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Alcoa awarded up to $50 million contract from U.S. Army to advance combat vehicles

New York, NY, March 3 - Lightweight metals leader Alcoa has been awarded a five-year contract from the U.S. Army worth up to $50 million for R&D projects focused on developing innovative, lightweighting solutions for ground combat vehicles. The U.S. Army Tank Automotive Research, Development and Engineering Center (TARDEC) awarded Alcoa Defense a "Ground Vehicle Light-Weighting" contract to support efforts to accelerate technology research and development and provide engineering solutions for Department of Defense ground vehicles and intelligent ground systems.

“This agreement with TARDEC builds on Alcoa Defense’s decades-long partnership with the U.S. Army to advance military ground vehicles,” said Eric Roegner, President of Alcoa Defense. “Alcoa’s lightweight solutions have improved troop protection while reducing vehicle weight and assembly time. We look forward to building on our successful track record to help develop the next generation combat vehicle.”

Alcoa’s first “work directive,” or project funded under the contract, is an initiative to advance Alcoa-developed aluminum weld wire alloys. These alloys have already been proven to increase the strength of welded joints—typically the weakest point on a vehicle—as well as reduce corrosion of those welded joints on combat vehicles. Under potential future work directives, Alcoa will provide material research, development, engineering, testing, and evaluation efforts related to ground vehicle lightweighting. These research and development efforts will address various technologies associated with lightweighting such as aluminum forming technology, fastening and joining, modeling and simulation, armor development, material development, material fabrication, energy conservation, and coating and corrosion technology.

A Strong Track Record

Alcoa has built a strong track record of partnering with the U.S. Army to develop solutions that advance the performance of ground combat vehicles. In 2013, Alcoa announced a joint Alcoa-U.S. Army Research Laboratory (ARL) initiative to manufacture the world’s biggest single-piece forged aluminum hull for combat vehicles—the largest closed die forging ever made. This game-changing forging replaces the lower hull of a combat vehicle, significantly improving survivability over traditional welded hulls. In Army testing, the monohull has performed exceptionally well in mitigating the effects of blast events, such as those caused by Improvised Explosive Devices.

In 2005, the U.S. Army Tank-Automotive and Armaments Command (TACOM) awarded Alcoa a research, development and engineering contract to develop aluminum structures for ground combat and tactical vehicles under the Army Lightweight Structures Initiative. Alcoa delivered structural solutions that provided on average 30 to 50 percent weight savings over baseline designs.

About Alcoa

A global leader in lightweight metals technology, engineering and manufacturing, Alcoa innovates multi-material solutions that advance our world. Our technologies enhance transportation, from automotive and commercial transport to air and space travel, and improve industrial and consumer electronics products. We enable smart buildings, sustainable food and beverage packaging, high-performance defense vehicles across air, land and sea, deeper oil and gas drilling and more efficient power generation. We pioneered the aluminum industry over 125 years ago, and today, our more than 60,000 people in 30 countries deliver value-add products made of titanium, nickel and aluminum, and produce best-in-class bauxite, alumina and primary aluminum products. 

Alcoa has been a partner and supplier to the military for decades, enabling high-performance defense vehicles across air, land and sea. It is part of the Company’s innovative value-add business. 


The U.S. Army Tank Automotive Research, Development and Engineering Center (TARDEC) develops, integrates and sustains the right technology solutions for all manned and unmanned Department of Defense ground vehicle systems and combat service support equipment to improve the effectiveness of our armed forces and provide superior capabilities for our future armed forces. Headquartered at the U.S. Army Detroit Arsenal in Warren, Mich., TARDEC is a major research, development and engineering center for the Army Materiel Command’s Research, Development and Engineering Command, and is an enterprise partner in the TACOM LCMC.

SATELLITE 2016 exhibition opens March 8 with more than 350 companies, solutions, technologies

Rockville, MD – March 8 - SATELLITE 2016 opens its Exhibit Hall to more than 13,000 attendees at the Gaylord National Convention Center in National Harbor, MD. The industry exhibition, running from Tuesday, March 8 to Thursday, March 10, spans over 80,000 square feet and features more than 350 exhibiting companies, both new and returning.

