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SIA starts University of Phoenix scholarship program for member employees


SILVER SPRING, MD Nov. 9, 2016 The Security Industry Association (SIA) and the University of Phoenix today announced a scholarship program for employees of SIA member companies.

SIA, the leading nonprofit association representing global security companies, and the University of Phoenix, the largest private university in North America, have established the Security Industry Association Scholarship Program, which will award 10 scholarships covering full tuition for prospective students to complete an undergraduate or graduate degree program at the University. Recipients may choose to attend a University of Phoenix campus or complete a degree online.

“The SIA Scholarship Program provides employees of SIA member companies with an unparalleled opportunity to advance their careers through achievement in higher education,” said SIA CEO Don Erickson. “This opportunity represents precisely the sort of value SIA strives to provide its members, and I am very grateful to the University of Phoenix for working with us to change the lives of 10 ambitious individuals.”

The scholarship is open to full-time employees of SIA member companies. As part of the entry process, applicants will be required to author an essay and provide a letter of recommendation. High importance will be placed on the applicant’s desire to advance in their education, with an emphasis on furthering their careers, and their impact in the community in which they reside.

Applicants must submit their materials by Jan. 10, 2017, however SIA and the University of Phoenix will stop accepting applications once 150 complete and eligible submissions have been received.

A scholarship selection committee consisting of representatives from SIA and/or the University of Phoenix will review the applicants and will determine the recipients of the scholarship by March 2, 2017. All applicants with a submitted application will be notified via email, regardless if selected as a recipient or not, by the award date regarding the status of the scholarship.

Prospective scholars are invited to complete and submit an online application at http://www.phoenix.edu/siascholar. A full list of rules and eligibility criteria are available at http://www.securityindustry.org/siascholar.

About the Security Industry Association

The Security Industry Association (SIA) (http://www.securityindustry.org) is the leading trade association for global security solution providers, with nearly 700 innovative member companies representing thousands of security leaders and experts who shape the future of the security industry. SIA protects and advances its members' interests by advocating pro-industry policies and legislation at the federal and state levels; creating open industry standards that enable integration; advancing industry professionalism through education and training; opening global market opportunities; and collaboration with other like-minded organizations. As a proud sponsor of ISC Events expos and conferences, SIA ensures its members have access to top-level buyers and influencers, as well as unparalleled learning and network opportunities. SIA also enhances the position of its members in the security marketplace through SIA Government Summit, which brings together private industry with government decision makers, and Securing New Ground®, the security industry's top executive conference for peer-to-peer networking.

Norfolk Southern safety program offers training for Tennessee, Georgia first responders

NORFOLK, VA Oct. 28, 2016 Norfolk Southern Corporation's safety train rolled into Chattanooga, Tenn., this week, hosting 195 area emergency responders who received advanced training in safely handling potential rail incidents involving hazardous materials.

"The safety train is a mobile technical training center – a vocational school – for the continuing education of first responders and representatives of government agencies who support Norfolk Southern's commitment to incident-free handling of hazardous materials," said David Schoendorfer, Norfolk Southern's system manager hazardous materials. "It's a whistle-stop train that helps keep our communities safe."

Staged this week on a track near the Chattanooga Fire Department, the safety train attracted emergency responders from 14 Chattanooga-area and nearby northwest Georgia agencies, including the Chattanooga Police Department, Walker County Emergency Services, West Polk County Fire & Rescue, Tricommunity Volunteer Fire Department, Chattanooga Public Works Department, and the fire departments of Chattanooga, Red Bank, Rhea County, Wolf Creek, Bradley County, Soddy Daisy, Hayes, Centertown, and Dayton. Also represented were railroad emergency response contractors Marion Environmental Inc., SWS Environmental Services, and Hepaco.

"This is a great training opportunity," said Capt. Chris Cordes of the Chattanooga Fire Department. "You can learn about tank cars and boxcars in the classroom, but nothing beats the hands-on training we received here. When you come to a derailment, it's obviously not sitting on the tracks nice and neat. You have to know what you're looking at, and this really helps us get a grasp of what we might be faced with."

The train is visiting 18 cities in 13 states during its inaugural tour this year. To date, 1,710 emergency responders have received professional instruction on the train. At every location, emergency responders can choose from among three days of free training that includes instructor-led and hands-on learning. The train includes two boxcars converted into classrooms, four types of railroad tank cars used in transporting all types of chemicals, and two specially equipped flat cars.

