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RSA 2010 Conference, San Francisco, March 2010

Narus 2010 RSA Conference

Greg Oslan, President and CEO of Narus corporation, say Narus’s software provides real-time traffic intelligence that helps carriers, service providers and governments around the world protect and manage large, complex networks. Although the Internet is still in its infancy,  Internet crime is a global issue, and it is time to set up a global ecosystem and  police force. Global criminal behavior and cyber warfare may be death by a thousand papercuts, he states, but it is still death.

Altor Networks Winner, Most Innovative Company RSA 2010 Conference “Sandbox Competition”

According to Amir Ben-Efraim, Founder and CEO, Altor Networks focuses on securing virtual environments in clouds by securing the virtual machines that are the underlying atoms in cloud computing. Federal government clients to date include the U.S. Army, Brookhaven National Institute and the National Renewable Energy Labs. 

Lieberman Software Corporation 2010 RSA Conference

Philip Lieberman, President, indicates that Lieberman Software provides privileged identity management, primarily to organizations with more than 1000 employees. Clients include most branches of the military, DHS and other federal agencies, plus state and local governments.  The latest Enterprise Random Password Management is the first version to support privileged identity management in the cloud, ensuring zero information to departing employees with privileged entry.

Tipping Point 2010 RSA Conference

Tipping Point, a global brand of the 3Com corporation, focuses primarily on intrusion detection systems that provide deep packet inspection of network traffic, according to Roark Pollock, Worldwide Product Manager. The company provides security solutions for federal, state and local governments, creating a secure network that brings network and security components together on a single platform.

Hugh Thompson 2010 RSA Conference

In providing GSN with a sneak preview of the 2010 Conference, Dr. Hugh Thompson, Program Chair of RSA Conferences and Adjunct Professor at Columbia University, cited Cloud Security, Consumerization and Social Networking as the anticipated hot topics, while he recommended the Innovation Sandbox and its competition among start-up companies as an event that telegraphs what the big problems in IT Security will be in the next few years.

DriveSavers Data Recover 2010 RSA Conference

Michael Hall, CISO of DriveSavers Data Recovery, describes his company’s business as getting back lost information for clients and maintaining the integrity and security of the data during the recovery process. DriveSavers serves all branches of the military and federal agencies across the board. Defense in depth architecture, regular government audits, ISO-5 certified clean room and engineers trained in encryption ensure secure data recovery, says Hall.

Anakam 2010 RSA Conference

Brent Williams, CTO, says that Anakam’s business of providing two-factor authentication for massive audiences is evenly divided among government, healthcare and e-commerce enterprises. Anakam is differentiated from other companies by the fact that its software goes inside the enterprise and sits alongside the existing enterprise infrastructure.  With the company’s Remote Identity Proofing, Anakam protects the citizen’s privacy and secures the information exchange.

RSA General Manager RSA 2010 Conference San Francisco

RSA General Manager Sandra Toms LaPedis estimates attendance of 15,000, with 300 exhibitor booths and 250 sessions. Government Speakers will include Howard Schmidt, White House Cybersecurity Coordinator, Janet Napolitano, Secretary of DHS and Robert Mueller, FBI Director. She promises serious Cybersecurity sessions, plus fun events such as the Code Breakers Bash at City Hall and the Pecha Kucha Happy Hour.

ActivIdentity RSA 2010 Conference

Torsten George, Worldwide VP Marketing, explains how ActivIdentity’s 2009 acquisition of Corestreet will allow the combined company to push physical and logical credential management in government to the next level.

Hirsch Electronics RSA 2010 Conference

Hirsch demonstrates its PACE (Physical Access Control Events) Gateway at RSA 2010 as part of its converged solutions for information and data security. In the demo, the PACE Gateway enables physical security events (such as a door entry) to trigger IT network responses.


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