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AES joins with Siemens Government Services to protect Army installations

Peabody, MA-based AES International Corp. reported that it will become a subcontractor under Reston, VA-based Siemens Government Services, Inc., to assist with the maintenance of access control point (ACP) equipment at U.S. Army installations, both in the U.S. and abroad.
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As its part of what it calls a "yearly multimillion dollar project,” AES says it will provide preventative and corrective maintenance on GE Homeland Security products that detect traces of either explosives or narcotics.
"With decades of experience in the security marketplace, AES's expertise aligns well with that of SGS, and enables us to increase our footprint in large geographic areas around the world," Gordon Phelps, SGS' ACP program manager, said in a statement. "Both companies' skill sets are complementary, offering our customer a proven track record of delivering state-of-the-art security solutions, outstanding customer service, and the peace of mind to know we understand their mission and pride ourselves on exceeding their security expectations."
AES also notes that Aaron Tesnow, its director of business development, has worked with Siemens on a variety of projects for more than three years. "We are a small woman-owned business committed to providing an unsurpassed level of excellence in support of partners such as Siemens, the U.S. Government and the Army Corp of Engineers and this award is further evidence of that commitment," Tesnow said in the company’s statement.air max 95 black

IDenta says explosives ID kits identify underwear bomber’s PETN

Add Jerusalem-based Identa Corp. to the handful of companies that issued statements in the wake of the failed Christmas day attack on Flight 253, saying they have technology that can detect PETN, the powerful explosive that could have brought the plane down over Detroit.

Said Identa CEO Yaacov Shoham: "IDenta Alert Explosive Identification kits could have easily and accurately helped to identify the suspected substance, especially since, according to the news, the explosive was PETN, one of the standard and well-known explosives (already used in the past by terrorists). IDenta has IDenta Alert Explosive Identifiers available to identify all of the substances already known to be explosives. The IDenta test is an instant test, inexpensive, very reliable, safe, easy to use etc."

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PETN, according to Identa, is significantly stronger than TNT, with 0.60 kg of PETN equivalent to one kg of TNT.

French airports in France are “in the beginning stages” of employing IDenta Alert Explosive Identifiers, according to the company, and are the first to do so.

In addition, two entities that Identa identified only as “two large International companies” that manufacture electronic devices to detect explosives at airports “have inquired about and received information and samples of IDenta Alert Explosive Identifiers kits.”
Furthermore, says Identa, its kits also are being tested by the U.S. Department of Defense.

Identa also expressed its forward-looking belief that another unnamed U.S. agency would soon sign an agreement for an initial order of 100,000 kits.

Southwest Microwave announces 2010 Intelligent Perimeter Solutions seminars

Southwest Microwave, Inc., a manufacturer of electronic perimeter intrusion detection systems, has announced a 2010 series of free seminars in cities in the U.S. and Canada during the next eight months.

According to the company, moderators at the seminars will offer valuable techniques for protecting a site from intrusion, theft, sabotage or harm to assets, infrastructure and personnel. The seminars will also review application-specific detection solutions, system design considerations, CCTV assessment criteria and performance measures to achieve the highest probability of detection, without nuisance alarms.bags louis vuitton

The sessions will also include live demonstrations of smart-sensor technologies that combine state-of-the-art performance with universal communications protocol, configuration interface and monitoring options. Participants will learn how to cost-effectively deploy any combination of fence, buried cable or microwave sensors on a unified network platform to seamlessly protect each portion of the perimeter with an optimal solution for that location, says Southwest Microwave.

Registration information for the 2010 Seminars listed below is available here:

The dates and locations of the scheduled seminars are as follows:

February 9 – Washington, DC
February 9 – Fullerton, CA
February 11 – Baltimore, MD
February 11 – San Diego, Ca
February 25 – Oakland, CA
March 2 – Houston, TX
March 4 – Baton Rouge, La
March 16 – Dallas, TX
March 16 – Ft. Lauderdale, FL
March 16 – Edmonton, AB
March 18 – Calgary, AB
April 6 – Overland Park, KS
April 8 – St. Louis, MO
April 15 – Philadelphia, PA
April 20 – Chicago, IL
April 22 – Cleveland, OH
May 11 – Atlanta, GA
May 11 – Huntsville, AL
May 20 – Boston, MA
May 25 – Portland, OR
May 27 – Seattle, WA
June 1 – Vancouver, BC
June 15 – Phoenix, AZ
June 17 – Las Vegas, NV
August 25 – Honolulu, HI
September 14 – Montreal, QC
September 16 – Ottawa, ON
September 21 – Toronto, ON

Seminars begin at
9:00 AM and are free of charge. A continental breakfast will be provided. Space is limited and reservations are accepted on a first-come, first-served basis. An e-mail will be sent confirming your registration and providing seminar location details for the event selected, says Southwest Microwave.


