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Gilbane Building manages construction of new Gainesville Fire headquarters

GAINESVILLE, FL May 4, 2017 Local city officials, Gainesville Fire and Rescue and the community joined Gilbane Building Company to celebrate the groundbreaking of the new Gainesville Fire Station No. 1.

Gilbane will serve as the Construction Manager at-Risk for the new landmark building which will be built directly across the street from the original station built back in 1962. The new 24,000-square-foot fire station provides 3 large drive-thru apparatus bays and 2 small vehicle bays with polished concrete floors. The first level serves as the main operating area and, in addition to the apparatus bays, includes bunker gear storage, training areas, a spacious commercially-equipped kitchen and dining area, briefing room and other operations and infrastructure support spaces. The second level consists primarily of sleeping quarters, storage rooms, lieutenant offices and quarters, laundry room, and physical agility space.

"Gilbane is excited to move forward with the construction phase of the new Fire Station 1,” said Joe Frisco, operations manager for Gilbane. “It has taken a real collaborative effort by the entire team to get to this point and now be in a position to make this project a reality. We are happy for the City, Gainesville Fire and Rescue and all of the residents that will be better served by this state-of-the-art facility."

The project, designed by Bentley Architects + Engineers, Inc., is anticipated to be completed in approximately 9 months, and is targeting LEED® Silver certification.

Gilbane provided construction management services for the recently completed Fire Station, Administration, and Headquarters facility for the City of Fort Myers Fire Department, which included Fire Station No. 1, operations area, crew quarters, fleet fueling, meeting, training, and Fire Administration and Fire Prevention spaces.

About Gilbane Building Company

Gilbane provides a full slate of construction and facilities-related services – from pre-construction planning and integrated consulting capabilities to comprehensive construction management, general contracting, design-build and facility management services – for clients across various markets. Founded in 1873 and still a privately held, family-owned company, Gilbane has more than 50 office locations around the world. For more information, visit http://www.gilbaneco.com. http://www.gilbaneco.com/build-with-us/news-room/press-kit/

Miami Dade Fire Rescue test Radiation Shield hazmat suit in recent joint exercise

MIAMI May 4, 2017 U.S. Army Reserve Soldiers, National Guard, Miami-Dade Fire Rescue Department (“MDFRD”), several local law enforcement agencies and PortMiami authorities partnered together to train for something each hope to never put into action.

"I couldn't think of a better training environment than one of the busiest ports," said Lt. Alvaro Tonanez, the HAZMAT lead trainer for one of the largest fire departments in America, with more than 3,000 personnel assigned to MDFRD. "To put our firefighters and the Army Reserve unit into a realistic scenario where we could use the assistance in a real-world situation is a win-win for both sides."

Sponsored by Department of Defense's U.S. Northern Command and hosted by the MDFRD, the hazardous material exercise was the second joint-training event between a large municipality and the Defense CBRN Force, according to Thomas Frankhouser, a senior survey analyst with U.S. Army North, based at Fort Sam Houston, Texas.

Frankhouser said, when needed, the 329th CBRN Company can assist civilian responders at a scene and provide capabilities that may not be available for the civilian incident commander. Like local fire departments and HAZMAT teams, the 329th CBRN Company has the capability to identify and analyze certain toxic chemicals and materials with advanced equipment and can provide that critical support to an incident commander.

Col. Mike Vail, Chief, Homeland Operations Division for the Army Reserve, said the 329th CBRN Company is currently one of two Army Reserve units supporting the Defense CBRN Response Force (“DCRF”) for the CBRN Response Enterprise.

The DCRF mission is to save lives, mitigate human suffering and facilitate recovery operations in a CBRN environment. More than 5,200 Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, Marines and civilians from active-duty and reserve component units make up the scalable force which can respond to local, state, tribal or federal agencies to support efforts in the event of a CBRN incident.

Miami Dade Fire Rescue Department, MDFRD, Hazardous Materials Bureau recently conducted field testing of the Demron Ice suit as a potential Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) garment for certain mission specific tasks.

Miami Dade Fire Rescue Department’s Hazardous Materials Bureau at the time had just finished developing an EBOLA response plan in which several chemical protective garments were tested for that threat. One of the garments tested at the time showed to be promising for both Biological and Chemical agents since it provided the same capabilities of a Level A suit.

