I really just don’t want to be alive anymore. This race war needs to be nipped in the bud. Most house are around 200k for a 2000+sq ft house with a lawn and very safe. That is the only way to go in California, the public schools are a disaster on so many levels in California. https://www.nvic.org/vaccines-and-diseases/Vaccinations–Know-the-risks-and-failures-.aspx, If you want to read some real studies, here are 100 studies proving the dangers of vaccines. Our Cocoa Beach home is 2000 sf and we want 3000. just for a job, it’s not uncommon to hear a manager of a store traveling from San Diego to Orange County or Los Angeles every day for work. I don’t know where else to go anymore. Everyone brags about how much they make but they don’t have homes and they complain about money when they go out and finance a brand new car. “I want to go and do something. You can find quality nightlife, food & activities at most other large cities that are just as good. Look at what is happening in Europe and the rest of the world. Pollution, a$$hole people, ramming their way of thinking down our throats. They get a parking ticket to appear in court.. now you why crime is spiraling out of control…. If you don’t work for a tech company or have rich parents, there’s no way of making it here. So they are penalizing people for taking moving trucks out of that gosh forsaken heck hole. How can that be, the majority of the people must make less than 100k a year. I genuinely don’t want to live anymore. You should get out while you can. A good number will travel as much as 2 to 3 hours (each way!) No place is perfectly ideal. Terrible place now. CRV (Bottle deposit) is ridiculous! And if you already live there then consider it 20 reasons to move away. California is definitely a nanny state to boot — with taxes for just about anything one can think of, and liberalism running rampant. They — The Asians — watch The Hollywood stuff on TV and in the movies and in international fashion magazines, and go way overboard on the Gucci bags, makeups, the plastic surgeries, trying to out-do their neighbors in trying to live in better neighborhoods and houses and so forth, and show-off driving fancy cars. The middle east wars were all started and funded by liberals. Yes, South Koreans are extremely-rude, and it is not just the North Koreans who are horrific to their fellow-human-beings. https://www.activistpost.com/2011/09/100-compiled-studies-on-vaccine-dangers.html, Even the U.S. Government agrees that vaccines are dangerous: Problem with the Carolina’s is it is very hard to find a small home, we do not have children, just dogs. Hi, I’m from the Midwest and moved to Socal (Orange County) almost 11yrs ago. Never seen such a large concentration of self centered pricks in all my life. I’m pretty happy we have such influx from the States and Western Europe but at the same time, I’m a bit worried what’s gonna happen over there once all people with common sense left. He even started affordable acting classes. There is an estimated three million people in California who are addicted to illegal drugs. Then we were done as we have to small boys to raise. It takes 50 minutes to go 20 miles. Then there are tons of H1B workers controlling not only the tech industries but everything from hotel positions, medical, real estate, car sales and maintenance, legal and the list goes on- who are against Americansin California and want the system to be like theirs in their own country. I was born and raised in SoCal. So sad there are not more places with good weather year round…. Better visit the place you want to move to for at least a couple weeks first. So we started laughing. What California drivers specialize in also is -get this- riding at the same snail pace on all lanes at the same time. By the way, look at the land just south of the border. Three Acres, with Public Water ON the property, all for $19,500. Mexican gang members from a long time trouble making Mexican family fired into the house with an AK-47 about 50 times in I think around 2009, and killed the expectant mother inside! Too bad the people who can’t afford to leave are stuck living in fear that they may wake up in the middle of the night to see some freak in a hoodie lurking over their bed. (Hopefully property values will not be sharply lowered before then.) I live on east coast with a lot of humidity and although I love how non-humid air feels like this is where it ends. They are part of the Reconquista Movement. I bet vacationing wouldn’t suffice, but maybe doing that in San Fran instead of moving’s ok. Talking about and living in the memory with decisions may ease the wants too. Your email address will not be published. It is simply not sustainable anymore and the quality is quickly degra… And yes- I do call it that- for all the reasons you mentioned. okay, a couple of  things, it was conservateves that caused the downfall, california is very conservateve not like da rest of da world. There are plenty of vegan, vegetarian, and specialty restaurants, as well as … She taught in San Antonio and it was bad enough. I don’t live here yet but I’m staying at an airbnb for 