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ElcomSoft updates Phone Breaker, provides faster ability to unlock iOS 10 devices

MOSCOW Sept. 23, 2016 ElcomSoft Co. Ltd. updates Elcomsoft Phone Breaker 6.10, the company's mobile acquisition tool, providing forensic specialists the ability to unlock iOS 10 backups significantly faster compared to iOS 9. The new discovery in iOS 10 backups potentially allows recovery speeds thousands of times faster compared to password-protected iOS 9 backups.

"All versions of iOS prior to iOS 10 used to use extremely robust protection," says Vladimir Katalov, ElcomSoft CEO. "Chances of recovering a long, complex password were slim, and even then a high-end GPU would be needed to accelerate the recovery. As a result of our discovery, we can now break iOS 10 backup passwords much faster even without GPU acceleration. This is no doubt great news for law enforcement and digital forensic specialists around the globe."

iOS 10 Backups: Significantly Weaker Protection

Changes in iOS 10 allow for much faster enumeration of backup passwords. iOS 9 backups were slightly more than 150,000 passwords per second using a powerful NVIDIA GTX 1080 accelerator. For iOS 10, Elcomsoft Phone Breaker peaks at 6 million passwords per second using a CPU alone without the help of a GPU.

This means that a truly random, 6-character alphanumerical password (single-case letters) protecting iOS 10 backup will only take a few minutes to break. Add an extra character, and it still takes several hours to brute-force, which is also very reasonable. For reference, the same 7-character password protecting an iOS 9 backup would take almost a week to break.


The following benchmarks were obtained for iOS 9 and iOS 10 backups using the same hardware.

  • iOS 9 (CPU): 2,400 passwords per second (Intel i5)
  • iOS 9 (GPU): 150,000 passwords per second (NVIDIA GTX 1080)
  • iOS 10 (CPU): 6,000,000 passwords per second (Intel i5)

About Elcomsoft Phone Breaker

Elcomsoft Phone Breaker is a mobile forensic tool helping law enforcement specialists to extract information from offline and cloud backups created by Apple, BlackBerry and Windows devices.

About ElcomSoft Co. Ltd.

Founded in 1990, ElcomSoft Co.Ltd. develops state-of-the-art computer forensics tools, provides computer forensics training and computer evidence consulting services. Since 1997, ElcomSoft has been providing support to businesses, law enforcement, military, and intelligence agencies. ElcomSoft tools are used by most of the Fortune 500 corporations, multiple branches of the military all over the world, foreign governments, and all major accounting firms.

OSIsoft operational intelligence solutions now available to government agencies through Carahsoft contract vehicles

WASHINGTON Sept. 14, 2016 OSIsoft, LLC, a global leader in operational intelligence, and Carahsoft Technology Corp., a trusted government IT solutions provider, today announced that OSIsoft’s PI System is now available under Carahsoft’s GSA Schedule 70 and SEWP V contracts. The companies have joined forces to identify ways OSIsoft’s PI System, one of the world's most widely used software technologies for capturing and integrating sensor-based operational data, can support government agencies in meeting their missions.

“We’ve entered into an information age where organizations are turning to data to solve everyday problems,” said vice president for U.S. federal and public sector at OSIsoft, Steven J. Sarnecki. “In many cases, the best insights are found when combining data from multiple disparate systems. Unfortunately, too often agencies aren’t fully leveraging their data’s potential because the tools are not in place to integrate and analyze data from those disparate systems. The PI System helps government agencies connect those systems to create a full, cohesive picture of their operations.”

The PI System is currently deployed at over 19,000 sites worldwide. Many government organizations already rely on the PI System for supporting cybersecurity operations, monitoring asset health, situational awareness, security, energy efficiency and more. Today, the PI System can be found in some of the federal government’s most visible and advanced assets, programs and facilities such as the Littoral Combat Ship, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL) and in the National Institute of Standards and Technology’s National Cyber Center of Excellence.

“Our new partnership with Carahsoft and their reseller partners will make it even easier for federal, state and local agencies to leverage the power of data and improve government operations at a scalable and cost-effective level,” Sarnecki said. “Together we are confident we can provide the public sector with the cost savings, efficiency gains and mission success for which OSIsoft is already known for in the private sector.”