"Norfolk Southern has a great safety record, but in the unlikely event of a train derailment involving hazmat, we want to make sure the communities we serve are prepared," Schoendorfer said. "We are focusing on areas where we have significant hazmat shipments. It's a best business practice to help with preparedness."

The train's next stop will be in Slidell, La., Nov. 8-10. To register in advance for training there or at another stop scheduled this year, visit www.joinNSoar.com and click on "Training" and "Download Invitation" near the bottom of the page. The training is beneficial for all emergency responders, including representatives of fire departments, law enforcement, emergency medical services, hazmat response teams, emergency management personnel, military, homeland security personnel, rail regulators, shippers, and customers.

The dedicated safety train is part of Norfolk Southern's "Operation Awareness and Response" initiative launched in 2015 to educate the public about the safe movement of hazardous materials by rail and to connect emergency first responders in Norfolk Southern communities with information and training resources. Including instruction on the train and through other course offerings, Norfolk Southern in 2016 has trained nearly 4,000 local emergency responders throughout its operating territory.

About Norfolk Southern

Norfolk Southern Corporation (NYSE: NSC) is one of the nation's premier transportation companies. Its Norfolk Southern Railway Company subsidiary operates approximately 20,000 route miles in 22 states and the District of Columbia, serves every major container port in the eastern United States, and provides efficient connections to other rail carriers. Norfolk Southern operates the most extensive intermodal network in the East and is a major transporter of coal, automotive, and industrial products.

Through partnership, Cybrary to provide cybersecurity training to IT Disaster Resource Center staff

GREENBELT, MD Oct. 18, 2016 Cybrary, the world’s first and only no-cost cybersecurity MOOC (massive open online course) provider, today announced a partnership with the Information Technology Disaster Resource Center (ITDRC) to help train ITDRC’s IT and communication technical support staff on critical cybersecurity skills.

A non-profit organization run solely by a national network of volunteers, ITDRC provides communities with the necessary technology resources to continue operations and recover from disaster. ITDRC volunteers will use Cybrary Teams Platform which provides ITDRC with access to Cybrary’s training catalogue through a customizable dashboard. There, ITDRC can manage its members, export member training data to their learning management system, track skill development and training progression, customize training requirements for enrollees, enforce course completion, and expand access across their organization.

“Cybrary’s mission is to make cybersecurity training cost-affordable and available to anyone, anywhere, which is especially important for non-profit organizations such as ITDRC that are providing an invaluable service, but are dependent on donated or complimentary tools and the skilled volunteers to run them,” said Ryan Corey, cofounder, Cybrary. “With our Teams platform, ITDRC can ensure that the techs responding to disasters in the field are properly trained on the latest practices in cybersecurity threat mitigation.”

ITDRC is comprised of hundreds of volunteer professionals with expertise in numerous technology disciplines. They harness the collective resources of the technology community to provide no-cost Information, Communications, and Technology (ICT) resources; as well as technical recovery assistance to help communities continue operations in times of disaster.

“We’re pleased that Cybrary has partnered with ITDRC in order to arm our nationwide team of volunteers with a robust and easily manageable system for gaining or enhancing their network, systems, and cybersecurity knowledge,” said Joe Hillis, operations director at ITDRC. “Cybrary can help us ensure our teams keep cybersecurity top of mind as we provide critical services for those impacted by devastating disasters such as fires, floods, hurricanes and tornadoes.”

Since launching in 2015, Cybrary has become the largest cybersecurity community on the Internet with more than 650,000 registered users from around the globe and thousands more joining every day. To date, Cybrary has delivered more than 90 million minutes of cybersecurity training and educational content on 2,000 plus topics – all for free. Cybrary is already one of the highest trafficked websites in the cybersecurity industry and has won numerous awards in the past year including Best Cyber Security Education Provider and Best Technology Start Up.

Last month, Cybrary secured a series seed round of funding for $1.3 million. To learn more about Cybrary, visit http://www.cybrary.it.

