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ASIS Product Preview

Rapiscan launches DETECTRA HX hand-held explosive trace detection system

Atlanta, GA-based Rapiscan Systems, a supplier of security inspection systems, has announced at the 60th Annual ASIS International Seminar and Exhibit that it had launched the RAPISCAN DETECTRA HX, a lightweight and low-cost handheld explosive trace detection solution. Featuring rapid and accurate detection capabilities, DETECTRA HX is designed with high throughput and high detection capabilities that are essential for law enforcement, event and border protection professionals, among others.

The RAPISCAN DETECTRA HX is an easy-to-operate handheld device capable of detecting trace explosives in both particulate and vapor form on surfaces that may have directly or indirectly absorbed explosive residues. For more sensitive, accurate and rapid detection, the DETECTRA HX offers a swipe sampling system and includes a touch-free inhalation sampling method for threat scenarios that involve highly unpredictable explosives compositions.

The RAPISCAN DETECTRA HX is designed to detect a broad range of common commercial and homemade explosive materials that may exist within a single sample, thereby achieving lower false alarm rates. Designed to minimize operating costs and increase uptime, the DETECTRA HX requires only two consumables and does not require many of the maintenance steps that are typically associated with explosive trace detection systems.

“The RAPISCAN DETECTRA HX was completely designed with the end-user in mind,” said Brad Buswell, president, Rapiscan Systems North America. “Not only does the solution detect threats with tremendous accuracy, it also features an intuitive user interface with just three-buttons and detects threats in seconds. Operator training can take as little as an hour, which means that the DETECTRA HX is easy to deploy.”

The system uses a unique, ionization source that carries U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) Exempt Distribution status. As such there are no end-user radiation licensing requirements for use within the U.S.

Rapiscan Systems is a supplier of security inspection solutions utilizing X-ray and gamma-ray imaging, and advanced threat identification techniques such as neutron and diffraction analysis.

Digital Watchdog presents technology demonstrations of new panoramic cameras at ASIS 2014

Tampa, FL-based Digital Watchdog, a provider of digital recorders, surveillance cameras and related management software, will be demonstrating two new industry first products at the ASIS International Seminars and Exhibits September 29 – October 2, 2014, Booth 3145. Four user-configurable 4K and 1080p sensors will be shown in single housings delivering simultaneous video streams at 30fps. ASIS attendees will be able to view live images from these cameras.

“The merits of multi-sensor high resolution cameras for general surveillance are many, but the Achilles heel has been the frame rate,” said Ian Johnston, founder and CEO of Innovative Security Designs (ISD) and CTO of Digital Watchdog. “Our breakthrough makes it possible to maintain the frame rate of the individual sensors while delivering the four streams as a single drop on the network. As a result, a single camera containing four 4K sensors delivers the four streams at 30fps each. Our technology also makes it possible for an 8MP panoramic camera to provide four 1080p streams at 30fps.”

The new panoramic cameras will allow the user to arrange the four independent sensors in a nearly limitless number of configurations in the housing, including 360-degree, 180-degree, and 270-degree coverage. Each sensor can be customized with a lens to match the application. The cameras will also include edge technology, allowing the user to choose server cameras or slaves depending upon coverage and network requirements.

“When Digital Watchdog acquired ISD, our expectation was to lead the industry in cutting edge technology,” said Wade Thomas, president of Digital Watchdog. “Ian and his engineers first brought to us an astounding 4K camera. To be able to offer that 4K technology as a panoramic solution while preserving the frame rate is something you have to see to believe. In addition to the 16K and 8MP models, our near-term product roadmap could include panoramic cameras in combined resolutions of 15MP and 30MP with unrivaled frame rates and image quality.”

Digital Watchdog is a provider of single source of value-driven complete solutions for all video surveillance applications (analog / hybrid / IP enterprise), focusing on ease of use and ROI.


AlertEnterprise wins ASIS Accolades Best of Security Award for 2014

Silicon Valley, CA-based AlertEnterprise, a provider of security convergence software, has announced that it has won the ASIS Accolades Best of Security Award for 2014. The company will be recognized for its innovation at an awards luncheon during the ASIS 2014 Conference to be held in Atlanta, GA, Sept. 29 – Oct. 2, 2014.

