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Mass Notification Profiles: Bringing unprecedented clarity and mobility to emergency warning mass notification


Public violence, bomb threats, natural disasters and other severe events have highlighted the urgent need for more effective community, base and campus emergency warning mass notification (EWMN) systems. The rise in incidents of mass violence adds to the significant challenges of government and law enforcement to maintain order and keep the peace. 

EWMN systems currently in use have critical gaps in coverage, particularly the absence of highly intelligible loudspeakers that can broadcast potentially lifesaving voice messages and instructions over large areas during an emergency event. 

Sirens aren’t enough 

Unlike the limited voice capability of legacy EWMN outdoor siren systems, the LRAD 360X brings LRAD’s unsurpassed vocal clarity, performance and reliability to EWMN. The LRAD 360X clearly broadcasts real-time information, multi-language instructions and warnings 360 degrees over distances of several hundred yards up to 2 miles. In addition to permanent installations, the LRAD 360X also has a mobile option enabling quick deployment to an incident area. 

Self-contained and self-powered, the LRAD 360X system supplants siren loudspeaker installations and supplements reverse 911 calls and other EWMN measures to ensure the local populace simultaneously hears and understands the nature of the warning, and what to do before, during and after potentially catastrophic events, including tornadoes, hurricanes, severe thunderstorms, tsunamis, flooding, wildfires, armed gunmen and bomb threats, SWAT operations, area or building lockdowns, CBRN incidents and other natural and man-made disasters.  

In emergency situations, panic-fueled actions can lead to chaos. Using LRAD 360X systems to communicate highly intelligible messages and instructions can lead to safer, more orderly reactions, reduce panic and protect the public and emergency responders. 

Optimized for speech transmission 

LRAD voice and siren broadcasts are safe and have been optimized to the 1 - 5 kHz range where human hearing is most sensitive. LRAD systems maintain a smooth frequency response with an intensity variation of less than 5dB over in the range between 300Hz and 6.5 kHz. This avoids audio fading and ensures clear communications across all frequencies.  

LRAD 360X systems:

  • Warn the public over large areas of approaching severe weather or man-made incidents;
  • Provide tsunami and earthquake warnings
  • Broadcast evacuation instructions, including safe egress routes;
  • Calm anxious citizens and direct them to emergency aid stations in the aftermath of a catastrophic event;
  • Can be heard inside buildings and vehicles, and over crowd and traffic noise, freeing law enforcement from having to go door-to-door, up and down streets to warn or notify civilians in neighborhoods and business districts. 

Fully operational in extreme weather conditions and tested to withstand 200 mph winds, LRAD 360X systems are easily installed on towers or rooftops and connected to existing networks. LRAD 360X systems range from a single emitter, which generates 131db of audio output and can be understood at a radius of up to 560 meters, to a 10-emitter system, which can be understood at ranges up to 2,300 meters. 

EWMN goes mobile 

Another critical gap in EWMN systems is mobility. With the recent escalation in acts of public violence, law enforcement and security personnel are increasingly challenged to keep the peace at summer festivals, fairs, parades, holiday celebrations, stadium tailgating, marathons and other large outdoor events. Other communication solutions -- including bullhorns and portable public address systems -- have limited range and ambiguous voice intelligibility. 

For large outdoor events, the LRAD 360X trailer option is the solution. Enabling rapid deployment and set up on site, the mobile LRAD 360X:


  • Calms anxious crowds and directs them to emergency aid stations in the aftermath of a catastrophic event;
  • Announces event information and egress routes to those coming to and going from an event;
  • Announces emergency information, including Amber alerts and severe weather warnings;
  • Safely and effectively assists in crowd control;
  • Assists in traffic control;
  • Serves as a force multiplier and frees police and security officers to respond to incidents when a limited number of personnel are available.


LRAD 360X EWMN installations 

LRAD 360X systems are being installed for primary EWMN, as well as integrated into existing networks. Yokohama, Japan upgraded its tsunami warning mass notification system this year with 40 LRAD 360X systems. More installations are planned in Japan and other Asian nations. 

The U.S. Army recently integrated the LRAD 360X with the base mass notification system at Ft Leavenworth, Kansas. Due to the recent increase in on-campus incidents, universities and businesses are beginning to evaluate the LRAD 360X to help warn and protect students, staff and employees. 

Proven performance 

Thousands of LRAD systems have been deployed in more than 60 nations around the world to keep soldiers, law enforcement officers, commercial security personnel and citizens safe using LRAD’s renowned voice broadcast intelligibility to hail and warn, determine intent, create large safety zones and resolve uncertain situations peacefully. 

LRAD systems are the most thoroughly tested acoustic hailing devices on the market, having successfully passed approximately 40 separate U.S Government tests, including all MIL STD testing for heat, humidity and shock. 

Saving lives with clear communication 

By adding highly intelligible voice communication and mobility to EWMN systems, civil and military authorities and their business and academic counterparts now have a powerful new capability to assist them in keeping those they protect safe during emergency situations and when natural or man-made disasters strike. 

When time is of the essence and accurate information must be quickly disseminated, LRAD 360X systems ensure that everyone in an incident area simultaneously hears and understands potentially lifesaving instructions. Broadcasting powerful crystal-clear messages and instructions over wide areas, the LRAD 360X is the voice that’s been missing from emergency warning and mass notification. 

To obtain additional information, go to LRAD’s Web site or sign up here.


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