The final challenge which proved to be the hardest, according to Captain Tony Trim, Hazardous Materials Bureau of MDFRD “was to find an appropriate garment that would be able to handle the abuse of working in a not so friendly environment such as that found in the ship cargo holds, cargo containers, and engine rooms, and still provide the user with the best chemical protection.” Working together with the suit manufacturer, Radiation Shield Technologies, the garment was upgraded to meet the demands for abrasion protection and heat diffusion. “The Demron ICE CBRN suit is a game changer. The Demron ICE PPE is the only self-cooling suit that can be used in prolonged tactical operations, while providing uncompromised protection against Chemical Biological Radiological and Nuclear Protection,” says Ronald DeMeo, MD MBA, the CEO of Radiation Shield Technologies.

Once the suit was developed it was put through rigorous testing during the joint exercise at PortMiami to ensure it would hold up to the demands of a Maritime Response. Both exercises were designed to test the capabilities of MDFRD’s potential response to the release of a Hazardous Material release onboard a vessel. During each exercise the Demron ICE suit was worn by six members of the HazMat team for a period of approximately 105 minutes without any interruptions or without any need to break the seal. Average temperatures during both events was approximately 82°+Fahrenheit. Where other PPE suits would not have been suitable or as effective as the ICE suit for these missions, the ICE suit performed well and showed its adaptability and durability as a rugged, yet flexible protective garment.

The suit has now been incorporated into the response plan of MDFRD as the preferred level of protective garment for Maritime Response.


With its headquarters and manufacturing facilities in Miami, Florida, RST is the global leader in the research, development, manufacturing and distribution of high energy anti-chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear and thermally protective garments. RST is the developer and sole producer of Demron®, a revolutionary lightweight, non-toxic and lead-free radiation protective fabric for individuals. Taking years to develop, Demron® has been scientifically proven to shield the human body against nuclear, biological, chemical and infrared radiation, and reduces heat stress, while leaving its wearer unencumbered and fully mobile. Demron ICE is lighter in weight and used for low to moderate radiation while providing unsurpassed chemical, biological, as well as blood and viral protection (Certified to ASTM F1670 and ASTM F1671 standards). Demron®’s product line currently includes full body suits, blankets, tents, and other products, and is used worldwide by NATO, NASA, every branch of the U.S. military, U.S. CST teams, the FDNY, IAEC, DSTA, Pentagon Force Protection Agency and many international first responders and military teams in Japan, China, Iraq, Kuwait, South Korea, Pakistan, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Vietnam, and Singapore. For more information please visit http://www.radshield.com, or contact us via email [email protected] or via phone (866) 7DEMRON.

Click the link to watch video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S-bKFCsZkqA

California company unveils vendor agnostic Next Generation 911 platform

BEVERLY HILLS, CA May 3, 2017 NGA911, a leading provider of advanced 911 call center technologies, announced today the launch of its Next Generation 911 Call System, a new 911 platform that provides public-safety answering points (PSAPs) with an innovative technology to dramatically improve 911 call responses. This new system functions as an adjunct for existing emergency response systems that improves location routing and jurisdictional routing. It is vendor agnostic, so it's readily usable by any center and easily implemented with minimal installation time and related expense. It provides 911 centers with a pathway towards next-generation calling, video, and textual media capabilities.

"Improving the 911 system is much more than a business opportunity, it's a way to directly save lives through improved responses," said Eric Parry, Director of PSAP Implementations at NGA911. "Our system fits over the top of the solutions already in place, so there's no app installation, or the need for the public to create any special profiles. It's a no-brainer for PSAPs. We've created the first system that features dynamic call routing and provides centers with new ways to receive vital 911 messages."

NGA911 Resilient Stack

NGA911's system addresses the persistent issues caused by mobile phones in terms of the 911 system. In years past, callers only utilized landlines, which could be easily tied to a physical location. Now, more than 85% of 911 calls are made using wireless phones, and the telecommunications industry framework was not designed to automatically provide 911 centers with wireless callers' location. If the call center's system is having difficulty establishing the caller's location, then the legacy system will route it depending on how it's "hitting" the side of close by cell towers. This can cause calls to be transferred to other PSAPs, so the caller has to restart their description of the accident/problem, which causes undue delays and potential injuries or death.

