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Beeper Communications and Kopis Mobile Form Technology Partnership to Improve Safety and Awareness for First Responders

JACKSON, Miss.-- The Mississippi Development Authority (MDA,) which is the state of Mississippi's lead economic and community development agency, and Governor Phil Bryant, this week hosted the 2018 Homeland Defense and Security Summit with a goal of fostering cross-border and bilateral cooperation between the United States and Israeli companies, and the sharing of advanced technology platforms. As a result of the Summit, Kopis Mobile, a Flowood, Mississippi company, and Beeper Communications Israel have formed a technology partnership to advance and improve safety and awareness for first responders and military personnel. This new partnership exemplifies the goal of the Summit and will result in an immediate economic impact for Israel and the State of Mississippi.

For law enforcement officials and first responder leadership, understanding a rapidly-evolving situation is critical for a timely and effective response. Live video has become the preferred method for building this awareness, but is hindered by two major challenges: lack of cameras in the ideal locations, and overwhelmed communications links. The Beeper-Kopis partnership directly eliminates these problems through a network of tactically-deployed cameras that actively seek the best available communications route. Beeper and Kopis now offer this integrated system to interested government agencies.

Beeper Communications is a leading provider of advanced SD WAN communications platforms, early warning and alert technologies and other wireless solutions. Beeper attended the Summit as part of an Israeli delegation with the International Defense Cooperation Directorate of the Israel Ministry of Defense - SIBAT, (IMOD). Israel is known around the world for its pioneering, operationally-proven defense systems. SIBAT facilitates international cooperation through its various services facilitating B2B and B2G relationships. SIBAT works closely with the Mississippi Development Authority and the Governor's office to facilitate and promote business between the State of Israel and Mississippi. 

The Beeper IE 5000 SD WAN Cellular Bonder, is a Comprehensive Communications Device (CCD,) delivering high capacity wireless broadband connectivity. It provides a "network in a box" that actively and dynamically analyzes and profiles existing cellular (3G, 4G, LTE, etc.) networks for capacity and availability. It identifies the four most available channels (regardless of frequency), aggregates that capacity, then bonds the four channels into one high-capacity Virtual Private Network (VPN) which is securely managed by the end user.

Kopis Mobile provides electronic products and mobile applications for LAN (Local Area Network) communications for public safety and military users.  Kopis is the fastest growing technology company in Mississippi, and number 384 on the INC 5000 Fastest Growing Private Companies list. Kopis Mobile designs and deploys Networked Tactical Television (NTtv) for the personnel on scene or responding to an incident. NTtv is a first-person video sharing system which connects to any type of camera and allows any team member to view multiple video streams by simply swiping the screen of any smart device that is wirelessly connected to the system (e.g. iOS, Android). NTtv can be body worn, put in vehicles, buildings, and ships, connected to certain unmanned aerial systems, put on dogs, robots or connected to stand alone devices like day/night thermal cameras.

The integration with Beeper's SD WAN (Software Defined Wide Area Network) multi-channel bonder, will now allow command and control concerns to also access video, voice and data communications from anywhere without limitation. Kopis will provide the local "inter-connection" among users, while Beeper will now provide the "intra-communications" and backhaul for the combined system, which will greatly enhance access, common operational picture and situational awareness for state agencies and leadership.  

The Beeper system is fully backward compatible, frequency/device agnostic and ideal for the transmission of low-latency (less than one-half of a second), analog and digital, real-time data and video from the field to the command center, anywhere in the world. The system provides untethered mobility in the most challenging environments. Additionally, by integrating the SD WAN Cellular Bonder with the Kopis system creates a highly scalable solution, as multiple feeds for any, data and video can be daisy chained through the Bonder, leveraging other existing PD/SWAT/MIL assets. 

Each company already deploys their technologies globally. Most recently, Beeper has completed projects with Police Departments in Baltimore, Maryland and Houston, Texas. Kopis Mobile customers include each branch of the U.S. military and multiple civilian first responder agencies.

"The Beeper solution is unique and we were very pleased to find such a complementary technology to enhance our platforms for public safety communications. The integration of our two platforms will provide an even more comprehensive and cost-effective solution for our law enforcement customers to enhance their situational awareness," stated Dr. Henry Jones, co-founder of Kopis Mobile. "We can see the direct impact that the cooperation between our companies will have to create new high-tech jobs at Kopis and for the State of Mississippi as we expand the initial pilot and develop our complete solution."