About Cybrary

Based in Greenbelt, MD and founded in 2015, Cybrary is the largest cybersecurity community on the internet and is helping to advance the cybersecurity industry by providing anyone, anywhere with free resources to learn and grow in the field. The training from Cybrary is designed to help people build a career in their chosen field, or advance in their current cybersecurity career.


The Information Technology Disaster Resource Center, Inc is a 501(c)(3) non-profit comprised of volunteer IT professionals from across the United States who provide technology continuity and recovery assistance to communities affected by disaster. Services are provided at no cost as a public service of the technology community. Founded in 2008, ITDRC is headquartered in Dallas, Texas. To volunteer, sponsor, or learn more, visit http://www.itdrc.org.

De-escalation training offered to law enforcement by Atlanta firm

ATLANTA, Oct. 11, 2016 Police departments across the nation now have a practical and affordable solution for de-escalation training. The Diversion Center offers a 4-hour online de-escalation training that police officers can complete without taking time off or leaving their department. Budget cuts and diminished training funds will no longer be an issue because this de-escalation training is affordable. Police departments will be able conveniently and effectively provide a de-escalation training that costs $50 dollars per police officer. Compare this to the cost of paying millions dollars for excessive and deadly force settlements. With hostile and sometimes deadly interactions between citizens and officers capturing headlines, this kind of training is critically necessary. Police departments can learn more about this program – and purchase it for their officers – at http://www.thediversioncenter.com/de-escalation-training-for-police-officers.html.

"Police officers have an extraordinarily difficult job," says the Diversion Center's training facilitator Derek Collins, M.Ed., CADC-II, CAMS-III, CSTAS, "and they have to walk a tightrope between their duty to protect and serve, and their instinct for self-preservation. High-tension situations that can happen at any moment really put officers to the test."

De-Escalation Workbook for Police Officers

Collins has found himself on both sides of the criminal justice system, which gives him a unique perspective on the phenomenon of police encounters gone wrong. He has worked as a correctional officer, educator and now counselor. As a young African American man, he can broach sensitive topics that standard police training may not cover. Today, Collins teaches court-mandated shoplifting, anger management, substance abuse and domestic violence classes. He also provides an anger management certification training and a shoplifting certification training for those that want to facilitate groups to offenders. All of the curricula offered by the Diversion Center are based on solid concepts like cognitive-behavioral therapy, motivational interviewing and emotional intelligence.

"We teach police officers how to de-escalate someone who is going through a mental health or emotional crisis, and teach officers the difference between danger and fear," he adds. "Police officers cannot let fear, anger, or bias dictate their actions – that's how tragedies happen." De-escalation can be achieved with patience, empathy, and the understanding human behavior."

High-profile incidents of police misconduct, excessive force and bad judgment have been all over the news media lately. According to the Times-Picayune (New Orleans), legal fees and settlements paid by the nation's largest police departments have reached astronomical levels. Baltimore, Maryland, for example, spent $5.7 million on settlements from 2011 to 2014. More recently, the Freddie Gray case cost the city $6.4 million. Those millions of dollars could obviously have been better spent on improving city services. Moreover, small and mid-sized police departments could never absorb these losses. That's why effective training from the get-go is the better solution to improving police interactions with the public.

The Diversion Center's new de-escalation training curriculum covers the following objectives:


  • Learn to de-escalate when a subject is experiencing a mental health crisis.
  • Remove the negative thought process of Symbolic Opponent Syndrome.
  • Increase cultural sensitivity, empathy and respect.
  • Understand how excessive force can jeopardize careers and lives.
  • Learn how trauma and unresolved issues can influence judgment.
  • Develop new tools for managing one's response to anger.
  • Change perceptions, prejudices, values, thought management and social conditioning.
  • Increase self-awareness and social skills, and learn preventative strategies to avoid escalations entirely.
  • Understand the difference between fear and anger.


The Diversion Center recently launched its live and online de-escalation training program and has gained interest from numerous police departments locally and abroad. According to AJC.com, Georgia has recently committed to require four additional hours of annual training for Georgia's 57,000 sworn officers and expand a program focusing on mental health crises. Other states are also following suite to increase their crisis intervention and de-escalation training efforts. With the overhaul of new training initiatives, police officials struggle to balance training with duty. The Diversion Center offers a solution to this problem and ultimately, reduces the burden on the criminal justice system and help police officers become more effective public servants.

