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Video Surveillance | CCTV

Hitachi unveils new video analytics software designed for smart cities


SANTA CLARA, CA Feb. 8, 2017 Hitachi Insight Group, which is responsible for driving the global unified internet of things (IoT) business and go-to-market (GTM) strategy for Hitachi, Ltd. (TSE:6501), today unveiled new video analytics software to enhance and extend its Smart City and Public Safety solutions portfolio. Hitachi Video Analytics (HVA) combines computer vision and advanced analytics to extract rich insights and generate real-time alerts that can provide cities, airports, campuses, transportation agencies, and businesses with:

• Operational and business intelligence: People counting, queue detection, activity analysis, directional counting, and image enhancement deliver insights that help cities, businesses and other organizations improve operations and customer experiences. It also helps to protect individual privacy, which can help to reduce their risk and liability.

• Smarter transportation, traffic and parking management: Vehicle counting, traffic analysis, parking space detection and license plate recognition help cities and businesses to improve traffic and parking for residents, commuters and customers.

• More effective public safety and security: Intrusion detection, left-behind object detection, facial recognition and camera tampering alerts provide a force multiplier for public safety departments to help keep people and property safe.

“Cities and enterprises looking to fully benefit from digital transformation need visibility into a variety of data insights. And as attacks and natural disasters in public and private areas continue to increase, safety has become a top priority. Although video is a significant opportunity to increase operational efficiencies, ensure safety and serve as a force multiplier for municipalities, law enforcement and security teams, the proliferating use of video technologies continues to raise privacy concerns,” said Ruthbea Yesner Clarke, global director, smart cities strategies at IDC. “With its end-to-end video stack, Hitachi is helping public and private sector organizations to better utilize the full potential of their video assets.”

Hitachi has created an infographic showing how cities can benefit from the technology. It is available at: https://hcpanywhere.hds.com/u/tX_fAyj_3UOnf98W/Hitachi%20Video%20Analytics%20Infographic%20FINAL.pdf?l

HVA unleashes the potential of video analytics by offering a privacy protection feature that can be used in conjunction with all of its robust insights and alerts. With this concern alleviated, HVA can help customers make better use of their video data by providing critical intelligence that can help to improve operations and better protect people and assets. Cities, airports, transportation systems, campuses, manufacturers and retail environments are all examples of the types of organizations that may benefit from Hitachi’s powerful video analytics solution.

For example, airports can use HVA to help enhance safety for travelers and also to detect long queues and optimize staffing at security checkpoints or enhance passport control processes in customs. As a result, passengers can get through more efficiently and spend time shopping, dining or enjoying attractions in their terminals. Retailers can also take advantage of HVA to gain the same level of actionable insight from their brick and mortar properties as they do from their websites. Insight that can help them understand where visitors are coming from, how they spend their time in their stores and what promotions or product placement help to increase sales. And cities can use HVA to improve safety, operational efficiencies and transparency, while providing better public services through metrics—such as foot traffic combined with traffic analysis in downtown areas—that can help local businesses make smarter decisions about how they position their shops and do business.

HVA brings advanced analytic methodologies and unique features to Hitachi’s comprehensive video security and monitoring stack, which improve user experience, deliver a higher quality video data for analysis and help to protect privacy. These include:

• Object Detector: Most video analytics solutions available today only analyze video pixels or provide a simple trip-wire methodology that can lead to high rates of false-positives. In contrast, HVA’s Object Detector technology provides 4-D reconstruction of two-dimensional video images by using particles, perspective, velocity, path deviation and travel distance to improve accuracy and dramatically reduce the number of false-positive incidents—even in the case of poor visibility due to inclement weather.

• Scenario-Based Analytics: Ensures that each analytic module uses a custom algorithm for the analytical engine to improve performance and accuracy to further reduce the risk of false-positive incidents.

• Privacy Protector: Cities, government agencies and private enterprises all share a common concern for the privacy of their constituents and customers when using video security and monitoring technologies. To address this, HVA offers automated and enhanced identity protection. Many technologies today only offer the ability to pixelate faces, which can still reveal personally identifiable information (PII) like clothing or body areas. HVA’s Privacy Protector feature automatically detects and protects entire human figures. In addition, it tracks and records all access to video data to help support transparency and help combat misuse. This feature can also be crucial for organizations like hospitals and schools, where the privacy of patients and minors is vital and protecting PII in video data can help to reduce risk and liability.

• Video Enhancer: Filters out interference like rain and snow, which could negatively impact video resolution, to provide clearer views and support high quality video monitoring and more accurate analysis.