"I am extremely pleased with the welcoming atmosphere and open exchange of ideas that the Governor, the Mississippi Development Authority and SIBAT provided throughout the Summit. I am even more pleased to have entered into our agreement with Kopis, as they are exactly the kind of partner we look for as we further commercialize our solution and deploy for U.S. LEA and Military. We will be starting our collaboration immediately and look forward to providing enhanced capabilities for the State of Mississippi," stated Moshe Levinson, SVP Business Development and Special Situations for Beeper Communications.

The companies expect to begin their first technical integration and deployments in April 2018.

For more information:
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IE 5000
SD WAN Multi Channel Bonder

First person video sharing System


SOURCE Kopis Mobile

Guardian Alliance Technologies - a Leader in Public Safety Background Software - Announces the Launch of a New Investigations Division: Guardian Alliance Investigations LLC

STOCKTON, Calif., March 15, 2018 -- Guardian Alliance Technologies Inc., developers of the award-winning Guardian background investigations software system, has announced the launch of "Guardian Alliance Investigations," further expanding its product and service offerings. Guardian Alliance Investigations recruits former law enforcement and firefighter personnel to conduct world-class, public safety background investigations in accordance with P.O.S.T. requirements utilizing the Guardian software system. The addition of Guardian Alliance Investigations makes Guardian Alliance Technologies Inc. a centralized hub for public safety organizations in need of California P.O.S.T.-mandated background investigations.

According to Guardian's President, Justin Biedinger, "The Guardian software system dramatically improves the background investigation process required during the hiring of law enforcement personnel; and with the addition of the investigations division, client agencies can now assign investigations to internal investigators or to a Guardian investigator depending upon their workload and needs."

Guardian Alliance Investigations is led by Director of Investigations Steven D. Ward, an 11-year public safety background investigator and licensed private investigator since 1986. Biedinger states, "Mr. Ward's years of specialized experience in the investigative space, attention to detail and organizational capabilities make him perfectly suited for the role."

Prior to joining Guardian, Steven D. Ward built a successful public safety investigations agency in Santa Cruz, Montereyand Santa Clara counties. In addition to being an expert in public safety investigations, Steven has a Computer Forensics Certification through California State University, Fullerton. Ward's extensive private investigation experience is a natural fit with the Guardian Alliance team out of Stockton, California.

Guardian Alliance Investigations offers investigative services to public service institutions throughout the state of California, with regional investigators working to build relationships with clients and to understand each department's culture. Ward says, "Each department has its own culture. We will understand that culture and aim to vet and place personnel in positions of high trust who understand and can nurture, compliment and preserve those relationships." Currently, Guardian's software is available to any public service institution in the country and the company will eventually offer investigation services nationwide.

The law enforcement industry suffers greatly from the absence of a centralized investigation resource. Guardian believes their software system, in conjunction with Guardian Alliance Investigations, fills a vital void for all phases of the applicant-screening process. For law enforcement agencies that are using Guardian's software, whenever a thorough investigation is required for an applicant, a supervisor can now set up a new applicant and then assign that investigation to an internal investigator or to an investigator at Guardian Alliance Investigations while enjoying no disruption to their ability to monitor the work being done. This is completely unique to Guardian's offering and not available anywhere else in the industry.

Steven Ward sees the Guardian brand being instrumental to the future of the public safety background industry. "Guardian will revolutionize the way public safety backgrounds are assigned, worked and reported," Ward said. When asked what the biggest challenges are with the investigations process, Ward admitted: "There is no sharing of information about an applicant between agencies. One agency may not even be aware that an applicant has failed the background investigation for another agency. This has to stop, and for agencies using the Guardian system, it does." Ward further revealed: "Since there are 17 separate areas that background investigators are checking for each applicant, the sharing of information between agencies becomes essential to the integrity of the investigative process." With Guardian's two divisions operating as an industry resource for all aspects of the investigative process, the company believes it can shorten a typical, 60-day investigation cycle down to just four weeks - saving time and valuable resources that agencies can re-allocate for other, essential uses. Ward said, "Since multiple agencies are often competing for the same personnel, it's a race to get the applicant vetted timely, so they can be offered a conditional offer of employment. Guardian will help them win that race."