RedVector offers online courses addressing workplace violence, active shooter situations


TAMPA, FL Oct. 5, 2016 RedVector, the leader in eLearning and workforce training solutions for the architecture, engineering, construction, industrial and facility management industries, has launched workplace violence training and active shooter training to teach targeted violence protection.

Nearly 2 million American workers report having been victims of workplace violence each year, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. In 2014, of the 4,679 fatal workplace injuries that occurred in the United States, 403 were workplace homicides.

Workers have a right to a safe workplace. As targeted violence becomes a growing concern for employers and employees, RedVector has developed active shooter training and workplace violence training to raise awareness of actions that can be taken before, during and after an incident.

"Maintaining a situational awareness is so important, such as being aware of your exits and having a plan," said DW MacAdam, RedVector author, safety-security consultant and Advanced CPTED Specialist for residential and commercial properties. "The world’s different today, and it’s so important to have a response plan on how to handle violence. I am very proud to have collaborated with RedVector to launch this critical training.”

RedVector’s active shooter response training course, which is rooted in the Run Hide Fight protocol, identifies ways to prepare for, and react to, targeted violence situations. Beyond Run Hide Fight, this active shooter training outlines recommendations for interacting with first responders during targeted violence situations.

RedVector’s online workplace violence training course outlines factors that contribute to violence in the workplace, how to prevent violent incidents and how to respond and follow up to improve workplace safety. This workplace violence training course also teaches how to prioritize reporting and response procedures and create a workplace violence prevention policy.

About the Author

RedVector author DW MacAdam (MBA, CPD, CPTED) is a safety-security consultant and Advanced CPTED Specialist for residential and commercial properties, the owner and lead CPTED (Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design) consultant and crime prevention practitioner of MacAdam Protection Strategies in the San Francisco bay area. Additionally, Mr. MacAdam is a Board Member of Cal-DOCA (California Designing Out Crime Association) and an advanced peace officer for the State of California.

About RedVector

RedVector sets the standard for excellence in online continuing education and training for the architecture, engineering, construction (AEC), industrial and facility management industries and holds nearly 100 state and national accreditations. RedVector offers individual courses as well as large-scale corporate training solutions featuring customizable and easily accessible online universities with a full range of tracking and reporting features. With an online library exceeding 2,250 courses authored by more than 100 subject matter experts, RedVector serves professionals and organizations in all 50 states. The recipient of numerous community honors and industry awards, RedVector was founded in 1999 and is headquartered in Tampa, Florida. For more information, call 1-866-546-1212 or visit http://www.RedVector.com.

Allied Universal honored with Brandon Hall Excellence Award for training success


Sept. 27, 2016 Conshohocken, PA and Santa Ana, CA, based Allied Universal, a leading facility services company and the largest security force in North America, was awarded the prestigious Brandon Hall Gold award for the Best Launch of a Corporate Learning University.

Now entering its 22nd year, the Brandon Hall Excellence Awards includes a rigorous judging process. Entries are evaluated by a panel of independent senior industry experts, and Brandon Hall Group senior analysts and executive leadership based upon the following criteria: fit the need, program design, functionality, innovation and overall measurable benefits.

“Allied Universal is proud to be honored by Brandon Hall as this recognition highlights the significant impact of learning and development on employee success,” said Brent O’Bryan, Vice President, Corporate Training, Allied Universal. “When our employees – at all levels – are prepared, knowledgeable and engaged they are best positioned to help our clients succeed.”

The company is a long-time Brandon Hall award recipient. Past Brandon Hall honors include a 2015 Bronze award for Best Advance in Competencies and Skill Development; 2013 Bronze award for Best Custom Content; 2012 Silver award for Best in Compliance Training; and 2009 Silver award for Best Integration of Learning and Talent Management. For more info about Allied Universal’s resources, visit www.AUS.com.

About Allied Universal

Allied Universal, a leading facility services company and the largest security force in North America with over 140,000 employees, provides unparalleled security services and solutions. With headquarters in Santa Ana, Calif., and Conshohocken, Pa., Allied Universal combines people and technology to deliver evolving, tailored solutions that allow our clients to focus on their core business. For more information, please visit www.AUS.com.