• Camera Health Monitor: Provides automated detection of camera-tampering or damage. HVA’s Camera Health Monitor will send an alert if issues arise to ensure valuable video data can be maintained as continuously as possible.

HVA is the latest addition to Hitachi’s Smart City and Public Safety solution portfolio and builds on the company’s expansive expertise in IoT and video technologies. HVA integrates with and extends Hitachi Video Management Platform (VMP): a powerful virtualized storage, networking and compute appliance that offers high availability, fault tolerance and simple, cost-effective scalability. It can also be used with Hitachi

Visualization Suite, which integrates internet of things (IoT) data from video cameras and other disparate systems and sensors to provide a map-based unified view for enhanced situation awareness. Together, these solutions form a comprehensive video stack designed to help Hitachi’s government and private enterprise customers unlock greater value and insight from video data to improve operational efficiency, enhance customer experiences and increase security.

“Video is an effective tool for keeping people and property safe, but still remains a significantly underutilized source for operational, business, and public safety data today. In a world where security cameras are mission critical and deployments are growing exponentially, our customers want to get greater value and insight from their video environments,” said Mark Jules, vice president, public safety and smart city solutions at Hitachi Insight Group. “Hitachi Video Analytics is an intelligent solution for public and private sector organizations to extract rich operational and security insights from video data, while helping to safeguard the privacy of their customers, employees and the citizens they protect. With this advancement to our Smart City and Public Safety portfolio, Hitachi is setting a high bar for innovation that challenges the industry to evolve and provide better value to its customers.”


HVA is generally available now from Hitachi and select partners in North and South America, the United Kingdom and all APAC countries, excluding Japan. Hitachi will expand availability to additional EMEA markets later this year.

For more information about Hitachi Video Analytics and Hitachi Video Management Platform, visit https://www.hitachiinsightgroup.com/en-us/smart-cities.html#videosecurity-and-analytics.

About Hitachi Insight Group

Hitachi Insight Group is dedicated to driving business and societal transformation through digitalization. Its digital solutions deliver connected intelligence from the internet of things and actionable insights that support better decision-making, exceptional outcomes and smarter, safer, healthier, more efficient societies. Leveraging Hitachi's rich industrial heritage and extensive expertise in both operational and information technologies (OT and IT), Hitachi Insight Group accelerates solution creation with the Lumada IoT platform, serving public and private sector customers across three market categories: Smart City, Digital Energy and Industrial IoT. The group is based in Santa Clara, CA, USA, with offices and operations worldwide. For more information, visit www.hitachiinsightgroup.com.

Perch Innovations unveils iPhone app with automated license plate reader technology

OAKLAND Feb. 15, 2017 Perch Innovations, Inc. today unveiled EasyALPR a free app that scans and saves vehicle license plate data.

EasyALPR (Easy Automated License Plate Reader) can send text message or email alerts when a suspect vehicle enters a property. Improve security and situational awareness by capturing photos of all vehicles without the cost of expensive security cameras and complicated software.

Position an iPhone or iPad to face where cars enter or scan plates during patrol to collect license plate data. The app captures and uploads high resolution images over Wi-Fi or cellular data without the need for an additional camera, computer or software installation.

The EasyALPR website (https://EasyALPR.com) shows an entire history of scans and displays the license plate numbers collected with the app. Users can create alerts for specific suspect vehicle license plates or search their history for a particular plate.

Facility managers, parking lot managers, security guards and homeowners associations are often faced with investing thousands in expensive license plate reader and security camera technology. EasyALPR helps them get to value immediately, with minimal upfront cost.

Perch Innovations Founder, Rob Banagale, built the EasyALPR app after realizing ALPR was out of reach for most people. “Automated License Plate Reader technology has been around for some time but the costs are high and the software is difficult to install,” said Banagale. “EasyALPR allows anyone with an iPhone to gain capabilities previously only available to law enforcement and high-end facilities.”

EasyALPR’s Basic plan is no-cost and demonstrates the high-speed and quality of capturing license plate data. Subscription-based Standard and Premium plans offer Alerts and offer Plate Grouping functionality which helps manage duplicate plate data. Standard subscriptions are available with a 30-day free trial.

About EasyALPR

EasyALPR is a license plate data collection app and website for facility managers and security professionals. EasyALPR allows old smartphones to quickly and discretely collect license plate information. The EasyALPR app for capturing license plate data is available for free in the App Store (https://easyalpr.com/download/); see results and set up SMS text and email alerts from the mobile or desktop computers using the EasyALPR web application (https://easyalpr.com).

