I’ve tried 3 different coils and all of them do the same things. Strong crank, spark, and fuel pump running fine. Or put a new coil in. wonder if excess fuel in cyl is fowling the plugs ? //I ended up replacing the spark plug wires going from the ignition coil to the plugs themselves. I assumed it was a plug wire or what not. Sometimes just using some silicone grease in the wire boot will help stop arcing . Coil was arcing, wires were arcing with each other, the coil to distributor wire was arcing out almost it's entire length against the air cleaner. Ignition coils fail due to bad spark plugs or plug wires. Pelican Parts Catalog for Porsche, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, MINI and More. Hi Pelicans - I had a no-start situation with my ‘83SC this weekend. This happens only at WOT. - it will probably still happen , sounds like you have a healthy spark , this indicates your cap is good as it isn't arcing inside , it has to jump the next closest source to earth, if you do this a lot it will start breaking down the insulation on the coil nose. Just trying to get to the root cause of why it's running on two cylinder's with apparent spark to all plugs, new dizzy cap, and valve clearance set carb also seems to be working fine. This is not recommended for shared computers, Back to Problems, Questions and Technical. I am not running any wide plug gaps, .035 , has to be some logical scientific answer to this and I am lost in the sauce. After reconnecting the wire to SP, engine doesn't die anymore, but still arcs sometime and on every WOT(wide open throttle) it … They do nothing as far as preventing air box explosions and are more trouble than they're worth. HT is the plugs leads, not entirely sure under what conditions you mean it sparks. Compression checked, all at 160psi. - posted in Problems, Questions and Technical: Anyone have any idea why when I take off my HT leads the terminals on the ignition coil arc towards the king lead? That being said I would be shocked that it would affect the T-boost set up. Edited by Hammer42, 06 November 2016 - 12:22 PM. However why not try to clean and dry the coil thoroughly around the HT terminal and its extended insulator, put the lead back in and spray it with a good coating of Damp Start or whatever they call it now, the stuff that leaves a clear insulating film. Date: Mon, 20 Jul 1998 13:58:32 -0500 : My local VW shop has finally diagnosed a really bizarre problem with my 95 GTI as a bad Coil Pack. Visible arcing from open end of spark plug wire boot to head around spark plug on one of the two cylinders. are the plugs getting wet & is there compression on the affected cylinders ? At an idle i didnt notice anything. The boot is made of rubber or silicone and can wear out over time, causing arcing to the cylinder head, which can cause a misfire. Replaced coil (ignition module) with attached spark plug wire and boot and spark plugs, checked connections. It looks like I have the pink and white wire although faded so I'm assuming thats ballasted also says resistive or something of that nature. Plugs had soot on them I leaned the carb out a bit checked again now 1/4 are white and 2/3 are still black. Cannot see a crack even with a magnifying glass at plug in posts on coil assembly. Very difficult to stop. Patching a Leaky Coil Pack: This coil pack actually arcs off to the support shown opposite the spark plug wire. Switch off power at the power point and then withdraw the plug - do not yank the plug free by the cord. When the ignition coil sends current through the wire, it's not just a trickle. I have checked for 12v at coil while running, I have checked and double checked my motor and chassis grounds, I now have my new MSD wires in the box and the old crappy wires on and it runs awesome. It could be that the wires aren't good, regardless of how old they are. If the engine starts, running for a while should either foul up the bad plugs, if they are the cause of the problem, or burn the crud off them and foul up what were the good ones if it is an engine (carburettor, manifold, valves, pistons etc) fault. For some reason it just doesn't seem like it's sparking enough inside 3/4 to get ignition (I'm only running on 2 cylinders, 3 intermittently). You currently have javascript disabled. Edited by sledgehammer, 06 November 2016 - 11:04 AM. Air filter is new K & N type. How to Test Spark Plug Wires. Be sure to inspect your plug wires when the engine is not running. When they are like that, they are effectively shorted out and won't spark. Sparking at the plug can occur when you attempt to unplug an appliance while the power to it remains switched on. Not a clue what's happening to my car. Anyone have any idea why when I take off my HT leads the terminals on the ignition coil arc towards the king lead? I pulled over and noticed an arc between the coil pack and the bottom I will give the cleaning a go in the morning and see how it goes. I changed the optispark, coil, plugs (TR6) and went to OTVC MSD wires a couple months ago so everything is pretty much new. So I'm just a loss really. I will change the coil as I don't think those chips are helping the cause regardless. And there are no codes. Spark plug, coil arcing. Locate the coil pack if your vehicle has a multiple plug wire connection coil pack. The cause of "plug wires arcing over to ground" is always "insulation breaking down under load". Even though provision of a spark plug lead with a suppression coil therein eliminates interference resulting from secondary arcing or discharge across the spark plug electrode, it does not completely eliminate radio interference emissions altogether. If the arc can’t find a good ground path through the plug gap it … The sooting that was previously on 1/4 has been cleaned off by the engine after I adjusted the mixture however are now white. This kit offers the benefit of more spark energy to increase horsepower and fight spark blow out under high RPM/high boost applications. I waited till dark pulled the truck in the garage and grabbed a spray bottle of water sprayed everything down and started the truck. I only noticed because I did it in the dark. There was no textbook arcing with popping sounds and pretty lights, but there was extremely slight, barely visible arcing when wires are moved near the block (or … You need to pull the coil and clean the top of it VERY thoroughly, looking particularly for any burnt tracks. [gti-vr6] Coil Pack!! Please don't spend money on replacements until you have tried all that. A spark is generated when coil's field collapses, by design when the points (or electronic do dah) breaks LT the circuit. Truck runs