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Rapiscan launches 638DV 320kV large tunnel screening solution for air cargo

Torrance, CA, October 5 - Rapiscan Systems,a leading global supplier of security inspection systems today announced the addition of the Rapiscan 638DV 320kVto its portfolio of security technologies. The 638DV 320kV is a large cargo security screening solution designed to meet the increasing technology requirements of the world’s leading passenger airlines and air cargo carriers. 

Government entities across the globe have issued mandates that 100 percent of air cargo be screened before being loaded onto a plane. The Rapiscan 638DV 320kVis a government compliant solution that significantly increases throughput and enhances an airport or carrier’s security infrastructure.   

The 638DV 320kV further expands Rapiscan’s line of advanced screening solutions for air cargo, which customers depend on to provide advanced cargo screening and the detection of explosives and narcotics.

Designed with robust features, the 638DV 320kV is equipped with the most innovative air cargo screening capabilities including:

  • Increased Throughput and High Quality Screening –The 638DV 320kV was specifically designed to increase throughput and meet international regulatory requirements to support a more efficient security design. Equipped with more than 14 image processing tools and detection alert algorithms, the feature-rich software gives operators the freedom to locate contraband more efficiently. The unit also features explosives and narcotics search algorithms based on regulatory techniques improving clarity in the threat detection process.
  • Industry Leading Low Power Consumption and Functional Design –With a tunnel spanning 1837mm, the 638DV 320kV is capable of screening both Unit Load Device (ULD) and ISO standard large cargo pallet types, to support the full range of air cargo. The 638DV 320kV’s innovative dual view tunnel is compliant with industry standards and presents the highest quality images of any comparable system. The conveyor was designed at a low height for ease of loading and unloading pallets, to increase airport throughput. Additionally the unit boasts the lowest power consumption in its class.
  • Most Government Regulatory Compliance – To be an effective asset to air cargo security requirements around the globe, the 638DV 320kV was developed with the most government regulations in mind.  The dual view capabilities comply with the European Union framework regulation for aviation security, (EC) No 300/2008. Along with the more detailed implementation regulations set out in (EU) No 185/2010, and Commissions Decision C(2010)774, it provides the requirements for X-ray screening equipment as it relates to both the image quality (IQ) and Threat Image Projection (TIP) capabilities and libraries.

“Security requirements for the air cargo industry are constantly evolving, driven by global threats that are increasingly becoming more dangerous and sophisticated,” said Pak Chin, President of Rapiscan Systems. “We are proud to introduce the industry-leading 638DV solution which provides the highest level of security assurance for air cargo security operators all around the world.”

The Rapiscan 638DV 320kV significantly improves clarity in the threat detection process through high penetration dual view X-ray. Developed to meet the most rigorous air cargo regulatory requirements, the 638DV 320kV is designed for U.S. TSA, U.K. DfT, and the French civil aviation authority STACair cargo screening requirements and is currently pending approvals and certifications.

About Rapiscan Systems

Rapiscan Systems, a division of OSI Systems, Inc., is a leading global supplier of security inspection solutions utilizing advanced threat identification techniques. The company's products are sold into the following market segments: Baggage and Parcel Inspection; Cargo and Vehicle Inspection; Hold (checked) Baggage Screening; People Screening; Explosive and Narcotics Trace Detection; and Radiation Detection. The Rapiscan Systems product lines are supported by a global service network. As the world's leading security screening provider, Rapiscan Systems provides state-of-the-art products, solutions and services to meet our customers' most demanding threat detection needs.  For more information, visit www.rapiscansystems.com.


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