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Vanguard announces the launch of Version 2 Release 2 Security and Compliance Software for IBM's z/OS Security Server

Las Vegas, December 3 - Vanguard Integrity Professionals is pleased to announce the launch and immediate availability of Version 2 Release 2 security and compliance software for the IBM z/OS® Security Server®.  This version of Vanguard's Security and Compliance software improves on nearly every aspect of its predecessor for Enterprise, z/OS Security Server and Cloud deployments with a vast array of new features and functionality along with significant performance enhancements optimizing security, administration, governance, and compliance at a time when data security is crucial.

"Vanguard is dedicated to continual improvement of our products and solutions especially when the risk to critical systems is so great for our customers around the globe," said Brian Caskey, Chief Marketing Officer at Vanguard.  "We have added many new advanced security and compliance features to an already high-performance solution.  With the launch of Version 2 Release 2, we continue to prove our commitment to our customers and the security of their Enterprise, z/OS Security Server and Cloud infrastructures by providing the most advanced suite of security solutions available."

Vanguard's latest Version 2 Release 2 Software includes more than 100 new features and enhancements that enable our customers to achieve a higher level of security, a deeper level of control and the ability to respond more rapidly than in the past.  The following list provides a brief sampling of Version 2 Release 2 solution enhancements:

  • Support for IBM Version 2 Release 2 z/OS Security Server
  • Vanguard ez/Token™ now supports LinOTP and extends to YubiKey and OATH tokens
  • Compare Manager for Users, Groups and Profiles saves time for security administrators
  • New Vanguard Active Alerts™ for Library Member Activity, Active Alerts for activity against audited tables and New Library Member Special Reports
  • Vanguard Cleanup™ and Vanguard Offline™ delivers multiple performance enhancements, including the elimination of system logger in favor of a high-speed collection system
  • Vanguard adds Command Audit Trail that provides the ability to track changes from the z/OS Security Server, capturing changes within the database. This will allow authorized users to see who made the last 20 changes to any RACF profile or SETROPTS settings
  • Version 2 Release 2 adds support for READ ONLY AUDITOR user attributes
  • U.S. government agencies utilizing Vanguard ez/Piv Card™ can now extend their use to z/OS, providing additional multi-factor authentication
  • Vanguard Configuration Manager™ now includes an enterprise section including Vanguard Best Practices and DB2® Check Lists
  • Vanguard Configuration Manager™ incorporates the current version 6.25 of the DISA STIGS Check Lists

For a complete description of all enhancements included in the new Vanguard Version 2 Release 2 Security and Compliance Solution, visit www.go2vanguard.com.  Current customers with an existing maintenance contract can download the latest version of the Vanguard Software from the Vanguard Customer Zone immediately.  New customers will automatically receive the latest version of software.

About Vanguard Integrity Professionals

Vanguard Integrity Professionals provides enterprise security software and services that solve complex security and regulatory compliance challenges for financial, insurance, healthcare, education, transportation and government agencies around the world. Vanguard provides automated solutions for Audit and Compliance, Operational Security, and Intrusion Management.  The world's largest Financial, Insurance, Government Agencies and Retailers entrust their security to Vanguard Integrity Professionals.  Vanguard is committed to protecting and securing the Cloud, zOS Security Server and Enterprise environments.  Vanguard provides 24/7/365 live customer support from the United States of America.


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