SATELLITE Exhibition marks its 35th anniversary with record-breaking attendance. “We’re up nearly ten percent in registrations for this massive gathering of innovation, technology, services, and equipment, reflecting new space-based solutions and applications to challenges and opportunities resident in the always-evolving world satellite marketplace,” said Conference Chairman, Scott Chase.

Top satellite companies are expected to release information on new products today. At the “Innovation Theater” in booth #150, two companies will conduct real-time presentations of their technologies for a live audience tomorrow. Additionally, on the outdoor patio, a number of exhibitors will demo their latest products in outdoor exhibits.

The SATELLITE Exhibit Hall will remain open during the following hours:

  • Tuesday, March 8 | 10:30 a.m. – 5:45 p.m.
  • Wednesday, March 9 | 9:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.
  • Thursday, March 10 | 9:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.

SATELLITE 2016 is taking place March 7-10, 2016 at the Gaylord National Convention Center in National Harbor, MD, located at 201 Waterfront St, National Harbor, MD 20745.

About SATELLITE 2016
Produced by the Access Intelligence aerospace group, SATELLITE 2016 has communications solutions for every end-user of satellite communications and serves all satellite markets including: commercial, enterprise, broadcast, broadband, scientific research, maritime, global imagery, climate observation, academia, data analytics, military, emergency response, telecommunications and civil space. The SATELLITE Conference and Exhibition, which takes place March 7-10, 2016 at the Gaylord National Convention Center in National Harbor, MD, attracts more than 13,000 delegates from 100 countries and features more than 350 exhibiting companies, plus a full conference program led by more than 300 experts and innovators in satellite communications.

Inmarsat C celebrates 25 years saving lives at sea

March - Inmarsat has marked the 25th anniversary of Inmarsat C by revealing that more than 600 distress alerts from vessels in urgent need were broadcast over the service in 2015.

The disclosure demonstrates how the decision made by IMO administrations requiring all ships of more than 300 gross tons to be fitted with a Global Maritime Distress and Safety System (GMDSS) remains pivotal in protecting lives at sea.

Inmarsat is the only safety services provider in the world approved to deliver GMDSS under the rigorous International Convention for the Safety of Life At Sea requirements.

Immensely proud

Ronald Spithout, Inmarsat Maritime President, commented: “Over its lifetime, GMDSS has made the biggest single contribution to maritime safety since the advent of radio in 1899.

“We are immensely proud of Inmarsat C’s unparalleled contribution to GMDSS in the last 25 years. Thousands of lives have been saved and countless ships rescued as a result.”

Since its inception by the International Maritime Organization (IMO) in 1979, Inmarsat’s stated mission has been to protect the lives of seafarers globally by providing them and their vessels with an essential, free of charge communication lifeline in case of collision, grounding, fire, bad weather and piracy.

Critical link

The Inmarsat C service provides a critical link between vessels in distress and Maritime Rescue Coordination Centres (MRCCs) around the world. With proven availability of 99.9%, Inmarsat C always prioritises seafarer distress alerts to MRCCs and to nearby ships.

Today, approximately 100,000 vessels rely on Inmarsat C to provide vital communications, at the press of a button.

Inmarsat continues to invest, innovate and develop vital safety services. Inmarsat C and Mini C terminals also support SafetyNET, the satellite-based global maritime broadcast service providing meteorological and navigation warnings, plus search and rescue broadcasts; the imminent launch of SafetyNET II will also provide enhanced functionality available to maritime safety information providers to broadcast safety messages.

Working tirelessly

“Safety at sea forms the foundation of our organisation; it’s in our DNA,” continues Mr Spithout.

“We have been working tirelessly to provide critical always-on, reliable communications infrastructure that seafarers, vessels and nations depend on to help save lives at sea.

“In 2020 we expect to launch latest generation satellite constellation – Inmarsat-6; continuing our 35+ year commitment to L-band and safety services.”

