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GSN announces finalists in 2013 awards competition

Government Security News has announced its 2013 Homeland Security Awards finalists, and in some cases preemptive winners, in three different broad awards categories: Vendors of IT security products and solutions; Vendors of physical security products and solutions; and noteworthy achievements of federal, state, county and municipal government agencies.

According to Adrian Courtenay, managing partner of Government Security News, there was a strong turnout as usual in the IT security group, with the most hotly contested categories turning out to be “Best Compliance/Vulnerability Assessment Solutions,” “Best Endpoint Security Solution,” “Best Privileged Access Management Solution,” “Best Continuous Monitoring Solution” and “Best Security Incident/Event Management (SIEM).”

In the vendors of physical security awards, Courtenay indicated that the three categories with the stiffest competition were “Best Integrated System for HSPD-12 FIPS 201,” “Best Mass Notification Systems” and “Best Network IP Cameras,” the latter of which produced an all-star line-up of finalists, including Aventura Technologies, AXIS Communications, Hood Tech, Panasonic and Sony Electronics Security Equipment.”

In the government agency categories, the judges indicated that they found it difficult to evaluate federal, state and local entries -- or entries from different agencies and departments -- against each other. Thus, the judges recommended that a system of Platinum, Gold and Silver awards be adopted, rather than having one winner and multiple finalists named in each category. This recommendation was accepted by GSN, according to Courtenay, who added that the three most sought after awards in the government categories were “Most Notable Maritime/Seaport Program,” “Most Notable Municipal/County Security Program” and “Most Notable Federal Government Security Program.”

Matt Johnson, a cyber security and intelligence expert who recently became chief technical officer of Palo Alto-based information assurance and public Cloud company, Guardtime, served as judge of the IT security awards, while Scott Greiper, CEO of Secure Strategy Group LLC of New York City and Washington, DC, and Paul Goldenberg, president of strategic advisory, consulting and risk management firm Cardinal Point Strategies, partnered in judging the physical security government awards.

Sponsors of the awards program, BRS Labs, Cardinal Point Strategies, Objectivity and Vanguard Integrity Professionals, were also thanked by Courtenay for their generosity in making the 2013 program possible.

The finalists in the GSN 2013 Homeland Security Awards program are as follows:


Best Anti-Malware Solution



Shape Security


ThreatTrack Security

Best Identity Management Platform

RSA SecurID 

Vanguard Integrity Professionals

Best Compliance/Vulnerability Assessment Solution


Hewlett Packard

RSA Archer eGRC

Skybox Alert

Vanguard Integrity Professionals

Best Data Security/Loss Management Solution



FreeWave Technology

Best Email Security and Integrity Solution

Preemptive Winner: Encryptics

Best Endpoint Security Solution


Belkin Business

Guidance Software



Best Forensic Software

Basis Technology

nPulse Technologies

RSA Silver Tail

Best Big Data Analytic Solution


Blue Coat Systems



Best Intrusion Detection/Prevention Solution

Preemptive Winner: Sourcefire

Best Network Security/Enterprise Firewall

Preemptive Winner: Forescout

Best Privileged Access Management Solution

Cyber Ark

Lieberman Software

RSA Aveksa


Best Continuous Monitoring Solution


Cyber Ark




Best Security Incident/Event Management (SIEM)

Event Tracker


RSA Security Analytics

Solar Winds


Best Biometric Identification System

Ingersoll Rand Security Technology

Stanley Security

Best Integrated System for HSPD-12 FIPS 201


Eid Passport

HID Global

Galaxy Control


Quantum Secure

Best Smart Card Solution

Preemptive Winner: Wave Systems

Best Platform for Physical/Logical Access

Granite State Manufacturing/Tamper Proof Global Systems

Quantum Secure

Best Interoperable First Responder Solutions

Sielox, LLC

Safety Alert Aps

Best Mass Notification Systems


Desktop Alert (for U.S. Air National Guard)



Best Regional or National Public Safety Communications

Preemptive Winner: Desktop Alert

Best Explosives Detection Solution

Implant Sciences

FLIR (Fidox3) 

MSA Security


Best Chemical Detection Solution

FLIR (Griffin 824)

FLIR (Fido2)

Best Long Range Detection Products

Preemptive Winner: CohuHD

Best Nuclear/Radiation Detection Products

FLIR (Identification R 400)

FLIR (Identification R 300)

Best Intelligent Video Surveillance Solutions

NICE Systems

PureTech Systems

Best Thermal/Night Vision/Infrared Cameras

AXIS Communications


Best Network IP Cameras

Aventura Technologies


Hood Tech Corp – Vision, Inc


Sony Electronics Security Equipment

Best Video Storage/Digital Transmission Systems

Preemptive Winner: AXIS Communications

Best Specialized CCTV Lens Technology

Preemptive WInner: CohuHD

Best Perimeter Protection Product/System


Future Fibre Technologies (FFT)

Best Crash Barrier (Gates, Fences, Bollards, Guard Booths)

Preemptive Winner – BIG Enterprises

Best Physical Security Information Management Solution (PSIM)

NICE Systems


Best Disaster Preparedness or Disaster Recovery and Clean-up Service

High-Rise Escape

Sperry West

Best Homeland Security Training/Higher Education Program

Preemptive Winner: Bellevue University


Most Notable Airport/Aviation Security Program

Maryland Air National Guard, 175th Wing

Miami International Airport

Transportation Security Administration

Most Notable Maritime/Seaport Security Program

DHS Border & Security Maritime/Science and Technology/

Coastal Surveillance Systems

Harris County Sheriff’s Office/Houston Ship Channel Security

U.S. Coast Guard Advanced Vessel ID (AVIS)

U.S. Coast Guard Interactive Warning System

Most Notable Critical Infrastructure Security Program

DHS Office of Infrastructure/Protective Security Advisor Service

DHS (for U.S. Coast Guard, Transportation Security Administration,

Customs and Border Protection)

Duke Energy Critical Infrastructure Program

Most Notable Municipal/County Security Program

City of Dover, DE

Contra Costa County, CA

Cook County, IL Department of Homeland Security

and Emergency Response

Los Angeles Sheriff’s Office

Monmouth County Sheriff’s Office

San Diego Public Utilities

Most Notable Federal Government Program, Project or Initiative

Defense Intelligence Agency (Multi Domain Dissemination System (MDDS)

DHS Borders & Maritime/Science & Technology (Coastal Surveillance System (CSS)

Department of Energy (Second Line of Defense, DOE National Nuclear Radiation Detection)

National Park Police (for Presidential Inauguration)

National Park Service (for Statue of Liberty Project)

U.S. Department of Agriculture (for USDA FedRamp Project Office)


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