"Carahsoft and our reseller partners are committed to expanding OSIsoft’s reach within the public sector through proactive sales and marketing,” said Michael Shrader, Vice President of Emerging Solutions at Carahsoft. “Our team understands the value of OSIsoft’s operational intelligence technology on agencies’ data centers, allowing them to lower energy usage and costs, increase the resiliency and lifecycle of critical assets, and improve operational performance.”

OSIsoft’s solutions are available immediately through Carahsoft GSA Schedule No. GS-35F-0119Y and SEWP Contracts NNG15SC03B and NNG15SC27B. For more information on OSIsoft’s partnership with Carahsoft, please visit http://www.carahsoft.com/vendors/osisoft or view an on-demand webcast on how the PI System can help agencies meet their federal mandates here.


About OSIsoft, LLC Federal

OSIsoft is a global leader enabling operational intelligence. As the maker of the PI System, OSIsoft has delivered the premiere open enterprise infrastructure connecting sensor-based data, operations and stakeholders, and enabling real-time, actionable and predictive operational intelligence for over 35 years in over 110 countries. OSIsoft’s government clients have long embraced the PI System to deliver real-time asset health, holistic cybersecurity, regulatory compliance and enterprise energy management.

Today various civilian agencies including the Department of Energy, the Department of Interior, the National Institutes of Health, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, as well as a broad number of installations in the Department of Defense use the PI System. As a result of the PI System’s unrivaled speed, reliability and scalability, 100 percent of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission’s Independent System Operators and Regional Transmission Organizations are able to ensure the security and stability of our nation’s power grid.

Founded in 1980, OSIsoft, LLC is privately held and headquartered in San Leandro, Calif., with regional offices located worldwide, including the Washington, D.C. metro area. Learn more at http://www.osisoft.com/federal.

Carahsoft Technology Corp. is the trusted Government IT solutions provider. As a top-performing GSA Schedule and SEWP contract holder, Carahsoft serves as the master government aggregator for many of its best-of-breed technology vendors, supporting an extensive ecosystem of manufacturers, value-added resellers, system integrators, and consulting partners committed to helping government agencies select and implement the best solution at the best possible value.

The company's dedicated Solutions Divisions proactively market, sell and deliver VMware, Symantec, EMC, Adobe, F5 Networks, Open Source, HPE Software, SAP, Veritas, Google, and Innovative and Intelligence products and services, among others. Carahsoft is consistently recognized by its partners as a top revenue producer, and is listed annually among the industry's fastest growing firms by CRN, Inc., Washington Technology, The Washington Post, Washington Business Journal, and SmartCEO. Visit us at http://www.carahsoft.com.

Security Mentor executive to speak at upcoming CIO conference

PACIFIC GROVE, CA Sept. 13, 2016 Security Mentor, a pioneer of innovative security awareness training that drives real behavior change, today announced that Chief Strategist and Chief Security Officer Dan Lohrmann will be presenting at the 2016 NASCIO Annual Conference in Orlando, Florida, which takes place September 18-21. Lohrmann is scheduled to participate in two presentations, set to take place on Tuesday, September 20, where he will provide perspective on hot button issues such as the mitigation of cyber risk through effective security awareness training and the various security issues surrounding the ever-expanding Internet of Things (IoT).

Reinventing Security Awareness Training to Mitigate Cyber Risk in Fun Ways

Time: 9-10:30 a.m. (ET)
Location: Palazzo Ballroom, Salons D&E (Lobby Level)

  • Richard Kliethermes, Chief Information Officer, State of Missouri
  • Dan Lohrmann, Chief Strategist and Chief Security Officer, Security Mentor

During the roundtable session Reinventing Security Awareness Training to Mitigate Cyber Risk in Fun Ways, Lohrmann and Kliethermes will highlight how Security Mentor has lowered the State of Missouri’s end user risk across the board. In 2015, the State of Missouri selected Security Mentor to provide cybersecurity training as the state realized the potential security risks are increasing and its employees can have a major impact in fighting these future cyberattacks. Following the training, State of Missouri employees have become more security savvy and the organization has strengthened its position as a national leader in cybersecurity awareness. This session will explore the real behavior change that the State of Missouri has seen, and discuss why Security Mentor’s engaging, interactive training has been so effective.