Utilizing its turnkey, cloud-based software-solution, Guardian enables many processes to be automated, allowing for the immediate sharing of an applicant's progress between the supervisor and the investigators. This keeps the integrity of the investigative process safely secured. Ward also envisions Guardian as becoming pivotal in raising the bar of excellence among background investigators everywhere. The technology and tools that Guardian offers create a standardized and customizable format which investigators can quickly implement to ensure the background investigations they perform meet all the state and department criteria and meet the highest standards for thoroughness and completeness.

This standardized checklist also holds investigators accountable, ensuring consistency, quality and accuracy as they perform their investigative work. With so much weighing on the vetting, hiring, training and eventual placement of qualified law enforcement personnel, it is essential that background investigations be done professionally, thoroughly and in an expert manner. Guardian created its software solution to expedite and organize this process, ultimately lending to better hiring processes and greater public safety. The Guardian software and investigative solution also help minimize the backlog of background investigations being performed by agencies that already have over-extended resources.

While Guardian hopes to cut down on the extensive time required for the investigative process, their objective is to continue raising the standard of a thoroughly conducted investigation. As the company seeks to upgrade the outdated processes that exist within the public safety background process, it pledges to work steadfastly to maintain the integrity and raise the standards of the industry.

Media Contact Information
Ryan Layne
Guardian Alliance Technologies, Inc
[email protected]
800.573.5950 Ext. 136

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SOURCE Guardian Alliance Technologies

FleetWatch Systems Partners With LifeSaver to Launch Its Newest Fleet Safety Program to Target Distracted Driving

FleetWatch Systems and LifeSavertoday announced a new initiative to combat distracted driving among commercial drivers who, with disproportionately long hours on the road and high mileages, are at particular risk of involvement in serious accidents. 2017 saw a significant 7.2 percent increase in U.S. traffic accidents, bringing the number of resulting deaths to more than 35,000. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration experts estimate that one in 10 traffic fatalities are caused by distracted driving. FleetWatch Systems and LifeSaver, leaders in fleet road safety, are tackling the issue of distracted driving head-on with the launch of Cell Restrict, which allows fleet managers to monitor cell phone use and ensure that their companies' driving safety policies are being properly followed.

"Making or receiving cell phone calls can take any driver's attention off the road with sometimes tragic results," said FleetWatch principal Darryl Tolentino. "No less than 38 percent of calls made to our 1-800 call center are reporting commercial drivers who are distracted by their phones, so we know this is a real problem."

Building on LifeSaver's proven success in changing driver behavior, Cell Restrict extends LifeSaver's distracted driving solution to FleetWatch's extensive customer base, ensuring a significant positive impact on overall road safety.

Tolentino continued, "Last year's terrifying collision statistics serve as an overdue wake-up call and our corporate and fleet customers have been desperately looking for enhanced safety measures. Cell Restrict now offers them an efficient yet cost-effective means of monitoring their drivers' safety and cutting the risk of distracted driving accidents."

LifeSaver co-founder Ted Chen also expects to see positive results from Cell Restrict's launch. "Given FleetWatch's leadership in fleet safety and risk management for almost 30 years, our partnership provides a great opportunity to solve the distracted driving problem for a significant number of commercial drivers throughout North America."

More information about Cell Restrict is available at or 1-800-515-9902.

About FleetWatch Systems

Creator of the original and industry-leading 1-800 How's My Driving program, FleetWatch Systems offers a comprehensive portfolio of fleet safety risk management programs which are used by thousands of companies in both the United States and Canada to improve driver behavior, reduce risk and mitigate vicarious liability exposure. FleetWatch Systems is a privately held corporation based in Vancouver, British Columbia, and New York. For more information, visit

About LifeSaver

LifeSaver is the top-rated mobile app solution for distracted driving, combined with B2B subscription services for enterprise reporting. We provide fleet operators and auto insurers with the tools they need to reduce collisions caused by cell phone-related distracted driving, an epidemic responsible for more than 25 percent of U.S. auto collisions and annual insurance claims in excess of $30 billion. LifeSaver's patented solution has been validated by over 20 million miles of driving. Most importantly, the LifeSaver platform is changing the culture of distracted driving. LifeSaver is privately held and based in the San Francisco Bay Area. For more information, visit

President Donald J. Trump is Taking Immediate Actions to Secure Our Schools

President Donald J. Trump is making sure our schools are safe and secure, just like our airports, stadiums, and government buildings.