Intelsat General and L-3 Communication Systems-West demonstrate automatic beam switching for unmanned aerial system on Intelsat EpicNG

McLean, VA, March 7 - Intelsat General Corporation, a wholly owned subsidiary of Intelsat S.A. (NYSE:  I), operator of the world’s first Globalized Network powered by its leading satellite backbone, and L-3 Communication Systems-West (L-3 CS-West) announced today the successful demonstration of new automatic beam switching technology that enables Unmanned Airborne Systems (UAS) fitted with L-3 CS-West satellite communications packages to operate on Intelsat’s high-throughput satellite (HTS) platform, Intelsat EpicNG. This software upgrade was funded and developed through a partnership between Intelsat General and L-3 CS-West to ensure that the existing unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) platforms can take advantage of the 3x–4x throughput improvement that Intelsat EpicNG enables. This demonstration was part of Intelsat’s ongoing ecosystem work validating the compatibility of existing hardware with Intelsat’s EpicNG high-throughput satellites.

This over-the-satellite demonstration was conducted on Intelsat’s Horizons-1 satellite using three separate bandwidth segments and a navigation simulator representing a UAS flying through three separate high-throughput spot beams on a single Intelsat EpicNG-class satellite.
Using an L-3 CS-West hub and terminal modems for the end-to-end test, engineers measured the performance of full-motion video and IP data between the UAS and the hub controller as the system automatically switched both frequency and polarization while the aircraft flew through the three separate beams.

The new Intelsat EpicNG satellites are designed to increase UAS data rate performance by 200 to 300 percent via their high-throughput spot beams and enable broadband performance to antennas with apertures smaller than 30 cm. This demonstration validated that the UAS could automatically switch between these beams without user intervention, thereby simplifying operations while fully leveraging this increased throughput.

“Through our collaboration with Intelsat, both airborne and ground users will be able to upgrade the software on existing L-3 wideband modems to provide automatic beam switching capabilities for service on high-throughput satellites like Intelsat’s EpicNG,” said Andy Ivers, president of L-3 Communication Systems-West. “These results mark an important milestone in providing our customers the ability to modernize their existing assets within today’s fiscally constrained defense budget environment.”

“This demonstration proves that modems using beam-switching technology will support UAS operations at very high data rates on high-throughput satellites,” said Skot Butler, vice president, Satellite Networks & Space Services at Intelsat General. “This capability is an important step in the evolution of satellite communications for these critical platforms. Intelsat’s EpicNG also provides inherent protection from signal jamming and greater throughput for full-motion video and other bandwidth-hungry payloads.” 

Following this successful demonstration, Intelsat General and L-3 CS-West plan to conduct further tests with user platforms employing the recently launched Intelsat EpicNG IS-29 satellite.

Intelsat EpicNG is a high performance, next generation satellite platform that delivers global high-throughput technology via an innovative approach to satellite and network architecture utilizing C-, Ku- and Ka-bands, wide beams, spot beams, and frequency reuse technology to provide a host of customer-centric benefits. The Intelsat EpicNG series digital payload will be instrumental in allowing flexible and efficient use of spectrum, resulting in a dramatic increase in the amount of throughput delivered on these satellites. Intelsat EpicNG is based on open architecture and engineered for backwards compatibility, allowing broadband, media, mobility and government organizations to realize the cost-efficiency of using existing hardware. At the same time, increased control means these organizations can build on their success by offering their end-users customized, differentiated solutions — even defining such service characteristics as speed, hardware and network topology.

About Intelsat General Corp.
Intelsat General provides satellite communications solutions to military, commercial and government customers over Intelsat’s fleet of approximately 50 satellites and a global terrestrial network of teleports and fiber infrastructure. Intelsat General also offers these customers the option of placing a dedicated hosted communications payload aboard an Intelsat satellite. From remote military outposts, disaster recovery sites and U.S. embassies to health and homeland security agencies, Intelsat General’s solutions support even the most complex operations, from routine to mission-critical, anywhere on the globe. These solutions address the numerous communications challenges inherent in a wide range of applications. From Airborne ISR/UAV scenarios to Distance Learning to Logistics, Intelsat General engineers can enhance government, military and commercial communications to allow customers to achieve their mission objectives.

About Intelsat
Intelsat S.A. operates the world’s first Globalized Network, delivering high-quality, cost-effective video and broadband services anywhere in the world. Intelsat’s Globalized Network combines the world’s largest satellite backbone with terrestrial infrastructure, managed services and an open, interoperable architecture to enable customers to drive revenue and reach through a new generation of network services. Thousands of organizations serving billions of people worldwide rely on Intelsat to provide ubiquitous broadband connectivity, multi-format video broadcasting, secure satellite communications and seamless mobility services. The end result is an entirely new world, one that allows us to envision the impossible, connect without boundaries and transform the ways in which we live.   

