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General Dynamics launches Global Security Operations Center solution and customer integration labs


General Dynamics Information Technology, a business unit of General Dynamics, announced on Sept. 6 the launch of its Global Security Operations Center (GSOC) solution.

The GSOC solution integrates multiple third-party security technologies to provide a cost-effective and scalable security solution that allows customers to monitor and protect people, property and assets using fewer resources, says a GD press release issued on Sept. 6. GSOC provides a common operating picture, enabling coordinated responses to events and sharing of business and risk intelligence.

Two GSOC integration labs bring all the GSOC elements together to provide a staging ground for customers' use in strategic security planning and infrastructure design.

"General Dynamics is a leader in mission-critical information technology systems," said Zannie Smith, senior vice president and general manager of General Dynamics Information Technology's national and homeland security division. "Our expertise ensures that the GSOC solution can address our customers' needs for an integrated, scalable, end-to-end security system that provides a common operating picture and enables an efficient, coordinated response to incidents."

The GSOC solution addresses five capability areas, said the news release, by integrating leading-edge technology:

  • Communications -- Capabilities include radio over IP, 911 monitoring, dispatch, global event notifications and internal communications with technologies from KwizCom, Twisted Pair and Microsoft Lync.
  • Process management -- Built on a Microsoft platform, including Office 2010, SharePoint and SQL Server, with technologies from OR3M for security information management and PPM 2000 for case management, the GSOC solution enables users to develop and implement consistent policies and procedures, optimize workflow and perform investigative and site-specific data management.
  • Data visualization -- The GSOC solution integrates IDV Solutions' Visual Command Center to provide interactive, real-time views into global and ground-level risks to people, assets, infrastructure and landmarks on Microsoft Bing Maps. Capabilities also include the ability to filter data feeds, analyze threats and initiate response.
  • Interoperability -- The GSOC solution offers technical and operational load sharing failover redundancy in minutes. Using Microsoft SQL Server, the physical access-control system provides an interoperable environment and serves as the primary signal monitoring and integrated access backbone for the global security infrastructure.
  • Monitoring -- Monitoring capabilities include asset tracking, integrated network security, access and video monitoring and control, video analytics, alarm monitoring and emergency alerts using General Dynamics' InForce and technologies from Bosch Security and ASSA ABLOY. 

General Dynamics' GSOC provides a scalable solution for end-to-end security needs with integration, risk and resilience consulting support from Aronson Security Group, and an operations center with ergonomic workstations and rack hardware from Middle Atlantic Products.

In the GSOC Integration Labs, General Dynamics has fully designed, integrated and tested security solutions, applications and devices using a new and innovative methodology. The GSOC Integration Lab serves as a staging ground to ensure that logical and physical products are properly deployed in a given information systems architecture.

General Dynamics can host global, regional and local companies at its GSOC facilities to engage in strategic planning and infrastructure design. The GSOC integration labs, located in Orlando, FL, and Waynesville, NC, also provide the opportunity to engage with key technology partners.

"We understand the importance of information systems architecture applied to logical and physical security," said Jim Coggin, vice president and general manager for integrated enterprise training solutions at General Dynamics Information Technology. "Our labs are meant to be staging grounds for these efforts to ensure that the integration of products and services are properly deployed to meet the needs of our customers."

More information about General Dynamics Information Technology's GSOC solution and Integration Labs is available at:  


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