VIEVU files suit against TASER International for interference in Phoenix solicitation

ONTARIO, CA Feb. 16, 2017 The Safariland Group, the parent company of VIEVU®, a leader in body-worn video and digital evidence management, today announced that VIEVU has filed a complaint against TASER International, Inc. (NASDAQ: TASR) in the Superior Court of Arizona in Maricopa County. The complaint, which alleges that TASER maliciously interfered with VIEVU's contract award for body-worn cameras by the City of Phoenix (the "City"), illustrates how TASER persistently violated the City's procurement and ethical rules through illegal communications, leading the City to disqualify TASER from consideration of the award.

In March 2016, VIEVU, along with eight other bidders including TASER, submitted proposals in response to the City's 2016 request-for-proposal ("2016 RFP") for a body-worn camera contract. The proposals were evaluated by a committee that included members of the Phoenix Police Department, which reviewed and scored the bidders on four criteria: Method of Approach (350 points); Testing (250 points); Experience and Qualifications (200 points); and Cost (200 points). After nearly six months of assessment, the City publicly announced in September 2016 that VIEVU was the "highest scored" bidder and recommended recipient of the City's body-worn camera contract. VIEVU scored 88 points higher than TASER, its nearest competitor, with a price that was more than $2.3 million lower than TASER's. As part of the process, a losing bidder had seven days to file a protest to the contract recommendation; no bidders, including TASER, filed a protest. The City and VIEVU then fully negotiated the terms of the contract, which was subject to final approval by the City Council in October 2016.

In its complaint, which seeks compensatory, punitive and/or exemplary damages, pre- and post-judgment interest and fees and costs, VIEVU alleges:

  • TASER's illegal scheme to interfere with VIEVU's contract violates the Transparency Policy and City Code:
    • Knowing there was no legitimate basis to protest VIEVU's award, TASER mounted an improper and illegal campaign to influence the City to cancel VIEVU's award;
    • TASER subsequently escalated its lobbying efforts to ensure the City would not award VIEVU its contract;
    • As part of this lobbying effort, TASER engaged in improper communications with the Phoenix Police Chief and Assistant Police Chief;
    • The City shortly thereafter disqualified TASER from further consideration of the award of the body-worn camera contract for violating the City's Solicitation Transparency Policy;
    • The City emphasized that TASER was well aware of the City's procurement rules, yet ignored them nonetheless; and
    • The City admonished TASER that any and all future contact regarding the 2016 RFP must go through the City's Procurement Officer.
  • TASER has ignored the City's direction to stop violating the Transparency Policy and instead launched a persistent and illegal attack against VIEVU:
    • TASER and its CEO subsequently "doubled-down" on TASER's strategy to unlawfully influence the City;
    • TASER engaged Williams & Associates and Mike Williams as lobbyists with the City;
    • As part of these lobbying efforts, TASER offered free cameras, supporting software, storage and training for one year;
    • The City promptly rejected the offer, stating that it was "intended to improperly influence the City to choose TASER's equipment" after TASER had been disqualified;
    • Undeterred by the disqualification, TASER actively and improperly influenced the City Council to reject the results of the 2016 RFP; and
    • TASER's illegal and unethical conduct eventually succeeded and the City cancelled the 2016 RFP without offering any reason for its decision.

VIEVU issued the following statement regarding its lawsuit:

"VIEVU is committed to providing best-in-class body-worn cameras and video technologies for law enforcement agencies across the country. We are proud to have been selected, through a competitive and public process, as the recommended recipient of the body-worn camera contract for the City of Phoenix. TASER has a well-documented history of unlawful and unethical public procurement practices, and the steps we are taking today are necessary to not only protect our leading franchise but also the integrity of these vital procurement processes relating to a matter of significant public importance. TASER's conduct in this matter demonstrated a blatant and willful disregard for the rules and makes a mockery of spirit and letter of every regulation Phoenix put in place to ensure fairness. Moreover, once caught and called out by the press, TASER resorts to retroactive statements about a questionable policy of offering cameras free to major market agencies, despite there being no evidence they have done so in any case other than New York City, where it is illegal to offer free gifts to agencies from whom one is seeking business, and in Phoenix, where the City noted that if Phoenix tried this stunt again would be disbarred from doing business with the City. We value our relationship with Phoenix and its Police Department, with whom we have worked with since 2012, and look forward to a swift and just resolution of this matter."


