Ceiling fans with lights are beneficial. To install a fan of this size in a small room means that you are buying far … 44-inch long blades can be sized for rooms of 15 feet by 15 feet or 225 square feet. 03. Vaulted ceilings are at least 11-12 feet high. How long of a down rod do I need? Determine Downrod Length for Vaulted or Sloped Ceiling. For 8-foot ceilings, it’s recommended that you use a flush mount; for 9-foot ceilings, use a 6-inch downrod; for 10-foot ceilings, use a 12-inch downrod; for 12-foot ceilings, use a 24-inch downrod. Extension Downrod New Bronze Finish - Recommended for use in 13 ft. high ceilings. Jan 21, 2018 - Ceiling Fans for High Ceilings. Many ceiling fans include a downrod. Ceiling Fan Downrod Length for 20+ foot ceiling I am going to be installing a ceiling fan in a living room where the ceiling is over 20 feet high. When your ceiling is higher than 8 feet, you will need a longer downrod so that the position of the blades is between 8-10 feet from your floor. When installing on an angled ceiling, measure the ceiling's angle. This downrod helps conceal cluttered wires that pass electricity to a fan. If you're installing your ceiling fan on an angled ceiling, you'll need to purchase an extra downrod. FREE Shipping on orders over $25 shipped by Amazon. This Baier Ceiling Fan Downrod is sleek and looks sophisticated. A 6' downrod is what that person should use. Shop our large selection of Ceiling Fan Downrods at LightingDirect. Right Now interesting information about best ceiling fans for outdoor! These are only available from certain brands and limited to certain types of downrods, so you will want to call us if you have a really high ceiling so we can walk you through which fans have this option. - THD SKU# 107891 Get it as soon as Wed, Dec 30. In some cases, proper installation of the ceiling fan may demand a longer or shorter down rod. Find the best ceiling fan for your room size with our handy ceiling fan guide. What length downrod should I use? However, for extra-tall ceilings, you may need a longer downrod than provided. … Long blades will be 54 inches each and are used for rooms up to 400 square feet or a 20-foot by 20-foot room. If the ceiling is below 7 feet and 9 inches, the chances are that it will not pass the 7 feet clearance rule. Typically ceiling fans' blades are broken into three categories: long, medium and small. The ceiling is open up to the 2nd story. Great question. Again the above suggestion is for a person that wants the fan to work as well during the winter and they do during the summer. For example, a person having a 20' ceiling will subtract 8' from their 20', leaving them with 12'. For ceilings under 8 feet, consider investing in a low-profile ceiling fan instead of fans with a downrod. A downrod also aids in proper airflow by ensuring a safe distance between the ceiling fan blades and the ceiling, at least 8 – 10 inches, and between the fan blades and the floor, a minimum of 7 feet. Determining the correct ceiling fan size for a room is important because fans are meant to move a certain volume of air. See below to help calculate the ideal downrod length: 9-ft ceiling = 6-in downrod See more ideas about ceiling fan, ceiling, ceiling fan with light. We've got the sales you're looking for. Made in steel, this sturdy 56” fan is made to resist. Maintain a distance of 7 feet or more between the floor and the fan blades. Details Color: 60/Antique Marble W/Silver Brand: Kichler Lighting Model: 360005AMS Number of items: 1 Dimensions: 1.00 h x 1.00 w x 60.00 l,5.00 pounds Features 60-Inch long and 1-inch outside diameter Suggested for use with 14-foot ceilings Antique Marble with Silver Highlights finish For use with Kichler ceiling fans Downrod Mount: Made for rooms with high ceilings, typically 8 feet or higher. A ceiling fan downrod is a metal pipe that connects the motor housing to the mounting hardware, stabilizing the ceiling fan and reducing the potential for wobbling. We offer Fan Down Rods with free shipping on orders over $49! Hunter - 48 in. If your room ceiling is 9 feet, the downrod should 6″, 10-foot ceiling the downrod should be 12″, 11-foot, 18″ downrod and 12-foot ceiling, 24″ downrod and so on. $15.20 $ 15. Downrods can be purchased from 6 inches (9 ft ceiling) to 120 inches (20 ft ceiling). Fans are mounted about 2' down. Manufactured using high-quality metal, this ceiling fan downrod is strong and durable. ... $24.20 $ 24. A ceiling fan downrod connects the ceiling fan body to the mounting hardware on your ceiling to ensure secure, efficient, and wobble-free performance. Get it as soon as Tue, Dec 29. A common question we get asked by our site visitors - where can I find a downrod, for my Hampton Bay Ceiling Fan?. The fan blade tips should have a 30-inch clearance from the nearest wall or obstruction. Step 3: Determine the size of your downrod. Wondering which downrod to put with your ceiling fan? If you want to feel breeze, select a lower fan position. Ideal for rooms with a ceiling height over 9 feet, downrods lower your fan, bringing it closer to you and your guests for optimal and efficient