According to Tom Wheeler, former chairman of the FCC, there's a pressing need to transition 911 centers to the new technology; "The nation's 911 call centers need to upgrade to "Next Generation 911," or NG911. NG911 also gives responders better tools to handle high call volumes in major emergencies and to defend against cyberthreats as the system migrates to Internet-based networks. The bottom line is that NG911 will make our 911 system more accessible and more reliable, and it will dramatically improve emergency response."

NGA911's solution solves this problem by significantly improving location routing through its support of exact latitude and longitude, cell tower sector, and physical address location methods. NGA's system evaluates the data on an incoming call in real time to establish coordinates data. It then immediately identifies the right PSAP that should receive the call (irrespective of what the older legacy system might have indicated), and the call is sent on its way. This improved location routing also aids with any jurisdictional issues, as mobile callers can now be routed to the right local 911 center, so police or fire or other appropriate agencies can quickly respond to emergencies in their covered jurisdictions. The solution is highly available, scalable, and provides PSAPs with additional capabilities including network monitoring and decision support diagnostics.

"While 911 has saved thousands of lives over the years, the underlying technology is way behind the times," continued Parry. "Our technology enables the massive transition towards mobile phones by accepting reliable wireless calling and multimedia texting capabilities so users can receive a response by texting to 911. With a minimal investment, PSAPs can streamline their operations and better serve the emergency needs of their local communities."

Emergency centers are also impacted by the sheer number of calls, as mobile phones mean dozens of people could call 911 about a car accident, which floods the system. The new system from NGA911 removes the need for old-fashioned telephone lines by replacing them with the equivalent of a high-speed emergency services network. It creates 911 centers that are IP capable, which opens up the opportunity for texting, multimedia messaging, and video streaming options, which can provide emergency response times with vital on-the-ground data.

For more information about the new solution's capabilities, visit www.nga911.com.

About NGA 911

NGA911 is a technology company offering an advanced platform for 911 centers. The company's Next Generation 911 Call System offers PSAPs a technology overlay that fits on top of existing solutions. It provides centers with vastly improved call routing and caller location data, so calls are quickly sent to the right PSAP for immediate emergency service. Visit www.NGA911.com for more information.

Force Protection Video Equipment announces new body camera package for law enforcement

CARY, NC May 2, 2017 Force Protection Video Equipment (OTCQB: FPVDD), which sells HD body camera systems and accessories for law enforcement, announced today that it has begun offering a body camera and evidence software package that is affordable to all size departments.

The Force Pro Package I provides a LE50 32GB body camera, Veripic Evidence Storage Locker software, unlimited tech support and a 3-year warranty to law enforcement departments for $18 per month (3-year contract). This package can be used with in house or cloud storage.

The cost to implement Body Camera programs can create a strain on municipal budgets due to high camera cost and lengthy contracts. The Force Pro 1 package alleviates the overall cost to less than most competitors charge for a camera.

“We have already received over 100 orders for this Force Pro 1 system,” Stated Paul Feldman.

The LE50 key design features are:

Industry leading record time (10 hours @1080,12 hours @720)

50 hours of standby time

32GB of internal tamperproof storage

White LED illumination

Audio announcements

GPS recording

30 second pre and post record

Integration with VeriPic© Evidence Management Software.

Mr. Feldman further commented, "the LE50 was developed using current guidelines that Law Enforcement nationwide have written into their requirements for purchase of Bodycams for their officers. Our camera and software via VeriPic® meets and exceeds these requirements. We are also the first company to build into a Body Camera an audio announcement feature. When the camera first starts to record an announcement clearly states ”ATTENTION AUDIO AND VIDEO RECORDING HAS STARTED”, when the camera's recording mode is stopped it clearly states, “ATTENTION AUDIO AND VIDEO RECORDING HAS STOPPED.” Our studies show when someone is made aware of a recording taking place their attitude and demeanor tend to turn more positive and less aggressive towards police officers.

