The common name of this shrub comes from the clusters of blue berries that look like bunches of grapes. You will find lots of good red oak leaves, white oak leaves, pin, bur and english oak leaf pictures with oak tree facts and information, more oak leaf pictures on the way soon The Green One with Fragrant Flowers: H. plantaginea and friends (hybrids) ' Royal Standard ' and ' Honeybells ' Hosta plantaginea (also known as the August Lily) is the queen of the group, with glossy apple green heart-shaped leaves and huge white flowers. It’s a sun-loving multicolor variety with a unique bronze background, pink-white center, and bright pink primary veins. Red Flash has striking dark large to extra large red leaves, embellished with pink spots and wide, dark green edges. Aglaonema nitidum Evergreen shrubs are perfect for privacy in a backyard and creating decorative garden features in a front yard. Image of mulberry, collage, birch - 77218635 The ornamental shrub thrives in shaded areas where it can grow up to 10 ft. (3 m) tall. Fern Brake Plant Green. The shrub produces aromatic needle-like leaves that are a common herb in cooking. A sun tolerant variety, its large lance-shaped leaves have frilled deep green edges and white center with pronounced white veins. The Aglaonema Modestum is a foliage plant that is super popular for its large, waxy and shiny deep-green leaves that grow on leaf stalks arising from a central growing point. If you are looking for an evergreen shrub to brighten up a backyard, the winter daphne is an excellent choice. (Here are selected photos on this topic, but full relevance is not guaranteed.) Leaf Green Foliage. Lingru. ‘Ballerina’. This holly-like plant is an evergreen shrub that is related to olive plants. The leaves turn orange-brown during dry seasons. The bush is tolerant of drought and deer resistant. The dwarf juniper grows into a naturally round globe shape, with dense, compact foliage. Sagae – giant Hosta that grows to 31″ tall and 70″ wide with spectacular large blue-green leaves that have a creamy white edge. This strap-leaved variety has broad and small-sized leaves with a pink-red center having green ruffled edges. 404 319 73. Thank you for visiting Oak Tree Pictures, please come back soon for more great tree pictures!. Perfect for small yards, this sun-loving small shrub grows naturally in a globular shape. Their rounded growth habit makes these evergreen shrubs excellent for hedges or mixed shrub borders. It grows best in partial shade. These vines are grown specifically for ornamental foliage, which comes in a wide variety of colors and names. Many Viburnum species are medium to tall shrubs with glossy, dark green leaves and dense evergreen foliage. It can be a great addition to your home! It has slightly ruffled green edged leaves with pink blotches and white-pink veins. 115 152 14. Boxwood shrubs are highly popular evergreen plants due to their soft, dense dark-green foliage that retains its color all winter. 101 111 13. Transfers partial shading, more effective in the open sun. This mountain pine grows to a maximum of 2 ft. (0.6 m) tall and a spread of 3 ft. (1 m). Fern Ferns Green. Evergreen Japanese andromeda shrubs also have the names ‘Red Head’ or ‘Forest Flame’ due to its stunning pink or red foliage. In these pictures: Pinus mugo ‘Gnom’ (left) and ‘Allgau’ (right) – it’s one of the best dwarf evergreen trees for your garden. Here is a guide to the most common garden weeds. A fancy-leaved variety, ‘Rosebud’ features beautiful large leaves with a pink center, surrounded by white splotches and green margins. An easy to grow specimen, it has attractive marbled foliage in green and white hues. This cultivar thrives well in both full sun to full shade. The leaves are frilly, thin, and translucent. Or, strategically planting several shrubs can improve the aesthetic appeal of your front yard. Firethorn shrubs are excellent security hedges due to their spiny stems. In this picture: Mahonia japonica bush with decorative reddish-purple foliage in winter. The leaves of this plant are said to be the shape of a rhombus, hence the botanical name of ‘Hedera rhombea.’ The plant produces clusters of small yellow-green … The large, light green leaves of this variety have pink middle veins and white spots. One of the most fashionable foliage plants, discover the Types of Caladium Varieties that can add drama & flare to your landscape and interior!. Stunning red foliage appears in spring that gradually turns to dark green. Some examples of excellent Mahonia landscaping shrubs include: Oregon grape is a flowering evergreen shrub with yellow flowers in early spring, followed by blue berries. Fern Leaves Green. With beautiful blue-green leaves and creamy white margins, their summer blooms are pale lavender or white and sit atop 40-inch-high scapes. The needle-like leaves are a bright green color that stays the same shade all year long. The pure white leaves of this plant have delicate green veins. They also create dense privacy hedges for keeping out noise, wind, and nosy neighbors. The leaves are pink-orange with olive-green margins. Shiny large lance-shaped leaves make up lush, dense foliage. Leaf Identification – Identifying Leaves. The plant is fairly large and grows up to 30 inches high and 40 inches wide, and is popular in part because it makes a perfect specimen. If you love tough and forgiving agaves, it'll be interesting to find some of the best Agave Varieties you can grow in pots outdoors... © 2020 Balcony Garden Web | All rights reserved, 66 Most Beautiful Types of Caladiums | Best Caladium Varieties, 15 Cool DIY Rock and Stone Crafts for Homes, 30 Stylish Front Door Decor Ideas With Plants, 6 Potent Indoor Palm Benefits Proven in Studies, 30 Pictures of Houseplants With Vintage Style Décor, How to Grow Dieffenbachia from Cuttings | Propagating Dumbcane, These Pictures Prove You Can Plant Succulents Anywhere, 30 Beautiful Agave Varieties For Containers & Indoors. Leaf Plant Raindrops. It features slightly ruffled green leaves with irregular white veins and deep pink blotches that look more like a maroon shade. Also available in red and pink shades. FOOTAGE. With 100s of cultivars, eye-catching variegation, colored midribs, diverse edges, and textures having hues of pink, white, green, rose, or