About L-3 Communication Systems-West

L-3 Communication Systems-West (L-3 CS-West) is a leader in communications systems for high-performance intelligence collection, imagery processing and satellite communications for the DoD and other government agencies. The company provides high data rate, wideband, protected, real-time communications systems for surveillance, reconnaissance and other airborne intelligence collection systems. 

Securitport's Integrated Immigration Control System's Proactive Watch-List helps Senegalese security authorities arrest two radicalized extremists

Washington, DC, February 16 - According to recent media reports in Senegal, two suspected jihadists, radicalized overseas, were detained and arrested by Senegal’s Criminal Investigation Division (DIC) after one of them was identified by Securiport’s watch-list of wanted persons while transiting Senegal’s Dakar Airport.

According to the media report, Senegal’s Intelligence Services requested that the name of a suspected terrorist be entered into the Securiport Watch-List, which successfully identified him upon his arrival in the country. The authorities were alerted and were able to apprehend the individual along with an accomplice. The two are being charged with criminal involvement in a terrorist enterprise and promoting and financing terrorist activities.

Securiport's unique proactive Watch-List Database Management Solution is specifically designed to help local security authorities efficiently detect suspected individuals who are attempting to enter or leave a country. It is just one of many proprietary tools provided with Securiport's Integrated Immigration Control System, a comprehensive immigration processing system that utilizes patented ultrasonic biometric technologies for traveler identification and enhances security through the use of advanced data analytics.

Securiport’s IICS allows authorities to create and maintain Wanted-Persons Records, which include demographic and biometric features. Data can be imported from any government database. Real-time identification checks are performed on every passenger. The Securiport system then alerts immigration and security officials on possible watch-list hits by issuing a veiled alarm.

About Securiport

Securiport LLC is a global leader in the design and implementation of passenger biometric recognition, immigration processing, and intelligent information management and reporting software systems. With headquarters in Washington, DC, USA, Securiport partners with governments around the world. Securiport’s Civil Aviation and Immigration Security Systems, a comprehensive security product that performs secure biometric recognition of travelers at immigration posts, provides proprietary intelligent information for the identification of potential security risks, criminal activity, and disease prevention based on the comparison and multidimensional analysis of the biometric data and traveler information collected during immigration processing.

Ultra Electronics, 3eTI responds to Admirals' request to SecDef to add ICS cyber security to monthly score card

Ash Carter

Rockville, MD, March 2 - Ultra Electronics, 3eTI®, a leading cyber-technology company with products and solutions that secure critical infrastructure and improve operational efficiency, today issued a response to a letter Navy admirals sent to US Secretary of Defense Ash Carter. In the letter, issued February 11, Adm. William Gortney and Adm. Harry Harris ask Secretary Carter to add industrial control systems (ICS) security to the monthly cyber scorecard. DoD uses the scorecard framework to assess the progress agencies make in improving cyber security.

“Secretary Carter's decision to include ICS cyber security in the cyber scorecard will add new leverage that can at last spawn proactive and industry-wide security improvements. We at 3eTI believe his affirmative to the admirals' request will spark the wide-scale and fast-track action needed to correct the gaping vulnerabilities associated with America's control and machine-to-machine systems.

“On behalf of my colleagues, customers and constituents tenaciously engaged in comprehensive cyber security for ICS, I celebrate the promotion of this issue to the Cabinet level. Its addition to the cyber scorecard will help warn of nefarious payloads before it is too late to take action.”

About Ultra Electronics, 3eTI
Ultra Electronics, 3eTI is a leading provider of military-grade secure communications that enable critical systems security, infrastructure security, and facilities management for the defense, government, utilities and industrial markets worldwide. Solutions form robust, cyber-secure, wired and wireless sensor networking systems that modernize and integrate disparate legacy systems across widespread bases and facilities to increase productivity, and provide a path to lower operational costs. 3eTI’s product portfolio includes net-centric and OEM products that enable comprehensive data protection for a wide range of defense and industrial applications such as secure wireless mesh networks, industrial sensor networks, cyber security, and perimeter security solutions approved for use by the most stringent and demanding customers, including the US military.