“When people think of cybersecurity training, one of the first things that come to mind from experiences with traditional security education programs is how uninteresting they can be. This discussion will help change perceptions as we provide new ways to make training fun in the workplace,” said Lohrmann. “Cybersecurity education is something that is often overlooked, or not taken seriously, so this session provides us with an opportunity to use a real case study to demonstrate how successful and creative security awareness training can be for organizations of all sizes.”

Always On, Always Connected (IoT and Emerging Technologies)

Time: 1:30-2:45 p.m. (ET)
Location: Palazzo Ballroom, Salon C (Lobby Level)

  • Eric Ellis, Chief Technology & Innovation Officer and iCenter Director, State of North Carolina
  • Dan Lohrmann, Chief Strategist and Chief Security Officer, Security Mentor

Always On, Always Connected (IoT and Emerging Technologies) is one of four “Learning Lounges” focused on shared learning and a robust exchange of ideas, solutions, best practices, challenges and viewpoints. This interactive and informal session will review the various ways that states are currently implementing security best practices as they pertain to the growing IoT. NASCIO recently published Value and Vulnerability: The Internet of Things in a Connected State Government which features insight from Security Mentor. A main concern for states in today’s connected society is the threat of hackers gathering personal information from data breaches, and within the findings, NASCIO found that 23 percent of state Chief Information Officers (CIOs) have had no discussion of an IoT roadmap. Lohrmann and Ellis will focus this roundtable discussion on the vision of states in an IoT world and how they can securely evolve the industry.

“The IoT has become increasingly more popular and consumable for the general public. As the industry grows at a rapid pace, it’s important to talk about the security awareness that states and buyers need to have when installing IoT devices to their connected homes,” said Lohrmann. “This is an exciting topic to take a deep dive into, especially when discussing the innovation of how these connected devices are impacting users within the states.”

The NASCIO Annual Conference features two and half days of topical sessions and networking events to allow state, local, academic, nonprofit and corporate members to share ideas, best practices and expertise. For more information, please visit: http://nascio.org. For more information on Security Mentor, visit the company’s website: securitymentor.com.

About Security Mentor

Security Mentor’s groundbreaking and award-winning security awareness training elevates security and compliance by transforming your workforce into security savvy employees. With only 10 minutes/month, our interactive, highly engaging lessons teach critical security skills in an easy-to-understand, fun format that drives real behavior change. The result: an engaged staff that values security. Security Mentor’s training is available as a cloud-based service from Security Mentor with username/password authentication or Federated Single Sign-on (SSO), or as SCORM 1.2 compliant modules for use on an organization’s own Learning Management System (LMS). Incorporated in 2008, Security Mentor has customers ranging from Fortune 500 enterprises to local and state governments. To learn more, view our two-minute introductory video or request a demo at http://www.securitymentor.com.

Virginia small business becomes trusted integrator for NSA on classified programs

VIRGINIA BEACH, VA Sept. 7, 2016 Global Technical Systems (GTS), headquartered in Virginia Beach, VA., has been granted status as a National Security Agency (NSA) Trusted Integrator for Commercial Solutions for Classified (CSfC) Programs.

NSA's Commercial Solutions for Classified (CSfC) Program has been established to enable commercial products to be used in layered solutions protecting classified National Security Systems (NSS) data. The criteria and processes defined by the NSA in the CSfC Program provide a common baseline for CSfC solution integrators, enabling NSA, AOs/Designated Approving Authorities (DAAs) to assess the capabilities of solution integrators and accept their results. This provides Government agencies the ability to securely communicate based on commercial standards in a solution that can be deployed to the field in the matter of months rather than years.

Using the NSA defined criteria and processes, GTS can create an architecture in a clearly defined and approved manner to support the specific Government customer's security requirements. According to GTS CEO Terry Spitzer, "This certification represents a significant achievement as we build the GTS CSfC Program practice as a natural extension of our past experiences within the defense, homeland security and intelligence communities."

About GTS

GTS is a Small Business providing innovative, cost-effective, high-tech engineering products and product-based services encompassing latest generation software and hardware solutions and engineering services for defense, homeland security and other critical government interests. Our expertise in advanced technologies generates products and services across a spectrum that includes: mission-critical combat systems processing, C4ISR, Advanced Carbon Fiber systems including Grid and weapons power systems and munitions, biometrics, cyber security, military combat systems hardware production, advanced radar and sensor systems, and depot repair and logistics. GTS has offices in: Virginia Beach, VA; and St Petersburg, FL.

