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Law Enforcement | First Responders

SDS Active Shooter Detection Webinar Series

Webinar and Live Fire Gunshot Detection Demonstration

Hosted by Shooter Detection Systems


Event Date: Thursday, August 24, 2017 

Event Time: 1:00pm EDT


Gunshot Detection and Alerting Demonstration Including: 


  • Video Surveillance & Management Systems
  • Alarm Panel and Zone Alerting
  • Digital Radio Alerting for Police/Security
  • SMS/E-Mail Alerts
  • Emergency Lighting
  • PA Annunciators


Detection of Opioids like Fentanyl Using FLIR G510 Portable GC-MS

The Griffin G510 can be operated while wearing full PPE.

August 11, 2017 Wendy Klausing, Vertical Marketing Manager, FLIR Detection

Clandestine drug labs are not a new problem for responders, but they are growing in number and present potentially dangerous crime scenes. By now, we’ve all seen fentanyl in the news headlines. It is the fastest growing opioid epidemic today. It poses a significant threat to responders and to our communities.

To that point, we’ve developed an application note that discusses how portable gas chromatograph mass spectrometer (GC-MS) equipment like the FLIR Griffin G510 can help hazardous materials (HAZMAT) response teams quickly perform on-scene identification of narcotics. This app note specifically demonstrates detection of:

  • Diacetylmorphine - the most common chemical name for heroin
  • Fentanyl - commonly cut with heroin
  • Pyridine - a solvent used in the production of fentanyl

You can read the application note here.

BlueLine Grid develops app connecting mobile devices to land radios

BETHESDA, MD July 19, 2017 BlueLine Grid today announced another first-of-its-kind application to advance collaboration, this time between land mobile radios and BlueLine Grid's GeoGrid mobile push-to-talk (PTT) app.    

The Bethesda-based startup created the technology to enable global users of Cisco's Instant Connect server (converting analog mobile radios to VOIP) to encrypt radio channels, connect to cell phones and record conversations. The initial use case involves connecting information silos between government agencies and corporations to advance public safety and emergency communications.

BlueLine Grid and Cisco will jointly market the application as an extension to Cisco Instant Connect and Cisco's Spark collaboration platform.

"BlueLine Grid is enthusiastic to expand the Instant Connect and Spark collaboration use cases to include encrypted, location based channels," said Jack Weiss, BlueLine Grid President. "Think of this as a mashup of the 90's Nextel walkie-talkie phones with iOS, Android, and Spark. Our goal is to remove the collaboration barriers between users, providing a means to connect any user and device."

BlueLine Grid has received a strategic investment from In-Q-Tel, the investment arm of the U.S. Intelligence Community, as well as Motorola Solutions, which is integrating BlueLine Grid's innovative software with Motorola's public safety radio systems. 

About BlueLine Grid
BlueLine Grid operates the nation's premier, trusted collaboration network for law enforcement, first responders, and security teams. For more, visit www.bluelinegrid.com.

Former FireEye executive joins Axon board, brings cybersecurity expertise


SCOTTSDALE, AZ July 20, 2017 Axon (Nasdaq: AAXN), the global leader in connected law enforcement technologies, today announced the addition of Julie Anne Cullivan to its Board of Directors effective July 19, 2017.

Ms. Cullivan recently joined ForeScout Technologies, Inc., a leading Internet of Things (IoT) security company, as SVP, Business Operations and CIO where she is responsible for leading the cross functional initiatives and information security strategy to support the fast-growing company. Formerly EVP, Business Operations and CIO at FireEye, Inc., Ms. Cullivan was a member of the executive team that set the company's strategy. With responsibility for both Business Operations and Information Technology, Ms. Cullivan helped scale FireEye from a private company with $80 million in revenue, through its successful IPO, to a global publicly traded company with revenues of over $700 million and a $2.7 billion valuation.

