LaserShip is a regional last-mile delivery company that services the Eastern and Midwest United States. Oh, and I got left on read here on Yelp after they asked me to send my tracking number. The merchant asked if I wanted a replacement order but I am nervous about it being shipped through LaserShip and afraid to have another package lost in the abyss. All in all, lasership was to quick and eager to make Walmart replace my order as "lost in transit" which pushed back my delivery date. Just like the above post, I waited for knocks at my door and it was out for delivery after 8 am. It is no where by any front door. so anyway it was suposed to be delivered on september 7, but now its been 2 days now and i still dont got my package. ok i ordered some items off amazon and they send it lasership and also i choose 2 day shipping. Amazon should stop using Lasership. 108 reviews of LaserShip "If you have read the reviews below, trust me, they do not expose this company for who they really are. I have requested 14 times about when my package will be delivered, and not one person knows or even bothers trying to find out. Spent Approximately an hour and 1⁄2 as of now.No package refund will take 7 days.That will be 7 days that I … After noticing it had arrived, I looked up the tracking number to see what the delay was. Waited for the longest time for this package. anyuway should i contact amazon? Browse the website now! At least once, the replacement shipment for a damaged or lost item was ALSO shipped via lasership. I've … | Read 41-60 Reviews out of 49 The second package was supposed to be delivered 3 days ago, but due to weather in the Northeast, it was changed into a delivery exception, which is understandable. Your experience can help others make better choices. So, she called Nordstrom Customer Service. But she looked everywhere and couldn’t find the package. It wasn't. Always lost or damaged. Unfortunately, several of the items I ordered are no longer available. COVID update: LaserShip has updated their hours and services. *Leasing Agent or Office (If you live in condo or apartment building) *Physical mail room located at the address of the shipment Lasership — Lost package Customer service is useless, they claim they cannot communicate with "facility" to get information. The package was delivered and it was open. Close to noon I get an update saying 'attempted' and there were no knocks! I checked my mailbox, doorstep, and asked neighbors but still nothing. Gonna make this short as my temper after finding out that a package was "delivered" (literally signed for in my name, but not my signature). Today, I called Lasership customer service about the package because the weather is back to normal, and they said Lasership lost my package. The tracking number should be available for you on the merchant's website/app. You simply require a single click for tracking your LaserShip courier updates. I got two messages on Wednesday, April **, ****, from amazon stating it was delivered at *:**pm and at *:**pm. Seems like the packages are being "stolen" rather than "lost" in my honest opinion. LaserShip® operates within the largest and fastest growing metro areas in the eastern United States. No votes 1.2 (807 reviews) Reviewer's quote. So I'm not sure how lasership is in other places. It showed that the package was delivered on Nov.22nd on the tracking page but I never received the package. How can you make an attempt to deliver my package in another state. I went downstairs both times and no packages were there. Did Amazon claim to deliver you a package but you could not find it? I ordered a package on Amazon about a month ago. I've asked the leasing office, but they don't have it either. Beautylish offers 2 day shipping with FedEx, and they are way more reliable. I cant believe newegg uses them since they must lose money wih lost packages.... Read full review. now if it was usps or ups or fedex i will have my package but lasership? The package was never delivered. Apparently they pay poorly and don't screen their employees. Lasership stinks.I ordered an item from Old Navy on 12/9. Has this ever happened to … Title: Lost package by LaserShip, please help. A day or two later the package was in another state. Join the 49 people who’ve already reviewed LaserShip. The tracking page given by LaserShip, the courier, shows that it was delivered (no one signed, marked as left at front door, but the address is college's post office) and I never receive it. And once, a guy wouldn't get out of his vehicle as I was walking to him to get my package from him and before I could get halfway to his car, he just threw it (with a viseart eyeshadow palette inside) onto my driveway! I am sure whoever opened the package must have been disappointed with the content. Original Post: I have a package which cost me $200+ from Zara. They marked it as delivered and I waited all night but nothing arrived. my package is lost by lasership by amazon? Unfortunately, Lasership