1 Obtaining 1.1 Crafting 2 Usage 2.1 Potion Affinity Artifact 3 Time to obtain using a … Depending on the type of hero, you will need both arcane potions, as well as another type of potion specific to their affinity. 32. This is currently the most expensive accessory sold on the Auction House. 32. Levels 4-7: Lesser and Greater Potions. If you equip the 2/4 artifacts of the same type, a set effect will get activated. Read this guide on how to get Starsilver Ore in Genshin Impact. 32. 20 Jan 2020 00:35 . p = 0.092, 1-p = 0.908 Name: Potion Affinity Ring Collection (if applicable): Nether Wart 7 Items Required: 8 Enchanted Feathers (1 280 Nether Wart), Potion Affinity Talisman Buffs: Increases potion duration by 25% Name: Potion Affinity Artifact Collection (if applicable): Nether Wart 9 Items Required: 128 Enchanted Feathers (20 480 Nether Wart), Potion Affinity Ring It would be in the nether wart collection, and it would upgrade the Potion Affinity Artifact. It is only available while Scorpius is mayor. 32. Intimidation Artifact: Rare: Monsters at or below Level 25 will no longer target you. (BY 15%). 32. All potion dungeons are available for the first 7 days of playing, but after that will go to the rotating schedule. The arcane boss is void affinity and the minions leading up to him are a mixture of affinities. Fear Mongerer: Potion Affinity Artifact: Rare: 32. This accessory has no bonus on its own, but has a special ability where it doubles all of the Reforge stats applied onto it. Feather Artifact, Rare Feather IX, 20,480 Feathers & Feather Ring, Increases how high you can fall before taking fall damage by 10 blocks, and reduces fall damage by 15%. Potion Affinity Ring is an Uncommon Accessory that increases consumed Potion duration by 25%. It would be an epic talisman that buffed potion duration by 50% and allowed the user to have more than 3 potion effects active at once. In potion dungeons, every enemy and the boss will be the affinity of that dungeon. You can get different types of potions depending on the specific level of the respective dungeon: Levels 1-3: Lesser Potions. The Hegemony Artifact is a Legendary accessory found in the Darker Auction. Including locations of Starsilver, how to farm Star Silver, respawn time, respawn day & where to get Star Silver! This would let people splash themselves, or just drink their own potions. Five-Star Diner doubles ALL food and potion effects, including buffs and negative effects, not just healing. Potion Affinity:Increases the duration of any consumed Potion by 50% when held in your inventory. 32. Enrichments are not doubled by this accessory. Buy Potions at the Shop Note: Each Potion Dungeon drops Potions belonging to a specific Affinity. Potion of Nimble Tumble will grants 100% dodge, stoneskin potion will grant you 405 armor but -100% movement speed, Large Resist Potion will grant you 150% resistance to all elements, Carrots will grant you 8 wits, and so on. 32. This does not affect the duration of splashed potions and God Potions. You can use the Potion Mixer to combine multiple inferior Potions into better Potions if you need a Potion urgently - such as on days when the requisite Dungeon is closed. Potion Affinity Artifact, Rare Nether Wart IX, 20,480 Nether Wart & Potion Affinity Ring, Increases the duration of any consumed Potion by 50% when held in your inventory. Nether Wart Collection Lvl IX Red Claw Artifact: This is the fastest way to get the Potions you need. For example; Life type artifact increases HP, offense type artifact increases attack, defense type artifacts increase defense, lifesteal artifact increases healing stats. So instead of 9.2% from 303 attempts (rate of superior potions from level 15 keeps), you get: z-value for 95% confidence interval = 0.98, which becomes 1.96 for both tail ends of the bell curve. Levels 8-15: Lesser, Greater, and Superior Potions.