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Verizon launches new Cyber Intelligence Center

Verizon Communications Enterprise Solutions unit has just launched the new Verizon Cyber Intelligence Center (VCIC), which will offer global organizations advanced incident response and detection capabilities to assess and respond to cyber threats.

"The VCIC offers even the largest and most sophisticated security teams the opportunity to offload to Verizon the heavy lift associated with critical security analytics and intelligence fusion, and routine tasks, such as log and device management, and truly focus on protecting their precious information assets," said Eddie Schwartz, vice president of Global Security Solutions for Verizon Enterprise Solutions. "Our new Cyber Intelligence Center will provide clients with a powerful weapon in safeguarding vital company information, intellectual property and customer data."

Verizon’s enterprise clients will receive threat intelligence information and actionable advice from the VCIC that will explain how to identify and respond to cyber threats before they have had the opportunity to negatively impact the organization. The VCIC will work to collect data from a number of sources including the VERIS framework dataset of cyber incidents, big data analytics tools, the company’s global Internet Protocol backbone, and advanced threat management tools. Verizon’s security analysts will also review intelligence from their global security operations from around the world. They will also offer a range of services from analytics, threat protection, monitoring, incident forensics, and identity management.

"Yesterday's approach to fighting cyberattacks in which each enterprise attempts to combat well-funded adversaries alone or build these complex cyber capabilities themselves is just not feasible," said Schwartz. "The realities of today's threat landscape require enterprises to focus on understanding the business context of an attack, and taking direct remediative action. Reliable and high-fidelity cyber intelligence is critical to detecting targeted cyberattacks and to implementing a timely and effective response."

Founded in 1983, Verizon Communications is based in New York City and offers telecommunications and IT services to clients globally in industries such as healthcare, transportation, financial services, retail, and manufacturing. Verizon Enterprise Solutions focuses on providing IT and security services to corporate and government clients via its cloud based platform.

Please visit Verizon’s Website at for more information about their products and services. More information about Verizon Enterprise Solutions is available at


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