The linked damage is going to be dealt via the element that your action skill will deal. Action Skill Augments Soulfire: Converts Amara's action skill to fire damage. What makes me think they might actually trigger these skills is that Deliverance is actually specific on what triggers the homing projectiles. Spiritual Driver – Technically, you can use the above two pieces on any class and you will do significant damage. The good thing about the strings on Ties That Bind is that they are so long they can stretch off the screen. Did base Phaselock damage enemies? Indiscriminate —Indiscriminate is a powerful skill when focusing on elemental effects. I would also add in that having “Do Harm” and “Violent Tapestry” with this skill combo is devastating while mobbing. Does that mean you could just fire it into barrels, barriers or the ground and trigger the homing projectiles? Where did you see ties that bind in action? Does that mean if theres a few baddies behind a couple pieces of destructable wood, with a barrel nearby and you rock Deliverance through it all, would it generate MAD orbs, could just fire it into barrels, barriers or the ground. There’s no real alternative for me anyways if I wanna go down the elemental road. They likely don't do direct damage, but will trigger a DOT. I’m not expecting to pull half the screen, but I can imagine it’s alright. Seems cool to me actually… also I have the feeling that allure becomes much better with twice the radius, since that would increase the area covered substantially if I remember geometry right. What's the point of changing the element? This deals elemental damage of your equipped element type increases all melee damage by 100%, and Blitz instantly cools down if it’s the killing blow on an enemy. Conflux (0/5) Whenever Amara applies an elemental effect to an enemy, she gains a chance to randomly electrocute, burn, or melt that enemy. 25 minutes in onwards he uses ties that bind with allure slotted. So I know if an enemy is Immune they take a chunk of damage just like Phaselock from Maya in BL2. Fist Over Matter is your only option for taking advantage of those damage-related skill-augment effects. Soul Sap wouldn’t be very good without Fist Over Matter, imo. I've been hoping that enemies in Phasegrasp will end up taking small DoTs given that they're locked inside an elemental bubble which would trigger the damage response. (Action Skill) Tier 1 Skills. The effect of this skill greatly benefits this hybrid build for using a Phasegrasp Action Skill over an alternative like Phaseslam or Phasecast. Would the linked damage be considered Action Skill damage? Just realized soul sap wouldn’t work with Phase Grasp. It’s good that it doesn’t damage, but it’s ability enables her to deal more damage than any of the other skills combined. Crit damage from transcend multiplied by bonus damage from personal space multiplied by bonus elemental damage from forceful expression on a grasped target splitting 35% to all around does look like it could be good. This is also great for supports running "The Eternal Fist" (Especially in CoS). Amara may give Moze a run for her money in circle of slaughter. Chandra, Bold Pyromancer (6) Legendary Planeswalker — Chandra (5) +1: Add . 4. It does damage through the Link. You would be un-killable in almost all aspects. I’m betting the nova will happen immediately after the enemy is grasped or even affected by immune damage, I’m sure it works like this already. I've been hoping that enemies in Phasegrasp will end up taking small DoTs given that they're locked inside an elemental bubble which would trigger the damage response. Could be interesting in tighter quarters. Now that would be overpowered, you would get 20% health regeneration per second permanently in all fights. On Action Skill End, Weapon Status Effect Damage & Chance are increased by 75% for a short time. However, several other manufacturers feature weapons that deal explosive damage in some manner. That gameplay shows Allure (seems nice actually) & fist over matter. User Info: Boltens. With the right upgrades, your Phasegrasp can spread to nearby enemies too. Amara soun Groups of enemies will fall just from your action skill alone. Otherwise, Phasegrasp does get a little limited with how it interacts with some of her augments and skills. It doesn’t do damage for balance reasons, if it did damage you could have max Samsara stacks going at all times. What I want to know is if the skills basic form you start with dose damage when you grasp and enemy. So Deliverance likely works the same, cant aim it at the ground. Hit it into a bunch of people, the wall behind them counts as another object. Could be good as it keeps them clustered. Once you phasegrasp something and fire a few bullets everything will look like it was OHKO'd. Life Steal: +4%. Sustainment will also be boosted so you'll get some crazy healing, thats why its generally better to use Stillness of Mind over Soul Sap unless you want to do some co-op healing. What about Deliverance in Mystical Assault, which triggers homing projectiles that trigger Elemental Effect. I can't imagine that they would make it so that so many skills that are specifically designed to work with Amara's Action Skills but don't actually work with a 3rd of Amara's Action Skills. Made me think allure wasn’t too good but binds were. When a linked target takes damage, a portion of that damage is inflicted on other linked targets. Damage dealt from enemies to players is displayed on the HUD both as a bent strip to indicate its direction of origin and as a reduction in shield or health hitpoints to indicate its quantity.Each individual projectile or melee attack will display a single damage instance. Confirmed via gameplay, it needs the second direct Action Skill modifier to deal any damage by itself and thats almost all the way down the Fist of the Elements tree. Each stack of Samsara increases her gun damage and health regeneration. In addition, until any of the abilities are unlocked, the attack element does no damage to the element. Element Focused Skills. Enemies who cannot be incapacitated take instant damage instead. Yeah I’m thinking the same. If so, I definitely overlooked it, it could easily help me answer a lot of Siren related questions. If a permanent dealt damage this way would die this turn, exile it instead. Chandra, Bold Pyromancer deals 2 damage to target player. After all, even though Phasecast has Deliverance, I still think Phasegrasp will be the most used, so I wouldn’t worry. Mindless creatures and those with only programmed or rudimentary intelligence are often immune to mental damage and effects. Some enemies are immune to being Grasped and instantly take damage instead. They include: Assault Rifles that use Torgue barrels (Bandit, Dahl, Jakobs, and Vladof) Samsara is a tier 2 passive skill in Amara's Brawl skill tree. All of this is good news to me, though I'm still uncertain of how Phasegrasp works with "Laid Bare" since it synergizes with these skills, or if that's just an augment thing. 3:48 See it in action. With skills that can easily attack multiple enemies at a time, Amara's especially effective when it comes to crowd control. It only damaged targets too big to phaselock, New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the borderlands3 community. All dat juice. What I’d like to know is what is meant by Deliverance damaging objects. Are the projectiles considered "action skill damage"? Press J to jump to the feed. I'm thinking that either a) Phasegrasp does some very small amount of damage regardless, or b) Phasegrasp just procs these abilities anyways. Duration: 7 seconds; Cooldown: 16 seconds; Grasp Immune Damage: varies with … Phasegrasp allows you to deal damage to an enemy, while also holding them in place, which will let you fill them with bullets. Basic Action Skill — Phasegrasp: Amara summons a giant fist that bursts from the ground and locks the targeted enemy in place for a few seconds. Amara sends forward her astral projection, which deals damage to all enemies in its path. If you are unable to get either of these anointments, 'On Action Skill End, the next 2 magazines will have 50% additional bonus Element damage' is … If a source you control would deal damage to a permanent or player, it deals double that damage to that permanent or player instead. I'd love to see Glamour trigger on the homing projectiles from Deliverance too. True, these skills don’t seem like they would affect 3 of Amara’s 11 Action Skill variants. A lot of cover is now destructable. Does Marcus have a training dummy to test damage on in this BL?