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Georgetown research center adds Farsight Security to industry member roster


WASHINGTON Dec. 21, 2016 The Security and Software Engineering Research Center at Georgetown University (S2ERC ) announced today that Farsight Security, Inc., provider of the world’s only real-time DNS intelligence, has become an affiliate member as S2ERC continues to expand its base of industry members.

Leveraging proprietary technology that provides over 200,000 Domain Name System (DNS) observations per second, Farsight Security delivers the world's largest real-time actionable intelligence on how the Internet is changing. Security analysts around the world use this information to provide critical context to existing threat data in order to increase detection and mitigation of today's Internet security threats.

As an affiliate member of S2ERC, Farsight Security will join one of its signature programs – the Cyber Threat Intelligence Sharing Exchange Ecosystem (CyberISE). This S2ERC initiative consists of several related projects that include technology, policy, legal and economic research. These initiatives all have the same goal of accelerating the adoption of the automated sharing of threat intelligence.

"We are pleased to have Farsight Security join S2ERC at Georgetown and participate in the CyberISE research project," said Dr. Eric Burger, S2ERC Director. "With cyber threats growing in scale, size, speed and sophistication, there is a need for standardized and automated cyber risk intelligence sharing with the goal to transform how we monitor, detect, share, react, and remediate cyber threats."

"We are very proud to become an affiliate member of S2ERC at Georgetown University. Farsight Security looks forward to collaborating with S2ERC members to reduce the risk of cyberattacks around the world. With the adoption of Internet of Things, the attack surface has grown substantially over the last few years. Our DNS intelligence – real-time visibility of a changing Internet – can enrich an organization’s existing threat feeds as well as provide new intelligence that measurably increases the speed of detecting and mitigating today’s cyber threats," said Andrew Lewman, Chief Revenue Officer, Farsight Security, Inc.

About Farsight Security, Inc.

Farsight Security, Inc. provides the world's largest real-time threat intelligence on changes to the Internet. Leveraging proprietary technology with over 200,000 observations/second, Farsight provides the Internet's view of an organization and how it is changing purposely, inadvertently or maliciously. For more information on Farsight, please visit

About the Security and Software Engineering Research Center at Georgetown University

The Security and Software Engineering Research Center at Georgetown University (S2ERC) is a National Science Foundation (NSF) sponsored research center working on the safety, security, and stability of today's communications networks. S2ERC uses applied and basic research to address the technology, policy, regulatory, legal, governmental, and business issues impacting secure networks. S2ERC research results create solutions to technical issues and enable vendors and service providers to offer products and services that real enterprises need and can deploy. Learn more at


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