The LE50 uses white diode lighting in our design because of a safety issue. Cameras that utilize IR lighting can be harmful due the brightness of the IR light and the fact that the human eye does not react to this source of light, there is a high probability of whomever looks at these lights can possible damage or injure their sight.”

VeriPic® is a leading supplier of enterprise photo and evidence management software to Law Enforcement Agencies. Military, Medical Institutions and Corporate customers. VeriPic© products handle evidence in thousands of criminal cases throughout the country. VeriPic® is the holder of multiple patents for their evidence management solution software.

The Force Protection Video LE10 and LE50 cameras are rugged HD design which incorporates Ambarella made chips that allow cameras and other devices to record high definition video. It is the chip supplier of the popular GoPro® (NASDAQ:GPRO) sports cameras.

If you would like more information about this topic, please contact Paul Feldman at FORCE PROTECTION VIDEO EQUIPMENT or email at [email protected]

Nuance Communications markets speech recognition software designed for police patrols

By Steve Bittenbender
Editor, Government Security News

A Massachusetts firm that develops voice and language technology solutions has found a new market for its speech recognition platform: law enforcement agencies.

On Wednesday, Nuance Communications unveiled the latest version of Dragon Law Enforcement, which allows police officers to create and update their reports using the company’s voice-to-text technology. While Dragon speech recognition software has been around for about 20 years, the company spent significant time in developing DLE to ensure it accurately captured police jargon.

Rick Brown, a senior director of product management at Nuance, said that modern police cruisers serve as mobile offices, with officers having numerous devices available to them within reach. However, because of the compact design of the car’s interior, it can put the officer in an uncomfortable position, literally, if they’re trying to fill out documentation.

Brown noted that many officers have to turn 45 degrees in the driver’s seat in order to use a laptop. That means an officer’s weapon could be sandwiched between the seatback and the officer’s hip, and that can lead to physical discomfort for the officer.

“They’ve been looking for better ways to use that technology,” Brown said.

Brown and Greg Katz, a lieutenant with the Billerica Police Department in Massachusetts, added that the speech recognition software also provides another benefit by allowing the officer to keep his eyes on the road or their surroundings.

“Our officers have a significant responsibility to keep our community safe, but also face administrative responsibilities such as incident reporting, which requires a quick turnaround and ample detail,” Katz said. “Reporting serves an important role with documentation, but the quality of the reporting also reflects on our personnel and agency. Dragon allows officers to quickly dictate reports while safely maintaining their situational awareness in their patrol cars.

Brown said DLE works with a wide variety of documentation programs to assist officers in drafting incident and accident reports as well as citations. Officers can also use DLE to pull up license plate checks while they’re on the road as the software was designed to interpret the NATO phonetic language into letters.

Methuen, MA Police Chief Joseph Solomon said the Nuance solution has expedited the lookup process for his patrol officers.

"Our officers can simply speak plate details and within seconds, plate registration and ownership details are on the screen. Once our officers used it, they didn't want to give it up," Solomon said. “Additionally, this is one of the greatest officer safety tools to come along in years.”

DLE also accommodates for multiple users within the same vehicle, which Brown noted is helpful for police agencies as two or three officers may share a vehicle. Nuance’s Deep Learning Technology enables the software to learn and adapt to individual accents as it creates the text.

“Dragon Law Enforcement provides a faster and more efficient way to document incidents, a safer way to conduct common lookups, and is a viable solution for improving focus and situational awareness in this high-demand, in-field job,” said Mark Geremia, a Nuance vice president and Dragon’s general manager. “When all is said and done, armed with Dragon Law Enforcement, the focus shifts from paperwork to protecting and serving the public.”

For more information about DLE, visit: http://www.nuance.com/dragon/industry/dragon-law-enforcement.html?utm_source=PR&utm_medium=press-release&utm_campaign=2017-group-launch

American Traffic Solutions to provide road safety cameras for Houston-Galveston region


MESA, AZ May 1, 2017 American Traffic Solutions (ATS), the market leader in road safety camera installations, today announced it has been awarded the Houston-Galveston Area Council's (H-GAC) co-op program HGACBuy under the Traffic Control, Enforcement and Signal Pre-emption Equipment Contract PE05-17.