VIEVU® is a leading provider of body-worn camera and video technologies, providing secure, high-quality video cameras for law enforcement, security, emergency medical services, first responders and retailers. The VIEVU Solution, the company's next generation fully-hosted cloud evidence management system, is built on Microsoft® Azure Government Cloud, the first enterprise cloud to directly support the FBI's Criminal Justice Information Services Division. VIEVU was the first provider of body-worn cameras with Automated Video Redaction technology, a highly advanced redaction tool built to automatically blur faces and objects recorded on body-worn cameras, without user involvement, in order to protect the privacy and identity of victims, innocent bystanders, minors and undercover police officers. Built on police experience, VIEVU technology is used by thousands of law enforcement agencies in 17 countries. VIEVU received the highest score in an evaluation of body-worn video by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. For information please visit www.vievu.com.

About The Safariland Group

The Safariland Group is a leading global provider of a broad range of safety and survivability products designed for the public safety, military, professional and outdoor markets. The Safariland Group offers a number of recognized brand names in these markets including Safariland®, Med-Eng®, ABA®, Second Chance®, VIEVU®, Mustang Survival®, Bianchi®, Break Free®, Protech® Tactical, Defense Technology®, Hatch®, Monadnock®, Identicator® and NIK®. The Safariland Group's mission, "Together, We Save Lives", is inherent in the lifesaving and protective products it delivers. The Safariland Group is headquartered in Jacksonville, Florida. The Safariland Group is a trade name of Safariland, LLC.

Hikvision creates research centers in Montreal and Silicon Valley


CITY OF INDUSTRY, CA Feb. 15, 2017 Hikvision USA Inc., and Hikvision Canada Inc., the North American leaders in innovative, award-winning video surveillance products and solutions, today announced that Hikvision plans to establish an R&D Centre in Montreal and a Research Institute in California’s Silicon Valley.

“These two major investments underscore Hikvision’s R&D ‘glocalization’ (being global thinking local) strategy and the commitment to providing innovative, cutting-edge technology products tailored to the needs of our worldwide partners and customers,” Yangzhong Hu, CEO of Hikvision said.

Expected to open in 2017, the Montreal Hikvision R&D Centre and will focus on engineering development. The Silicon Valley Hikvision Research Institute will focus on broad technology research.

Jeffrey He, president of Hikvision USA Inc., and Hikvision Canada Inc., called Montreal the “ideal location for the new R&D Centre,” lauding the city’s “excellent talent pool and business-friendly environment.” The headquarters for Hikvision Canada is also located in Montreal. Likewise, He said, the high tech hub of Silicon Valley is the logical location for the Hikvision Research Institute.

Hikvision is well established in the SMB market in North America. In the past couple of years, the company has focused on expanding into the enterprise market, putting in place a national enterprise solutions team with knowledgeable engineering, technical, and sales support in regions across the US and Canada.

“The new R&D team will augment the services provided by the national enterprise solutions team,” Eagle Ying, director of technology for Hikvision USA Inc., said. “Hikvision appreciates that solution requirements are different from region to region. The new Hikvision R&D team will be dedicated to furthering Hikvision innovation on the global scale.”

Based in Hangzhou, China, Hikvision has more than 8,000 R&D engineers, one of the largest in the video surveillance industry, and it dedicates about 7 to 8 percent of its revenues to R&D. The North American R&D Centre and Research Institute will be the first established outside of China.

Hikvision will exhibit its enterprise-level security solutions at ISC West, Booth 18037, in Las Vegas, April 5-7, 2017.

About Hikvision

Hikvision is the world’s leading supplier of video surveillance solutions. Featuring the industry’s strongest R&D workforce, Hikvision designs, develops, and manufactures standard- and high-definition cameras, including a variety of IP cameras, analog cameras, and cameras featuring the latest in high-definition analog technology. Hikvision’s product suite also includes digital video servers, hybrid and standalone DVRs, NVRs, and other elements of sophisticated security systems for both indoor and outdoor use.

Hiperwall unveils fault-tolerant video wall control software


IRVINE, CA Feb. 14, 2017 Hiperwall, Inc., an industry leader in commercialized video wall technology, today is unveiling the next generation Hiperwall Premium Suite video wall management software designed with fault tolerance, future-proof expansion, limitless resolution, overlapping display boundaries.  Because Hiperwall Premium Suite does not require expensive proprietary hardware, it is cost-effective and budget friendly.  The Suite contains the software components considered necessary to set up a video wall or a distributed dynamic visualization system.

The Hiperwall solution features software with a simple user interface designed for non-technical users which does not require specialized servers or switches.  This helps the customer to reduce costs, complexity and power usage while providing the greatest configuration flexibility.  The software features an ultra-high resolution display capability with scalable size that can support a combination of objects including still images up to 1GB resolution, HD and UHD videos, and streaming content and PC applications.  