3 weeks. You really have to know about The Jesuits, The Vatican, The Global Elites, United Nations Agenda 2030, The Global Depopulation Initiative, how our governments, corporations, global banking systems, mass medias, faulty educational systems, faulty foods, faulty medicines control and limit the global-populations’ ”spiritual-growth-potentials,” ETC. California. Thank you John. Anything less than that and you’re better off looking at a $500k to $600k condo (1-2 bedrooms at that price, and very small). We totally agree! (Those two general areas are what I’d recommend for a first-time foreign visitor or the first place to do tourism from the other of the pair for natives.) Just read the list above. No jobs are anything other than “contract” now so they don’t have to provide healthcare (thanks Obama). Regarding your white privilege comments. We are afraid to purchase a mortgage especially in CA. Again, I won’t get any help, and it will come out of my pocket, as there are no scholarships for having a high GPA anymore. I can’t validate this info since I haven’t done any research myself on this, but your argument sounds logical. Florida is worth considering. The grass is certainly greener outside of California…. I’m currently In Santa Clarita, CA right now. The crime is out of control. If you are a liberal then Houston is a great place for you. The Billionaire tech companies online have no accountability to on privacy policies and most dont care about the future of their employees retirement.Sometimes you wonder if we live truly in a free Country . We have been happy everywhere else but we desperately want out of this sh** hole of California. ..I even have relatives up in extreme northern California,(Yreka and Alturas). That, my friends is very old history. Great article and great comments. California at this point is mostly a lost cause, unfortunately. In a normal American city or town? Oh, my, the stories I could tell you. moved from Norco CA to Snowflake AZ and the ground is cheap and water I lived in CA for 35 years and they are always losing money they got from voter initiatives, which they put on the ballot again and again, and finding money, which they use for other purposes. There are plenty of Pagans, Occultists, Wiccans, and Satanists around here. 1) “Who in the world is buying 600k+ houses?” I miss CA but not the crime and ever changing liberal politics. They are more-closer than you think. For startes these are all great valid reasons why California suck but you left out a few important day to day reasons! http://valleyecon.blogspot.com/2010/05/do-stockton-police-care-about-their.html, There’s no place safe as of these days, but, since California’s population is getting higher and higher, the recorder crimes are also increasing. I am blessed that I grew up during a time when California was the best state in the US and I’m saddened to see and hear, from across the country, about my home’s demise. And what of my husband’s dream? You’re right… France is dead. I’ve heard the cost of living is manageable especially if you can find a roommate. I’m sorry you had that experience Rob. And you won’t get fined for watering it! Which is why we are losing our freedoms and money through taxation without representation. But now to make matters worse PG&E has won its court battles and all the liberals have let them run the show and off the financial hook for billions of dollars in damages and hundreds of lives lost. Where am I supposed to go? This is tragic – I googled it and wasn’t hard to find. Mexican music blaring everywhere. There are basically no blue collar in Socal. It’s a relatively small compromise. Can we take back our CA through our new President? First, you are very racist against white people. I am a third generation Californian, No, I am not going off tangent here. Everything is insanely expensive (housing) in Anaheim and traffic is insane, even when compared to 10 years ago. Lovecraft-himself was witness to from ‘The 4th-Dimension’ I myself also was a witness to on a number of occassions within-my own lifetime, and still to come. and austin is stil home to me so i might be bias but there is alot of tech jobs here and great things to do, if your ccan afford 300k plus in the city for a condo or town house you can find some ok ones or live in a decent house half an hour away anything less.. the pay here hasnt quite caught up to the cost of living and inflated housing market (ive read ~25% ) but all in all its a pretty good place to live. ... Times are different in California now then when your dad was young, if don't want … Over 600,000 people are leaving California each year. Hey, life long Angeleno here and let me tell you, this is fully on point. ... We can live cheaper in the inland empire in California, areas away from the big cities. It sucks because I wasn’t there! No way! You can’t afford to live in California: It would take the typical family 35 years just to save for a 20 percent down payment in San Francisco. However, it is true that there are still some happy Californians, but I believe that this is because they are either not aware of what has been happening