  • President Trump’s Administration will assist States to train specially qualified school personnel on a voluntary basis.
    • • Department of Justice (DOJ) assistance programs will be leveraged to enable schools to partner with State and local law enforcement to provide firearms training for school personnel.
    • • The Administration will support the transition of military veterans and retired law enforcement into new careers in education.
  • • The Administration will encourage States’ Attorneys General to audit school district compliance with State emergency preparedness activities.
  • • Federal agencies, including the Department of Homeland Security, will partner with States and localities to support a public awareness campaign modeled on “See Something, Say Something” to encourage awareness and reporting of suspicious activity.

STRENGTHENING BACKGROUND CHECKS AND PREVENTION: President Trump supports legislation and reforms to strengthen background checks and law enforcement operations.

  • • President Trump’s Administration is calling on every State to adopt Extreme Risk Protection Orders (ERPOs).
    • • The President is directing the Department of Justice to provide technical assistance to States, at their request, on establishing and implementing ERPOs.
    • • ERPOs allow law enforcement, with approval from a court, to remove firearms from individuals who are a demonstrated threat to themselves or others and temporarily to prevent individuals from purchasing new firearms.
    • • ERPOs should be carefully tailored to ensure the due process rights of law-abiding citizens are protected.
  • • President Trump supports improving the National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS). The President supports the legislative framework introduced by Senators Cornyn and Murphy that will help improve the accuracy and effectiveness of NICS.
    • • The Cornyn-Murphy bill will hold Federal agencies more accountable for reporting information to NICS and will incentivize States to improve their reporting to the system.
  • • The President supports the framework of the STOP School Violence Act, which provides for State-based grants to implement evidence-based violence prevention programs.
    • • Grants will provide States with funds for training, technology, and technical assistance to help schools identify and prevent violent acts.
  • • The Administration requests that Congress provide funding in 2018 to jump start implementation of this evidence-based program in middle and high schools nationwide.
  • • The President’s Administration will audit and make accountability improvements to the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s (FBI) tip line, and will promote its use.
  • • DOJ will provide emergency and crisis training for local law enforcement.

MENTAL HEALTH REFORM: President Trump is proposing an expansion and reform of mental health programs, including those that help identify and treat individuals who may be a threat to themselves or others.

  • • The President is proposing increased integration of mental health, primary care, and family services, as well as support for programs that utilize court-ordered treatment.
  • • The President is calling for a review of the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), and other statutory and regulatory privacy protections.
    • • Reviews will determine if any changes or clarifications are needed to improve coordination between mental health and other healthcare professionals, school officials, and law enforcement personnel.

INVESTIGATION: In addition to these immediate actions, President Trump is establishing a Federal Commission on School Safety chaired by Secretary Betsy DeVos and will recommend policy and funding proposals for school violence prevention. 

  • President Trump’s Administration will establish a Federal commission, chaired by Secretary DeVos, to address school safety and the culture of violence.
  • While the Administration is taking immediate action on school safety, the Federal commission will develop a process to evaluate and make recommendations on school safety.
  • The commission will study and make recommendations on the following areas of focus:
    • • Age restrictions for certain firearm purchases.
    • • Existing entertainment rating systems and youth consumption of violent entertainment.
    • • Strategies to advance the science and practice of character development in youth and a culture of connectedness.
    • • Effects of press coverage of mass shootings.
    • • Repeal of the Obama Administration’s “Rethink School Discipline” policies.
    • • Best practices for school buildings and campus security from Federal Government components, including the Department of State’s Bureau of Diplomatic Security, and also from other State, local, and private sector sources.
    • • A plan for integration and coordination of Federal resources focused on prevention and mitigation of active shooter incidents at schools.
    • • Opportunities to improve access to mental health treatment, including through efforts that raise awareness about mental illness and the effectiveness of treatment, reduce barriers to the recruitment of mental health professionals, and provide training related to violence prevention.
    • • Best practices for school-based threat assessment and violence prevention strategies.
    • • The effectiveness and appropriateness of psychotropic medication for treatment of troubled youth.
    • • Ensuring that findings are sufficiently supported by existing and additional Federal, State, and local funding sources.