The Hiperwall Premium Suite software is highly cost-effective because:

  • Fail Safe: Hiperwall is now fault tolerant delivering full active-active fault tolerance capability at a price that was until now out of range except for the most mission critical video wall operations.
  • Future Proof: Hiperwall Premium Suite's software-only platform will work with future technology and hardware advancements.  A customer can update or enlarge their existing video wall with Hiperwall's software upgrades and off-the-shelf hardware.
  • Limitless Resolution: There is no limit to the source resolution customers can display or the number of screens they can use for high resolution output.  Hiperwall Premium Suite is the only software product that can display high-resolution content, even gigapixel content, at an industry-leading resolution of more than one billion pixels.
  • Budget-friendly: Hiperwall is a powerful, flexible, cost-efficient and convenient solution enabling the connection of virtually unlimited number of sources via an Ethernet network to a virtually unlimited number of displays in a video wall.  You can start small and expand with any of today's standard displays and PC systems.
  • A Digital Canvas with no Boundaries: The user can place content anywhere on local or remote video walls.  Sizing the content within the video wall via drag-and-drop, and adding transparency, rotation or shading is simple and intuitive.  As you make changes on the user interface, the same thing happens on the video wall with no lag.  

The ability for Hiperwall technology to enable individuals or groups to view large amounts of information at a single glance makes Hiperwall uniquely suited to meet the visual communication requirements of multiple classes of applications.  It is particularly well adapted for command and control room environments, digital signage, trading floors, education and the presentation of high-resolution images in science, medicine or for urban and rural planning.  The system's easy installation, usability and low cost make video wall technology more available than ever for companies of all sizes.

Hiperwall Core Suite

Hiperwall Core Suite, also released today, is an entry-level system that provides the core Hiperwall capabilities.  Hiperwall Core Suite provides users with the ability to control what, where, how and when content is displayed.  The content manipulator works in real-time showing finished content as it appears on the wall without display boundaries.  

"Hiperwall is helping video wall designers of all kinds – from control rooms to digital signage and from education to entertainment – create a cost-efficient solution with virtually no boundaries," said Tom Scott, CEO of Hiperwall, Inc.  "The new Hiperwall Premium Suite changes the video wall paradigm by offering higher performance, higher standards at a lower price point that makes video walls affordable for SMBs, city and county agencies, fusion centers, and educational institutions." 

Currently, the Hiperwall system is available through Network Integrators, System Integrators, IT Consultants, AV Integrators, A/V Rental, and VARs (Value Added Resellers).

About Hiperwall, Inc.

Hiperwall develops video wall software used by customers in more than 50 countries around the world in the command and control, lobby and meeting room, digital signage, education and entertainment market segments. Our software is used to save lives, improve security, enrich communication, foster branding, improve sales, enhance instruction and enliven entertainment experiences. Hiperwall provides full situational awareness for real-time decision support. Hiperwall's cutting-edge technology allows the user to look at multiple content sources on one video wall and change the views instantly as needed. Video feeds and data may be displayed on a single video wall, distributed throughout a facility, sent from a remote location to others around the world, or a combination of all three. Hiperwall is a flexible, hardware-agnostic, scalable, easy to use and affordable solution that enables organizations of any size to have access to video wall technology. For more information, visit www.hiperwall.com.

Hughes adds beyond-line-of-sight capability for helicopter video transmissions


GERMANTOWN, MD Feb. 13, 2017 Hughes Network Systems, LLC (HUGHES), the global leader in broadband satellite solutions and services, has announced that its Defense and Intelligence Systems Division (DISD) recently demonstrated a 360-degree Beyond-Line-of-Sight (BLoS) SATCOM capability transmitting HD video through rotating blades on a NorthStar Aviation 407 Multi-Role Attack Helicopter.

This new advancement in SATCOM technology integrates the Hughes HM200 airborne modem and two lightweight antennas mounted on top of the helicopter's weapons platforms via an easy Roll-on/Roll-off installation. As a new lightweight capability— 50% lighter than previous systems— it can be adapted to any helicopter platform given its low Size, Weight and Power (SWaP) properties, giving pilots more flexibility and uninterrupted transmission of full motion HD video over a full 360-degree range.

"Meeting end user requirements is what we're all about, and this flight test proves that BLoS SATCOM systems on helicopter platforms are now easier than ever to deploy," said Wayne Marhefka, Senior Director at Hughes DISD. "As a Roll-on/Roll-off system, the two antennas seamlessly hand-off the satellite signal based on aircraft position, with little to no feed interruption. Customers requiring real time SATCOM on helicopters will no longer have to worry about aircraft positioning in order to stream HD video or other data."