fine under WOT and at an idle. Carbon tracks on the spark plug boot and on the spark plug. Morning all. Several functions may not work. Edited by Hammer42, 06 November 2016 - 10:01 AM. Please re-enable javascript to access full functionality. Ignition Coil Arcing. When arcing like this occurs it is most likely due to a bad ground connection between the coil and the plugs. Firstly, the reason you are getting arcing from the coil's tower is because there is a lower electrical impedance to ground from this point than through the coil wire-distributor cap-plug wire(s)-and then finally the spark plug. The wires don’t look burnt and there is no cracking. is the wire bad or the coil. If carbon tracks are found, they can not be cleaned/ scraped off. Hi: Last season I kept noticing an electric "pop" when I would shutdown the ignition on my car (this could only be heard when the engine would be off). That's what I'm thinking I just don't want to be changing parts just for the sake of it. There is enough voltage there to give you a painful jolt. Ah sorry should've mentioned I've done all the swapping over trying to get it to follow however it is isolated to 3/4. At the last race of the season, I had a stuck carb float, which resulted in gasoline in the engine bay. Gannon. Anything that arcs or emits a hot smell should be investigated. plug number 5 is arcing at coil. While looking for the reason of occasional misfires I checked if my spark plug wires are arcing at night. Held the throttle open a little and bam the coil wire started arcing against something. I've had a couple of spark plugs arc or track down the outside of the porcelain lately causing the cylinder to die, looking for any input on the cause, done all the usual things plugs clean when installed, cleaned plug tools, inside of leads etc. As for the plugs, why not clean them as best you can, and swap them so the bad plugs are in the good cylinders, maybe just one at first, then both. This system has been working fine with the engine. From the Chevy Cavalier and Monte Carlo to the Malibu, Lumina and Impala. The reasons for the arcing have been well explained above. Even increasing driveability … With new plugs and wires, (plugs ohm out at 5k), I get mega arcing from the plug in posts on top of the coil assembly to ground in damp weather or when I spray a very fine mist of water towards the coil. The suppression coil itself becomes a source of interference and high frequency emissions. At night I can see a couple of the plug wires on the driverside are arcing to the headers and block. Get rid of those shielded cables. Another potential cause is heat and vibration, which can damage the ignition coil's windings and insulation. Once a coil starts arcing, it develops a carbon track. It carries the high voltage (30k to 50k volts) produced by the ignition coil to the spark plug. I wont go into that but basically, the higher the resistance in the secondary circuit (coil + wire + plug), the higher the voltage. I've tried 3 differentcoils and all of them do the same things. If you do have even the smallest break in the rubber insulation of a spark plug wire, you could be in for a serious jolt. May not be the coil that's bad , it might just need new wire(s) and it could also be your spark plugs are ready to be replaced too (higher resistance will cause arcing). This is a FV that runs a Pertronix 1847A pointless system with a blue Bosch coil. 2/3 are still fouled though, not as bad. Before you change your plugs, wires, and cap, try this first. Pull the coil pack wire out of its pin connector by depressing the tabs and lifting up. I moved some of the plug wires at the distributor and got the engine to fire. Hopefully i can get a coil here fairly quickly, what would you recommend for a balasted lasted type? Night time is your friend when it comes to finding sparks under the hood. plug number 5 is arcing at coil - Buick 1993 Park Avenue question If an engine is experiencing repeated coil failures, the underlying cause may be resistance from worn spark plugs or excessive spark plug gap. Pull the cowling engine cover off, locate the ignition coil and try to start the engine. In photo 3 You can see what a carbon track on a COP coil boot and on a spark plug looks like. The spark will be taking the shortest / lowest resistance route to earth, wipe the coil nose clean & make sure LT terminals are bent away from coil nose & cond good. While doing this I noticed when I take one of them off there is arcing on the ignition coil between the terminals and the plug for the lead that goes to the dizzy. If the old ones didn't arc, try re-fitting them. The capacitor is then discharged into a coil mounted on top of the sparkplug of the single-cylinder engine, which fires the spark. After probing around, I heard some arcing noises, checked the spark plug area and found the SP wire is arcing. The voltage is determined by Ohms Law. Sounds like the plugs that are 'sooted' are in fact fouled. Edited by sledgehammer, 06 November 2016 - 11:02 AM. When replacing the spark plugs or ignition coils, it is also a good idea to replace the boots. Got to work and got the P0301 code. New dizzy cap and spark plugs have been put on. My 2002 3.5L ES was idling rough this morning and, CEL started flashing, then went solid. A spark plug wire is a basic but critical engine component. The cause of "plug wires arcing over to ground" is always "insulation breaking down under load". It happens most often from a rich mixture. using MSD 44 NGK R6061-10 Plugs. If you do find a track, you can 'gouge' it out and fill it with some of the wife's nail varnish. Engine stumbles with the frequency of arcing. This causes the engine to idle rough at times as the electrical energy goes to the engine block instead of the spark plug… When the engine is running I'm pulling the 3/4 plug leads trying to diagnose why they are not firing. Sounds similar to what my coil was doing and that was cracked. They plug directly into the harness where the stock coils do, then to your new coil over plug. The chipped insulation around the LT terminal is largely irrelevant. I'm pretty sure your problem is there.This just happened to me. Edited by Moke Spider, 06 November 2016 - 11:18 AM. Apparently the connectors to the spark plugs have cracked (or melted) which causes very tiny arcs which produces some really pronounced surging in all gears and all speeds. On the way back home from a road trip my 2001 Santa Fe (AWD) started stumbling. New plugs are usually needed though sometimes they can be cleaned. Newer vehicles have the coil boot attached to the coil and the spark plug; this is called a coil-on-plug system.