For more information, please contact Jim Waldron at [email protected] 757-468-8751 ext. 5225

IQBC highlights digitizing federal records at government tradeshow


WASHINGTON Aug. 23, 2016 IQBG, a leading provider of enterprise information management solutions, today announced it will sponsor and participate in the 4th annual 930gov Conference on August 24 at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center in Washington, D.C. The conference, presented by the Digital Government Institute, will bring together experts in federal government information management, cybersecurity and more. IQBG will showcase its service offerings and case studies at Booth #206.

“We’re excited to once again connect and collaborate with enterprise information management industry experts at DGI’s 930gov conference,” said Michael Beck, president and CEO of IQBG. “This year we’ll be sharing success stories of our work digitizing records for federal agencies like the Department of Interior (DOI).”

The work IQBG provides to DOI is the largest records management program in the federal government. Using OpenText Content Server Platform, IQBG auto-classifies more than 2 million emails a day for the DOI.

“We work in a time when data is growing exponentially, and in the private sector, the transition to enterprise-wide electronic recordkeeping is a new and challenging process,” Beck says. “By sharing our best practices in digital records management, we hope to make it easier for organizations to step into the digital world.”


About IQBG Inc.

IQBG is a leading provider of Enterprise Information Management solutions for government and healthcare. IQBG navigates, organizes, and analyzes the massive amount of information and data that organizations deal with every day, saving clients time and money. Its on-premise and cloud-based solutions enable information governance across a variety of government and healthcare applications. For more information, visit http://iqbginc.com/.

Hypori wins DHS contract for mobile enterprise security


MCLEAN, VA July 20, 2016 Hypori Inc. announces the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Science and Technology Directorate (S&T) awarded a nearly $750,000 Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) Phase II contract to Hypori Federal, Inc. to further develop and license capabilities for Virtual Mobile Infrastructure (VMI) that will improve and strengthen security for government mobility enterprise systems.

This award follows a previously awarded Hypori SBIR phase I project—titled "Process Level Security for Mobile System Assurance"—which was awarded by the U.S. Air Force Research Laboratory.. Work accomplished during that project was identified by the S&T Cyber Security Division (CSD) as an innovative approach that could advance the federal government's enterprise mobile capabilities for mission use. The Phase II award call for Hypori to expand upon its technology differentiators and provide enhanced Virtual Mobile Infrastructure (VMI) capabilities and conduct a pilot.

The Hypori SBIR Phase II award is part of the S&T Cyber Security Division's (CSD) overarching Mobile Device Security Program. The MDS program works cooperatively with researchers in the academic community and private sector to develop secure solutions to the evolving security and privacy threats and challenges impacting mobile devices and application delivery. Through its work, the MDS program will ensure the department can bridge capability gaps and deploy mobility solutions that effectively, efficiently and securely enable its mission.

During this new phase of research and development (R&D), Hypori will focus on enhancing the capabilities of its VMI technology by developing new mobile access control functionality for Bluetooth, creating higher-level authentication methodology and building a mobile cloud-based solution with FedRAMP compliance in mind. The company also will conduct testing of these new capabilities and pilot deployments with participants of the federal government and Department of Defense.

David Hood, CEO of Hypori, commented, "We see three significant factors converging to create a new category and the 'perfect storm' for Hypori's VMI platform:(1) the increase of mobile device use in government, (2) the growth in the number of attacks and exploits that target the mobile device and (3) the inability of traditional methods that look to control and secure the physical device." Hood continued, "With these trends we are very excited to continue development of our VMI platform to further enable the DHS and other agencies' use of mobile devices to access sensitive and classified information and look forward to continue our deep collaboration with the DHS."

"Hypori's Virtual Mobile Infrastructure (VMI) platform has demonstrated it is delivering a significantly enhanced level of security for data stored on critical infrastructure systems that is accessed from mobile devices," said Vincent Sritapan, CSD MDS program manager, "It's additional work will further strengthen the technology's existing capabilities while also adding a series of new functions that will foster true mobility in government and secure access to critical data without any resident data on the mobile device."

About DHS Cyber Security Division

CSD's mission is to enhance the security and resilience of the nation's critical information infrastructure and the Internet by developing and delivering new technologies, tools and techniques to defend, mitigate and secure current and future systems, networks and infrastructure against cyberattacks. To this end, the division conducts and supports technology transitions and leads and coordinates R&D among department customers, government agencies, the private sector, academia and international partners. For more information about CSD, visit https://www.dhs.gov/cyber-research.