The two advanced airborne terminals have very low SWaP constraints, providing an industry- leading capability enabling NorthStar Aviation to quickly place the antennas at strategic low-risk locations on the helicopter without costly structural changes and re-certification. As result, users have the flexibility to integrate the 360-degree solution on an ever-growing variety of rotary wing platforms for missions that range from ISR gathering, to search and rescue, disaster relief, and other applications requiring live video feeds for situational awareness.

"The system will enhance the commander's ability to make decisions on the ground based on real-time situational awareness," said Terry Key, EVP and Chief Pilot of NorthStar Aviation. "BLoS adds another critical piece to the ever changing operational environment." 

Watch this video to see the 360-degree BLoS SATCOM capabilities in action: http://defense.hughes.com/resources/dual-terminal-360-degree-satcom-solution-for-blos-rotary-airborne-platform?locale=en 

About Hughes Network Systems

Hughes Network Systems, LLC (Hughes) is the global leader in satellite broadband for home and office, delivering innovative solutions and a comprehensive suite of HughesON™ managed services for enterprises and governments worldwide. HughesNet® is the #1 high-speed satellite Internet service in the marketplace, with offerings to suit every budget. To date, Hughes has shipped more than 5 million systems to customers in over 100 countries, representing approximately 50 percent market share. Its products employ global standards approved by the TIA, ETSI and ITU organizations, including IPoS/DVB-S2, RSM-A, and GMR-1.

Headquartered outside Washington, D.C., in Germantown, Maryland, USA, Hughes operates sales and support offices worldwide, and is a wholly owned subsidiary of EchoStar Corporation (NASDAQ: SATS), a premier global provider of satellite operations and digital TV solutions. For additional information about Hughes, please visit www.hughes.com.

About EchoStar

EchoStar Corporation (NASDAQ: SATS) is a premier global provider of satellite and video delivery solutions. Headquartered in Englewood, Colo., and conducting business around the globe, EchoStar is a pioneer in secure communications technologies through its EchoStar Satellite Services, EchoStar Technologies Corporation and Hughes Network Systems business segments.

For more information, visit echostar.com

OpenALPR, Axis team up to offer license plate recognition service plans


COMMERCE, MI Feb. 13, 2017 OpenALPR, a leading provider of automatic license plate recognition (ALPR) technology complements its Cloud Stream service by introducing the OpenALPR Camera Agent for Axis cameras which enables a first for the surveillance industry, ALPR-as-a-Service. OpenALPR teamed up with Axis Communications, the market leader in network video on this collaboration by utilizing the Axis Camera Application Platform (ACAP).

“Our mission is to make state-of-the-art ALPR technology more accessible and affordable. The combination of our Camera Agent for Axis and Cloud Stream portal make deploying ALPR extremely simple, and at $79 per month, it is the most affordable ALPR solution on the market today. There is no need for a server or video management software; all that is needed is an Axis camera and an Internet connection”, according to Matt Hill – President and Founder of OpenALPR Technology, Inc.

Along with the release of the OpenALPR Camera Agent, OpenALPR is also introducing a new Cloud Stream plan for free that features two days of plate data retention and requires local compute and storage. In contrast, the Camera Agent does all license plate recognition in the cloud (as a service) and provides 60 days of data and video retention. http://www.openalpr.com/cloud-stream.html

“We’re excited to see the growth in adoption of ACAP and also the proliferation of cloud services in the security industry,” said Alex Walthers, Business Development Manager, ADP, Axis Communications, Inc. “We look forward to future collaboration with OpenALPR to further enhance the capabilities of their ALPR as a Service offering.”

“The high cost of ALPR solutions has slowed the adoption of the technology. OpenALPR is eliminating that barrier with our Camera Agent and facilitating new use cases. Our Cloud Stream plans are advantageous for all customers small and large. Property managers and homeowner’s associations can offer their tenants better security and peace of mind knowing what vehicles are on the property at all times.” stated Hill. “Law enforcement agencies can deploy OpenALPR on an ad hoc basis to aid in investigations without a large capital expense.”

OpenALPR is offering a free 14-day trial of the Camera Agent and Cloud Stream plans. Users can register for an account and download the Agent at http://www.openalpr.com. OpenALPR also provides a Cloud API for hardware and software developers who want to enable their applications with license plate recognition and vehicle make, model and color recognition. http://www.openalpr.com/cloud-api.html

About OpenALPR Technology, Inc. OpenALPR started as an open source project in 2012 by Matt Hill and gained a large developer following and code contributions on Github. In 2015, the company made further speed and accuracy enhancements to the code base and created a commercial version which culminated with the introduction of Cloud Stream and the OpenALPR Agent. The OpenALPR Agent is available for Axis Cameras, Windows, Ubuntu Linux and Docker platforms.