The award, won through a competitive bidding process, positions ATS as the exclusive provider of red-light, speed and school bus stop-arm safety cameras to HGACBuy members. Under the two-year agreement, HGACBuy will work with ATS to ensure its member cities achieve their procurement goals for ATS' technology and professional services at a competitive price and in an efficient manner. ATS is the only safety camera provider to be awarded this contract.

"We are excited and honored to have the opportunity to once again partner with HGACBuy and their member organizations. This important selection streamlines the procurement process allowing for Road Safety Camera Programs to be implemented in a more efficient manner," said Liz Caracciolo, General Manager.

HGACBuy is active throughout the U.S. and provides more than 6,000 members with 40 major categories of products and services from more than 800 highly-qualified contractors, such as American Traffic Solutions (ATS). Membership with HGACBuy is available nationwide at no cost for governmental and non-profit based entities. 

About American Traffic Solutions:

ATS is proud to be the market leader in road safety camera installations in North America. ATS has more than 3,500 installed red-light, speed safety cameras and school bus stop arm cameras serving more than 30 million people. ATS Fleet Services is a leader in providing both Toll and Violation Management Solutions to fleets and rental customers saving them time and money.

SceneDoc secures investors to market mobile-based data collection system to law enforcement agencies


PALM BEACH, FL, May 2, 2017 SceneDoc Inc., a global law enforcement and public safety software provider, today announced the completion of a round of financing co-led by Responder Ventures (Palm Beach, FL), Motorola Solutions Venture Capital (Schaumburg, Illinois) and iGan Partners (Toronto, Ontario).

SceneDoc is public safety’s new standard for mobile data collection. By modernizing with SceneDoc, agencies operate with higher levels of clarity and control, with fewer moving parts, capturing data and reporting at the point of need. SceneDoc Collect, the overarching platform, provides public safety professionals with an ability to securely collect eNotes, eForms, create sketches and reports, and capture audio, video, and photos. SceneDoc is saving officers 50% of the time they spend on administrative functions, resulting in less time reporting and more time keeping the communities they serve safe. SceneDoc recently released an autonomous module for eCitations, building on a mission to becoming the de facto standard in how data is being collected in public safety.

The company will use the funding to expand its sales and marketing efforts, bring its mobile data collection platform to new global markets, and accelerate product development.

“The evolution for core police operations to be augmented with a smartphone or tablet device is imminent and we are going to see rapid growth in the public safety mobile application ecosystem attributable to advances with FirstNet. Our ongoing strategy to becoming the leading solution in public safety data collection remains clear,” said Alex Kottoor, co-founder and Chief Executive Officer.

According to Nathanial Wish, Founder of Responder Ventures, "SceneDoc is driving innovation in efficiency and accuracy vital to addressing pressing challenges facing law enforcement agencies today. Our mission at Responder Ventures is to identify the leading solutions for public safety’s most challenging problems. Our investment in SceneDoc reflects a strong belief the Company has addressed several key issues within law enforcement including mobility in evidence collection and efficiency in reporting. As both a leading solution and early entrant in to a fast-growing space, SceneDoc has the opportunity to drive impact through modernization for law enforcement.”

About SceneDoc

SceneDoc is public safety’s new standard for mobile data collection. By modernizing with SceneDoc, agencies operate with higher levels of clarity and control, with fewer moving parts, capturing data and reporting at the point of need. SceneDoc is saving officers 50% of the time they spend on administrative functions, resulting in less time reporting and more time keeping the communities they serve safe. See why our customers are advocates at http://www.scenedoc.com.

About Responder Ventures

Responder Ventures, LLC is a venture capital firm formed to identify, invest in, and manage a portfolio of technology companies that provide innovative products and solutions to the public safety sector. With a team of seasoned industry and investment professionals, Responder is dedicated to addressing the most pressing problems within public safety by investing in technologies and supporting entrepreneurs that make our communities, and those who serve them, safer. www.responderventures.com

Kansas become first statewide deployment site of AT&T NextGen 911 solution

TOPEKA, KS, April 27, 2017 AT&T and the Kansas 9-1-1 Coordinating Council continue to improve the 9-1-1 experience in the state. Kansas will be the first statewide deployment of AT&T ESInet™.

