The first De La Salle Brothers to arrive here came to Penang in 1852 to establish their first school, St Xavier’s Institution. His training took place in Cootamundra, a country town in southern New South Wales. Together with these teachers, De La Salle founded a lay community which took the name of Brothers of the Christian Schools (1680). At the request of Bishop De Charbonnel, five Brothers came to Toronto, Ontario in 1851, opening the first Lasallian school in English-speaking Canada, today known as De La Salle College “Oaklands.” There, the De La Salle Brothers ran a primary school, plus a residence for the Brothers. ^ "Regions – Christian Brothers Conference". The De La Salle Brothers, a Catholic order connected to high schools across Australia, are being sued over allegations of historic sexual assault at an institution they operated in Sydneys southwest. writings, and work of John Baptist de La Salle (1651–1719), Founder of the Institute of the Brothers of the Christian Schools, and on the early history of the Brothers. When it closed in 2001, the BoysTown name was still good enough for the De La Salle Brothers to raise tens of millions of dollars through its famous … The Institute. A Brother commits to uniting with other Brothers, for the educational service of young people in need. The five vows enable the Brothers to remain committed and readily available to fulfil the De La Salle mission. A Brother forgoes married life so he is readily available for the De La Salle mission. It all began with De La Salle College Armidale, NSW, the first school established by the Brothers in 1906. Fintan Dwyer was among the first Australians to be trained for the order. Lasallian Sources: The Complete Works of John Baptist de La Salle The Letters of John Baptist de La Salle.Translated and edited by Colman Molloy, FSC, and Augustine Loes, FSC. Retrieved 29 January 2016. The De La Salle Brothers have a formidable history and reputation in education in Australia. The schools were given the name of ‘Christian Schools’. The Australian Catholic Church releases "grim" data revealing 7 per cent of priests, working between 1950 and 2009, have been accused of child sex crimes. The De La Salle Brothers are a religious congregation of men within the Catholic Church who were founded in 1679 by a French priest and scholar, John Baptist De La Salle. Lasallian Region of North America. ^ C. Moe, Hardly a soft landing: the first Australian foundation of the De La Salle Brothers – Armidale 1906, Journal of the Australian Catholic Historical Society 28 (2007), 67–73. The Institute of the Brothers of the Christian Schools is a Catholic religious order of laymen whose mission is to provide spiritual and human education to the young, especially the poor. Until 1920, the De La Salle Brothers in Australia were all from Ireland. Shortly after that, he became involved in helping a group of schoolmasters to set up schools in order to provide poor boys with a sound education. St. Vincent’s relocated to Second Street in 1856, and in 1887 changed its name to La Salle Academy, which stands today.