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Georgia county goes with BodyWorn cameras for its police department

ATLANTA July 20, 2016 Utility announced that Georgia's DeKalb County Board of Commissioners has approved the purchase of 600 BodyWorn™ wearable body cameras to outfit its entire uniform division in order to enhance transparency, accountability and officer safety. BodyWorn™ is the only policy-based recording system on the market employing customizable, recording triggers that automatically initiate recording. The DeKalb County Police Department is the latest department to have adopted BodyWorn™ because of its reliability, performance, and security. Others include Lilburn, Marietta, Clayton County, the Atlanta Department of Corrections and Decatur in Georgia; Bexar County in Texas; Colorado Springs in Colorado; and Long Beach in California; Biloxi in Mississippi; and others throughout the country.

"The purchase of this technology will benefit police officers and the public by providing an added layer of transparency and accountability," said DeKalb County's interim CEO, Lee May. "This is another important investment in community-oriented policing and proof of our commitment to use technology to aid in building trust and mutual respect between law enforcement and those they are sworn to protect."

The BodyWorn™ software operates on a 4G-LTE smartphone that is embedded into the officer's uniform. The camera always points forward and will not be knocked askew or fall off during a struggle or when the officer is running. Wi-Fi and 4G-LTE connectivity, and BodyWorn's™ Smart Offload software, provides immediate video upload to secure storage in the police car or cloud storage. In addition, video is encrypted as it is recorded, so it is not vulnerable to tampering, mishandling, or loss, and officers do not have to travel back to the police station hours later to manually upload video by putting the camera into a docking station. BodyWorn™ can also live stream video directly to DeKalb County Central Dispatch during emergency situations.

"We call DeKalb County home, and are honored to announce that the DeKalb County Police Department will be deploying BodyWorn™," said Robert McKeeman, CEO of Utility. "There have been too many times when manually operated, clip-on body cameras have failed to record the adequate video necessary for transparency that the public—and 21st-Century Policing —demands. Integrating the body camera into the officer's uniform means the camera can't fall off. Automatic policy-based recording and immediate Smart Offload are core parts of our Generation 2 technology that ensures video does not get compromised or lost. An officer having a body camera, but not actually recording usable video of an incident, damages public trust—and we feel would be worse than no body camera at all. We are dedicated to providing technology that ensures reliable video recording. I am a proud graduate of Southwest DeKalb High School. No one is more committed to body camera success for DeKalb County than I am."

In addition to BodyWorn™, the DeKalb Police Department has also purchased Utility's Rocket™ integrated vehicle communication systems, turning each patrol car into a mobile Wi-Fi hotspot. This will optimize the Department's recording and video maintenance capabilities by adding automatic recording triggers and Smart Offload to its in-vehicle cameras.

BodyWorn™ also includes Smart Redaction™ at no additional cost. Smart Redaction™ automatically identifies and blurs faces, body parts with identifiable tattoos, and other selected objects in a video to protect the privacy of citizens and police officers. This unique capability allows a police department to quickly and reliably redact video to respond to media and FOIA (Freedom of Information Act) requests, as well as to prepare video for use in Court. Extensive manual labor to redact videos is eliminated, which allows law enforcement agencies to protect privacy while ensuring accountability and transparency—all at a low cost.

BodyWorn™ is part of Utility's Evidence EcoSystem. For more information about Generation 2 BodyWorn™ video cameras and the Evidence EcoSystem, visit

About BodyWorn™

BodyWorn™ uses smart mobile computing technology incorporating real-time communications for the best possible Situational Awareness. Only BodyWorn™ provides policy-based recording, Officer Down emergency alerts, live video streaming, and secure automatic wireless offload to cloud storage. BodyWorn™ video, audio and metadata can be accessed through the AVaiLWeb™ digital evidence management solution hosted on Amazon AWS. BodyWorn™ Software as a Service will continue to evolve to meet the demands of Police Departments around the world. BodyWorn™ and the Rocket IoT™ in-car video system leverage Amazon Web Services cloud storage, and provide our customers with Mission Critical Intelligence.

About Utility

Utility is a venture-capital funded company headquartered in Decatur, Georgia (Metro Atlanta) founded in 2001. The company provides Mission Critical Intelligence through the Rocket IoT™ vehicle video routers and BodyWorn™ video systems for Police, Fire, EMS, Electric and Gas Utility, and Public Transit customers. Utility offers a unified operating platform for safely locating, tracking and supporting all aspects of mobile field operations. Utility owns US patents 6,831,556; 7,768,548; 8,781,475; 9,246,898; and 9,282,495 and has numerous patents pending with the US, Canadian, and the European Union Patent Offices.

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