Introduction. In MapleStory 2, like in most of the other MMORPGs, there are a lot of ways of making a profit. Guild Members get 20 GP for daily attendance check. The weekly guild ranking result will be displayed and updated every Friday at 1800hrs. If you have reached your point capacity for the day, you will no longer earn Celestial Points. Does anyone have a list of Bosses that gives you Guild Points? The vendors your guild hall has will vary depending on the level of hall you have purchased. If your really determined you can just rent a kanna and buy a 2x drop coupon and farm mobs. Turn on analysis, grind for 30-60 minutes (the longer the more accurate the test), then end the test and compare it to others. RiC3. Cencan Featured By Owner Apr 4, 2008 Hobbyist Artist . Get ready for a fireworks fiesta with the Celestial Festival!In celebration of the solar eclipse, come enjoy the festivities and perks you get with your Celestial Rank, such as the Celestial Skills.Make the most of it by participating in various Celestial events and earning Celestial Points!While you enjoy the festival, Burning World is coming to a close and it’s time for World Leap. With six, you earn 30,000, and so on. If you’re really looking to optimize your leveling speed, go ahead and run tests to find out what mobs and maps provide the best bang for your buck. Obtaining Guild Points. Does anyone have any ideas? The same NPC that created your guild will allow you to expand it … If the Guild Leader opens the door, guild members will receive a pop-up UI message saying the Sharenian Culvert is available. Farming Guild Points Getting your Guild to Level 25 General MapleStory Forum Talk about MapleStory in general XcoldshadowX Level 22 Windia . Maplestory also has a battle analysis system that tracks your damage and EXP over a time period. In the early stages, the player earns Gold Leaves/Gold Leaf In MapleStory M by completing the achievements (menu -> challenge -> task -> achievement). where you be? Still have questions? 101 - 200, they earn more EXP. The EXP acquired through the Guild Banquet will be different for each player as it is according to the character's level. To start a guild, you must be Lv. Answer Save. guild party quest with your guild :] 0 0. Test your guild’s strength! To reach that cap, do Crimson Queen, Von Bon, Vellum, and two Chaos Zakums with as many guild members as possible. You can do this quest by having 50 of the same item or 25 of each item, and you can redo this quest as many times as you like. Unfortuneatly, there are no good ways to earn honor since the evo nerf. Get as many guildies as you can to do Root Abyss and two normal Zakum runs every day. those were the good somanypages MY NAMI YEEZ ALLOHCHOU animus -Fish noise-3 marilanna It's me again, checking in for my annual complaint that there was nothing wrong with the old si 1 jovial I'm 30 and I logged onto Basilmarket. Go to the left of the room. 2. There are two relevant skills in Flag Race: G teleports you to the closest guildie to the finish line. those are the only 3 ways i know of getting GP. ... (2-3 of us), we utilized multiple computers and guild point mules to gain a lot of our contribution. According to the weekly ranking results, which is based on the Dungeon Points, you can receive additional Noblesse SP. It's available on everyone's phone now! Back in KMS's FLY update, , the Guild system was revamped, and one of the Guild skills was a skill that awarded you 2/3/4/5 Reward Points every hour, much like how you get increasing hourly Contribution. Why do you want guild point? 5. Second, lv them up to like 20 or 30? Hey guys, what do you say about doing an update, that revamp the guild after a long time. Guild EXP can be gained by: guild members checking their attendance everyday; guild members completing dungeons; guild members levelling up or progressing in the game; Guild SP (or crystals) can be spend on guild … At the end of the race, points are tallied and the guild is ranked against others. If you meet these requirements, speak to Lea—you can find her in most towns–to be transported to the Guild Headquarters. Lv 5. Play the Mu Lung Dojo mode to earn these points. With six, you earn 30,000, and so on. 0 0. boulter. There are various ways to obtain GPs. Everyone just AFKs in our guild.. You lose all the points that member has earned you, Ohhh.. Guild SP can be earned whenever the guild levels up. Your support is greatly appreciated. It's mot that much, but you are not monetizing them yet. [/quote]. Sharenian Guild Party quest will close and be replaced by the Sharenian Culvert. With just two members, that will earn you 10,000 guild points.