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CardLogix introduces new credential validation software to strengthen border security

A California-based smart card technology company has released a new software system it says will improve validating travel credentials and make international traveling more secure.

PassCheck ID Credential Validation Software, designed by CardLogix, is designed to be used by border security agents, but the company also says it can be used in the financial markets as well. Versions of the software will be available for use with Windows and with Unity, a handheld biometric solution created by Corvus Integration. Corvus released Unity, which was originally developed for use within the United States military, last month to work especially with PassCheck.

“As the world has become dramatically less secure, the need for more comprehensive border security and compliance across many industries has increased,” the company said in a press release. “As demonstrated by continued terrorist activities, existing credential validation is not reliable, and added security is urgently required.”

Among the features PassCheck offers includes the ability to validate a traveler’s passport by checking it against stored digital documents found in the International Civil Aviation Organization directory. It also uses biometrics that can be found in the credential’s smart card chip to match against the traveler’s identity, allowing agents to confirm that the holder of the passport is the person present. The biometric functions all are built to meet ANSI 378, ICAO 9303, NISTR 6529-A and ISO/IEC 19794-4 standards, the company said.

PassCheck also logs travelers’ movements and collects image information to people running the border system controls. In addition, the software system offers full support for decoding two- or three-line machine readable zone regions on passports.

The software is the company’s latest product that’s part of the idblox system, which includes products from various companies that make it easier to use high security credentials because the common data structures they contain require no additional programming.

“PassCheck was designed to integrate smoothly within the idblox ecosystem and with related products from CardLogix, such as the Card Encoding Engine® and M.O.S.T. Microprocessor Cards® that fully support ICAO standards,” the company said.

The cost for the Windows system is $900, while the Unity system sells for $1,400. Both products are available immediately, the company said.

Founded more than 20 years ago, CardLogix has made millions of smart cards and distributed them to clients in more than 36 countries. In addition to its work in producing cards, the company also has experience in creating chips for cards, software, middleware, readers and printers for the security industry.

Among the company’s clients include the state of Georgia, which has used its smartcards and readers to manage elections within the state. The city of Denver also has worked with CardLogix to better manage its street parking program, which must handle more than 10,000 cars on a daily basis. The company also has issued more than 100,000 cards to members of the U.S. Army and the Army Corps of Engineers, which has enabled them to maintain secure connections to systems despite having to work in very remote locations.


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