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Fiber SenSys Inc to sponsor GSN’s 2015 Airport, Seaport, Border Security Awards Program

GSN has announced that Fiber SenSys Inc (FSI), a wholly owned subsidiary of Optex Co. LTD and the originator of fiber-optic sensors in the security market, has agreed to serve as a Sponsor of the GSN 2015 Airport, Seaport, Border Security Awards Program.

With one of the broadest product folios in the industry, the FSI outdoor perimeter protection system is primarily deployed on fences and walls and provides solutions for the military sites, airports, seaports, border security facilities, oil and gas pipelines, electric plants, corrections and physical data security.

The GSN Airport, Seaport, Border Security Awards Program, which opened on March 16 for entries at www.asbsecurityawards.com, includes 37 entry categories ranging from Access Control/Identification, Detection, Communications and Surveillance to Search and Rescue Solutions, Best Perimeter Protection Solutions, Best Integrated Security Programs and the Most Notable Security Programs, Projects and Initiatives in the fields of Airport/Aviation Security, Maritime/Port Security, Border Security and Search and Rescue. New entry categories in 2015, according to GSN CEO Adrian Courtenay, include Search and Rescue, Coastal Surveillance and Satellite Communications.

At the recently completed ISC West Conference in Las Vegas, GSN Senior Editor Karen Ferrick-Roman enjoyed an interesting conversation about Fiber SenSys with the company’s VP of Global Sales, Bill Evenson, who told her:

“Fiber Sensys is redundant. On purpose. In using fiber optics to monitor a perimeter, that’s exactly where the company wants to be,” said Evenson. “Fiber Sen Sys has a well-tested track record, proving its suitability for even P Level 1 Nuclear use.”

In its booth display at ISC West, Fiber SenSys showed how Crossfiber, essentially two different lines of fiber optic sensors, can be installed on a chain link perimeter fence for even more secure protection. An easy-to-install system like the Fiber SenSys FD525-HALO™ economically addresses larger sites, with a maximum cable length reaching to 5.8 kilometers. If the fence is climbed upon or the cable is cut, the system will continue to alert for both a fault and an alarm citing where it was disturbed along the cable’s 25 available zone areas, said Evenson.

With two cables detecting vibration around a perimeter, even a sliced Fiber SenSys cable is able to keep part of its operations intact, creating some of the redundancy that clients have requested, said Duane Thompson, business development & Optex partnership manager. “We‘ve done this in response to customers, and we will continue to listen to our customers,” Thompson said, as he demonstrated the technology and talked about the integration, cost effectiveness and interoperability of the company’s fiber optics systems.

Fiber SenSys has “the DNA of Corning,” Evenson explained. In 1990, engineers in Corning’s broadcast group discovered a product that could detect vibrations. Experimentations with a woofer and an acoustic guitar turned into a fiber optic product that could help to protect infrastructure, oil and gas pipelines, solar farms and other large tracts, guarding against theft and unwarranted expense, Evenson said.

For years, said Evenson, this practical perimeter application was important to the military and continues to remain salient in the industry. Video analytics have gained traction but every integrator will tell you the video system is fraught with nuances from moving branches and bushes. Even though video analytics improve, year by year, fog is an obstacle that video can’t yet easily defeat. Then there are thermal, heat and price issues.

“This is the best-designed system with the widest applications use, with fiber optics signals as a trigger for a camera,” Evenson said. Unlike copper wire-based systems, which essentially turn into a lightning-attracting antenna, Fiber SenSys is safe in electrical environments. Its Optical Time Distance Refractometer checks the system, measuring what is sent out and what is returned in 25 discrete channels.

Because of the complexity of the system, users must be certified. To help clients with those logistics, Fiber SenSys has developed an online training course that is less costly than traveling for on-site training, is individually paced and appreciated by customers, Evenson said. A 90-minute video, broken into digestible segments, is part of the 2 ½ to 3 hours of learning and testing.

A single box containing a power supply and connections for Fiber SenSys’ Rapid Fiber product has also won the appreciation of system users.

Bill Evenson can be reached by email at [email protected] and Duane Thomas can be reached at [email protected].


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