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GSA implements objective scorecards used to grade federal contractor performance

St. Petersburg, FL, - In a new development for the General Services Administration (GSA) government buyers have begun implementing a new way to evaluate a contractor’s performance on active contracts. The GSA has started using what they like to call “Objective Scorecards” in order to increase the speed and efficiency of the way contractors are graded for their work. Every scorecard allows each contractor to grade themselves based on a variety of criteria. This score is then incorporated to the overall evaluation conducted by the government buyer who awarded the contract. This new scorecard technique will generally be used for large GWACs contracts and BPAs. The upcoming Human Capital and Training Solutions contract and the new Alliant contract will be utilizing this Objective Scorecard method.

The process a government buyer goes through to award a contract is more tedious than one would think. GSA Schedules simplify the overall process for government buyers because they can trust their business is registered properly and can browse the vendor’s service catalog on GSAAdvantage!. However, other than reviewing the GSA Schedule holder’s past performance and the current use of traditional narratives, the new scorecard method allows contractors to set their own goals and expectations. Jim Ghiloni, Director for Governmentwide Acquisition Contracts at GSA agrees with the new scorecard initiative stating, “I really do think the scorecard is a superior procurement process to what we were trying to do.”

These scorecards are will be used to add extra gosling perspective at the finish of each GSA Schedule contract. Contractors must fill out the required federal paperwork and seek out acceptance if interested in being placed on a GSA Schedule. Prior to being placed on a GSA Schedule, contractors must be properly registered in System for Award Management (SAM) in order to bid on and win government contracts. Businesses that are interested in becoming properly registered in SAM and begin the GSA Schedule federal paperwork can call the Contractor Hotline at (877) 252-2700 Ext. 1.

What is a GSA Schedule contract?

The largest government-wide contracts are procured through the General Services Administration (GSA). GSA Schedules are extremely helpful when a business has their goods and services placed on a listing. In fact, 10% of all federal procurement in the United States is done through GSA Schedules. The GSA has produced over 19,000 Multiple Award Schedules (MAS) in fiscal 2013, in which 40% lead to sales for small business contractor services. Each year the federal government spends $30 to $40 billion on GSA Schedules, which is roughly 9% of the total spent on government contracts. Procurement Officers enjoy using GSA Schedules to award contracts because it is convenient for them to purchase your goods or services. The process works as an online shopping directory where procurement officers can simply order and purchase.

As of 2013, the GSA has created 41 available schedules that provide goods and services to federal procurement officers around the world. These schedules are a great way for businesses to establish long term connections with contracting officers. The GSA even recommends government contractors to use a professional service to help them with all of the paperwork and filing that goes into a GSA Schedule as it is a prolonged and extensive process. Each GSA Schedule is designed to act like a regular private sector commercial buying process. GSA Schedules make it easy to network with federal procurement officers, reduce inventories, create shorter lead time between projects, and provide procurement with more choices.


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