has a history of being unreliable, and I have to agree, with a vast majority of packages that I order, USPS is the most reliable and UPS will often just leave a note on my door no-matter what I do or say, but Lasership has lost about 25% of my orders shipped through them. 694 reviews for LaserShip, 1.2 stars: 'Claimed a packaged was delivered to our doorstep from Sephora. Read full review . UPDATE: Lasership basically told me they lost my package. The tracking information stated my package was delivered at 8PM on a Thursday. Package was not received. “They were like, ‘Yes, the package was marked as lost… We were home and I have 2 barking dogs. Customer service. ... My package has been confirmed as delivered, but I have not received it. I was home all day and didn't receive a knock or package. LaserShip helps you get your bought goods shipped from the merchant to your address. Receive a package. LaserShip package lost or stolen what to do? I gave it until Friday afternoon when I had a second to call. At LaserShip, there are many opportunities available for drivers who are not only passionate about delivering packages, but also excited about providing a great customer experience. I don't understand why sephotlra uses lasership anyway. So annoyed that I had to call the merchant and ask for a refund. There were three different items in my package. Per Amazon, here is further clarification on what a mail room can be. Your package is given a tracking number so that it gets identifiable. So I got exclusive access to the black mocha 1’s and the third party delivery facility called Lasership “lost” my package. I have ordered thousands of packages and never had a package lost until my first LaserShip delivery!.. All my packages delivered by lasership have been lost. The Amazon tracking states “your package was left in the mail room.” however, you do not have a mail room at your residence.. Apo Box and Lasership … COVID update: LaserShip has updated their hours and services. I live in an apartment and they say it's by the front door. Our customers have high standards that they expect contractors to maintain, like carrying appropriate levels of vehicle insurance and having a satisfactory Motor Vehicle Report. LaserShip will not be liable for loss, damages, or delay created by events LaserShip cannot control, including but not limited to acts of God, weather conditions, acts of public enemies, war, strikes, civil commotion, or mechanical or other delays of vehicle and/or … This is not good . My driveway is 1/4 mile, and they leave packages at the main road, and I don't even get notification that they delivered. I live in Philadelphia and it's the worst here. Reviews online show that I am hardly the first person to experience this issue and I wonder how they are still in business. Lasership has not responded to my inquiry, other than sending an auto response. This is not the first time this has happened with a lasership delivery. Lasership misdelivered or lost my package, I gave them time for it to "appear", because of many delivery problems in NYC. Lasership @ Ulta: My first lost package. The site stated it was supposedly delivered. On 12/11, I received a notification that they had "misdirected" my package from Massachusetts (two hours by car from my house) to VIRGINIA, and that was the LAST update I received. I have never received a package shipped via Lasership. I was told by the seller to wait an extra day, still no package. Our 60+ operational facilities and four sorting hubs are staffed by people who take pride in supporting you with consistent performance, and are excited to be a part of the newly-emerging and sophisticated logistics economy. I really hope my package isn't lost. After reading all the problems lasership has had with missing packages I felt I should report this poor delivery service . Not to long after it said delivered attempt made & my package was sent back to fashion nova. I ordered through Ulta with the regular 3-5 day shipping, my package got sent through Lasership. So, there goes that. Lasership reported Package was delivered and it was not. I order from Bath & body works Lasership said it was … Lasership has twice marked packages "delivered" but they never arrived at my home. I ordered from newegg a couple of years ago back when they used lasership and the first package was lost and found 2 days later. If you think that your package was lost or stolen, ... We are the answer for every one of the information updates you require about LaserShip packages. I put in a complaint for lost package Wednesday morning and was told to wait 48 hours, which put my function at the next day. Contacted both building manager and UPS, no result. I received no call so I called lasership. 487 reviews of LaserShip "I had an Amazon package delivered by Lasership recently (after the holidays). Hello, I think this might be the first time I had an issue with a package getting here and my first time with Lasership.