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GSN 2009 Homeland Security Awards, New York, NY, October, 2009

Cisco Systems Winner - Best All-Digital Technology Stephen Squeglia, Cisco Systems Consulting Engineer

Stephen Squeglia, Systems Consulting Engineer, discusses how Cisco Systems worked with multiple agencies to integrate multiple disparate surveillance systems during the Inauguration of President Obama. Deployment of the scalable “Video Surveillance Manager” provided real-time surveillance to authorities using each of the multiple systems.

Alicia Schroder-Weitzel, Regional Law Enforcement CBRNE Planner, Seattle Police Department [Finalist, Most Effective Municipal/County Security Program, Project or Agency]

Alicia Schroder-Weitzel, Regional Law Enforcement CBRNE Planner, describes a successful project of the Seattle Police Department, using a Homeland Security grant, to provide 4500 officers and responders in King County, Washington, with personal protection equipment and basic training to handle CBRNE incidents.

Greg Allen, Program Director of Security Management Program at Bellevue University [Winner, Best Higher Education/Training]

Greg Allen, Program Director of the Security Management Program at Bellevue University, explains how the university’s predominantly online programs bring the homeland security, counter-terrorism and emergency-preparedness tracks together with a series of projects, concluding with the student’s own vulnerability assessment of a real-world company or agency.

Codebench Winner – Best Integrated System for HSPD-12/ FIPS 201 Compliance Geri Castaldo, CEO

 Geri Castaldo, CEO, describes Codebench, Inc, as a software development company that focuses exclusively on physical security applications. Codebench’s PIVCheck software can read, validate and authenticate any FIPS 201-compliant card. Then it copies the contents, so that once a PIV, TWIC or CAC card is produced, all the information is on the card and can be entered into any access control system. Geri Castaldo, CEO

ArcSight: Winner – Best Security Incident/Event Management (SIEM)

Tom Reilly, President and CEO of ArcSight, Inc, describes how the company helps corporations and government to protect their vital information from cyber fraud, cyber theft, cyber espionage and cyber warfare by providing real-time tools for enterprise risk monitoring, including collecting log files to identify and quarantine cyber threats.

Tom Reilly, President and CEO

Starcom Task Force: Winner – Most Effective Municipal/County Security Program, Project or Agency

Denis Monette, Assistant Commissioner of the Nassau County, L.I. Police Department, describes how the Starcom Task Force is a collaborative effort among Nassau and Suffolk County Police, U.S. Coast Guard, FBI, Secret Service, Customs, Bay Constables and private security firms to strengthen Homeland Security, Joint Law Enforcement, Search and Rescue, and Information and Intelligence Sharing.

Denis Monette, Chairperson

Telos Corporation: Winner – Best IT Security Compliance, Auditing, Vulnerability Management Solution

David Wilson is VP of Product Management in the Information Assurance Unit of Telos Corporation, a federal government IT systems integrator whose solutions are deployed by the DOD, intelligence community and civilian agencies. He describes how the company’s Xacta IA Manager offers agencies an innovative security compliance, auditing and vulnerability management solution.

David Wilson, VP of Product Management

Fidelis: Winner – Best Network Security/Enterprise Firewall Solution

Peter George, President and CEO of Fidelis Security Systems, discusses the company’s Fidelis XPS solution, which he describes as the "next generation data leakage program" and the only DLP in the world that can actually prevent data from leaving the boundaries of the system . The company’s technology is used by the DOD, the Army, State/Municipal governments and businesses.

Peter George, President and CEO

Anakam: Finalist – Best Physical Security Authentication/Identification Product

Allan Camaisa, Founder and CEO of Anakam, describes his company’s scalable software-based authentication system as “Progressive Authentication”, in which the client can grow into more sophisticated technology over time. Government clients, which account for 50% of Anakam’s business, include the Dept of Homeland Security, Medicare and the States of New York and Tennessee.

Allan Camaisa, Founder and CEO

Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Department (SEPTA): Winner – Most Effective Municipal/County Security Program, Project or Agency

Captain John Wenke, Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Administration, describes how SEPTA worked with scientists from Clear Path Technologies to develop an advanced explosive detection system for the transit system that can examine packages for the presence of explosives without having to touch or move the packages, protecting the safety both of passengers and employees.



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