A thought leader in sales, channel, cloud, cyber security, and business digitization, she is adept at implementing innovative technology solutions to enable such strategic imperatives. Ms. Cullivan has held executive positions focused on sales, channel and marketing operations at Autodesk, McAfee, EMC, and Oracle. She is a recognized leader in the cyber security field and a sought-after speaker on topics including women in security, security as a boardroom imperative, innovation, and building high impact teams. Ms. Cullivan has a B.S. degree in Finance from Santa Clara University and brings extensive business, information technology and cyber security expertise to the Axon Board.

"I'm extremely happy to welcome Ms. Cullivan to Axon's Board of Directors," said Axon CEO and founder Rick Smith. "Her combined extensive business, sales operations, IT and cyber security expertise brings huge value to the Axon Board of Directors. The value of such expertise can hardly be overstated at a time when our company continues to grow, expand and evolve." 

"I look forward to contributing to Axon's success as the company continues on its mission to protect life," said Julie Anne Cullivan. "I am most excited about how they are leveraging Artificial Intelligence and Cloud technologies to deliver on this vision."

Axon believes that diversity at all levels of the business should reflect the diversity of society as a whole. The company proactively reached out to The Athena Alliance whose mission is to help enable gender diversity in the boardroom by directly connecting boards to top executive women. In the future, the board wishes to continue to enhance diversity on the board not just through gender, but through other factors as well. 

About the Athena Alliance

The Athena Alliance is a national nonprofit organization dedicated to advancing gender diversity in the boardroom by directly connecting boards to the right powerhouse woman for their board. The Athena Alliance has a curated network of over 500 C-Level women from top tier companies. Sponsors include Autodesk, Intuit, OpenView Venture Partners, PwC and more. Founded in April 2016, the Athena Alliance is headquartered in Half Moon Bay, Calif. For more information, visit http://athenaalliance.org.

About Axon

The Axon network is a network of devices, apps, and people that helps law enforcement become smarter and safer. Our mission is to protect life. Our technologies give law enforcement the confidence, focus, and time they need to keep their communities safe. Our products impact every aspect of an officer's day-to-day experience:

  • In the field - Our Smart Weapons offer a less-lethal intermediate use of force response and our body-worn and in-car cameras collect video evidence to capture the truth of an incident; and our mobile applications enable simple evidence collection.
  • At the station - Our secure, cloud-based digital evidence management solution allows officers and command staff to manage, review, share and process digital evidence using forensic, redaction, transcription, and other tools.
  • In the courtroom - Our solutions for prosecutors make collaborating across jurisdictions and agencies easy so that cases can be resolved quickly. 

We work hard for those who put themselves in harm's way for all of us. To date, there are more than 100,000 licensed users from around the world and more than 185,000 lives and countless dollars have been saved with the Axon network of devices, apps and people. Learn more at www.axon.com or by calling (800) 978-2737.

Axon, the "Axon Delta" logo, Axon Network, Smart Weapons, and Evidence.com are trademarks of Axon Enterprise, Inc., some of which are registered in the U.S. and other countries. For more information, visit www.axon.com/legal. All rights reserved.

Follow Axon here:

Visible Assets, Inc. installs weapons tracking solution at Grand Coulee Dam

STRATHAM, NH July 11, 2017 Visible Assets, Inc. Completes Bureau of Reclamation Contract: Armory 20/20 Provides Enhanced, Critical Homeland Infrastructure Protection and Physical Security for Grand Coulee Dam.

Visible Assets, Inc. (Visible ®) Stratham, NH, has completed installation and a contract for "Weapons And Equipment Tracking System," a secure, automated armory as specified in RFQ# R16PS01283 by the Bureau of Reclamation (Reclamation). The Visible Armory 20/20 product is based on RuBee (IEEE 1902.1) wireless tags with Allegro 20/20, Weapons Shot Counting (WSC) tags with Prognostic Health Maintenance (PHM) sensors attached to the weapons.  Armory 20/20 delivers a fully-automated wireless weapon audit in minutes that can be scheduled or run on demand with 100% read accuracy and automated issuance stations that provide positive ID for the Guard, ID for the checked-in or checked-out weapon, and the Armorer ID, with date and time stamps. Finally, the RuBee DoorGuard reads the weapon tag as it enters or exits the facility. If the weapon is not properly issued, the DoorGuard will alarm and sends the event over the network to the Armory 20/20 application.

