Whole year UV Index table for Trondheim ☀ Water Temperature in localities in Trondheim Weather phenomena recorded in previous years in Trondheim ☃ Long-term 30 day weather forecast for Trondheim ☔ Trondheim month-by-month travel guide to weather conditions and best times to visit. Temperature In December, the average high-temperature is relatively the same as in November - a still wintry 1°C (33.8°F). Due to the temperate waters of the Gulf Stream, Norway has a much milder climate than other parts of the world at the same latitude, such as Alaska, Greenland, and Siberia.The coldest areas in the winter are often inland or far to the north. MaartenBoonen. Fastest wind coming from NW are less frequent and warmer. The previous record was 10.1 °C from 31 January, 1950. In the month of december, the mean temperature in Bergen is 41°F (maximum temperature is 43°F and minimum temperature is 40°F). Trondheim weather archive. The warmest month, on average, is July with an average temperature of 55.4°F (13°C). The first month of the winter, December, is also a wintry month in Trondheim, Norway, with average temperature fluctuating between 1°C (33.8°F) and -4°C (24.8°F). Trondheim (central): -4C to +1C. Expect an early night though, as on the shortest day in December, the winter sun sets as early as 14:30 and rises at around 10:00. Airbnb is a really good budget option because you can get rooms in places with a kitchen, and being able to self cater will save you loads of money while in Norway. The best time and weather to travel to Trondheim 2020. Save. The coolest month on average is January, with an average temperature of 26.6°F (-3°C). Average high air temperature in Trondheim in January is 0°C/32°F, and average low air temperature is -5°C/23°F. In the month of january, the mean temperature in Oslo is 27°F (maximum temperature is 32°F and minimum temperature is 23°F). Trondheim … The climate in Trondheim during December can be summarized as cold and wet. Do not forget to take with you warm clothes! The climate in Norway varies a lot from country part to country part, and there can be large variations within the separate regions of Norway as well. Get the monthly weather forecast for Trondheim, Trøndelag, Norway, including daily high/low, historical averages, to help you plan ahead. SW There are on average 14 days each winter with at least 25 cm snow cover on the ground and 22 days with daily minimum temperature −10 °C (14 °F) or colder. Average temperature is just below 0 C, and can drop to minus 10 C, so icy and possibly some snow (10-20 cm) on ground. * Charts above show average data for the last 3 years. Map of Trondheim temperature forecast 1. Balen, Belgium. In an average winter, Tromsø sees 160 days with at least 25 centimetres (10 in) of snow on the ground (based on 1970–2000 average and recorded at the meteorological office station on top of the island, 100 meters above sea level). Winters can get quite chilly, there are, on average, 22 days throughout winter which record a minimum temperature of -10 °C or colder. 5 years ago. Date Precip Air temp day / night Sea temperature; 18.10: 5.5°C: 3.3°C: 10.7°C: 17.10 On average, the coolest month is January. The map is real-time and interactive. Here, the winter is really frigid, in fact, the temperature can drop to -40 °C ( … We expect around 6.4 mm of precipitation to fall and cloud covering 96% of the sky, the humidity will be around 95%. This temperature map is centered around Trondheim. Travel weather and climate description. However, during the snowy winter months, both locals and tourists from Trondheim take the opportunity to go skiing at nearby Vassfjellet. Balen, Belgium. Lapland The coldest area of the country is the Norwegian part of Lapland, which corresponds to the southern part of the Finnmark County. Sea water temperature in Trondheim in May, °C Trondheim 7 day weather forecast including weather warnings, temperature, rain, wind, visibility, humidity and UV The 2m dewpoint temperature indicates how much water is in the air at ground level, from where potential thermals would start. In Trondheim, the average annual temperature is 5.2 °C | 41.4 °F. Daytime maximum temperatures average around a freezing 1°C (34°F), whilst at night -4°C (25°F) is normal. Trondheim experiences moderate snowfall from November to March, but mixed with mild weather and rainfall. The highest recorded temperature in Trondheim is 88.0°F (31.1°C), which was recorded in July. The average summertime temperature rarely exceeds 70 degrees Fahrenheit (21 degrees Celsius), with an average high temperature just above freezing during the winter months. 