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GSN 2011 Awards Dinner Winners and Sponsors: Bill Conner, President and CEO, Entrust, Inc:

Entrust, Inc is an identity-based security company that focuses on government and enterprises, according to Bill Conner. The company had a big night at GSN’s 2011 Awards Program, being named Winner in “Best Certificate Management Solution”, “Best Smart Card Solution” and “Best Integrated Systems for HSPD-12/FIPS 201 Compliance”.  In the same week, Conner reports, the company also won a four-year GSA contract for PKI capability estimated at $4.5 million. Conner says these awards are based on the work that the company did with HSPD-12/FIPS 201 and with Interpol, involving chips, cards, certificates, component software that all needs to be bundled. But when you get compliance at that level, he adds, you’re only as strong as your weakest link, and that’s why Entrust is determined to make its solutions “best in class”. For many years companies have been trying to Web-enable their portals, says Conner, but today everyone is focused on mobile applications and how to make them secure.  In his final comments, Conner describes the many facets of the mobile phenomenon and how Entrust is zeroing in on identity-based solutions for government and enterprises in this next generation of security issues.

GSN 2011 Awards Dinner Winners and Sponsors: Cosmo Perrone, Principle, Cosmo Perrone & Associates and former Security Director, Port of Long Beach, CA:

The Port of Long Beach, CA, was named Winner of GSN’s 2011 award for “Most Notable Maritime/Port Security Program”. Cosmo Perrone, Director of Security for the Port from 2006 to 2011, tells GSN about the long-term challenge that he took on, in collaboration with former Boeing and McDonnell-Douglas colleague Mike McMullen, of transforming the Port into a world-class port security model, with the end-state vision of including all stakeholders in a software-driven common security management platform, using a geo-spatial concept of integrating all technologies and sensory systems below, at or above sea level.  With strong support from the Port’s Board, Perrone overcame initial funding problems and developed a partnership with the DHS science and technology, obtaining additional funds from a port improvement fund from the State of California.  Seeking a dynamic program that could anticipate future needs, he selected Proximex to furnish the software platform, ultimately producing a port security model that he believes other ports now want to adapt. The 2011 Award, he says, is validation of the hard work of the entire team, which included Proximex, GS4, Laneer, Tetra Tech and other key partners.

GSN Awards Dinner Winners and Sponsors Interviews: Scott Paul, Senior Product Marketing Manager, Sarix Line, Pelco by Schneider Electric:

Scott Paul describes Pelco by Schneider Electric – 2011 winner in “Best Network IP Cameras” -- as a leading provider of video surveillance equipment sold around the world. Products range from analog to IP cameras and include the Spectra and Sarix lines. Among the markets served are new building and construction, highway and transportation infrastructure, casinos, banks, education, airports, seaports and government buildings. At the top of the Sarix line, according to Paul, is Pelco’s Surevision technology, featuring wide dynamic range sensor, which produces clear images in difficult light conditions, allowing users in lobbies or city centers to see faces clearly and read license plates of cars in spite of head lights and street lights. Sarix with Surevision is backed up by a lot of development  and intellectual property,  says Paul, can work in daytime or nighttime with no change of settings and can produce good images in any light conditions because of multiple exposures at the pixel level, so that images come off corrected.  Paul elaborates on the three pillars of Sarix technology – image quality, performance and ease of installation, concluding with a plug for Pelco’s  Sarix IT thermal imaging cameras, which Pelco is now taking main stream with a dramatically reduced price point.

GSN 2011 Awards Dinner Winners and Sponsors Interviews: Bill Eckerd, Director of Sales for Strategic Account Group, Verint Video Solutions

Verint Video Solutions was a 2011 Winner of “Best Intelligent Video Surveillance Solution” for its Nextiva Physical Security Information Management System (PSIM). According to Bill Eckerd, the PSIM technology allows users to integrate subsystems with a four-phase incident management system which includes personnel training plus planning, monitoring and debriefing.  Major markets include state and local government, petro chemicals, critical infrastructure protection and airports. One of PSIM’s chief benefits, Eckerd says, is its ability to integrate access control, CCTV and intelligent analytics, allowing the monitoring of behaviors and a heightened situational awareness. Users are provided the ability to understand events occurring in real-time and, through actual intelligence, can implement responses that are predetermined, allowing them, for example, to know who needs to be evacuated and where they need to go. Describing additional features and benefits of its 4-step program, Eckerd says PSIM fills the market’s need for interfaces that can combine and integrate disparate systems, enabling professionals to do their job in an easier and more efficient manner.

GSN Awards Dinner 2011 - Winners and Sponsors Interviews: Howard Ryan, Founder, CEO Total Alert Systems

According to Howard Ryan, Total Alert Systems is a one-stop shopping mass notification portal used by government agencies, DOD, industrial and health care users. It is capable of sending alerts to cell phones, giant voice, billboards, text messaging and handheld radios. The company is a successor to Desktop Alert, which was a Finalist and Winner in previous GSN Award programs. Despite Desktop Alert’s success in signing up the U.S. Army and Air Force, he felt the name was too limiting and he created Total Alert to incorporate new products. In the 2011 Awards Program, Total Alert’s client FEMA received the award for Most Notable Federal Government program based on the Total Alert mass notification system, which is installed in FEMA headquarters and can send messages to all FEMA offices around the country with one click in less than 30 seconds. Total Alert has added many new capabilities, according to Ryan, including social media, which enables communication across competitive barriers and enables customers to share information. Withholding actionable information that can safe an airman’s or a soldier’s life is inexcusable, in Ryan’s opinion.