The WSC tag-equipped firearms provide asset tracking, weapon shot count, interval statistics (rate of fire), and calculated barrel temperature.  These features provide users with alerts for general maintenance, cleaning, and prevention of gas port and barrel erosion. The Weapon Location Module provides location on the rack and alerts users if a weapon is stored in the incorrect slot.  The RuBee IO visibility framework can generate "AccuAudit" Blockchain audits which deliver cradle-to-grave authenticated reports of any weapon's pedigree, ownership, and use. Armory 20/20 is built on the RuBee IO platform and has been in use at other US and foreign sites for over seven years.

Tim Pierce, Vice President of Visible Assets, Inc. said, "Visible has over 1,200 active RuBee Defense and Industrial Internet of Things (IoT) customer sites worldwide. We have many Armory and WSC customers, but Reclamation is the first to implement the WSC capability and RuBee ID badge along with the Armory 20/20 asset visibility product. RuBee has consistently met the most critical customer requirement of 100% accurate read rates for all assets, even in high steel content environments and high EMI noise environments. We have hard data that shows both the automated smart rack audits and issuance are consistently accurate. Our system also meets all of the human, explosive, and security requirements."

RuBee wireless tags emit magnetic fields that are not blocked by steel or liquids. RuBee is the only wireless technology that has a proven zero safe separation distance on fused ordnance and nuclear warheads (HERO ZERO rubee.io/HERO-PR). RuBee is safe on and near high explosives (HERF ZERO). RuBee is physically secure and produces no Compromising Emanations, with no Eavesdropping, Target or Tempest risk. The tags have a five to ten-year battery life and are in an MIL-STD-810G sealed, rugged package, and can include optional sensors.

About The Bureau of Reclamation
The Bureau of Reclamation manages, develops, and protects water and related resources in an environmentally and economically sound manner. It is the nation's largest wholesale water supplier, operating 337 reservoirs with a total storage capacity of 245 million acre-feet. Reclamation provides 1 out of 5 (or 140,000) Western farmers with irrigation water for 10 million farmland acres that produce 60 percent of the nation's vegetables and one quarter of its fresh fruit and nut crops. This bureau is the second-largest producer of hydropower in the United States and operates 53 hydroelectric power plants that have annually produced, on average, 40 billion kilowatt-hours for the last 10 years; it delivers 10 trillion gallons of water to more than 31 million people each year and manages, with partners, 289 recreation sites that have 90 million visits annually.

Reclamation dams are guarded by the Security Response Force, an elite group of specialized security personnel that protect and serve Reclamation and its critical infrastructure.  The group exists to ensure the uninterrupted delivery of water and power to the American people. 

About Visible Assets, Inc.
Visible Assets, Inc. is a privately held US company based in Stratham, New Hampshire. Visible Assets designs, manufactures, and supports RuBee wireless real-time asset visibility solutions and networks based on the IEEE 1902.1 standard. Visible Assets provides integrated visibility solutions for a variety of markets though RuBee application partners such as Husky Injection Molding Systems Ltd, and Lockheed Martin.  RuBee Visibility Networks are installed and working in over 1,200 commercial and government sites. Visible Assets, Inc. has an active RuBee licensing program.

For Press Images and Background Material go to  www.rubee.com  www.rubee.io

CBP unveils new mobile application for aspiring agents and officers

WASHINGTON July 10, 2017 U.S. Customs and Border Protection announced today the launch of CBP Jobs, a new mobile app for prospective agents and officers to track their progress through the hiring process. CBP Jobs offers frontline applicants updates about the status of their application and provides important notifications about upcoming appointments and next steps.

“CBP is focused on improving our recruiting and hiring processes, and we heard from prospective applicants that they would like regular communication during the application process,” said Acting Commissioner Kevin McAleenan. “With CBP Jobs, prospective employees will now have their hiring information at their fingertips and will stay connected with CBP through the entire process.”

