing your Prius’s 12 volt auxiliary starting battery Eventually all Toyota Prii will need a new 12 volt auxiliary starting battery, especially in colder climates like Minnesota. Code 6: Replace rear differential fluid (if applicable). … Here's how to replace the spark plugs on a 2011-2017 odyssey. Maserati Grecale Forum NEW! Even though all of the items above are general recommendations for most Honda Accords, make sure to check the needs for your specific model.