AT&T ESInet is a new NextGen 9-1-1 solution that provides IP-based call routing services to emergency response centers. It will help Kansas boost 9-1-1 reliability, speed emergency responsiveness and improve disaster recovery. For Kansans, this means a faster, more reliable 9-1-1 experience.

This builds on Kansas' previous investment to modernize its outdated public safety technology with a NextGen 9-1-1 hosted call handling solution from AT&T.

"Updating our 9-1-1 infrastructure is key to keeping our people safe, and selecting AT&T was an obvious choice," said Dick Heitschmidt, chairman of the Kansas 9-1-1 Coordinating Council and Hutchinson chief of police. "AT&T provides our public safety community with a comprehensive NextGen 9-1-1 solution, delivering the value, expertise and teamwork needed to create the current and future experiences our residents expect. It's our goal to stay on the cutting edge of public safety, and AT&T ESInet will help to make that a reality."

With AT&T ESInet, Kansas will have more sophisticated capabilities to route calls based on the caller's geographic location. Public Safety Answering Points (PSAPs) will also be able to manage and route advanced communications like text messaging to 9-1-1. In the future, Kansas PSAPs will be able to support pictures and videos sent via text message. This is crucial in today's mobile environment where more than 70% of the calls made to 9-1-1 come from a mobile device.

"AT&T ESInet will help propel Kansas into the next generation of public safety. It'll give Kansas emergency services an advanced network to better meet the needs of residents, first responders and 9-1-1 call takers today and tomorrow," said Jon Wellinger, assistant vice president, AT&T Global Public Sector.     

Since AT&T ESInet is a highly secure and resilient nationwide service, it will give Kansas access to geographically diverse and redundant call processing locations throughout the country.

This will let the state work with other ESInet-enabled 9-1-1 agencies nationwide to:  


  • Maintain service during a natural or man-made disaster.
  • Help save precious time by routing calls and texts correctly.
  • Automatically route calls to neighboring PSAPs when call volumes spike.


Other benefits include access to:


  • A defense-in-depth, private network with multiple layers of security – like firewalls and intrusion detection/prevention. This will help protect Kansas 9-1-1 infrastructure from cyber threats.
  • Industry standard components that will give the state backward compatibility with legacy 9-1-1 systems and services.


The capabilities that NextGen 9-1-1 technologies will give to PSAPs and the public will become a necessity. Working with AT&T, Kansas is on track to move 75% of its PSAPs to NextGen 9-1-1 hosted call handling by the end of this year.

"We've long supported Kansas public safety needs, and we are proud to continue our great relationship, helping Kansas on its mission to future-proof its 9-1-1 infrastructure," said Wellinger.

By making it easier to manage 9-1-1 calls, AT&T ESInet will help Kansas public safety resources go further, so they can focus on what matters most: protecting people and saving lives.

AT&T is a leader in first responder connectivity. We've been enabling and innovating public safety communications for nearly 140 years. We will continue this commitment as we build America's first-ever nationwide broadband network dedicated to first responders.

To learn more about AT&T ESInet, check out corp.att.com/public-safety. For more information on how Kansas has been updating its 9-1-1 infrastructure, visit kansas911.org.

About AT&T

AT&T Inc. (NYSE: T) helps millions around the globe connect with leading entertainment, business, mobile and high speed internet services. We offer the nation's best data network* and the best global coverage of any U.S. wireless provider.** We're one of the world's largest providers of pay TV. We have TV customers in the U.S. and 11 Latin American countries. Nearly 3.5 million companies, from small to large businesses around the globe, turn to AT&T for our highly secure smart solutions. 

Additional information about AT&T products and services is available at about.att.com. Follow our news on Twitter at @ATT, on Facebook at facebook.com/att and YouTube at youtube.com/att.