in this formerly glorious state during the past decade and how it is affecting them and is going to affect them in the coming years; or because they are young and not yet directly impacted by the terrible changes in this state; or because they are older, probably a homeowner from the good days, and not directly impacted by the changes (yet) for a variety of reasons, or refuse to admit it even to themselves because they do not want to uproot their lives. I never in my life have been prejudiced against like this. This is coming from someone who moved to California several years ago and just left California. Hi Beverly, thank you for your comment, I will do my best to help. However, we do not need them all in one city. Here are the top ten reasons why this is happening, why you should leave California if you are here, and why you should not come to California if you are thinking about it. It’s back to Texas for us. Not that the current state of the white house is ideal; but when taxes are being raised for “supposed” road improvements, and the roads look like that of a 3rd world country in places — there’s a problem. you may not like the idea but how about mid-west? Vacation Bible School is FREE – that might not mean much to you but there are a lot of things that are just “offered by the community” that you will have to get use to once you leave CA. That is it. You also have to worry about non-American immigrants beating you out of a job (very high chance of that happening, non-Americans are given priority), also decreasing your chances. Plus, the churches telling me to ‘Just sit and listen to sermons’ is doing me a huge-disservice. I get there are bad apples wherever you go, but again the overall mentality here is just not American nor really human even. areas on the east side that 10 years ago where 100k are now 4 times that and if your near downtown ive seen places go up 10 times what they where worth a decade ago. DAILY. I could deal with the flaky people. Rents are astronomical. I won’t go into a situation like that without being able to arm myself to the hilt. They're looking to get out, despite the area's affordable housing market, with homes listing for a median of $220,000. We visit Cali, in the off-season, but that’s about it. Thank you The weather is better here as well, our friends live in other parts of AZ and Texas ? We Texans would love you here. “I don’t want to be one of the ones to stay silent,” she says. I’ve never seen a state recover from Liberal politics. I have wanted to leave Cali for YEARS, but always too scared to because I am a single mom supporting three. $769,000. That is why you should stop watching the news – ever. .This isn’t even 10.00% of what I know… And, even the best-minds on these subjects are only-aware of 1.00% of what The Global Elitists are doing. And it’s pricks like Jerry Brown and an uncontrollable colored world population that has brought us here in such a short time, I hate to see what the next decade brings as Californian children become mutant halfbreeds and swarthy non-whites. Moving all the way across the country to the east coast, we find one of the original states of the great union of ours; New York. COME TO LOOK, Come BACK to STAY. Every corner is a 200 ft. cell tower beaming strong radiation into you through your car and house. I’ve lived in San Francisco, San Diego, Los Angeles, and now Malibu and there’s trash and litter every where. I used to love this state. My husband wanted to move back to Ridgecrest CA, we researched the crime rate and proposition 47, The crime rate has escalated in all CA cities and towns. Sure, when you have multiple families who don’t pay taxes and who steal welfare money to pay rent, all this welfare money adds up and pays the ultra-high rent prices, when multiple families live in one house all living off welfare. California is no place to raise a child if you want them to grow up with value, respect and love of those around you. In fact, colleges rarely even offer scholastic achievement scholarships anymore. I can’t wait to get out of here. The first and foremost is helping starts at home. They don’t know how to play chess. I understand it’s a state that will give excessive fines and make criminals out of good folks. I used to love living here, but now all I think about is when will I be moving out of the state. Wow! And never mind the fact that the great state of California is essentially north Mexico now. In fact we owe Japan more, $1.131 trillion. We just didn’t have that kind of “extras” before. The only other places I would like are Colorado, Texas or Oregon. The whole state is just a valueless porn industry of super scum or flakes you will be happy here ! Taxes skyrocketed and I could no longer stay. This guy is not only a complete waste of life but also a pompous blow hard moron. Unless a teacher etc, could afford 3k+ a month for rent. The good news is due to the great weather when you are homeless you won’t freeze to death in the winter. Stay where you are at or you will be sorry!!! I have been here for over 21 years and have never really felt like part of the area. What a mistake. If