About Hypori

At Hypori, we are passionate about mobility. We believe that secure mobility does not have to come at the expense of end-user privacy or usability. Founded in 2011, we have built a usercentric solution to address mobility and compliance requirements, especially for regulated industries including healthcare, financial services, public sector and payments. Hypori's Virtual Mobile Infrastructure (VMI) platform provides the rich mobile experience users expect while keeping all enterprise data and applications completely off the user's device. Learn how you can realize your mobile initiatives without having to wrap or modify applications at: www.hypori.com.

Marine colonel new leader of DISA Pacific command

July 18, 2016 Marine Col. Joseph E. Delaney assumed command of the Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) Pacific Field Command (PAC) from Marine Col. Joseph A. Matos III during a change of command ceremony held July 14, 2016 aboard the USS Battleship Missouri, at Pearl Harbor, HI.

Delaney comes to DISA PAC from his most recent assignment as Assistant Chief of Staff G-6, 1st Marine Aircraft Wing, Okinawa, Japan.

Matos served as the DISA Pacific commander for the past three years. His next assignment is at Marine Corps Forces Pacific (MARFORPAC), serving as the senior information technology officer (G6).

DISA Director and Commander of Joint Force Headquarters – Department of Defense Information Networks (JFHQ-DODIN) Army Lt. Gen. Alan R. Lynn presided over the ceremony. Family members, friends, colleagues, and service members were in attendance to bid farewell to Matos and to welcome Delaney.

Distinguished guests included Brig. Gen. Brian W. Cavanaugh, Deputy Commander, U.S. Marine Corps Forces, Pacific; Rear Adm. Kathy M. Creighton, USN, PACOM J6; Randall C. Cieslak, PACOM CIO; Lawrence Klooster, Vice Principal Director DISA Center for Operations; and Air Force Chief Master Sgt. Andrea Gates, DISA Senior Enlisted Advisor. Mrs. Kim Matos was accompanied by her two sons Cole Matos, Trevor Matos, and daughter Tori Matos. Mrs. Larquetta Delaney and her two daughters Jala Delaney and Alyssa Delaney were also in attendance.

Fiat Chrysler unveils bounty program to squash bugs in automotive IT systems

AUBURN HILLS, MI July 13, 2016 Reflecting the rapidly increasing convergence of connectivity technology and the automotive industry, FCA US LLC today announced the launch of a public bug bounty program on the Bugcrowd platform to enhance the safety and security of its consumers, their vehicles and connected services.

"There are a lot of people that like to tinker with their vehicles or tinker with IT systems," said Titus Melnyk, senior manager - security architecture, FCA US LLC. "We want to encourage independent security researchers to reach out to us and share what they've found so that we can fix potential vulnerabilities before they're an issue for our consumers."

The FCA US bug bounty program (https://bugcrowd.com/fca) leverages Bugcrowd's crowdsourced community of cybersecurity researchers to promote a public channel for responsible disclosure of potential vulnerabilities. FCA US believes that the program is one of the best ways to address the cybersecurity challenges created by the convergence of technology and the automotive industry. The Bugcrowd program gives FCA US the ability to: identify potential product security vulnerabilities; implement fixes and/or mitigating controls after sufficient testing has occurred; improve the safety and security of FCA US vehicles and connected services; and foster a spirit of transparency and cooperation within the cybersecurity community.

"Exposing or publicizing vulnerabilities for the singular purpose of grabbing headlines or fame does little to protect the consumer," added Melnyk. "Rather, we want to reward security researchers for the time and effort, which ultimately benefits us all."

Bugcrowd manages all reward payouts, which are scaled based upon the criticality of the product security vulnerability identified, and the scope of impacted users. A reported vulnerability could earn a bug bounty of $150 to $1,500.

"Automotive cybersafety is real, critical, and here to stay. Car manufacturers have the opportunity to engage the community of hackers that is already at the table and ready to help, and FCA US is the first full-line automaker to optimize that relationship through its paid bounty program," said Casey Ellis, CEO and founder of Bugcrowd. "The consumer is starting to understand that these days the car is basically a two ton computer. FCA US customers are the real winners of this bounty program; they're receiving an even safer and more secure product both now and into the future."