Security Mentor executive to speak at upcoming CIO conference

PACIFIC GROVE, CA Sept. 13, 2016 Security Mentor, a pioneer of innovative security awareness training that drives real behavior change, today announced that Chief Strategist and Chief Security Officer Dan Lohrmann will be presenting at the 2016 NASCIO Annual Conference in Orlando, Florida, which takes place September 18-21. Lohrmann is scheduled to participate in two presentations, set to take place on Tuesday, September 20, where he will provide perspective on hot button issues such as the mitigation of cyber risk through effective security awareness training and the various security issues surrounding the ever-expanding Internet of Things (IoT).

Reinventing Security Awareness Training to Mitigate Cyber Risk in Fun Ways

Time: 9-10:30 a.m. (ET)
Location: Palazzo Ballroom, Salons D&E (Lobby Level)

  • Richard Kliethermes, Chief Information Officer, State of Missouri
  • Dan Lohrmann, Chief Strategist and Chief Security Officer, Security Mentor

During the roundtable session Reinventing Security Awareness Training to Mitigate Cyber Risk in Fun Ways, Lohrmann and Kliethermes will highlight how Security Mentor has lowered the State of Missouri’s end user risk across the board. In 2015, the State of Missouri selected Security Mentor to provide cybersecurity training as the state realized the potential security risks are increasing and its employees can have a major impact in fighting these future cyberattacks. Following the training, State of Missouri employees have become more security savvy and the organization has strengthened its position as a national leader in cybersecurity awareness. This session will explore the real behavior change that the State of Missouri has seen, and discuss why Security Mentor’s engaging, interactive training has been so effective.

“When people think of cybersecurity training, one of the first things that come to mind from experiences with traditional security education programs is how uninteresting they can be. This discussion will help change perceptions as we provide new ways to make training fun in the workplace,” said Lohrmann. “Cybersecurity education is something that is often overlooked, or not taken seriously, so this session provides us with an opportunity to use a real case study to demonstrate how successful and creative security awareness training can be for organizations of all sizes.”

Always On, Always Connected (IoT and Emerging Technologies)

Time: 1:30-2:45 p.m. (ET)
Location: Palazzo Ballroom, Salon C (Lobby Level)

  • Eric Ellis, Chief Technology & Innovation Officer and iCenter Director, State of North Carolina
  • Dan Lohrmann, Chief Strategist and Chief Security Officer, Security Mentor

Always On, Always Connected (IoT and Emerging Technologies) is one of four “Learning Lounges” focused on shared learning and a robust exchange of ideas, solutions, best practices, challenges and viewpoints. This interactive and informal session will review the various ways that states are currently implementing security best practices as they pertain to the growing IoT. NASCIO recently published Value and Vulnerability: The Internet of Things in a Connected State Government which features insight from Security Mentor. A main concern for states in today’s connected society is the threat of hackers gathering personal information from data breaches, and within the findings, NASCIO found that 23 percent of state Chief Information Officers (CIOs) have had no discussion of an IoT roadmap. Lohrmann and Ellis will focus this roundtable discussion on the vision of states in an IoT world and how they can securely evolve the industry.

“The IoT has become increasingly more popular and consumable for the general public. As the industry grows at a rapid pace, it’s important to talk about the security awareness that states and buyers need to have when installing IoT devices to their connected homes,” said Lohrmann. “This is an exciting topic to take a deep dive into, especially when discussing the innovation of how these connected devices are impacting users within the states.”

The NASCIO Annual Conference features two and half days of topical sessions and networking events to allow state, local, academic, nonprofit and corporate members to share ideas, best practices and expertise. For more information, please visit: http://nascio.org. For more information on Security Mentor, visit the company’s website: securitymentor.com.

About Security Mentor

Security Mentor’s groundbreaking and award-winning security awareness training elevates security and compliance by transforming your workforce into security savvy employees. With only 10 minutes/month, our interactive, highly engaging lessons teach critical security skills in an easy-to-understand, fun format that drives real behavior change. The result: an engaged staff that values security. Security Mentor’s training is available as a cloud-based service from Security Mentor with username/password authentication or Federated Single Sign-on (SSO), or as SCORM 1.2 compliant modules for use on an organization’s own Learning Management System (LMS). Incorporated in 2008, Security Mentor has customers ranging from Fortune 500 enterprises to local and state governments. To learn more, view our two-minute introductory video or request a demo at http://www.securitymentor.com.