comfort. > Casablanca's web site indicates I should use an 108" downrod, their > phone support said 96" when I called them, and a dealer said 60". We have so many sales on fanimation dr1ss-60w 60" ceiling fan downrod for 14 ft ceilings black, they are flying off the shelves. Access to High Ceiling for Ceiling Fan Install Hello everyone - I have a two story family room (roughly 18' from floor to ceiling) in which I would like to install a ceiling fan. 20. Check with the manufacturer or sales associate to determine the right downrod length for you. Ceilings below 7 feet. We will be heating with wood using a Wilkening Fireplace so want to properly move the air around. When you hang a “normal” ceiling fan with a 3″-4″ downrod from a ceiling that is 8 feet high, the blades will be about 7 feet from the floor. It is available in multiple sizes and finishes, so you can select the perfect one for your home without much hassle. Downrods are vital to make sure you get proper air circulation in your room. For a room with a 9-foot ceiling, select a fan with a 6” downrod. We never use them in the summer In cases where your ceiling is exceptionally high (over 15 feet), you may be able to drop the fan down even more than 84" by joining two downrods together using what is called a downrod coupler. Matte Black Extension Downrod 24-in Matte Black Steel Indoor Ceiling Fan Downrod. Ciata 12 Inch long Extension Downrod for Ceiling Fans, 1/2” Inside Diameter with Tapered threaded ends, White Finish. There are many things to consider other than the height of the ceiling. Hampton Bay Downrods. FREE Shipping on orders over $25 shipped by Amazon. 20 $16.00 $16.00. 49. 02. While most ceiling fans come pre-packaged with a down rod, it doesn't necessarily mean that the down rod is sized right for your room. > which has a 19 foot ceiling. Often times, the first place that our site visitors will look is Home Depot. Drilled holes for proper electrical grounding. The top-rated long downrod ceiling fan is the Westinghouse 7861400 Industrial. For ceilings that are taller than nine feet, add 6” to the downrod for every foot of height: 10-foot ceiling, 12″ downrod; 11-foot ceiling, 18″ downrod; and so on. Works with ceiling fans that require a 3/4 in. Do I Need a Downrod for My Ceiling Fan? In order to achieve this distance on a ceiling that is 20 feet high, you will need a downrod that is 10 to 12 feet long depending on your fan model. Extended mounts can be used to hang the ceiling fan at the desired 8– 9 feet from the floor for tall ceiling heights. A 44-inch ceiling fan, for example, will move 3,600 to 3,700 cubic feet of air per minute. 20% Off modern fan co. drp-11 11" ceiling fan downrod for pensi fans and 8-9 ft ceilings aluminum / $12.49 $ 12. The following are just a few considerations that are not taken into account with any downrod size chart, which is why we suggest that you give us a call. Check the packaging to see if the downrod is included and note the size. 4.2 out of 5 stars 154. I have found up to 72" rods, but can't find anything longer. I am having difficulty finding a reasonable scaffolding system for home use (one that is fairly priced, that I can disassemble and store in the garage). When you are installing a ceiling fan on any angled ceiling, you will need a long downrod, ... For example, if your chosen ceiling fan is 52 inches and your rise is 2.5 feet, your ideal downrod length would be 11 inches. There should be a minimum of 7 feet between the fan and the floor, so you’ll need a downrod based on your own ceiling height. If you have higher ceilings, measure the distance from the floor to the mounting point then skim through this post to find the appropriate length downrod. They work great for bringing down the heated air. More Buying Choices $5.33 (11 used & new offers) Most ceilings are 8 feet high. For example, if the ceiling is 10 feet in height, and the ceiling fan is 12 inches in height, you will need a 1-foot downrod. The longest pole that most ceiling fan manufacturers make is 6 feet long, but some of the better brands make poles up to 10 feet long or have downrod couplers that allow you to connect two 6 foot poles to make one that is 12 feet long. 4.5 out of 5 stars 74. Selecting the appropriate downrod length for a ceiling fan is not a cut and dry decision, so we do not like to go by charts. diameter downrod. Before purchasing a ceiling fan, you should measure the room size and the height of the room for you to get the best size that will offer the ideal optimal circulation. I purchased a 60" ceiling fan for our great room which is 19.5 feet high and has a 10/12 pitch. For rooms 9 feet tall and over, you’ll most likely need a downrod. Emerson CFDR1ORB Ceiling Fan Downrod, 12-Inch Long, Oil Rubbed Bronze. Progress Lighting Aluminum Cylinder Series Extension Rod Pendant Adapter Kit for P5741 Ceiling Fixture, Includes 6" and 12" Rods Model: P8741 Starting at $78.48 Item #1645391. They come with LEDs or several bulbs. Most downrod mount ceiling fans have a long rod but you could find a longer one. Divide 12 by 2 and it leaves 6 feet. We have 20' ceilings at work.