Gamma Tech announces rugged laptop sales to law enforcement agencies in nine states

FREMONT, CA April 26, 2017 Reliability, Functionality, Support Services, and Attractive Pricing Drive Recent Sales to Police and Sheriff Customers -

GammaTech Computer Corporation, the North American branch of Twinhead International Corporation, today announced it ended 2016 with broad sales to Law Enforcement customers across the country. The DURABOOK R11 tablet, SA14 semi-rugged laptop, and R8300 fully rugged laptop were purchased by Police and Sheriff departments in Missouri, Connecticut, Georgia, Texas, California, Pennsylvania, Colorado, Arizona, and Washington. Customers include the Denver PD, DeKalb Country Marshall's Office, Sweetwater PD, South San Francisco PD, Branson PD, Clallam County Sheriff, Chino Valley Police, Falls Township PD, Liberty County Sheriff and Pecos County Sheriff.

"Technology is an integral part of modern law enforcement,” said Sergeant Kelly Kennedy, Pecos County Sheriff. “Providing my deputies with solutions they can rely on under any circumstance allows them to focus on the job of public safety. My DURABOOK solutions do that at a price point that allows the Pecos County Sheriff Office to maximize its technology investment.”

DURABOOK rugged computers are trusted by law enforcement agencies in Europe, Asia, South America, Africa, and North America. Police and Sheriff offices in the United States are using DURABOOK rugged computing solutions for a wide variety of law enforcement applications, including improved situational awareness, computer aided dispatch (CAD), data capture, license plate checks, database access, communications with dispatch and other units, automated vehicle location (AVL), mobile GIS, incident management, evidence documentation, report filing, eCitations and more.

“Law enforcement workflows have become increasingly digitized to drive efficiency, increase transparency and improve public safety,” said Tom Wang, President, GammaTech. “One of the greatest challenges agencies face in their efforts to digitize is the cost of deploying solutions with constrained budgets. While brands like Toughbook® and Getac are known in the rugged market, their high cost can limit purchasing power. By delivering the reliability, functionality, ROI, TCO, and value law enforcement customers need, but at a price that is more attractive than others in the market, DURABOOK solutions are becoming an increasingly attractive option for our Police and Sheriff Department customers.”


The DURABOOK R11 rugged tablet PC features an 11.6” TFT LCD capacitive touch display and a powerful 5th generation Intel Broadwell Core processor, providing exceptional power for workers in public safety. It is the lightest 11.6” rugged tablet PC in its class at only 2.73 pounds, while remaining tough with Military Standard 810G and IP65 certifications for drop, shock, dust and water resistance. Paired with its detachable keyboard, the R11 becomes a flexible 2-in-1 solution. For more information, visit http://bit.ly/DurabookR11


With a powerful Intel® 6th Generation Skylake processor, up to 12 hours of battery life, and a high-definition 14” Sunlight Readable LCD display, the SA14 R2 is the perfect notebook solution for use in a wide variety of semi-rugged applications, including those found in law enforcement, first responder, fire/EMS, government, military, and communications. For more information, visit http://bit.ly/DurabookSA14


The DURABOOK R8300 R2 is designed to withstand extremely harsh environments meeting a host of rugged certifications such as Military Standard 810G, 461F, IP65, and more. This fully rugged powerhouse is equipped with Intel® 6th Skylake CPU and includes the Windows® 10 operating system. The device boasts a 13.3” 1050 nits TFT LCD with sunlight readable feature for workers toiling in bright, mid-day sun. For more information, visit http://bit.ly/DurabookR8300


DURABOOK rugged computers are available from authorized resellers. All products include a standard three-year warranty. Sales inquiries for DURABOOK products should be directed to sales(at)gammatechusa.com or 800-995-8946.

GammaTech Support Services

To help its customers address the challenges and complexity of deploying and managing their mobility solutions, GammaTech offers a wide range of support services, including device customization, consulting, disk imaging, deployment assistance, installation, extended and no-fault warranty options, warranty depot repair center with 48 hour turn-around-time, live call center, device retirement, and an online support center for drivers and manuals.

About GammaTech Computer Corporation

GammaTech Computer Corporation is the North American branch of Twinhead International Corporation, a leading manufacturer and customizer of rugged computing solutions, including the globally acclaimed DURABOOK brand. Driven to meet customer needs, DURABOOK devices are designed, manufactured and tested in-house to assure maximum quality and reliability. These cost-effective ruggedized laptops, tablets, and all-in-one PCs are high-performance solutions that increase productivity, deliver a clear return on investment and provide a low total cost of ownership for government and enterprise customers in markets like oil & gas, power & utilities, field service, military, and public safety.