LAX, union partner to provide airport workers with emergency response training


LOS ANGELES Sept. 7, 2016 In the backdrop of recent security scares at New York's JFK and Los Angeles International airports, which prompted panic and evacuations, LAX—the nation's second busiest airport—announced a groundbreaking partnership with the Service Employees International Union-United Service Workers West (SEIU-USWW) to train front-line airport service workers to respond effectively in any type of emergency situation.

"Today's announcement is a major step forward for airport preparedness," said Robin Wilson, an employee for airline services provider G2 Secure Staff, who had worked at LAX for 15 years. "Service workers at airports across the country have been calling for emergency preparedness training because we know firsthand that passengers often look to us as first responders for any airport emergency. We welcome this opportunity to be better equipped to deal with emergency situations and protect the traveling public."

In collaboration with SEIU-USWW and its award-winning training fund, the Building Skills Partnership (BSP), passenger services contractor G2 and American Airlines, Los Angeles World Airports (LAWA, which oversees LAX) will begin developing a pilot training program for passenger service workers in areas such as: observation skills and maintaining situational awareness, stakeholder communications, emergency/critical incident response and evacuation and differentiating among emergency personnel by identifying among different types of "first responders."

David Huerta, president of SEIU-USWW, said: "In times of crisis, airport workers are on the front lines, we saw that in 2013 during the TSA shooting when our members provided vital assistance to travelers. Not only was a passenger service agent the first to make a call alerting police about the shooter, many workers played a significant role guiding passengers to safe areas, helping evacuate disabled passengers and providing comfort during the wait. This program will help make our members be more effective in this critical role which is why we are pleased to be partnering with the airport authority and employers to develop this training."

The new training program is in line with an emergency response management method the Federal Emergency Management Administration (FEMA) advocates called the "Whole Community Approach." This approach recognizes that public responders such as police and emergency medical personnel are not enough and that individuals and organizations in the private sector have an important role to play in emergency response. The approach is based on three principles: understanding the needs of the community; engaging and empowering all parts of the community; and strengthening what works on a daily basis.


Since a November 2013 shooting incident in which a TSA officer was killed, LAX has made significant changes to ensure airport safety through improved response coordination, increased emergency management staff resources, equipment training and mutual aid agreements with outside organizations such as the American Red Cross. After the shooting, the Board of Airport Commissioners (BOAC) instructed LAWA to prepare an after-action report on the shooting and the corrective measures needed to make the airport safer. When the report was released in March 2014, BOAC President Sean Burton noted that implementing the recommendations will take "an entire airport community to effectively respond and to ensure that LAX continues to be one of the safest and securest airports in the country." The new partnership is in line with this vision.

The attack on Brussels' Zaventem airport and the 2013 shooting at LAX both show airport service workers—including baggage handlers, passenger service agents, wheel chair assistants, security officers and others—are the very first responders in emergencies. According to press reports, Brussels baggage handler Alphonse Lyoura pulled seven people to safety. Shortly after the LAX shooting, Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti publicly acknowledged the heroic actions of LAX service workers, including one passenger service agent who made the first call to police and stayed at the site while others were fleeing.

Equipping thousands of airport workers who are in direct contact with passengers every day to respond in cases of extreme weather, live-shooters, or terrorist attacks is smart policy. As critical stakeholders, airport workers nationwide have been calling for the following specific measures:

  • Workforce Investment: Proactive airport policies that establish minimum labor standards to promote stable operations at the airport and retention of an experienced, well-trained workforce. It is unacceptable that, for example, at Chicago O'Hare International Airport, the nation's busiest airport, turnover averaged more than 80 percent in 2014 for a subset of 17 subcontractors.
  • Training: Passenger service workers should be included as participants in airport emergency drills alongside airport personnel, police and other emergency responders. Service workers should be trained on how to respond to protect both themselves and passengers during active shooter incidents and specialized training should be provided both for workers who provide security services (guarding doors, monitoring security cameras and other security functions) as well as for wheelchair agents who are tasked with helping to evacuate elderly and disabled passengers

Around the United States, contracted airport employees are coming together in Airport Workers United, a movement of working people and their allies, raising their voices for $15 and union rights to make our airports safe and secure for passengers, employees and our communities. By sticking together, speaking out for change and going on strike, these employees have won wage increases in Los Angeles, New York City, Newark, N.J., Minneapolis, Boston, Philadelphia, and Fort Lauderdale, Fla. More than 70,000 airport workers nationwide have either received wage increases or other improvements, including healthcare, paid sick leave and worker retention policies as a result of the campaign.

