Find more Chinese words at! It states that grocery shops/sundry shops, convenience stores and Chinese medicine shops are not allowed to sell any hard liquor, starting next year October. Being in Southfield, One Cafe' and Sundry Shop in 48034 serves many nearby neighborhoods including places like Oak Park, Evergreen, and Southfield. Learn more in the Cambridge English-Chinese traditional Dictionary. Born and raised in Aix-au-Provence, Sundry owner and creative director Matthieu Leblan mixes his appreciation for wanderlust and cultural fanfare into his apparel designs. Traditional Chinese sundry shop goes online to appeal to ... My family has been here for four generations” – Born in ... BCG Morib Ride Sundry Shop 04 | Old Roots, New Routes. sundry shop synonyms, sundry shop pronunciation, sundry shop translation, English dictionary definition of sundry shop. Klang's old-school sundry shop stands defiant against the ... Sundry Shop | Ken and Agnes Photoworks. ]Wǒ zài zhǎo yī jiā záhuòdiàn. Chinese words for sundry include 异, 各种各样的 and 多样的. Define sundry shop. sundry translate: 幾個不同的;各種各樣的. These mentioned premises with existing liquor license can only renew their license until 30 September 2021. It’s their favourite go-to places for dry cooking ingredients, snacks, pain relieving ointments and even occasional chit chats during the older days. 我在找一家杂货店。 [MSC, simp. Every piece of Sundry clothing is versatile and relaxed, ready for wear on the beach or for a summer night out. Besides being known for having excellent coffee, other cuisines they offer include Cafeterias, and Deli. Inspired by traditional Chinese sundry and medicinal herbal shop, these shops play a significant role among the Chinese especially the older generation. Well, what better place than One Cafe' and Sundry Shop right here in Southfield! grocery; sundry store; general store; convenience store; grocery store 我在找一家雜貨店。 [MSC, trad.] [Pinyin] I'm looking for a grocery store Sundry and grocery shops, convenience stores as well as Chinese medicine shops in Kuala Lumpur will not be allowed to sell hard liquor starting October 1 next year. N (in Malaysia) a shop, similar to a delicatessen, that sells predominantly Chinese foodstuffs (马来西亚的)中餐食品店 双语例句 On my first trip to Changsha , in 1977, I went into a little sundry goods shop to look for some local brands . KUALA LUMPUR, Nov 22 — Chinese medicine and sundry shop proprietors are anticipating dark days ahead over the latest liquor sales restriction imposed by Kuala Lumpur City Hall (DBKL) that will see their dwindling revenue further diminish.