Georgia Power to donate Plant Kraft property to Georgia Ports Authority

Atlanta, GA, March 2 - Georgia Power today announced plans to donate property from the retired Plant Kraft to the Georgia Ports Authority (GPA) pending approval by the Georgia Public Service Commission (PSC) of the company's recent request to decertify the plant's last generation unit. Plant Kraft is located on the banks of the Savannah River in Port Wentworth, Georgia.

"The Georgia ports create jobs and drive economic growth, not just in Savannah, but in all 159 counties throughout Georgia," said Paul Bowers, chairman, president and CEO of Georgia Power. "The donation of the Plant Kraft property to the Georgia Ports Authority furthers these efforts and allows the property to continue serving Georgians while supporting our longstanding commitment to create a stronger economic future for our state."

"The Georgia Ports Authority is very pleased to work with Georgia Power on this exciting new opportunity," said James A. Walters, chairman of the board of the Georgia Ports Authority. "Plant Kraft is contiguous to the Authority's existing property in Port Wentworth, Georgia and will allow improved services and cargo handling opportunities through the nearby Garden City container terminal. This will be an important addition for long term economic development opportunities in Georgia."

Plant Kraft Units 1-4 were retired as part of the company's 2013 Integrated Resource Plan (IRP), approved by the Georgia PSC. The company is currently working to safely dismantle the previously retired units.

The plant site is bordered by Georgia Ports Authority property to the north, Norfolk-Southern Railroad to the west, and Georgia Atlantic Port LLC, formerly Atlantic Wood Industries, to the south. The location is expected to help the GPA continue to provide its customers with the most efficient, productive port facilities in the nation, creating jobs and business opportunities to benefit more than 10 million Georgians.

About Georgia Power

Georgia Power is the largest subsidiary of Southern Company (NYSE: SO), one of the nation's largest generators of electricity.  Value, Reliability, Customer Service and Stewardship are the cornerstones of the company's promise to 2.5 million customers in all but four of Georgia's 159 counties. Committed to delivering clean, safe, reliable and affordable energy at rates below the national average, Georgia Power maintains a diverse, innovative generation mix that includes nuclear, 21st century coal and natural gas, as well as renewables such as solar, hydroelectric and wind.   Georgia Power focuses on delivering world-class service to its customers every day and the company is consistently recognized by J.D. Power and Associates as an industry leader in customer satisfaction.

Samsung Techwin America is now Hanwha Techwin America

Ridgefield Park, NJ, March 4 – Samsung Techwin America, the security industry’s leader in innovative video surveillance solutions, announces that as of April 1st, 2016 the company will be operating under the name Hanwha Techwin America.

“One year ago we made the announcement that Samsung Techwin had become a part of Hanwha Corporation. While our name is changing, the innovation, quality and reliability of our products will remain the same,” said Soon Hong Ahn, President, Hanwha Techwin America. “The same is true for our factories, sales companies and channel partners which remain unchanged – Hanwha Techwin America will continue to offer the best in value and performance to the professional surveillance and security industry.”

Samsung branded solutions offered by Hanwha Techwin include a growing line of the industry’s most advanced WiseNetIII megapixel cameras, along with new additions to the popular WiseNet Lite line for SMB applications. The company’s introduction of WiseNet Analog HD+ (Analog High Definition) cameras and DVRs enables users with analog infrastructure to enter the HD arena. 

About Hanwha Techwin America

Hanwha Techwin America, a division of Hanwha Techwin, is a leading supplier of advanced video surveillance solutions for IP-video, analog and hybrid systems. Building on the company’s history of innovation, Hanwha Techwin America is dedicated to providing solutions with the highest levels of performance, reliability and cost-efficiency for professional security applications, such as continuing development in advanced edge devices and video analytics.

ICF International awarded $35 Million task order with Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Fairfax, VA, March 3 - ICF International, a leading provider of consulting services and technology solutions to government and commercial clients, was recently awarded a re-compete task order with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Division of HIV/AIDS Prevention (DHAP). The order was issued under the General Services Administration Professional Services Schedule. It has a value of $34.6 million and a term of five years, including one six-month base and nine six-month option periods.