GSN 2011 Awards Winners and Sponsor Interviews: Tom Harada, Managing Director, Security Systems, Pentax Ricoh Imaging of America

A few moments after Pentax Ricoh accepted its 2001 Award for “Best Specialized CCTV Lens,” Tom Harada sat down with GSN to talk about his engineers’ strategy of getting back to the basics in optical technology. “When it comes to long-range zoom lenses,” he points out, “the longer the distance, the more difficult everything gets. Interference reduction factors are more difficult and the lenses’ optical center shifts.” The Pentax engineers, he asserts, are very careful in paying attention to the details of astigmatism resolution, optical center shift and atmospheric interference from fog, rain, snow, sand and heat. Harada also credits the marketing team’s strategy of providing demonstrations to all levels of buyers in the homeland security market, from key systems integrators to prime contractors and ultimate users. In less than eight hours, he discloses, his team will be in the Mohave Desert for an important demonstration of the lenses’ long-range capabilities. He concludes by saying that he is eager to share the news of the Best Specialized CCTV lens award with his chief engineer, who is visiting the United States, and the top management of Pentax Ricoh.

GSN 2011 Awards Winners and Sponsor Interview: Travis Scott, VP of Agency Relations, Nixle, Inc

Rapidly growing Nixle, which has signed up 4500-plus municipal, county, state and federal agencies in all 50 states – mainly law enforcement and public safety agencies -- and developed an opt-in membership of more than 700,000 local residents, received its Winner’s Trophy in the “Best Mass Notification System” category of GSN’s 2011 Awards Program. According to Travis Scott, Nixle does not require additional personnel at the agency level, because it is a one-way communications service. However, it allows agencies to reach their members by text message, email, web, Twitter or Facebook with “one press of the send button”. The service is used, he points out, both for emergency messages and for informational communications regarding weather or other community-type messages. Scott also attributes Nixle’s explosive growth to its exclusive partnership with Nlets, the International Justice and Public Safety Network, and to helpful feedback from public safety agencies and officials such as Captain Mike Parker of the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department (another winner in the 2011 Awards Program).

GSN 2011 Award Winners and Sponsor Interviews: James Norton, Director of Homeland Security and Federal Strategy, General Dynamics C4

James Norton, who served as a DHS official before joining GSN Awards Sponsor General Dynamics C4, describes the 8-year collaboration that took place between GDC4 and DHS in developing GDC4’s Rescue 21 program, which now includes over 200 integrated fixed towers and covers over 35,000 miles of U.S. Coastline. The Rescue 21 program, operated by the U.S. Coast Guard, is an upgrade of the Coast Guard’s legacy analog system. It has been singularly successful in providing rapid assistance to distressed mariners anywhere off the U.S. coastline. Norton points out that GDC4 is in a unique position to leverage its tower technology and knowledge of border security requirements on the Southern Border to create a tower network in Southern Arizona to deal with migration, drug smuggling and other border security issues that are regularly in the news. As a two-year sponsor, GDC4 appreciates GSN’s Awards program, he says, because it showcases innovative businesses that come up with new ideas for securing the nation.

GSN 2011 Award Winners and Sponsor Interviews: Mike Potts, CEO, Lancope, Inc

Company CEO Mike Potts talked with GSN on November 14th shortly after Lancope, Inc was awarded the Winner’s Trophy for its StealthWatch product in the IT category of “Best Network Security/Enterprise Firewall”.  According to Mr. Potts, StealthWatch focuses on the cyber security crime level, which is at an all-time high in government and enterprise networks. For the last ten years, he points out, companies and government agencies have surrounded networks with perimeter defense systems, but today it’s not a question of whether your network is going to be compromised, but when. So the objective becomes how quickly you can remediate to bring back the security anomaly or the network to a normal level. StealthWatch’s answer, he says, is to use a flow-based solution similar to studying the flow of blood through the human body. The network metadata determines “the health of the patient and what type of virus the patient has”, providing Lancope the ability to diagnose the problem and prescribe a solution.

ASIS 2011: Jim Viscardi, VP Trace Detection and Millimeter Wave Sales, Smiths Detection

Jim Viscardi reports that Smiths Detection is a world leader in the manufacturing of detection and imaging products that detect chemical weapons, toxic industrial materials, biological warfare agents, narcotics, radiation, nuclear materials and explosives. The company provides multiple technologies to multiple markets, he claims, segmenting by application and customer rather than by technology, a practice which gives Smiths Detection a competitive advantage because of its depth and breadth of products. The company sells chemical and biological detection products to the military, facility security products for critical infrastructure protection and chemical identification units to emergency response markets. Viscardi discusses the company’s new Sabre 5000 unit, which has recently been purchased by a major Federal law enforcement agency, the Echo Millimeter product which is targeted toward aviation security and provides a way to quickly and accurately screen passengers for problems by picking up anomalies on the person’s body and the RadSeeker handheld radioisotope identifier, which does both gamma and neutron detection and is the most sensitive radioisotope identification product.



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