I told them when we had finished that game we would have dinner. The following are the few ways how I use Potato heads in my speech therapy sessions. I asked him if she knew what she was doing. Click here to get a … Teach kids with an engaging blended English program. To do this, use 'say' and 'tell'. In this video I want to show you a fun way to help kids learn how to make the /g/ sound in the final position of words. For the first part, students need to finish an exercise which consolidates their knowledge in reported speech. I love teaching reported speech. She said to him: “Will the train be late?”, He said to her: “I won’t be able to go to the meeting.”, He said to her: “What time does the next bus leave?”, I said to him: “You can’t have any money.”, I said to her: “Maria doesn’t understand English.”, I said to him: “Does she know what she’s doing?”, She said to me: “How many people know about the plan?”, He said to me: “It takes about three hours to drive to Cambridge.”, She said to me: “Why do your parents live in Greece?”, I said to her: “I’ve always thought your sister was married.”, I said to them: “When we’ve finished this game we’ll have dinner.”, He said to me: “Have you got a credit card?”, He said to me: “Do you know these are my lights?”, He said to her: “Can you give me your phone number?”. This worksheet is divided into two parts. 1–Part of Speech Detectives: A Fun Grammar Activity One of the easy ways to teach grammar for parts of speech is with a game I call Part of Speech Detectives. Perfect for elementary and middle school students! What ESL teachers usually do is simply have one student supply a statement or ask as question and then have another student report on what was said/asked. We normally “shift back” one tense. Write this sentence on the whiteboard: “In a village at the base of a mountain, there is a barber who cuts the hair of everyone who does not cut their own hair. I don't know if students can feel when a teacher enjoys teaching something though I have the impression that somehow it shows. Our collection is growing every day with the help of many teachers. The breaking down of sentences and the discussion about parts of speech begins on those alphabet printed area rugs where kindergarteners spend their morning meeting. She asked me how many people knew about the plan. Silly Sentences: A Fun Idea to Teach Parts of Speech It starts in early elementary school. He asked her if she could give him her phone number. Reported Speech, also known as Indirect Speech, is not one the most fun to teach. In fact, there are many creative and exciting ways to teach parts of speech to your elementary students. Direct speech: “What do you want?” Reported speech: She asked me what I wanted. I told her Maria didn’t understand English. Download: This blog post is available as a convenient and portable PDF that you can take anywhere. Explain that the students are going to play a similar game in groups. It’s a very easy piece of grammar to locate and exploit with texts. Continue reading » Reporting verbs are different than the reported speech in that they are used to paraphrase what someone has said. They asked their partners something first and then they reported back to teachers and clasamtes. English Lessons for Kids - Videos, Printables, Games, Online Tests Learning does not have to be boring. Either way, your students will love learning more about reported speech through music. Body Parts - Potato head is a fun way to teach basic body parts. i hope you find it useful :) Saved by ESLprintables.com I have tables and a small room, so usually my room looks something like this: . Does the barber cut his own hair?” Set a two minute time limit and have the students discuss in pairs. I told her I had always thought her sister had been married. reported speech with back shifting board game - ESL worksheet by imelda this is a board game to help students consolidate reported speech in a fun way. Practice Provide students with a chart of the principal changes in reported speech (i.e. The 9 Parts of Speech: Before participating in any of the activities, review the following parts of speech with your student. To effectively teach Below are five fun activities to teach the parts of speech. You said to close the door'. ' He asked me if I knew those were his lights. Hands-on, active lessons are best for engaging the child and for memory retention. It’s possible to teach parts of speech in a fun way by using various ESL games and activities. Practise Reported Speech in a fun way! worksheets, lesson plans,  activities, etc. Off2Class has you covered with six lesson ready to teach reported speech to your ESL students! S2: I’m spending the holidays at my grandmother’s. This activity doesn’t require much teacher prep. Welcome to You said not to turn off the radio', etc'. Reported Speech was selected as a sample topic because it has been found to be one of the most difficult topics for Anglophone and Francophone students.It was uncovered through this work that acquisition of language skills together with Reported speech is used when reporting exactly what someone