GammaTech Computer Corporation, headquartered in Fremont, California, provides final assembly, inventory, services, and technical support. For more information on GammaTech and the DURABOOK product line, visit http://www.GammaTechUSA.com.

Magnet Forensics unveils update to software that checks computers, smartphones


WATERLOO, Ontario April 27, 2017  Magnet Forensics, a global leader in developing forensic software for smartphone and computer examinations, today launched Magnet AXIOM 1.1, a robust update to its flagship solution that culminates a year's worth of growth. New industry-first use of AI for chat analysis, enhanced examination tools, fast processing, and AXIOM's ability to integrate device images from other tools make AXIOM a go-to platform for investigations. 

AXIOM is a complete digital investigation platform that brings together the acquisition of data from smartphones and computers, the examination of the data, and reporting findings. In this latest version, AXIOM adds features that will help examiners get to the truth faster and more intuitively.

"Devices, and most especially smartphones, which are now very literally pocket computers with large capacity for storage, are part of nearly every crime. We at Magnet Forensics have always felt that it is our duty to use technology to empower investigators and examiners. We have built Magnet AXIOM very thoughtfully to help our customers deal with the exponential increase in data volumes and resource constraints that are contributing to case backlogs," said Adam Belsher, CEO of Magnet Forensics. "This latest release of AXIOM showcases our commitment to helping forensics professionals with innovative new technology and makes AXIOM a powerful solution for our customers' digital forensics toolbox."

New to Magnet AXIOM 1.1:

Magnet.AI — AXIOM leverages Magnet.AI, new contextual content analysis technology that uses machine learning to search conversation content for intent. In AXIOM, Magnet.AI searches for content that is identified as possibly having child luring intent. This will save hours of crucial investigation and triage time, and provide an efficient starting point, in Child Exploitation cases.

Full Disk Decryption — Magnet Forensics has partnered with Passware to give examiners the ability to decrypt a full disk within Magnet AXIOM. Examiners can recover data from drives encrypted with TrueCrypt and BitLocker where examiners have a known password within their forensic workflow. 

Improved Chat Analysis – Chats are one of the first content types that examiners look at. Examiners and investigators can now utilize the power of AXIOM's filtering, tagging, and enhanced conversation views for individual messages, as well as entire chats.

Export PST files – Since its release, a number of email formats have become supported in AXIOM. AXIOM 1.1 brings new Outlook-specific support including exporting as PST files, giving investigators a realistic view into the original source material.

Add New Evidence to an Existing Case — When new evidence is discovered, examiners can easily add new evidence sources and data to existing case throughout the lifecycle of an investigation.

Hibernation Files in Windows 8.1 & Windows 10 — AXIOM now decompresses and scans the contents of Windows 8.x and Windows 10 hibernation files for evidence.

Improved Performance

Over the past year, AXIOM has increased its processing and performance speeds by nearly 30%, while still adding support for new artifacts and searching new locations. Unlike other tools, AXIOM processing includes creating the device images, indexing keywords, and building the case file with all the data retrieved from all devices involved – making it easier and faster for examiners to process devices and move to the examination stage.

One of the most time-consuming forensics tasks is acquiring and processing devices. Each device must have a copy made that can be examined and each copy must be processed to retrieve all digital data for examination. With the growing number of devices used in crimes, finding ways to speed up processing is imperative.

Third Party Integration

Digital forensics professionals rely on numerous tools to help them acquire and examine data. AXIOM integrates with other tools so that device data retrieved through other software or JTAG and Chip Off processes can be added to an AXIOM case file and examined using AXIOM's powerful analysis tools.

For more information on Magnet AXIOM, visit magnetaxiom.com.

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Magnet Forensics is a global leader in the development of digital forensics software that acquires, analyzes and shares evidence from computers, smartphones and tablets. Magnet Forensics has been helping examiners and investigators fight crime, protect assets and guard national security since 2011. For more information, please visit magnetforensics.com.



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