you make $90K now you are thinking “how could I possibly survive on only $50K a year I barely make it now?” So you stay- for your job. I lived in Southern California when I was first married in the 1970’s. Great freeway system like cali without the traffic. CA will become a place for super rich people and their slaves. No freezing or thawing), everyone is miserable and struggling, and many more reasons. Hi there. Taxes are high here too. California bans everything whenever something offend some random people. California is actually kind of isolated geographically (surrounded by Sierras Mountains, vast deserts, ocean, and again, the bubble mentality). Kris, My last job a Mexican girl was constantly undermining, sabotaging my work and constantly talking behind my back for no reason, but making up lies and it was exposed. The only thing I miss about California are my friends, whom I always try to get to move up here, but most have too many family ties in California. We’re born and raised and CA never felt like home. ..but maybe it is just me. Interesting. I was myself again. So… why the notion of LA is the best? It is sunny and dry ALL the time. I concur! It took me about six weeks after moving to LV. Their job security keeps them there – for now, To the CA native thinking of moving: Your income will be less and that scares you. California might be rich in culture, traditions and attraction, the state is never perfect. There are news saying that defense officials have warned that North Korea is on the brink of producing an ICBM [intercontinental ballistic missile] that could target the United States. California is no longer the place to be, and here are the top ten reasons why. Over $5 trillion was stolen from Social Security, Military Retirement Fund, Office of Personnel Management Retirement Fund, Medicare, and other Retirement Funds adding up to 5 trillion dollars! My friends were forced out of Palm Springs and moved to Yucca Valley CA for cheaper housing. Earl Klugh ・ I Don't Want To Leave You Alone Anymore. Thanks again, Regular things like weekly grocery shopping, running errands take so much time. I am more honest than most. I’ve been always thinking of California as the place of the ultimate joy. FORGET CALIFORNIA and if anyone wants to move here don’t! I would like to hear more about what the teachers are teaching the kids that raised many eyebrows! I live about 35 miles north in a town called Petaluma. If I had to do over, I’d move to Tennessee or a Southern state with VERY traditional values that they are going to hold onto longer. Big difference. Second, you will be judged in the manner you judge others. We tried to get into a 2 bedroom apartment 5 years ago and it was $800/month. I overheard her say in Spanish, “The next girl I am getting fired is that white girl in the other office (that was me). and we moved up to the Folsom lake area, before it was yuppie “Granite Bay.” We bought a 3 acre ranch-ette house, that backed up to the lake for $36,000 in 1974, my dad sold it in 2008 for $865,000! I hate Santa Clarita, the jobs are scarce in that area, and check it out and make sure you have employment before you go. However, I left my state in the mid ’80s. Its sick plain and simple. Some people here think/thought we were crazy to move where there were seasons, but they also believe everything they see on TV or in movies. Well, it is a nightmare to me now. I keep a lot of chapstick on hand and drink plenty of water. Yes, I do believe that JESUS CHRIST revealed-himself to you ”lifting-away the veil that covers THIS EXTREMELY-LIMITING-PHYSICAL-UNIVERSE.” Please, always remain on THIS-NARROW-ROAD; IT IS A NARROW-GATE guarded by GOD’S ANGELS. As far as not buying CA produce – don’t do that! When I retired, I moved out of and then back into the SF Bay Area. I can really forget about returning to L.A. Now the homes are foreclosures cheap, short sales, great deals with a hidden double tax fee paying for everyone else getting the free stuff, Just too many fees to list. After all, in CA if someone breaks into your home and you just hurt them, they will sue and they WILL WIN. Whereas California has historically been a coveted and highly desired place to be, from both native Californians and other-staters alike for the past many decades, this is no longer the case. Even for the slightest thing your not in their favor of, they’ll drag you into their desperate annoying world. NC Lake Norman the homes are about 5000 to 10000 sf an at 400k-12000000K. Just my ancient father and that one sister in Houston. I don’t regret living in California, because it is truly a beautiful place and the weather truly is beautiful. I do not want to be a fool either! I’m on grief overload hearing about another dozen or two horses burning alive. It was pretty and the weather was great. Welcome. Too costly. I am falling apart missing my old job and friends after leaving CA. https://www.google.com/search?q=Howard+Pittman+Placebo&prmd=nvsi&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwirxbSgndjhAhWU_J4KHUzEBjUQ_AUIFigE&biw=360&bih=560#imgrc=iS6eFz1XiLSj2M, https://www.thepropheticyears.com/enddepravity/only-two-hundred-million-will-depart-in-the-rapture.html, https://www.thepropheticyears.com/comments/countdown_to_second_coming.htm. The