The CBP Jobs mobile app enables CBP Officer, Border Patrol Agent, Air Interdiction Agent, Marine Interdiction Agent, and Agricultural Specialist applicants who have already received a temporary job offer to view their status in the hiring process by downloading the free app on an Apple or Android device. Future versions of the CBP Jobs app will enable applicants to self-schedule interviews, fitness tests, and other requirements to help speed up the application process.

“This new mobile app gives a reliable and convenient way for prospective applicants to stay informed and up-to-date on their hiring status,” said Linda Jacksta, Assistant Commissioner for CBP’s Office of Human Resources Management. “Leveraging advancements in technology has the potential to be a game changer for CBP as we continue to transform our hiring processes.”

Beginning in 2015, CBP reengineered its entire pre-employment process by implementing more than 40 process improvements that collectively transformed its frontline staffing capability. As part of this effort, CBP developed a new expedited hiring process that significantly reduced the time-to-hire for qualified applicants. Based on a hiring hub model, the new process allows CBP to identify and remove unqualified applicants more quickly and prevent bottlenecks in later phases of the process. The CBP Jobs app is the latest initiative designed to further improve a prospective applicant’s experience within CBP.

For more information about careers at CBP, visit www.cbp.gov/careers.

Virginia becomes the first state to 'opt-in' to FirstNet; AT&T to deliver wireless broadband to state's first responders


RESTON, VA July 10, 2017 Virginia is making history. Today, Governor Terry McAuliffe signed a letter accepting the FirstNet and AT&T* plan to deliver a wireless broadband network to the Commonwealth's public safety community. This will make Virginia the first state in the country to "opt-in" to FirstNet and bring advanced technologies that will help first responders save lives and protect communities.

Following today's announcement, Governor McAuliffe will hold a ceremonial letter signing tomorrow at FirstNet Headquarters, 12201 Sunrise Valley Drive Reston, Va., 20192 at 1:30 p.m. ET.

"I am proud that Virginia is the first state in the nation to opt in to this program that will help our first responders communicate during times of emergency," said Governor Terry McAuliffe. "While this is only the beginning of the process, I look forward to the continued coordinated efforts among Virginia, FirstNet, and AT&T to provide public safety officials with innovative new technologies that will help them keep Virginians safe."

FirstNet and AT&T will build, operate and maintain a highly secure wireless broadband communications network for Virginia's public safety community at no cost to the state for the next 25 years. The FirstNet network will deliver innovation and create an entire system of modernized devices, apps and tools for first responders.

This is one of the most economical and technologically advanced decisions Governor McAuliffe will make for the Commonwealth's first responders and the residents they serve. The network will transform the way Virginia's fire, police, EMS, emergency management and other public safety personnel communicate and share information. Specifically, FirstNet and AT&T will:

  • Connect first responder subscribers to the critical information they need in a highly secure manner when handling day-to-day operations, responding to emergencies like the recent shooting in Alexandria or the 2014 Air National Guard F-15C fighter jet crash in Augusta County, and supporting large events, such as the Richmond Jazz Festival.
  • Create an efficient communications experience for public safety personnel in agencies and jurisdictions across the state during natural disasters like Hurricane Matthew, the Derecho storm of June 2012 or the 2011 earthquake with its epicenter in Louisa County.
  • Enhance network coverage in rural areas. This will benefit first responders and residents in areas such as Southwest Virginia, Southside Virginia, the Eastern Shore and more.
  • Drive infrastructure investments and create jobs across the state.
  • Usher in a new wave of innovation that first responders can depend on. This will create an ever-evolving set of life-saving tools for public safety, including public safety apps, specialized devices and Internet of Things technologies. It also carries the potential for future integration with NextGen 9-1-1 networks and Smart Cities' infrastructure.

"I am extremely pleased that Virginia is choosing to opt in to the network," said Fairfax County Fire Chief Richard Bowers. "Access to the network will provide us with additional tools to help ensure we can do our job when the time comes."