3xLOGIC management software allows security professionals to monitor multiple cameras, networks

WESTMINSTER, CO Feb. 8, 2017 3xLOGIC, Inc., a leading provider of integrated intelligent security solutions today announced continued solid uptake of its VIGIL Central Management (VCM) software, amid excellent feedback on the deployment of VCM in the field.

VCM provides security professionals with the tools they need to effectively manage and monitor multiple 3xLOGIC VIGIL Servers and VISIX cameras over IP networks. With VCM, users are notified immediately if there is an issue with a server or camera connected to their network. This allows potential problems to be resolved proactively before a loss of critical video or service occurs.

Bates Security Finds RMR Success

Jeremy and Bryan Bates, owners of Bates Security (and Sonitrol of Lexington, KY and Jacksonville, FL), are among the most successful to date in implementing VCM as a managed service offering for their customers. “We don’t sell systems unless there is a full-service maintenance contract,” explained Jeremy Bates. “With 3xLOGIC’s VCM as part of that system, we offer a whole new level of service, a true managed service. Now, we know when a camera is down before the end user does. Unlike in the past, when you found out a camera was malfunctioning because you had no video of that recent incident you really needed to see.”

Bates Security has 176 3xLOGIC video surveillance systems and counting that are utilizing the VCM managed service offering. “VCM as part of our managed services significantly strengthens our value proposition,” said Bryan Bates. “Our video systems also include a monthly investment. This monthly investment provides real value to the client because of the work Bates Security does every day to deliver the best possible video solution. Clients can rest assured that their cameras and video servers are functioning and that they will deliver video when it matters most. The monthly investment also covers the equipment, should it have problems, and even replaces a camera with the latest, best model if it can’t be repaired.

VCM Facilitates Deeper Customer Relationships

VCM as part of a managed services agreement sounds great in theory, but the Bates have repeatedly seen it in action. One customer had accidently turned off a camera that provided views of a parking area. VCM sent an alert, and a Bates Security administrator contacted the end user to get the camera back online. Within a day or two, the video surveillance system caught two perpetrators throwing a brick through a car window in the parking area and making off with a purse. The video images were quite clear, and the police were able to apprehend the suspects based on the video evidence. Without this level of technology and service, it’s likely the camera would have remained down and the incident left unrecorded.

“If that end user had bought his system off the internet or from an integrator not providing full service, he’s probably got nothing,” said Jeremy Bates, “because he didn’t invest in a total solution.” Bryan Bates added, “VCM gives us many opportunities to ‘touch’ the client, to provide consistent value, to have a conversation and stay current with their needs and mindset. It’s a very valuable tool for us.”

The 3xLOGIC VIGIL Central Management software’s main end user benefits include,

  • VIGIL Server, NVRs and VISIX camera health monitoring
  • Email/text alerts of health monitoring events (number of recording cameras, hard drive storage, processor utilization)
  • User account and permissions management
  • Remotely deployable VIGIL Software Suite updates
  • Back-up and storage for Server configuration files

About 3xLOGIC

A leader in the Security industry for more than 15 years, 3xLOGIC is known for providing complete, easy-to-use surveillance solutions that seamlessly integrate audio, video, access control and disparate data such as ATM, Point-of-Sale (POS), analytics, etc. 3xLOGIC’s video surveillance solutions are engineered for scalability and are remarkably simple to install, use and service. Employing the latest advances in NVR, VMS, IP camera, analytic, cloud, and now access control technologies, 3xLOGIC delivers high-value business intelligence anywhere, anytime and from any device. For more information about 3xLOGIC, please visit our website www.3xlogic.com.


CNC Technologies to install video, data streaming suite on Florida law enforcement plane


LOS ANGELES Feb. 7, 2017 CNC Technologies, an aviation technology and wireless communications company serving the law enforcement, military and government markets, announced today its selection by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) to deploy an aerial video and data streaming video mission suite on the FDLE's King Air 350 multi-engine aircraft. The FDLE King Air 350 allows this agency to provide statewide aerial support to federal, state, and local agencies during natural disasters, counter-terrorism efforts, and criminal investigations.

"We will be equipping the FDLE's King Air 350 with everything it needs to have reliable HD video and meta-data communications while airborne," said Ron Magocsi, one of CNC Technologies' founders, a managing partner and CTO. "This will provide first responders from all levels of government with access to the unparalleled 'eyes above' situational awareness that only a camera-equipped aircraft like the King Air 350 can provide during man made and natural emergencies."