Analogic Corp. receives $10 million order for explosives detection systems

Peabody, MA-based Analogic Corp., a provider of medical imaging and aviation security technology, reports that it has received an order from L-3 Communications Security and Detection Systems, Inc., for its EXplosive Assessment Computed Tomography (EXACT) systems.

The order is worth approximately $10 million, says Analogic.

The company notes that the certified eXaminer 3DX explosives detection system, developed in collaboration between Analogic and L-3, incorporates the EXACT subsystem.
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The company also notes that more than 900 eXaminer 3DX systems are installed in airports around the world screening checked baggage; and that the system features multi-slice CT imaging technology and provides full 3-D images of all the contents of a bag, enabling automatic detection of explosives.

This new order is expected to start shipping in the second quarter of fiscal 2010.

Puerto Rico Ports Authority awards Rapiscan 10-year cargo scanning contract

Port of San Juan

Torrance, CA-based Rapiscan Systems, Inc., a supplier of security inspection solutions, reports that it has been awarded a 10-year contract from the Puerto Rico Ports Authority (PRPA) to provide a complete turn-key solution for the scanning of all containerized inbound cargo at the Port of San Juan.

Under the terms of the contract, which includes two renewal options for an additional five years each, Rapiscan will provide cargo scanning services using multiple Rapiscan Eagle high-energy X-ray systems at various locations at the orlando outlet

The Port of San Juan, Rapiscan notes, is a major cargo hub in the Caribbean, handling nearly 1.7 million TEU’s (20-foot equivalent units), including both inbound and outbound, in 2008.

“The cargo scanning initiative at the Port of San Juan represents not only a new business model for the Company but a new model in port security as a first-of-its-kind program which would result in the scanning of all inbound containers at high throughput and low cost,” Deepak Chopra, CEO of Rapiscan’s parent company, OSI Systems, Inc., said in a statement. “

Acro offers new hand-held explosives detectors

urea nitrate

Caesarea, Israel-based Acro, Inc. has signed a license agreement with the technology transfer company of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

The new technology, developed by Prof. Joseph Almog, former head of the Division of Identification and Forensic Science (DIFS) of the Israel Police, represents a “simple but sensitive and specific color test for the improvised explosive urea nitrate,” the company notes.

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"This new product, which has already been tested and used in Israel, expands our product portfolio. It demonstrates our strategy to help our clients with a broad variety of simple and inexpensive solutions for the intricate problems of explosives detection," says Gadi Aner, CEO of Acro.

Acro's advisory board, the company notes, includes Nobel Prize laureate Prof. K. Barry Sharpless, and Prof. Richard Lerner, President and CEO of The Scripps Research Institute. nike outlet in kissimmee

InfraGard appoints new PIO

InfraGard has appointed Monique Merhige, president of Infusion Direct Marketing, as the organization’s new public information officer. 


InfraGard characterizes itself as a collaborative effort of the FBI and other federal, state, and local law enforcement, government, academic, and private sector experts, meant to help protect America from acts of terrorism and related criminal activity and to strengthen homeland security efforts. On the national level, InfraGard is a network of more than 33,000 FBI-vetted industry professional volunteers serving as critical infrastructure subject-matter experts in one or more sectors. 

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In her new InfraGard position, Merhige will be responsible for communicating the organization’s importance to the security industry, according to a statement. Her company, Infusion, will coordinate all news releases announcing important news, events and industry trends for InfraGard and maintain relationships with editors at top security industry, technology and business publications, according to the statement. 


“We welcome Monique as a terrific addition to our team and we look forward to the marketing expertise and direction she and her team at Infusion bring to keep the momentum building for our organization. Our goal is to continue growing the InfraGard organization and increase the safety of our nation by communicating important security issues in a timely manner to our valued members,” Joseph Concannon, InfraGard’s president, said in the statement.

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