The FirstNet solution that will be built in Virginia was designed with direct input from the Commonwealth's public safety community. Since 2013, FirstNet has met with Virginia officials and public safety personnel more than 90 times to address their unique communication needs. This includes understanding the importance of maritime coverage and increasing coverage in rural areas of the Commonwealth as well as coordination with military and federal government users.

"Public safety has spent years advocating for a nationwide network following the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks, and today, Governor McAuliffe is helping to answer that call by joining the FirstNet network," said FirstNet CEO Mike Poth. "FirstNet will put modern technologies that citizens use every day – like smartphones and apps – into the hands of Virginia's first responders, helping them help save lives and protect residents while creating a single, interoperable system across the Commonwealth and across the country."

The decision enables FirstNet and AT&T to begin creating an entirely new wireless ecosystem for public safety communications.

Specifically, Virginia's first responder subscribers will have immediate access to quality of service and priority to voice and data across the existing nationwide AT&T LTE network. Preemption for primary users over the AT&T LTE network is expected by year-end. This means fire, police, EMS and other public safety personnel will have dedicated access to the network when and where they need it – 24/7/365, like their mission.

"Governor McAuliffe is taking the first steps necessary to make public safety's long-awaited vision a reality. Through his leadership, the Commonwealth of Virginia will serve as an important building block for the nationwide public safety broadband network," said Chris Sambar, SVP, AT&T – FirstNet. "We take our responsibility to deliver this first-of-its-kind solution seriously. And we're honored to bring the FirstNet Network to Virginia and connect its public safety community to the life-saving technologies they deserve."

A live webcast of tomorrow's ceremonial letter signing will be available on FirstNet.gov and att.com/FirstResponderNews.

For more information on FirstNet, please visit FirstNet.gov/mediakit and att.com/FirstResponderNews. For more about the value FirstNet will bring to public safety, please visit FirstNet.com

About FirstNet
The First Responder Network Authority (FirstNet) is an independent authority within the U.S. Department of Commerce. Chartered in 2012, its mission is to ensure the building, deployment, and operation of the nationwide, broadband network that equips first responders to save lives and protect U.S. communities. Learn more at FirstNet.gov/mediakitand follow FirstNet (@FirstNetGov) on Facebook and Twitter for updates.

*About AT&T
AT&T Inc. (NYSE: T) helps millions around the globe connect with leading entertainment, business, mobile and high speed internet services. We offer the nation's best data network** and the best global coverage of any U.S. wireless provider. We're one of the world's largest providers of pay TV. We have TV customers in the U.S. and 11 Latin American countries. Nearly 3.5 million companies, from small to large businesses around the globe, turn to AT&T for our highly secure smart solutions. 

AT&T products and services are provided or offered by subsidiaries and affiliates of AT&T Inc. under the AT&T brand and not by AT&T Inc. Additional information about AT&T products and services is available at about.att.com. Follow our news on Twitter at @ATT, on Facebook at facebook.com/att and on YouTube at youtube.com/att.

Salient CRGT executive shares insights on mobility with South Carolina law enforcement agencies


FAIRFAX, Va., July 10, 2017 Today, Salient CRGT's mobility expert Martin Gillespie spoke at the South Carolina Sheriffs' Association Annual meeting in Myrtle Beach on the uses of technology in keeping law enforcement officials safe on the front lines. The conference brought together law enforcement officials and experts to discuss the latest developments in officer safety, communications, and products.

"The rapid pace of innovation in mobile technologies continues to have a tremendous positive impact on the safety of law enforcement officers on the front lines," said Martin Gillespie, Vice President of Product Development. "With increased demands on crime fighting budgets, the need for real-time decision making, and enhanced security in mobile environments, the value of secure, accurate and rapid response technology continues to prove itself as a cost-effective tool to improve officer safety. We applaud the South Carolina Sheriffs' Association and their members as they look for cost effective tools that will improve the safety of law enforcement officials on the front lines."