AlertEnterprise is now delivering the industry's first converged insider threat management solution. Dubbed Insider Alert, this solution is comprised of unique software that links Identity Management, Enterprise Applications, and Networks with Access Control, Video, and Operational SCADA Systems. AlertEnterprise creates a risk score for each employee, contractor, etc., and tracks their background checks and criminal history record, ensuring that no relevant information is missed prior to provisioning either physical access or access to privileged information.

“The creation of this solution was inspired by the aftermath of the Snowden Leak and Navy Yard incidents. Organizations can prevent these kinds of events. The technology exists today. The evidence usually lies between the gaps that exist between IT systems such as HR and Background Check information from authoritative sources, and the act of provisioning access,” said Jasvir Gill, founder and CEO of AlertEnterprise. “As we saw in the case of the Navy Yard incident, hidden somewhere is the organization was all the background and risk information, it just wasn’t available to those who were tasked with provisioning the physical access. We automatically uncover the information and make it available to the right people at the right time.”

The winning entries will be highlighted, along with other new products, during the Seminar’s “What’s New on the Floor” session, on. Voting for the People’s Choice Award Accolade will open as well. Attendees may vote via the mobile application or via the People’s Choice Award voting kiosks in the Accolades Showcase and at the Social Media and Technology Bar in the registration area.

A team of judges representing end users and experts in security technologies evaluated all entries and selected this year’s winners that Included AlertEnterprise. Noted in an ASIS news release on this year’s winners, “The entries this year were extremely impressive, making the task of selecting the winners a challenge,” observed Accolades Co-Chair Ron Lander, CPP. “The security profession today has an amazing array of high quality products and services to choose from, as ASIS 2014 attendees will see in the exhibit hall this year, along with Accolades winners,” noted Co-Chair Howard Belfor, CPP.

AlertEnterprise delivers security convergence solutions for corporate and critical infrastructure protection. AlertEnterprise solutions analyze and correlate risks across IT systems, physical access control systems, and industrial control systems to deliver situational intelligence, incident management, informed response and automated compliance. AlertEnterprise enables identity and access management functions for security to be uniformly applied across the domains of IT, physical security and plant industrial control systems.

Hikvision and Smartvue joint camera-to-cloud solution innovates video surveillance

Hikvision USA, a North American provider of cutting-edge video surveillance products and solutions, has announced a collaboration with Smartvue Corporation, an enterprise cloud software company whose solutions combine cost-effective edge devices with cloud storage and video management services. Together, the two award-winning companies will provide a cloud-based video surveillance service and camera-to-cloud solution for small, medium, and enterprise organizations in the U.S. and Canadian markets.

Smartvue’s state of the art technology gives users access to video surveillance and storage from any smartphone, tablet, or web browser, which means they can log in remotely to view live or recorded video from anywhere in the world. The management tools allow for alerts when an alarm has been triggered, enabling motion detection, setting recording schedules, and storing and accessing surveillance data securely in the cloud, among other features. The result is a powerful yet user-friendly cloud video surveillance that is also highly scalable. The video capture component of the solution is supported by Hikvision’s IP camera lineup, which boasts award-winning WDR technology along with cutting-edge video intelligence algorithms and low bandwidth.

“As the video surveillance industry grows, demand increases for a surveillance platform that can be centrally managed from up to thousands of locations,” said Martin Renkis, founder and CEO of Smartvue Corporation. “With over a decade of experience and with its robust Video Platform as a Service (VPaaS), Smartvue is exceptionally qualified to deliver this solution.” The industry agrees: Smartvue received the Maximum Impact Award for cloud surveillance at the Electronic Security Expo in June 2014, as well as Security Products Magazine’s 2014 Product of the Year Award for Best Cloud Video Surveillance Solution.

Jeffrey He, president of Hikvision USA, explained the strategy behind building Hikvision’s reputation as an industry leader. “As our technology leadership in the North American marketplace grows stronger, it’s important to choose technology partners whose products complement our own high standards for quality solutions in the security industry. We are very excited to work with Smartvue.”

Learn more about the Hikvision–Smartvue collaboration in the Hikvision booth (#4145) at the ASIS event in Atlanta, GA, Sept. 29 – Oct. 2.