5°C sea temperature; Recommended for Norway. All diagrams show hourly data for Trondheim for 3 days. Average temperature is just below 0 C, and can drop to minus 10 C, so icy and possibly some snow (10-20 cm) on ground. Report inappropriate content . Winter in Oslo The March weather guide for Trondheim, Norway shows long term weather averages processed from data supplied by CRU (University of East Anglia), the Met Office & the Netherlands Meteorological Institute.Find out more about our data sources. Yellow areas indicate daylight. N.B. The warmest sea in Trondheim in January is 6.8°C/44.2°F, and the coldest sea temperature in January is 3.5°C/38.3°F. Besides this, you can grab the map by your mouse button and move it to see the temperature in other regions. On December 14, the temperature in Trondheim typically ranges from 30°F to 31°F and is rarely below 16°F or above 42°F. The climate is rather more than very fresh in that area in this month. Based on the 1971–2000 average recorded at the airport, there are 14 days each winter with at least 25 cm (10 in) of snow cover on the ground and 22 days with a daily minimum temperature of −10 °C (14 °F) or less. At the same time the lowest night temperature was -1°C. February, the last month of the winter, in Trondheim, is another cold month, with average temperature ranging between min -5°C (23°F) and max 0°C (32°F). The lowest temperature ever recorded is −18.4 °C (−1.1 °F) in February 1966. MaartenBoonen. This is the highest temperature measured in January since the measuring station was established in 1923. Save. For reference, on August 4, the hottest day of the year, temperatures in Trondheim typically range from 52°F to 65°F, while on December 27, … 01 December 2020 at 08:00-09:00: Cloudy, Temperature 4, 0 mm, Light breeze, 2 m/s from west-northwest Bergen 2 miles and an atmospheric pressure of 1005 mb. Crystal Ski; VRBO; Love Holidays; Newmarket Holidays; Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec. The climate is rather more than very fresh around this city in the month of december. January and February, with an average high-temperature of 0°C (32°F), are the coldest months. In winter, the average temperature in Norway is -6.8 degrees Celsius, but the conditions may vary quite a lot. December is in the winter in Trondheim and is typically the 3rd coldest month of the year. This isn’t the time for camping. In Trondheim, the average low-temperature is -4°C (24.8°F). There are on average 14 days of snowfall in excess of 25 cm snow cover during this period. Plan to cover you well! Weather in February » The is a great deal of rainfall in Trondheim, even in the driest month. ... Trondheim winter time . 6 years ago. The warmest sea in Trondheim in December is 8.6°C/47.5°F, and the coldest sea temperature in December is 4.3°C/39.7°F. ... Trondheim winter time . Trondheim Climate analysis 12 Wind _ Trondheim Winter winds _ Both the diagrams report the same winds (on the left data are collected in relationto to the wind frequency _ on the right in relation to the temperature of the air). Trondheim Trondheim, situated in central Norway, has an oceanic climate with plenty of snowfall from November through March. Trondheim, Norway visibility is going to be around 4 km i.e. 2. Report inappropriate content . 2m temperature and 2m dewpoint: Equivalent with measurements 2 meters above ground. Tromsø (north): -5C to +0.5C. Cold season / winter is in the months January and February. Here, the temperature in winter can drop to -40 °C (-40 °F). Trondheim experiences moderate snowfall from November to March. With 2.6in over 11 … In winter Trondheim experiences moderate snowfall, with this generally falling from November to March. Check temperature, rainfall & sunshine averages & more in December 2020 in Trondheim, Norway Due to warm westerly foehn winds, many locations reported very mild temperatures. You can zoom in to Trondheim using the '+' button, or check temperatures around the globe by the '-' button. Trondheim December weather guide. Coastal sea temperatures around Norway Ocean temperature and marine climate data is provided daily by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Average high air temperature in Trondheim in December is 1°C/34°F, and average low air temperature is -4°C/25°F. The climate here is classified as Cfb by the Köppen-Geiger system. A bit inland probably some 30-40 cm snow. In a year, the rainfall is 884 mm | 34.8 inch. With 10.2in over 22 … The average annual maximum temperature is: 46.4° Fahrenheit (8.0° Celsius) The average annual minimum temperature is: 33.8° Fahrenheit (1.0° Celsius) If you’re traveling to Norway on a budget try Couchsurfing or Airbnb. Fri 01/01 A bit inland probably some 30-40 cm snow. The climate in Trondheim is warm and temperate. If these temperatures don't seem very low to you, that's because the coldest temperatures tend to be experienced throughout the country between mid-January and March. Remember this is statistics, so the actual temperature on any one day can be considerably colder! Like, I think Dan and I were even pushing it a bit trying to camp in early September.. Around Oslo, snowfall is common and the average temperatures are just below zero.. The lower inland areas of Finnmark, Troms, Trøndelag, and Eastern Norway can have very cold winters with lots of snow. The daytime temperature is going to reach -2 °c and the temperature is going to dip to -3 °c at night. The average temperature for the year in Trondheim is 40.6°F (4.8°C). Daily and nightly averages during May were 8.8 °C and 3.5 °C. In Trondheim, a new heat record of 10.2 °C was set at the measuring station at Voll. On average, the warmest month is July.