CISO Leadership Summit: Innovative Cybersecurity Technologies and Techniques Will Drive the Discussion at HMG Strategy's Upcoming Event for Security Leaders in New York

NEW YORK -- As the increase and complexity of cyber-attacks has soared in recent months, it's become evident that traditional reactive approaches to protecting the enterprise are no longer sufficient. Progressive Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs) recognize that they must embrace proactive, innovative approaches to securing the enterprise and clearly communicate the rationale for these tactics to the CEO and the board of directors. The courageous leadership qualities needed by CISOs to reimagine and reinvent information security practices will be the top themes that will be discussed at the upcoming 2018 New York CISO Executive Leadership Summit, produced by HMG Strategy, to be held on April 5, 2018 at the Grand Hyatt New York in New York, NY.

"As bad actors continue to apply increasingly sophisticated electronic warfare techniques, cyber teams need to make use of cutting-edge technologies and methods to better understand cyber criminals and proactively defend the enterprise," said Hunter Muller, HMG Strategy's President & CEO. "CISOs and information security leaders that embrace innovation and partner with the CEO and the board position themselves to transform their organization's cybersecurity strategies."

The New York CISO Executive Leadership Summit will kick-off with a compelling executive panel discussion featuring Jeffrey W. Brown, Chief Security and Risk Officer, Investment Management, BNY Mellon; Mignona Cote, Global Head of Identity and Access Management, AIG; Frank Price, VP & CISO, CVS Health; and John Repko, CIO, Johnson Controls. These executives will discuss their roles in leading transformational cybersecurity strategies for their organizations along with best practices for working closely with fellow executives to protect the enterprise.

Other captivating sessions will include an executive keynote by SecurityScorecard CEO and Co-Founder Aleksandr Yampolskiy who will share his insights on the current state of third-party risks along with the benefits of applying intelligent IP attribution in risk management; an executive briefing given by Asheem Chandna, Partner, Greylock Partners; an executive panel that will examine how emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence/machine learning and behavioral analytics offer information security teams faster and more effective ways to detect malicious behavior; a panel of leading search executives who will share recommendations for CISOs to elevate their personal brands and accelerate their career ascent; an executive interview with Edward Amoroso, Founder & CEO, TAG Cyber LLC; a set of executive roundtable working groups that will enable attendees to brainstorm with their peers on top challenges and opportunities, including must-have communication strategies for the board of directors, gamification and employee security awareness, and digital disruption; followed by an executive panel that will focus on how to foster innovation while leveraging security as a competitive advantage.

Distinguished speakers at the summit will include:

  • Lookman Fazal, CTO & CISO, Argo Turboserve Corporation
  • Israel Martinez, Chairman, Global Manufacturing ISAO & CEO, Axon Global
  • Shamla Naidoo, Global CISO, IBM Corporation
  • Dr. Robert Zandoli, Global CISO, BUNGE LTD.

Presenting Partners for the New York Summit include SecurityScorecard. Platinum Partners include Datalink, an Insight Company. Gold Partners include enSilo. The Digital Cybersecurity Partner of the Year includes SecurityScorecard. Strategic Partners include Egon Zehnder, Heidrick & Struggles, Korn Ferry, Russell Reynolds Associates, and Spencer Stuart. Alliance Partners include Amplify Partners, Glynn Capital, Greylock Partners, Lightspeed Venture Partners, and Sequoia.

To visit the New York summit website and register for the event, click here.  

About HMG Strategy
HMG Strategy is the world's largest independent and most trusted provider of executive networking events and thought leadership to support the 360-degree needs of technology leaders. Our regional CIO and CISO Executive Leadership Series, newsletters, authored books, and online Resource Center deliver proprietary research on leadership, innovation, transformation, and career ascent.

The HMG Strategy global network consists of over 300,000 senior IT executives, industry experts and world-class thought leaders. HMG Strategy's exclusive CIO and CISO Executive Leadership Alliance (CELA) program provides top-tier technology executives with unparalleled peer-to-peer off-the-record straight talk to strengthen their decision-making capabilities and accelerate their career ascent. The CELA program is complemented by the CELA Executive Decision Support services (EDS) which connects enterprise technology executives with their contemporaries who are able to offer their expertise, practical experience, and insights in disciplines ranging from effective C-suite communication strategies to crafting successful 1-3-5-year technology roadmaps.