Hikvision is the world’s largest supplier of video surveillance products and solutions. The company specializes in innovative video surveillance technology, as well as designing and manufacturing a full-line of innovative CCTV and video surveillance products. Hikvision possesses the world’s largest R&D team and state-of-art manufacturing facilities; both allow Hikvision’s customers the benefit of world-class products that are designed with cutting-edge technology. Hikvision USA is a subsidiary of Hikvision Digital Technology Co., Ltd. For more information, go to www.hikvision.com/en/us.

Smartvue Corporation’s mission is to make the world a safer place with amazing surveillance technologies. Founded in 1998, Smartvue protects millions of people, places and assets worldwide every day by providing cloud video surveillance solutions. To learn more about Smartvue Corporation and its products, go to Smartvue.com or visit booth 2821 at the ASIS event in Atlanta, GA, Sept. 29-Oct. 1.  

SecureStat introduces business data analytics

North Canton, OH-based Diebold, a provider of innovative self-service technology, security systems, and related services, has expanded the capabilities of its security management portal SecureStat, providing in-depth analyses that enhance security operations and promote enterprise-wide efficiencies.

SecureStat now features a dynamic business data analytics engine that enables companies to more effectively analyze and investigate security- and business-related activities. In addition, customers can now manage monitoring, security operations and business processes from a single source using SecureStat's new workflow management system. Diebold will debut these innovative capabilities at the 2014 ASIS International Seminar and Exhibits.

SecureStat is a centralized Web-based security management system that provides an online security portal and customizable dashboard for regional, national and global multi-site commercial and financial customers to manage their entire security operations. Integrating business analytics into the SecureStat dashboard provides convenient examination of data related to alarms, monitoring, services, installations and asset management all from a single interface. Viewing this information dynamically in real time helps organizations arrive at actionable information that can lead to more successful security investigations and more predictive operations.

SecureStat provides the industry's leading dynamic data-sorting capabilities to quickly and easily sort and analyze vast alarm, security operations and business data into variables to investigate correlations and identify trends. With business data from multiple systems integrated into the platform, organizations can get closer to predictive models for the maintenance, service and replacement of security devices.

SecureStat's new workflow management system streamlines security and business processes related to monitoring schedule changes, access permissions, personal identification number (PIN) changes and more. Traditional workflow requests typically originate outside of a centralized system, forcing security professionals to log into different systems to submit requests and track statuses via disparate interfaces. Using the SecureStat workflow management system, any authorized party can complete requests using menus customized to the organization and then efficiently track the receipt, progress and completion of requests all from their dashboard.

"From its inception, SecureStat has delivered advanced management capabilities to help our customers enhance security across their enterprises," said Tony Byerly, executive vice president, electronic security, Diebold. "SecureStat's business analytics capabilities leverage the Internet-of-Things-connectedness of today's security technologies. The new SecureStat functionalities streamline this data aggregation and analysis to more rapidly improve our customers' businesses."


Triple Canopy to exhibit at ASIS 2014

Reston, VA-based Triple Canopy, a provider of integrated security and mission support solutions, has announced that it will be exhibiting at the ASIS International 60th Annual Seminar and Exhibits, Sept. 29 through Oct. 1 at the Georgia World Congress Center in Atlanta, GA.

Triple Canopy offers an integrated approach to mitigating risk and ensuring the operational continuity of critical facilities. The company is recognized for its comprehensive program management, strong commitment to quality, continuous assessment and effective training. At ASIS, Triple Canopy will feature its domestic security solutions including critical infrastructure protection and installation security at Booth #4837 in the ASIS exhibit hall.

"We have successfully managed critical infrastructure protection programs worldwide for the past decade and are now focused on building this line of business domestically,” according to Triple Canopy President Mo Mulligan. “We are also actively hiring executive-level professionals to manage large, government protective services opportunities in New Mexico, Louisiana and Texas. The ASIS conference will be the ideal location for us to vet experienced candidates."

Triple Canopy's integrated security solutions include security and vulnerability analysis, operational planning, program implementation, evaluations, adversary threat analysis, red team exercises, and insider threat and active shooter training. Additional installation security services include perimeter security, screening and entry control, canine services.