FCA US may make research findings public, based upon the nature of the potential vulnerability identified and the scope of impacted users, if any. Last year, FCA US contacted customers about a potential vulnerability associated with certain radios; provided the software update and permanently closed remote access to the open port on the radio, eliminating the risk of any long-range remote hacking – all before issuing a recall.

"The safety and security of our consumers and their vehicles is our highest priority," said Sandra Hosler, cybersecurity system responsible, FCA US LLC. "Building on a culture of safety, FCA US has developed a cross-functional team comprised of engineering, safety, regulatory affairs, and connected vehicle specialists who are dedicated to collaboration and engagement with a wide range of industry professionals to build security into our vehicles and products by design."

About Bugcrowd Inc.

The pioneer and innovator in crowdsourced security testing for the enterprise, Bugcrowd harnesses the power of more than 30,000 security researchers to surface critical software vulnerabilities and level the playing field in cybersecurity. Bugcrowd also provides a range of responsible disclosure and managed service options that allow companies to commission a customized security testing program that fits their specific requirements. Bugcrowd's proprietary vulnerability disclosure platform is deployed by Tesla Motors, The Western Union Company, Pinterest, Barracuda Networks and Jet.com. Based in San Francisco, Bugcrowd is backed by Blackbird Ventures, Costanoa Venture Capital, Industry Ventures, Paladin Capital Group, Rally Ventures and Salesforce Ventures. Bugcrowd is a trademark of Bugcrowd, Inc. Learn more at www.bugcrowd.com.


FCA US LLC is a North American automaker with a new name and a long history. Headquartered in Auburn Hills, Michigan, FCA US is a member of the Fiat Chrysler Automobiles N.V. (FCA) family of companies. FCA US designs, engineers, manufactures and sells vehicles under the Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge, Ram and FIAT brands, as well as the SRT performance vehicle designation. The company also distributes the Alfa Romeo 4C model and Mopar products. FCA US is building upon the historic foundations of Chrysler, the innovative American automaker first established by Walter P. Chrysler in 1925; and Fiat, founded in Italy in 1899 by pioneering entrepreneurs, including Giovanni Agnelli.

FCA, the seventh-largest automaker in the world based on total annual vehicle sales, is an international automotive group.

Meganet announces Locator solution to identify terror suspects, networks

LAS VEGAS, June 28, 2016 #Meganet (OTC: MGNT) introduced to law enforcements worldwide the VME Locator product that scans all social media sites on the internet, including private groups and profiles and find all the information on suspects regardless of their privacy settings. Moreover, it also scans the DARK WEB and find all the secret web sites where terrorists hang out.

VME locator can identify people even if they do not have any social profile. It can find references to their names from all over the world and assemble a complete picture of their social circles and group affiliations.

Identifying a terror suspect leads to being able to map all groups and circles he is associated with and expose the whole terror network behind them.

Likewise, the system is on alert 24 hours a day for ticking bombs – terror suspects that are on their way to commit a terror attack by looking for pledges of allegiances to ISIS, Al-Qaeda etc. usually lone wolf home grown terrorists post in advance just before they go out on their suicide mission. The system can actively identify those pledges in real time and stop terror attacks.

The system is operational and working in countries around the world and has helped discover and identify terrorists, terror groups, ticking bombs and prevented terror attacks before they were carried out.

The VME Locator is part of the CHAOS GLOBAL DOMINATION collection of law enforcement and intelligence product line that includes:

Dominator 4G – a Cell Phone Interceptor that can intercept off the air cell phone conversations and text messages on GSM, CDMA, 3G, 4G & Satellite completely transparent.

CRONUS – an off the air global cell phone interceptor that can intercept cell phone communications from any phone anywhere in the world from anywhere else in the world and identify the location of the caller and his counterpart.

URANUS – off the air global cell phone dominator that inject itself into the BIOS of the phone and achieve full control over the phone allowing to intercept calls, text, pictures, video, email, encrypted chat & anything on the phone including location.

Products for sale to Law Enforcement & Government Agencies Only. Inquiries: [email protected]

Meganet Corporation is a USA DOD & Federal Government Contractor providing the USA, NATO & Allies Forces with technologies to fight the global terror organizations. Meganet Trading Symbol is MGNT.



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