Additionally, our partnerships with the world's leading search firms provide vital insights into the evolving roles of the CIO and CISO.

The HMG Strategy CIO Executive Leadership Series offers a completely unique experience for IT executives to gain the latest insights and best practices for driving increased business value through the use of IT, and build invaluable relationships with peers and industry experts. The HMG Strategy CISO Executive Leadership Series is designed to provide information security leaders with the insights and best practices they need to tackle the most pressing cyber security challenges facing the enterprise today and going forward.

For more information on joining the strongest executive leadership network and exploring our independent, forward-thinking thought leadership platform, please visit


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State Of Maryland To Assess The Reliability And Security Of Its 911 Network Infrastructure

STATE COLLEGE, Pa. -- Mission Critical Partners (MCP), a leading provider of consulting and co-managed services for mission-critical infrastructure, along with partner SecuLore Solutions, a Maryland-based cyber security company focused on public safety, has been selected to complete a dynamic 911 network discovery for all public safety answering points (PSAPs) in the state of Maryland. A second component of the project is to complete an in-depth cyber security evaluation of its PSAPs with the goal of protecting them against external and internal threats.

The project will generate greater visibility into Maryland's 911 infrastructure, applications and databases, which are growing in complexity and sophistication as the state transitions to Next Generation 911 (NG911), a broadband, internet-protocol (IP)-based system that enables the transmission of real-time text, images, video and voice calls. While this transition brings tremendous benefits, such as the potential for faster and more efficient emergency response, it also creates increased risks that PSAPs must understand and actively manage to protect against intentional and unintentional threats. For example, in the last 24 months alone, 145 cyber incidents have affected public safety agencies in 43 states.

MCP and SecuLore Solutions will provide the following tasks on behalf of the Maryland Emergency Number Systems Board (ENSB):

  • Complete a dynamic network and asset discovery to create an up-to-date infrastructure and asset database that reveals single points of failure, vulnerabilities and security risks
  • Analyze the future need for PSAPs to proactively protect their networks while migrating to NG911 technology
  • Execute an in-depth cyber security evaluation called CyberBenchmark™ to determine the PSAPs level of risk

"We support Maryland's vision to be confident in the security, information and documentation surrounding its 911 infrastructure," said Kevin Murray, MCP's chief executive officer and cofounder. "Taking this proactive approach will help them be better prepared for their upcoming transition to NG911, and safeguard against threats that could disable them or interrupt their ability to serve the citizens of Maryland."

"As evidenced by the cyber-attacks we've seen across the country, we know legacy systems are at risk, and in moving to an all IP NG911 system, there are new and different vulnerabilities for which public safety will need to be prepared," said Tim Lorello, SecuLore Solution's chief executive officer and president. "We are proud to support our state's effort to take this important step in getting PSAPs and their IT teams the cybersecurity resources they need."

The PSAPs supported by the Maryland ENSB serve more than 6 million residents and visitors and process more than 5 million emergency calls annually.

About Mission Critical Partners (MCP)

Mission Critical Partners (MCP) is a professional and co-managed services firm that helps clients enhance and evolve their public safety systems and operations through our extensive experience, knowledge and resources. By providing insight and support every step of the way, our clients are able to transform their mission critical operations, maximizing the value of their investments and ensuring optimal performance and success. Additional information and career opportunities are available at

About SecuLore Solutions

SecuLore Solutions is a cyber security company focused on public safety. Combining public safety knowledge with deep cyber security expertise, SecuLore's technology is inspired by an understanding of how hackers operate, which provides unique perspectives to better thwart cyber attackers. Based upon FCC, DHS & NIST best practices, SecuLore provides cybersecurity services including Paladin™, CyberBenchmark™, cybersecurity training, and free webinars – all focused on empowering public safety agencies and their IT teams to better safeguard our 911 network and resources. To learn more, visit

SOURCE Mission Critical Partners

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CNC Technologies Deploys Custom Airborne Mission Suite for Ontario Police Department


LOS ANGELES -- CNC Technologies, an aviation technology and wireless communications company serving the law enforcement, military and government markets, announced today its selection by the Ontario Police Department to deploy an airborne mission suite for the Department's Air Support Unit.  Custom developed to support the Ontario PD's multi-faceted mission profile, the new solution enables real time transmission of HD video and data to fixed and mobile receive sites across the Southern California region.