Triple Canopy is a provider of mission support, security, training, and advisory services to government agencies and multinational corporations across a range of market sectors and geographies. The company excels at delivering complete program management solutions to help clients achieve critical mission objectives in challenging locations worldwide. From logistics and life support to personal protection and training, clients rely on Triple Canopy to mitigate risk and ensure business continuity.

ASIS International and Security Industry Association launch joint learning management system

ASIS International (ASIS) and the Security Industry Association (SIA) have launched my Global Portal for Security (myGPS), a platform for security professionals.

myGPS is a development tool for security professionals as well as an information resource for those considering a career in the industry, offering a compilation of classroom and online training options for those seeking to close knowledge and performance gaps through education and training. Now that the foundation is in place, the system will evolve over time to include career tracking and management of SIA and ASIS certifications. In addition, ASIS and SIA plan to add a host of new courses, educational materials, and career planning tools to further support security professionals in attaining their career potential.

“A competency-based workforce is becoming more critical to performance. This is especially true for the security industry as many professionals transition from other business sectors to assume responsibility within an organization,” stated ASIS President Richard E. Widup, Jr., CPP. “myGPS is an invaluable tool for practitioners from across our industry, as well as others considering careers in security. In the future, it will aid professionals in planning a career path and in identifying the required competencies to excel and achieve success. Working together with SIA in its development seemed a natural, synergistic partnership.”

“myGPS is a great example of high-quality offerings produced through the unique collaboration between the security companies of SIA and the protection professionals of ASIS,” said SIA Chairman John Stroia, chief operating officer, The Will-Burt Company. “All security professionals will find value in the educational opportunities available through the myGPS learning management system, particularly those seeking to deepen their knowledge of security project management and perhaps start down the road of becoming a Certified Security Project Manager.”

myGPS launched with a diverse, collective offering of educational resources from both ASIS and SIA. Thirty-four ASIS classroom and online programs are presented. SIA’s library features 31 project management courses for security project managers.

ASIS International is an organization for security professionals, with more than 38,000 members worldwide. Founded in 1955, ASIS is dedicated to increasing the effectiveness and productivity of security professionals by developing educational programs and materials that address broad security interests, such as the ASIS Annual Seminar and Exhibits, as well as specific security topics.

The SIA a provider of trade association for electronic and physical security solution providers, with more than 500 innovative member companies representing more than 300,000 security leaders and experts who shape the future of the security industry.

IQinVision to preview milestone arcus embedded integration at 2014 ASIS

San Juan Capistrano, CA-based IQinVision, a provider of high-performance HD megapixel IP cameras, has announced that the company will preview its new Milestone Arcus on-camera VMS functionality during the ASIS tradeshow in Atlanta, GA.

This simple, seamless solution offers unlimited scalability and replaces the traditional server and storage devices with a single IQeye on-camera VMS designed for small system installations. The Milestone Arcus solution is ideal for simple stand-alone installations, remote recording applications, or for systems that require minimum network bandwidth utilization.

Milestone Arcus is easy to install: initial deployment is complete within minutes after connecting your IQeye cameras and requires little or no maintenance; easy to use: the intuitive, all-in-one user interface allows users to log in to operate the solution from a web browser, users can view live video, search and export video without any additional software; and easy to maintain: no software installation or maintenance required on client PCs, updates are rolled out easily through firmware updates.

“We are excited to preview this new functionality at ASIS,” said Rob Ledenko, “Our end users and prospective customers no longer have to worry about servers and installing software or updates. This solution is priced attractively, and you can make the move to IP with a solution that’s ready right out of the box, hassle free.”

IQinVision will be demonstrating the new Milestone Arcus technology at ASIS International in Atlanta, Sept. 29th - Oct. 1st, at the company’s booth #237. The IQinVision Milestone Arcus software will have general availability in Q4 of this year.

IQinVision has been designing, manufacturing and marketing the IQeye line of HD megapixel IP cameras since 1998. A provider of IP network camera products, IQinVision is renowned for image quality, stability and reliability in the harshest environments. ONVIF and PSIA compliant, IQeye cameras are integrated with all leading NVRs and are backed by the most comprehensive warranty program in the industry. The company’s products are widely deployed in banking/finance, city surveillance, commercial/industrial, critical infrastructure, education, gaming, government/law enforcement, healthcare, retail and transportation applications.