has said. Reported speech is a very rich grammar area to teach because: It can involve considerable manipulation of form. Ask students to practice the reported speech by beginning with a reported speech worksheet or by asking them to change sentences from direct to reported speech. ESL Printables, For the first part, students need to finish an exercise which consolidates their knowledge in reported speech. She asked me why my parents lived in Greece. This worksheet is divided into two parts. You may also ask what we do with each body part (What do we do with Make learning fun with these tips for How to Teach Parts of Speech. Page 2. A speaking activity to practise reported speech in a fun way: some students were celebrities, others were journalists and others were interpreters who had to … Divide … She asked him if the train would be late. The activities here are divided into different kinds of Preview: For the second part, they practise reported speech with their partners. A one off lesson on speech marks. Teaching Reported Speech for Writing: A Game Approach C. David Smith aief {at} msn.com Chuo University (Tokyo, Japan) In this short article, I describe the creation and use of a game to teach the use of reported speech for English Page 1     There are nine different parts of speech, and some of them have similar names that can be confusing or misleading. When reporting questions we don’t use the auxiliary verb do, except in negative questions. you want to download you have to send your own contributions. How to Teach Direct and Indirect Speech. And remember, if you are a subscriber to our site, you can contact me here for a free one-to-one videoconference about How to Teach … He asked her what time the next bus left. 'Pop&' the bubble with the pin on the PowerPoint and the bits left over from the speech bubble become the punctuation marks! i … How to teach parts of speech in a fun way? He told her he wouldn’t be able to go to the meeting. Just thinking about the different parts of speech can be overwhelming for many students! If Direct and indirect speech, also known collectively as reported speech, refer to the ways in which a person can report what someone else has said to them. the website where English Language teachers exchange resources: Fun ways of practising Reported Speech Alex Case offers 15 ideas for getting learners to use indirect speech 1. Reported speech: He asked me why he was shouting. In reported speech we usually report what was said at a different time, and so we change the tense to reflect the time which we are reporting. reported speech, e.g. ' will -> would, present perfect -> past perfect, etc.). I’ve released a 12-part series to teach the form and function of complements used after verbs, with a follow-on homework activity for each lesson. The parts of speech are the essential building blocks to teaching students good grammar. Walk around the room and ask them questions like: TEACHER (to A): What did B say in response to this question? Reported speech games worksheets English Lessons for Kids - Videos, Printables, Games, Online Tests Teach kids with an engaging blended English program. A multi-level English curriculum featuring cartoon animated videos, engaging games, interactive tests and a progress tracker. Fear of public speaking is a phobia that has afflicted many students. Reporting Questions: There are different sets of changes for questions when moving from direct speech to reported speech depending on the type of question being reported. Wondering how to teach reported speech to your ESL students? A: B said that the barber gets his hair cut by another barber i… Teach what happens when direct speech is in Present Continuous Ask students what they are doing for the holidays.S1: I’m going to Mexico. Building Language Arts skills on the eight parts of speech can be a fun learning experience if … Here are some ideas to get my students "love" (well reported speech with back shifting board game - ESL worksheet by imelda this is a board game to help students consolidate reported speech in a fun way. Show them how to report: Juan said he was going to Mexico. Fun ESL reported speech activities, games and worksheets to help you teach your students how to use indirect speech to report back what other people said. Hi, welcome to Speech Help for Kids! He told me it took about three hours to drive to Cambridge. Understanding the parts of speech and how they fit together makes writing and reading make sense. Gallery Walk Speech Marathon Lesson Plan Prep: To start, arrange your room in a circle, or in a way that students will have a clear path to rotate. Some of the best ones include Bingo, running dictation, charades, mixed up sentences, dictation activities, videos, songs, chants, and more. I felt it was a complete waste of time and I wondered why anyone (other than my teachers) cared what an adverb, adjective, or conjunction was. A Truly Fun Way to Practice Parts of Speech So as a kid, I despised diagramming sentences. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}). A fun and easy way to teach direct speech. Enjoy! Take a tour now!