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Lunarline and Damballa partner to help the government fight back against advanced cyber attacks

Arlington, VA, April 2 – Lunarline and Damballa have announced a strategic partnership to bring Damballa’s advanced threat detection technology to Lunarline’s government clients in the Intelligence, DoD and Federal Civilian communities. Globally deployed in some of the largest and most complex private and public networks, Damballa Failsafe is ideally suited to the Federal government’s unique security challenges.

“From the very first demo I’ve been impressed with Damballa’s Failsafe threat detection system,” said Lunarline COO Keith Mortier. “Within hours of installing Failsafe, our Security Operations team can zero in on advanced threats targeting Federal networks.”

Failsafe monitors network traffic using a combination of behavioral, payload and threat intelligence detection engines. The system’s Case Analyzer correlates hundreds of pieces of evidence per device to automatically find hidden infections that preventative products have missed. Failsafe’s ability to dramatically shorten infection dwell time lets security teams focus on stopping data theft instead of chasing unsubstantiated alerts.

“Using Failsafe, we can tackle, with unprecedented efficiency, the advanced cyber-attacks currently plaguing Federal networks, while equipping our clients with actionable cyber intelligence,” Mortier says. “Through this strategic partnership our Federal clients can quickly deploy this innovative tool – backed by Lunarline’s advanced incident response and forensics capabilities – to realize an immediate improvement in security and compliance posture.”

“Securing federals network from cyber-attacks is a national priority,” said Paul Rolfe, Damballa’s vp of Global Field Alliances and Channels. “Lunarline and Damballa ease the stress by combining the best in detection and response.” Rolfe continued, “Failsafe is an easy-to-deploy, low-touch solution that can be operational in hours or less. Lunarline’s Security Operations teams have the system’s output of actionable intelligence at their fingertips so they can surgically respond to incidents before damage is done.”

To learn more about Damballa Failsafe, click here. To inquire about incorporating Failsafe into your organization’s security efforts, contact Spence Witten, Lunarline director of Federal Sales, at [email protected].

Lunarline is a leading provider of cyber security and privacy services, products and certified training to the DoD, intelligence, civilian and private sector communities. Lunarliners keep pretty busy, battling advanced persistent threats, dissecting the latest cyber attacks and flying around the world in support of rapid incident response. But every now and then we put out a press release or two – just to let the world know how we’re keeping it safe from cyber criminals.

For more information about Lunarline, please visit Lunarline.com.

As a leader in automated breach defense, Damballa delivers advanced threat protection and containment for active threats that bypass all security prevention layers. Born from breach defense, Damballa rapidly discovers infections with certainty, pinpointing the compromised devices that represent the highest risk to a business, and enabling prioritized response and refocusing on security experts to the areas of greatest risk to an enterprise. Our patented solutions leverage big data from one-third of the world’s Internet traffic, combined with machine learning, to automatically discover and terminate criminal activity, stop data theft, minimize business disruption and reduce the time to response and remediation. Damballa protects more than 400 million endpoints globally at enterprises in every major market. For more information, visit Damballa.com.




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