ASSA ABLOY to debut 75 new products at ASIS International 2014

At the 2014 ASIS International Seminar and Exhibits, ASSA ABLOY will announce the introduction of 75 new products, underscoring the company’s commitment to innovation in the global access control and door opening markets. Founded in 1994, ASSA ABLOY includes 82 brands serving the international commercial buildings marketplace with strong deployment rates in government, education, hospitality and healthcare.

At ASIS International in Atlanta next week, the company is poised to introduce new products in critical areas, including high security doors and hardware, e-cylinders for electronic access control plus advanced lock technologies for institutional, commercial and home control applications. In addition, the group will also provide a comprehensive update on sustainable access control and will host a seminar with U.S. Green Building Council and World Green Building Council founder, David Gottfried.

At its ASIS booth (#3111), ASSA ABLOY will demonstrate a comprehensive range of wireless technologies that can cost effectively secure doors, cabinets, server racks and drawers fully supported by 26 access control manufacturers in the industry.

To address the growing demand for the convenience and security of mobile access, the company will also showcase several products that support HID Mobile Access powered by Seos. This capability will be displayed across multiple platforms, including IP-enabled (Power over Ethernet and Wi-Fi), Integrated Wiegand, and Aperio wireless access control.

“Every day millions of people around the world are safer because ASSA ABLOY opening technologies have been installed in their homes, offices, hospitals, hotels, stores, and schools,” said Thanasis Molokotos, executive vice president and head of Americas Division, ASSA ABLOY. “As the world’s leading manufacturer of premium door opening technologies, we have an opportunity and a responsibility to invest in our continued industry leadership and provide the broader community with strong direction and strong products.”

ASSA ABLOY holds over 13,000 patents spanning a wide array of applications, including mechanical, electrical, authentication and advanced security. In 2013 and 2014 the group was named to the Forbes 100 Most Innovative Company List ahead of many globally recognized leaders.

“ASIS International 2014 provides ASSA ABLOY with an important, valuable platform from which to showcase the innovations we’ve been working on and are now pleased to bring to market,” Molokotos continued. “Moreover, it provides our team members with an opportunity to meet with and listen to our customers in education, healthcare, retail, government and a host of other important verticals so that we have the deepest understanding of the challenges and opportunities they face - and can engineer solutions to meet these challenges and address the opportunities.”

Security-Net focuses on operational efficiency

Exton, PA-based Security-Net, Inc., a provider of security system services, has announced that it has formed a new committee within its organization called OPS-Net to provide greater support to clients and improve customer satisfaction.

The goal of OPS-Net is to enhance communication between project managers and to ensure customer satisfaction in the completion of security system installations. OPS-Net joins two existing groups, Tech-Net and Sales-Net. Tech-Net brings together the top technical experts from each company to share information about the latest security products and to trouble shoot technology problems, while Sales-Net is focused on national accounts strategy, project management and lead generation.

“With OPS-Net, we can ensure that when the operations piece of Security-Net takes over on a nationwide or global security systems integration project that the process is efficient for the client,” said Michael Jobrey, chairman of OPS-Net and vice president of operations for The Protection Bureau, a Security-Net member company. “We want to make sure that a project is completed to the highest level of satisfaction of the client.”

Members of OPS-Net will include members from Security-Net whose focus is on business operations. OPS-Net will develop programs for optimized fulfillment, the implementation of a policy of best practices within the Security-Net organization and enhanced communication among project managers. Its inaugural project has been to collect information on how well and in what capacity Security-Net members are currently collaborating.

OPS-Net’s other goals include enhancing project start-up times, streamlining material fulfillment of projects from beginning to end, and improving and streamlining internal communications. The group intends also to develop a system for measuring its own success.

OPS-Net and Security-Net members will be in attendance at the 60th Annual ASIS International Conference and Trade Show Sept. 29 to Oct. 2 in Atlanta to further develop the initiative. Security-Net will be exhibiting at booth 2437 at the conference.

Established in 1993, Security-Net is recognized as one of the world's finest security systems integrators. It maintains approximately 50 regional offices and 1,200 dedicated professionals positioned across the United States, Canada and abroad. Security-Net supports and services both private industry and the government sector with intelligent security system solutions.




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