CNC is leading all aspects of the project, which includes design, integration, officer training and ongoing 24/7 service and support.  The new system incorporates state of the art image capture, transmission and receive technologies while also providing full interoperability with existing infrastructure and with the technology assets of regional partners.  Additional functionality comes via an augmented reality-equipped moving map system, which enables air crews to overlay critical information such as street names and addresses on top of live video feeds.

"CNC Technologies brings unparalleled expertise developing and supporting robust airborne law enforcement and counterterrorism solutions for major metropolitan operators," said Sergeant Steve Valvo at the Ontario PD.  "We are pleased to partner with them on this new solution, which brings additional performance and capability to our airborne law enforcement and public safety efforts.  CNC's always-on support structure will also help ensure we're operating the system at maximum efficiency."  

"The Ontario Police Department is crucial to the Southern California law enforcement community and we are honored to assist them in their public safety mission," said Ron Magocsi, managing partner at CNC.  "The new mission suite's flexible configuration is designed to provide best-in-class-functionality and user experience along with the ability to easily upgrade the system when new technologies become available."

CNC Technologies can deploy any level of solution from implementing a real-time microwave downlink capability to building out a nationwide counterterrorism network encompassing aircraft, ground-based receive sites, imaging platforms and encrypted communications systems for sovereign state clients.  The CNC Technologies team also has extensive experience supporting Urban Area Security Initiative (UASI) projects funded by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.

About CNC Technologies

CNC Technologies is an aviation technology and wireless communications company serving the law enforcement, government and military markets. Providing custom aerial surveillance, data transmission and counterterrorism solutions, the CNC team brings decades of experience deploying local, national and global communications networks for the world's most demanding operators. CNC works with clients around the globe, delivering customized mission suite solutions tailored to match each organization's specific mission requirements and backed by unparalleled 24/7 service and support.  The company is online at

Babette Schrank
CNC Technologies
[email protected]


SOURCE CNC Technologies

Raytheon, NOAA win Aviation Week Laureate award for unmanned hurricane tracker


WASHINGTON, March 2, 2018 -- Raytheon Company (NYSE: RTN) and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration received Aviation Week magazine's prestigious Laureate award for using the Raytheon Coyote® unmanned aerial vehicle to provide near-real-time, potentially life-saving data during hurricanes.

Developed for the military, Coyote is a small, expendable UAV that's air- or ground-launched into environments too dangerous for manned aircraft. The system can fly for more than an hour and up to 50 miles from its host aircraft.

"Weather forecasters are able to better understand storm behavior and improve hurricane models based on the real-time information provided by our Coyotes," said Dr. Thomas Bussing, Raytheon vice president of Advanced Missile Systems. "Coyote UAVs are collecting and delivering robust storm data that could ultimately save lives."

Last year, NOAA researchers deployed six Coyote UAVs to track and model Hurricane Maria. Launched from a NOAA WP-3D Orion hurricane hunter aircraft, the Coyotes flew directly into the storm, giving researchers an unprecedented view of Maria.

Traditional weather instruments are dropped from planes and capture only a snapshot of storm behavior, but Coyote's winged design allowed it to linger and return to key areas of a hurricane to gather more data and transmit it near-real-time to researchers.  

"We think unmanned technologies that explore dangerous and difficult to observe regions of the storm may improve our physical understanding, provide enhanced situational awareness and might ultimately improve the accuracy of hurricane intensity forecasts in the future," said Dr. Joseph Cione, a hurricane researcher at NOAA's Atlantic Oceanographic and Meteorological Laboratory and principal investigator of NOAA's Coyote project. "The Coyotes we deployed in Hurricane Maria collected critical, continuous observations in the lower part of the hurricane, an area impossible to reach with manned aircraft."

The Coyote UAV was first deployed in 2014, when NOAA launched four of the systems into Hurricane Edouard, a Category 3 storm. Scientists on board the aircraft collected meteorological data in both the eye of the storm and the surrounding eye wall.

About Raytheon
Raytheon Company, with 2017 sales of $25 billion and 64,000 employees, is a technology and innovation leader specializing in defense, civil government and cybersecurity solutions. With a history of innovation spanning 96 years, Raytheon provides state-of-the-art electronics, mission systems integration, C5I™ products and services, sensing, effects, and mission support for customers in more than 80 countries. Raytheon is headquartered in Waltham, Massachusetts. Follow us on Twitter.