Training system uses virtual reality to prepare people for mass shooting scenarios


NEW YORK Aug. 30, 2016 Peter E. Raymond, chief executive officer of Human Condition Safety, today announced the release of SurviVR, a training tool that uses virtual reality (VR) to train civilians on how to protect themselves in the event of a mass shooting or hostage situation.

SurviVR is the only product on the market that creates an immersive environment to teach survival skills in an active-shooter event, using the same technology that's in the latest video games. It delivers the closest approximation to a real-life situation, in which multiple, highly realistic VR scenarios trigger the emotions needed to create behavioral change. The human instinct to freeze or follow—exactly the wrong instinct in an active shooter situation—is replaced with a response-ready reaction.

With more than 300 active shooter incidents this year in the U.S. alone—as well as the panic-inducing false alarms recently both at LAX and JFK airports--the need for preparedness training has never been greater. And as state governments and insurance companies begin to mandate active shooter preparedness training as a part of HASP (health and safety planning) plans, demand for effective training is increasing.

"Traditional training was developed in the 1970s, for drive-by shootings," says Raymond. "Those response methods—to lock the door and hide-- simply don't work in the shooting, hostage, and terrorist situations we have today; in fact, they can get you killed. It's important to understand how to respond in a way that maximizes your chance of staying safe."

VR is the only training tool that makes that type of split-second, decisive action second nature. By creating an immersive training environment, participants' heightened emotional responses create new neural pathways in their brains, ensuring that they will revert to their training in a high-pressure situation.

"The goal of this product, simply put, is to save lives," says Brian A. Higgins, a law enforcement and security consultant to public safety agencies and international corporations, and former SWAT Commander. "It's impressive and effective."

About Human Condition Safety Human Condition Safety (HCS) is a spin-out of Human Condition Labs, a research and development lab that uses technology to create solutions with substantial, positive social impact. HCS's technology--including wearable devices, artificial intelligence, building information modeling and cloud computing--creates an ecosystem that keeps workers safer in the industries in which they face the most physical risk.

USmax lands on GSA Schedule to provide security, law enforcement training


FAIRFAX, VA Aug. 30, 2016 USmax Corporation ("USmax"), a leading provider of Cyber Security, Technical and Physical Security, Information Technology (IT) Infrastructure Management, and Enterprise Applications services, announced today that it has been awarded the General Service Administration's (GSA) Schedule 84 (Contract Number GS-07F-167DA). USmax will provide services in the following special item numbers (SINs): 246 60 1 Security Systems Integration and Design Services and 426 6 Law Enforcement/Security Training.

GSA Schedule 84 is a Multiple Award Schedule (MAS) indefinite delivery/ indefinite quantity (IDIQ) contract providing total solutions for law enforcement, security, facilities management, fire, rescue, clothing, marine craft, and emergency/disaster response to Federal government agencies.

This contract allows Federal Government customers to procure USmax's extensive Technical/Physical Security and Security Training services. Said David S. Pak, USmax President, "As a mission focused small business, USmax looks forward to expanding our security services government-wide, providing timely access for our services to existing customers, and establishing new customer relationships and strategic industry partnerships."

For more information on USmax's GSA Schedule 84 contract, please visit our contract page here: http://www.usmax.com/schedule-84

For details on the Technical and Physical Security Services that USmax provides, please visit: http://www.usmax.com/tss-services

About USmax Corporation

USmax Corporation is an ISO 9001:2008, ISO 20000:2011, and ISO 27001:2013 registered and CMMI-SVC Level 2 appraised Information Technology (IT) and Management Consulting firm that specializes in Cyber Security, Physical and Technical Security, Infrastructure Management, and Enterprise Applications. We offer complete system and process life cycle support through a full range of planning, design, implementation, management, and support services. Our services based on trust, quality, efficiency, and innovation drive the mission of our various federal and commercial customers.



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