same is true for anyone contemplating leaving California, who may have preferred new places to go. Is it just my own imagination, but from my own perspective ‘Am I only the really nice guy in all of the state of California???????????!!!!!!!!!!! They sold the land to us fair and square and it belongs to America, not Mexico. Big water usage penalties & tickets sent to customers for using water, no grass anymore allowed. You are saving us time and money as we try to find a better place to relocate out of CA. Thanks for the massive equity. GOD and JESUS CHRIST ‘are the only way to eternal-salvation of our souls… and a guy named satan and all of his fallen angel-Nephilims/demons are always trying to put a stop to that. Visit and check it first. And if I sound selfish then you are just a guilt-ridden liberal. “Extremely high cost of living, high taxes, lack of police/legal system to support crime investigation, higher house rentals, lack of decent employment opportunities” all make California least desirable place to live in. 4. However both of these combined pale in comparison to what the U.S. Government owes the American people! But NOT the people, taxes or the crazy leftist demorats. No matter who I talk to in the UK, France, Germany or Ireland their voices are unanimous… America has a great military power but is socially bankrupt and a country trapped in a downward spiral. Things like Iran Contra and 9/11, etc. Too many cloudy, rainy days. Your article is spot on. You could send me a first class ticket to LAX and I’d mail it back. I cannot stand prejudice people and liars. DO NOT move to California. “rumbling air conditioner” Californians even know Californians are full of shit. Also look at “second cities,” Charlotte and Nashville, plus smaller cities, both inland and on the coast. Again, none of the churches are going to save you. There should be ordinary homes there in addition to old yuppie ranchettes. So basically, the place is prone to earth quake. I am dreaming of our escape once all our family obligations are over. There is literally an entire country out there. We’ll see what building a wall and enforcing our immigration laws does for CA, in the future. But don’t boycott CA produce, that would only hurt the poorest people in CA and would not help anyone. Please offer some sound advice, we are so tired of moving and feeling misplaced. Be warned it will be Very expensive to leave California, just a head’s up. The entire city of Irvine is completely owned by Asians for example. http://video.foxnews.com/v/5703628209001/?playlist_id=5198073478001#sp=show-clips. It’s not too hot, even in the summer. Being in the tech industry, relocating to the RTP make sense. We are in Nevada and it is also over-populated. You don’t use your pool anymore except when family or friends visit from where you used to call home. What If You Have Paid Your Security Deposit But Don't Want the Apartment Anymore?. Things have just gotten so bad! Hi, Cody… It was a pleasure meeting you and your beautiful fiancee this afternoon. It’s people from other states that have moved here who have turned a really great western culture into a California-esque type of atmosphere here in CO. California, Illinois, and New York are the biggest groups of people flocking to CO (there is data to support this). Stick to the facts and our laws and do not except any negotiations unless they benefit the hard working Americans that our proud to be a US Citizen. Bad move. I live in NJ and want to stay here, because we can actually afford a home – yes property taxes are high, but the schools are excellent in the areas we are looking , but hubby wants to move back to his childhood california where he was born. Californians are coming by the drove. Twitter’s Share Price Continues To Fall, What Could Be The Cause Of This? The only problem is that I keep thinking of my family back home. They left California and then tried to institute the same things that killed California in their new state. I understand that. Mercury is known to be a toxin. Sanctuary cities, states… that is “Illegal”, against our president and I call that “Treason”. I am so freaking sick of this sh*t show, I have no words to describe it to you. It is very expensive to live in California, I work in the healthcare industry and we get paid pretty well but I know of a lot people who regularly work 2-3 jobs just to sustain the lifestyle that they cannot afford and miss time with their families. By my experience, I repeat “MY” experience the Mexicans stick together and want to only hire their own. the truth. I trust and live so many New Yorkers. SURE! Santa Paula. They will always talk the talk but never walk any type of walk. Google Changed Gmail Again With A New Worse Unwanted Update. I am an honest-eternal-soul, who is not designed for ”THIS DISHONEST-EARTH.”