Media Contacts
Cecelia Fresh
[email protected]

SOURCE Raytheon Company

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Orolia supplied the latest generation Rescue Coordination Center to Haiti Civil Aviation Authorities

Washington DC, 26 February, 2018 – Orolia, through its McMurdo Brand, the most trusted name in emergency readiness and response, announced the supply of a tested Rescue Coordination System - called RCCNet - to Haiti National Civil Aviation Authority (OFNAC). The system will receive COSPAS- SARSAT data and RCCNet will serve as an integral emergency response tool for incident management, enhancing real time situa onal awareness and planning effective rescue coordination operations.

The worldwide proven RCCNet by Orolia has been installed at the OFNAC site in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. OFNAC is responsible for the regulation of the civil avia on safety in Haiti, ensuring all related national norms and regula ons meet international aviation safety requirements.

The Rescue Coordina on Center solution for OFNAC consists of a software (RCCNet) for rescue coordination and advanced ergonomic worksta ons. The system will be maintained by McMurdo experts monitoring its performance and providing further system upgrades.

Paul Zweers, Vice President Systems and Solutions Business Line, said: “We are very proud to provide the Hai an Civil Avia on Authority with our RCCNet solution, using innovative and lifesaving technology, and thus provide OFNAC a resilient collaborative emergency response management platform and help saving more lives.”

This successful RCCNet installa on is a significant step forward in preventing incidents and providing critical support to search and rescue opera ons in Haiti.

McMurdo is the global leader in MEOSAR satellite technology with the only end-to-end solutions for search and rescue from distress beacons to satellite ground infrastructure to mission control centers and rescue coordination centers. Half of the world’s MEOSAR satellite ground infrastructure has been installed by McMurdo as well as the manufacture of 25 percent of the world’s 500,000 registered beacons.

About Orolia

Orolia is the world leader in resilient posi oning, naviga on and ming (PNT) solu ons that improve the reliability, performance and safety of critical, remote or high-risk operations. Through its leading brands, McMurdo, Kannad, Netwave, SARBE, Spectracom and Spectra me, Orolia has locations in more than 100 countries worldwide. With exper se in mari me, defense and space applica ons, Orolia provides virtually fail-safe GPS/GNSS and PNT products and solu ons for its customers’ most mission-critical needs.

Systems & Solu ons Marke ng Manager Ekaterina Sokolova [email protected]
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LRAD® Corporation Receives $1.0 Million International Defense Order

LRAD Corporation (NASDAQ: LRAD), the world’s leading provider of acoustic hailing devices (“AHDs”), advanced mass notification systems, and distributed recipient solutions today announced a $1.0 million order for LRAD 100X and LRAD 450XL AHDs from an international defense department. The man-portable and vehicle-mounted communication systems will be used for both training and operational deployments.

“LRAD was selected after a competitive tender and extensive testing, due to its superior intelligibility, proven performance, and exceptional broadcast range,” noted Richard S. Danforth, Chief Executive Officer of LRAD Corporation. “This order continues the trend of significant LRAD procurements by U.S. and international defense forces.”

LRAD systems broadcast audible, voice messages and warning tones with incomparable clarity from close range out to 5.5 kilometers. LRAD’s advanced driver and waveguide technology ensures every broadcast is clearly heard and understood over background noise. From the rugged, lightweight LRAD 100X to larger systems temporarily or permanently mounted on vehicles, vessels, and helicopters, LRAD systems increase the communication capabilities and operational effectiveness of defense forces.

About LRAD Corporation

The Company’s proprietary Long Range Acoustic Devices®, advanced ONE VOICE® mass notification systems, and innovative Genasys™ mass messaging solutions are designed to enable users to safely hail and warn, inform and direct, prevent misunderstandings, determine intent, establish large safety zones, resolve uncertain situations, and save lives. LRAD systems are in service in more than 70 countries around the world in diverse applications including mass notification and public address, fixed and mobile defense deployments, homeland, border, critical infrastructure, maritime, oil & gas, and port security, public safety, law enforcement and emergency responder communications, asset protection, and wildlife control and preservation. For more information, please visit

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