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3M releases latest version of license plate reader software

ST. PAUL‚ MN May 11, 2017 Law enforcement agencies bring stability to a world that is full of uncertainty, which is a task that requires the most advanced and up-to-date technology. In order to make agencies operate more efficiently, 3M is proud to announce the second upgrade to 3M™ Plate Alert Analytical ALPR Software, making the first ALPR software powered by data fusion analytics even better. Plate Alert is an advanced and comprehensive back-office software that features new capabilities for officers and uses proactive alerts and data fusion analytics to provide instant and useful information for law enforcement.

3M™ Plate Alert Analytical ALPR Software version 1.2 contains a significant number of new features and improvements, including upgraded data sharing, investigative power, and data security. Additionally, the new version also improves the ease-of-use to both new users, as well as experienced users who may be migrating from other systems.

With the updated Plate Alert software, data sharing is now easier, quicker, and more secure. Information can be shared to and from 3M’s previous back-office software systems, also known as BOSS, through the data sharing interface in both systems, thus enabling the users of Plate Alert to run license plate inquiries against BOSS databases and quickly return results, and vice versa. This functionality allows users to maintain the connection with the agencies using BOSS, while seamlessly transitioning to Plate Alert.

When it comes to license plate analysis, one of the most important factors is the investigative power of the software. Version 1.2 of 3M’s Plate Alert software provides improved and upgraded investigative tools. Plate Alert can now be configured to include data from vehicle identification databases or systems, such as Intrinsic’s Mantis vehicle identification software. Once configured, additional metadata like make, model, color and body can be included in the license plate reads, which allows users to search vehicle details through data inquiries.

After a license plate search is completed, using the convey-on-demand feature, users can identify vehicles driving together with the vehicle found in the result with one click. Investigators can use this function to detect stalking suspects, and associate vehicles or gang members in drug interdiction. Plate Alert can now generate common plate analysis based on date, time, location, and other information. This feature assists police agencies to discover hidden correlations and find investigative leads.

The new version of Plate Alert also provides improved data security through enhanced data encryption; more powerful auditing and reporting, along with configurable system settings, allow agencies to meet their own data security policies.

“3M is proud of the partnership we have with law enforcement agencies, and we continuously work to build and improve software that makes their jobs easier,” said Olivia He, Global Marketing Manager of ALPR. “The 3M™ Plate Alert Analytical ALPR Software version 1.2 features upgrades that allow agencies to find connections between an increased number of sources in a shorter amount of time, improving the user experience and the results provided.”

In addition to the increased data sharing, investigative power, and data security, the enhanced version of 3M’s Plate Alert Software features a variety of additional upgrades. These updates include: enriched content in email alerts, active directory, open street map, simple alert list parsing and filtering, and multi-server installation. The new version of 3M's Plate Alert software is available free of charge to all current customers that are under warranty or support.

For more information on 3M™ Plate Alert Analytical ALPR Software version 1.2, please visit www.3m.com/PlateAlert.


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