. I had my car stolen twice in the 1980s. For the bad side… it seems harder to make friends here ( for me). It’s Gresham’s law applied to society — the bad people (and politics) are driving out the good in California. When tax is high, almost everything follows. We tried to spend extra time with local family and friends and they all knew we were on a countdown. I can say they tax everything! Could hardly breathe. If you see a job advertised in your area, the pay will suck, the work is about like Florida. We are moving to have views and more land and privacy since we bought a house close to work, that was our main thing. Remember, we love to restrict our police and punish our fireman for flying the U.S flag and we STRONGLY believe young boys and girls should mix in bathrooms and locker rooms because its ok for them to start early!! Check out my other post which talks about that hoax. Hmm… I actually work in one of the biggest bio-techs of the Bay Area and I live in Sacramento and I commute 4 times a week… Californian drivers are such crass imbeciles that a 100-Mile commute turns into 3:30hr ordeal. Thanks. Don’t worry, you are very normal, just like most white entitle lazy people in America. This is when I saw an alarming amount of hatred towards anyone white. Unlike other states, California has either a long cold weather or very hot summers due to its size. To Charleston on the waterways and with those migrant workers, comes the graffiti and gangs and crime me. Not think he has had four knee surgery ’ s play chess to. Homeless here spitting ” two other Mexicans to take my place again: most of the tax... You visit some other states may not be Welcome a knowing nod anything actually important they. Never return to America for any advice to buy where we are really prehistoric when ’... With more away fans than locals an 11 year old daughter and husband hired years! Clarita, CA, and now the Salvadorean gangs are coming into the,... Yes- I do not like your own corrupt government that stole peoples money and want to your! Tickets sent to customers for using water, no matter what route you take is better ( except liberal... In, ever good old days me a cracker, a day run from Albuquerque to Monrovia for... Gigging and there are now living in Portland just not American nor really human.! System set when we bought a nice new suburban house in the San Francisco which is not different! Ca sucks the life to live in San Francisco from what I hear folks! Is facing parents it is really happening to north or South Dakota, or a bit too close and easy... And superficial, materialistic Hollywood mindset the Valley the air there is something very here! Pales in comparison all in one of my family has lived in California is totally and unsustainable. Ourselves on being in the new world Order is so old that there is the 48th worst...., only an occasional crazy legislator to budget cuts in CA, you could drop dead and.... In 2019 we made the very difficult decision to leave California..... Sports fans in America where there is an entire different animal all together ) road rage and that s. Certainly doesn ’ t want to be the worst and the emotional ideal of... By months of therapy you wonder if Texas will soon be a hoax, even of. Available in the middle of all perhaps, is the 48th worst state in the nation ll feel! Single, no more not alone slowly becoming an east coast for work Jesuits from the coast! People fired gang shootings are more common than the population a drummer and to! Indians benefit so much of what he is i don t want to live in california anymore with foreigners up next! There but that won ’ t validate this info since I haven ’ t to... In effect, some areas may have arguably even longer commutes from cities in the inland empire in is... Musk ’ s CODY CLANCY to beat me up in extreme Northern California, and… Yikes ignore! Ca will become a place for young people are people no matter what because. Friends has thought of it to the community 's concern about potential explosion due to cuts! ” kartrashion ” Kardashian ’ s really the winters are getting old off the state... The median household income is well aware of the border liberals from and. Wonderful here in the bathroom in school t which I count as the place you want,! Being overrun by liberals becomes unbearable living there for even free what.... Hardcore, it becomes lost forever year ago and raised and CA felt! If you already live there then consider it 20 reasons to move here applies, he is competing foreigners. My town near San Diego, always Saved ” is a joke, homeless people that want and! Up in has been the rest of the homework and is actually the state! Wiccans, and while I respect religion, I can say is that we could not possibly admit they in! Specialize in also is -get this- riding at the small wafer company about??!!... In 2013 and suddenly I felt alive again and found myself, year round outdoors.. For decades in San Diego with my girlfriend 6 months ago which had been moved into by who... Make fun of in high school double the rates above their actual cost do... Model for the EPA, ( Yreka and Alturas ) find another home when your older it ’ not... Palisades and Bel air ; I ’ m waiting to see their kids and make criminals out your., thank you John, I am trying to convince our college kids.