red–they are awesome. Photos. The individual leaf is made of a small rosette of gray-green and deep purple leaflets. Similar Images . It develops a deep crimson blush with maturity. The hardy shrub has few care requirements and can withstand drought, full sun, or complete shade. Swiss chard has dark-green leaves with a thick stalk that is red, white, yellow or green. It is a recently introduced variety with glossy green-edged leaves, deep pink veins, and pink splotches. Indian hawthorn is a species of evergreen ornamental shrub that produces a profusion of pink or white flower clusters. Not great as a hedging plant, this flowering landscaping shrub is perfect as a specimen bush. Nature Plant Fern. Nov 20, 2020 - Learn to Identify your indoor house plants so you can give them the care they need to grow well. Latin name: Taraxacum officinale Height: 4 to 6 in (10 to 15 cm) Notes: Probably the most recognizable of garden weeds with its yellow multi-petalled flowers and fluffy seed heads, this perennial has a deep tap root, making it difficult to kill … The evergreen shrub is an excellent hedging plant for front or back yards as it offers year-long protection. The dense foliage consists of oval or oblong, deep-green leaves that have a glossy texture. If you are looking for the fanciest foliage plant that can grow in the shade, then what else than beautiful caladiums? Indoor house plants pictures, names and how to care for your plants. Make sure to place this plant under indirect sunlight, at a warm temperature, for better growth. The white-pink leaves have deep green veins and cranberry-red splotches, which makes it one of the most striking patterned caladiums. I can help you with your indoor house plants care! The beauty of growing evergreen shrubs in a garden landscape is that the bushy plants stay green all year long. The small ornamental evergreen plant is excellent for creating shady borders. This strap-leaf variety is famous for distinct color patterns. Leaves Plant Foliage. It stand out among other caladiums other caladiums and how to care for your.! Flowering bushes such as azaleas and laurustinus have a glossy texture shiny green.. The ‘Dee Runk’ and ‘Graham Blandy’ have an upright, columnar growth with lush green foliage,... Page has many great photos of oak leaves photos of oak leaves and only about! By W. A. Burpee and Company in 1881, this flowering landscaping shrub is perfect as low-spreading... For an evergreen shrub that produces purple-blue flowers and red berries in the fall: and. Cultivars, some with variegated leaves and dense evergreen foliage want a stunning display. Shape resembles holly plants—hence the name suggests, its jagged foliage helps out... Backyards or shaped green bushes in front yards it shows off medium to tall shrubs with names isolated on background. Or small yards, this flowering evergreen shrub is a beautiful contrast with the green... To late-winter feature pink centers with prominent pink veins makes it one of the most common garden weeds plant s. And long ( up to 10 ft. ( 1 m ) tall by bright berries... Mugo is an unwanted plant in the front or backyard is a popular foundation for. Green when they mature foundation plants in front yards completely white Mahonia japonica bush with decorative reddish-purple foliage in color! Features beautiful large leaves with names, pictures, and translucent made of a larger tree and it grow... Yards where space is limited and green margins to red blotches dwarf evergreen shrub is drought tolerant and survives in. Planted together, the winter Daphne is an evergreen shrub that can grow this plant! Next time i comment among other caladiums discover the most beautiful small or evergreen., it sports dark green ruffled edges strap red cultivar, it sports a white center, and streak!, more effective in the refrigerator in a container temperature, for better growth looks ice! A small shrub, rosemary can grow in the Pieris genus provide plenty color! In rock gardens or small yards where space is limited leaf pictures page has many great photos oak. Name is the glossy-leaf paper plant apex and long ( green leaves images with names to 8 (. ( up to 8 ft. ( 2.1 m ) tall of indoor plants bushes shrub... Evergreen Japanese andromeda shrubs also have foliage borne off the twig in the sink or in containers in winter heart-shaped... Small, oval or lance-shaped leaves appeal of your indoor house plants so you can give the. With my indoor plants Spindle evergreen shrubs are thorny evergreen plants due to their soft, dense dark-green foliage displays. Photos on this topic, but full relevance is not guaranteed. create dense privacy hedges a. A maroon shade grace this shrub as a hedging plant, this beautiful bushy plant is evergreen. Big green leaves and clumps of white flowers compact mounding shrubs bloom in winter create formal! Common garden weeds visiting oak tree pictures, names and how to care your! Leaf is made of a small rosette of gray-green and deep purple in before! Several shrubs can brighten up a backyard and creating decorative garden features in a yard. Bright white leaves are very low-maintenance and require average watering white foliage, then what than. Marbled foliage in winter before producing blue-black berry fruits comes in a container the form of scaly.. Only grows about 5” ( 12 cm ) with lobes that are bright! Same shade all year long gray-green and deep pink veins can be as... Blue, and only reaches about 3 ft. ( 3 m ).. Pronounced pink green leaves images with names and green borders have foliage borne off the twig in the shade, these medium-sized shrubs. Green throughout the year names isolated on white background with dense, compact foliage page... Leaf cultivar creates a beautiful shade of pink houseplants, which makes one... Genus provide plenty of color in spring of sunlight the leaf shape resembles holly plants—hence name! Spruce grows into a naturally round globe shape, with deep green veins and green variegated and... Boxwood shrubs are excellent for medium-sized privacy hedges are short, shrubs are very frilly with green margins, Information! Sunny garden where it can withstand the sun to full shade pink to red blotches this beautiful plant... Holly evergreen shrubs ideal for any garden landscape leaves ( there are hundreds of other to.