The contract continues and expands on the firm’s previous HIV data management work with DHAP. Under the new agreement, ICF will provide a broad range of analytic, programmatic, financial and communications support to help DHAP’s 10 branches and various offices collect, manage, validate, analyze and report HIV prevention data in the areas of disease surveillance, behavioral surveillance and program evaluation. In addition, ICF will perform scientific research and literature reviews in the fields of behavioral and social sciences, epidemiology and biomedical interventions, as well as provide general program, grants management and training and technical assistance support.

“For more than 20 years, ICF has partnered with CDC in its efforts to reduce the incidence of and mortality from HIV infection through evidence-based public health research, health informatics and leading-edge technology services,” said Christine Walrath, vice president for ICF International. “Over this time, we’ve significantly grown our capabilities in these disciplines as well as in our ability to provide the DHAP project areas and community, local, state and international partners with high-quality training, technical assistance and communications support.”

“We are extremely proud of the contributions ICF has made in helping the country reach important milestones in HIV/AIDS prevention,” said Mary Whitley, senior vice president for ICF International. “Though challenges remain, we remain deeply committed to continuing to help CDC measure the impact of this devastating disease and develop strategies and programs designed to further reduce the incidence of HIV infection.”

ICF International provides professional services and technology solutions that deliver beneficial impact in areas critical to the world's future. ICF is fluent in the language of change, whether driven by markets, technology, or policy. Since 1969, we have combined a passion for our work with deep industry expertise to tackle our clients' most important challenges. We partner with clients around the globe—advising, executing, innovating—to help them define and achieve success. Our more than 5,000 employees serve government and commercial clients from more than 70 offices worldwide. 

Applied DNA Sciences Granted US Patent: "DNA Marking of Previously Undistinguished Items for Traceability"

Stony Brook, NY, March 3 - Applied DNA Sciences, Inc., a provider of DNA-based supply chain, anti-counterfeiting and anti-theft technology, product genotyping, and product authentication solutions, announced that the US Patent and Trademark Office has granted US Patent No. 9,266,370, entitled, "DNA Marking of Previously Undistinguished Items for Traceability" to APDN on February 23, 2016.

This is the first patent to issue from a new generation of patent applications that do not begin to expire before October of 2032, providing Applied DNA with a very strong, broad based patent portfolio for years to come. We expect the next patent in this group to issue in the next few weeks.

The intellectual property (IP) protected by this patent covers the use of the Company's proprietary DNA to mark, authenticate and track items with DNA in the coating or in the material itself. It is applicable in a broad range of markets, including, pharmaceuticals, consumer products, industrial materials, and electronics. 

In fact, this is the very same technology that was being demonstrated at the Medical Japan Expo 2016 last week. This patent further secures the Company's proprietary use of DNA printing and helps to further differentiate Applied DNA in the marketplace.

Dr. Benjamin Liang, Chief Scientific Officer, APDN, stated: "This patent demonstrates our continuous effort to expand our DNA marking and traceability capability into various printing/marking modalities for a wide range of products such as electronics, pharmaceutical, automotive, and household items. The issuance of this patent will provide a strong support for our efforts in building SigNature DNA marking business in both pharmaceutical and home asset markings."

This patent strengthens the Company's position by protecting and expanding the proprietary methodologies used to mark items with DNA. This Patent describes methods of using DNA in an activated form to mark goods, together with optical or chemical markers for authentication or tracking purposes.

Dr. James Hayward, CEO of APDN stated: "Our IP estate is among our most valuable assets, including now more than 35 issued patents and more than 75 pending. Patents protect the products and methodologies we have spent millions of dollars to perfect. We intend to enforce our patent rights in every business category."

About Applied DNA Sciences

We make life real and safe by providing botanical-DNA based security and authentication solutions and services that can help protect products, brands, entire supply chains, and intellectual property of companies, governments and consumers from theft, counterfeiting, fraud and diversion. Our patented DNA-based solutions can be used to identify, tag, track, and trace products, to help assure authenticity, traceability and quality of products. SigNature® DNA describes the platform ingredient that is at the heart of a family of uncopyable, security and authentication solutions such as SigNature® T and fiberTyping®, targeted toward textiles and apparel, DNAnet®, for anti-theft and loss prevention, and digitalDNA®, providing powerful track and trace. All provide a forensic chain of evidence, and can be used to prosecute perpetrators. We are also engaged in the large-scale production of specific DNA sequences using the polymerase chain reaction.



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