Established in 1967, the Florida Department of Law Enforcement was created by combining the resources of the Florida Sheriffs Bureau, the State Narcotics Bureau, and the law enforcement activities of the Anti-Bookie Squad of the Attorney General's Office. The FDLE's mission is "to promote public safety and strengthen domestic security by providing services in partnership with local, state, and federal criminal justice agencies to prevent, investigate, and solve crimes while protecting Florida's citizens and visitors." The agency's approximately 1,700 members achieve this goal through the FDLE's agency headquarters in Tallahassee, plus seven regional operations centers located in Pensacola, Tallahassee, Jacksonville, Orlando, Tampa Bay, Fort Myers and Miami. The FDLE's annual budget is over $300 million.

CNC Technologies is an aviation technology and wireless communications company whose advanced products are used by government, law enforcement, and military markets. Specializing in the design, manufacture, and installation/servicing of custom aerial surveillance, data transmission and counter-terrorism wireless solutions, CNC's dedicated engineers have decades of experience deploying local, national and global communications network solutions for the world's most demanding operators.

"Whether it be for the FDLE or any other client, CNC approaches each new assignment from a bespoke perspective, deploying tailored communications solutions that deliver uncompromising performance and reliability," said Alex Giuffrida, another one of CNC Technologies' founders and managing partners. "Because value is always a concern for our budget-minded clients, CNC is happy to develop individual solutions that use entirely new technology, or integrate the new with a customer's existing equipment to maximize their investments."

"We are particularly honored to provide mission-critical equipment for the FDLE," he concluded. "Their police work keeps Floridians safe and, by protecting the millions who visit this state annually, safeguards Florida's vital tourism economy as well."

About CNC Technologies

CNC Technologies is an aviation technology and wireless communications company serving the law enforcement, government and military markets. Providing custom aerial surveillance, data transmission and counterterrorism solutions, the CNC team brings decades of experience deploying local, national and global communications networks for the world's most demanding operators. CNC works with clients around the globe, delivering bespoke solutions tailored to match each organization's specific mission requirements and backed by unparalleled 24/7 service and support. The company is online at www.cnctechnologies.com

Two British police forces sign on with Axon for body cameras

LONDON Feb. 8, 2017 TASER International (NASDAQ: TASR) and its United Kingdom subsidiary, Axon Public Safety UK, today announced that it has been awarded a contract to provide Warwickshire Police and West Mercia Police forces with 2,200 Axon Body 2 cameras and 196 Axon Flex 2 cameras. The police forces secured a two-year subscription to the Axon cloud solution, Evidence.com, to help store, manage and share data from the body cameras and other digital evidence sources. This order was received in the fourth quarter of 2016 and will ship in phases throughout 2017.

"We are delighted to be providing Warwickshire Police and West Mercia Police their body-worn camera and digital evidence management solution," said Axon's UK Sales Director Jeremy Habberley. "By partnering with Axon, the two forces will have access to cutting-edge technology that will allow them to take on the challenges of modern day policing."

About Axon & Evidence.com Platform:

Thousands of law enforcement agencies are now on the Axon network of devices, apps and people that includes body cameras, smart weapons and digital evidence management. The Axon network helps protect our police officers and the communities they serve:


  • Smart Devices – Body cameras and in-car video that leverage technology such as Bluetooth® wireless technology and Wi-Fi to better track and manage data
  • Unified and Integrated Digital Evidence Management System (DEMS) – One platform that removes siloed DEMS through cloud computing, integrations across media points, and open file standards that do not require proprietary file formats or media players
  • Connected Ecosystem – From capture to courtroom, securely share and track digital evidence across public safety stakeholders
  • Digital Verification and Audit Logs – Record every interaction with any piece of digital evidence including capture, ingest, retrieve, manage, and share
  • Advanced Security – Industry–leading people, practices, and products that comply with CJIS at both the infrastructure and application layers and ISO/IEC 27001


Follow the TASER and Axon brand here:

Axon on Twitter: https://twitter.com/TASER_UK

Axon on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Axon/117780381886687

TASER on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TASER.International

About TASER International, Inc.

TASER International makes communities safer with innovative public safety technologies. Founded in 1993, TASER first transformed law enforcement with its electrical weapons. TASER continues to define smarter policing with its Axon brand which includes a growing suite of connected products and services from body cameras and digital evidence management tools to mobile apps. More than 177,000 lives have been saved from death or serious injury with TASER's products and services. Learn more at uk.taser.com and uk.axon.io or by calling (800) 978-2737.

TASER, Axon, and Evidence.com are trademarks of TASER International, Inc., some of which are registered in the US and in other countries. Bluetooth is a registered trademark of Bluetooth SIG, Inc.



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