Gillespie is a recognized leader in the mobile application development community since 1990, and also spoke to the North Carolina Sheriffs' Association Spring Meeting, outlining the continued expansion of digital technologies and the value that innovative technology advances are bringing to the law enforcement community. His deep experience in building applications across all forms of public safety communities has given him keen insight into the various challenges that come with providing critical information technology to enforcement officials out in the field.

Gillespie and his team also provided hands-on demonstrations of Salient CRGT'S suite of Voyager™ Mobility products that have been in use for more than 15 years by thousands of mobile application users in more than 250 state, local, and federal government agencies. This leading-edge mobile technology is currently used in the states of Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, New York, New Jersey, Oklahoma, Oregon, Texas, Virginia and Washington, with availability to North Carolina and South Carolina coming soon. Voyager™ CommandTRACKER provides personnel incident, asset management, and situational awareness wherever users are deployed, whether in the office, in vehicles or on foot. Voyager™ Query for Law Enforcement provides quick, secure, and accurate access to criminal justice databases such as the FBI's National Crime Information Center, the International Justice and Public Safety Network (Nlets), and state databases. The capability to put accurate data securely in the hands of law enforcement officers and providing the ability to run a warrant right from the device saves time, money, hassle, and most importantly, lives.

For more information about Voyager™ Mobility products, or to inquire about a free demonstration, please visit http://www.salientcrgt.com/about-us/contact-us/.

About Salient CRGT
Salient CRGT provides federal civilian, defense, homeland, and intelligence agencies with expert depth in health, data analytics, cloud, agile software development, mobility, cyber security, and infrastructure solutions. We support these core capabilities with full life‐cycle IT services and training—to help our customers meet critical goals for pivotal missions. The most innovative talent delivery model in the industry, scientifically providing exactly the right people for the customers' most pressing requirements, fuels these critical capabilities. Salient CRGT has earned a record of success with integration and operations of large‐scale, high‐volume solutions. On March 1, 2017, Salient CRGT completed its acquisition of Information Innovators, Inc.– visit our newsroom. For additional information on Salient CRGT, please visit www.salientcrgt.com.

Drone maker says UAVs set to take over at border patrols, criminal hot spots

CAPE TOWN July 7, 2017 Autonomous drones are set to take over border patrols, crime hotspot monitoring and more, says South Africa'sAirborne Drones.

Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV)s, commonly known as drones, will soon be a common sight over border zones, crime hotspots and city streets, as public safety and security officials and police departments discover the cost saving and efficiencies offered by drone patrol 'armies', says Airborne Drones, a South African-based international manufacturer of enterprise-grade drones.

"Drones provide the ideal solution to the problems and limitations faced by other surveillance methods such as GPS tracking, CCTV camera observation, biometric surveillance and ground patrols," says Airborne Drones South Africa. "Aerial surveillance is increasingly being harnessed for security monitoring; but traditionally, this has been carried out using helicopters - which are costly to deploy - and with drones controlled by a user - which can be somewhat limited in terms of operating hours. However, drone surveillance does present an easier, faster, and cheaper method of data collection, as well as a number of other key advantages. Specialised security drones can enter narrow and confined spaces, produce minimal noise, and can be equipped with night vision cameras and thermal sensors, allowing them to provide imagery that the human eye is unable to detect. In addition, these UAVs can quickly cover large and difficult-to-reach areas, reducing staff numbers and costs, and do not require much space for their operators."

"Autonomous, long-range security drones are at the vanguard of new policing methods", says Airborne Drones South Africa. "Offering live video feeds to ground control stations, these drones can range autonomously over pre-programmed flight paths for extended periods of time, allowing for ongoing routine patrols across wide areas such as borders, maritime regions and high security installations. Should an incident be detected, ground crews can then follow objects or intruders from a safe distance, providing visual support to safety and security teams. UAVs can provide detailed visual documentation of sites, enabling effective analysis, risk management and security planning."

"Numerous countries are already rolling out security drones to support their public safety and defence initiatives", says Airborne Drones. UAVs are also instrumental in managing transport infrastructure safety and security and event security, from event security infrastructure through to spectator and crowd control and safety, to overall health and safety planning around the world.  

Israel has long harnessed advanced drones for military surveillance, and recently sold a fleet of so-called 'spy drones' to the Irish army; the US FBI has also used drones for surveillance and tracking for several years. In Australia, a new $50 million Defence Cooperative Research Centre will develop long-range drones, automated vehicles and robots to help Australian soldiers fight the wars of the future. India is currently looking to military-grade UAVs for maritime and other surveillance and intelligence gathering, Brazil's São Paulo last month became the first Latin American city to use drones for public security surveillance, and the German city of Hamburg this week said it would deploy surveillance drones as part of its arsenal against an expected 100,000 demonstrators at the G20 summit this weekend.

In Australia's New South Wales, the authorities are even using helicopter and drone surveillance along the coast to protect holiday makers from rip currents and sharks.

"Drones are ideally suited for reconnaissance or rapid situation awareness with application for ground force units to detect and monitor potential threats; and they also provide an additional oversight in instances where security guards are deployed to ensure their adherence to patrolling routines. Their speed, size, maneuverability and additional technologies make UAVs the perfect supplement to ground security teams seeking to perform monitoring tasks more quickly and efficiently. Drones have a competitive edge over stationary cameras, as intruders can't easily step out of sight, and they can cover areas that are normally out of reach. Security drones add a whole new dimension to surveillance, safety and security, and as such, we can expect them to be commonly in use in every country in the world within just a few years," says Airborne Drones.

Organization speaks out against Texas 'Show Me Your Papers' bill


SAN ANTONIO July 6, 2010 Today, at the 88th LULAC National Convention, leaders gathered to stand against the most controversial anti-immigrant legislation in recent years. Known as the “show me your papers” bill, SB 4 requires citizens and non-citizens alike to check their citizenship status. Taking this even further, law enforcement officials, who fail to comply with SB 4 will be fined $25,000 and face criminal charges.

“The statute is unconstitutional, and the most anti-immigrant legislation passed to date,” said LULAC National President Roger C. Rocha, Jr. “This bill will only result in the breakdown of trust between law enforcement and the community and discriminate against and victimize a vulnerable population. LULAC will continue its fight along with the ACLU, MALDEF and the cities of El Paso, Houston, San Antonio and El Cenizo."

LULAC filed the first complaint against SB 4 on behalf of El Cenizo, a small town surrounded on three sides by Mexico. El Cenizo has had a “safe haven” ordinance since 1999.

“We are the leading case in opposition to SB 4,” said LULAC General Counsel Luis Vera. “We filed it 22 hours after Governor Abbott signed the bill. The Trump administration declared war on people from Mexico and we need people of good conscience from all backgrounds to stand with us. LULAC cannot do this alone, we need the ACLU, MALDEF and other organizations to help us fight against this oppressive bill whose only purpose is to discriminate against the minority community. We have to believe that we will prevail because there is no other option for minorities in Texas.”

In addition to it being unconstitutional and a violation of federal law, SB 4 is an unfunded mandate. Once it takes effect, local law enforcement will be forced to redirect limited resources away from the community in order for innocent people to be deported.

San Antonio’s Chief of Police William McManus has been vocal about the negative impacts of SB 4. “I could talk all day about what’s wrong with it,” he said at the LULAC National Convention. “For every second that an officer spends dealing with an immigration matter, that's a second that responding to your emergency calls is lost.” He also condemned SB 4 as being a racist bill. “How else do you determine to ask someone for their papers, if not their accent or their skin color? That’s profiling in its purest form.”

El Cenizo Mayor Raul Reyes, himself, has been a victim of racial profiling. “I am an American citizen. Yet, because of the color of my skin I have been asked to show my papers. So we’re very thankful to LULAC, because any attempt that suppresses and violates human rights and civil rights is worth fighting for. We know we are on the right side of history. This is bigger than LULAC. Bigger than El Cenizo. Bigger than Texas."



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