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GSN 2011 Awards Countdown: Hot contest in ‘privileged access management’ category

No fewer than six finalists have been named in the IT Security category called “Best Privileged Access Management Solution,” and the winner will be identified at GSN’s homeland security awards dinner in Washington, DC, on November 14.

The finalists offer a wide range of technology approaches to a pressing concern that has challenged departmental VIPs and their IT security staffs: How to allow “privileged users” access to computer networks and physical sites without jeopardizing the networks themselves, the data stored on those networks or other physical assets

In alphabetical order, here is a brief rundown on each of the six entries:

AlertEnterprise, Inc. is offering what it calls its AlertEnterprise Security Convergence Solution for Critical Infrastructure. This solution is intended to protect the infrastructure at chemical, defense industrial base and government facilities from acts such as theft (i.e., copper theft), sabotage and terrorism. A recent study estimated that there were 50,000 theft and sabotage incidents during 2008 alone.

“AlertEnterprise technology integrates across multiple card access systems, video surveillance systems and sensor networks to deliver the ability to monitor employee and contractor access to critical assets across the energy value chain,” said AlertEnterprise in its official entry to GSN’s awards program.

Beyond Trust has developed a product it calls PowerBroker that enables government agencies to protect sensitive information from malicious hackers, conspiring insiders and accidental security loopholes caused by administrative privileges. It does this by removing dangerous admin rights from users and staff, and implementing a system of individual accountability.

“PowerBroker’s removal of administrative rights from desktops prevents an estimated $120 a year per PC spent correcting configuration errors,” claims BeyondTrust, in its official entry to GSN.

Centrify Corp. recognizes that government agencies are becoming increasingly aware of the risk that broad administrative grants can pose for the potential theft of corporate intellectual property, insider attacks and even inadvertent changes that can adversely affect systems or data.

“But alternatives are frequently so complex to manage that organizations simply live with the risk of exposure because they have no practical way to limit access without hindering privileged users and administrators in performing their important tasks,” explained Centrify in its official entry.

To address some of these concerns, Centrify leverages existing Active Directory infrastructure to centrally secure and audit non-Windows systems and applications. As a result, government organizations can actually simplify their IT infrastructure and processes.

Fox Technologies, Inc. addresses the demand within many government departments to control access across diverse servers and applications. Its Enterprise Access Management (EAM) solution suite addresses this need by enabling these government organizations to rapidly implement centralized administration, contextual authentication, granular authorization, and consolidated audit reports across their diverse server and business application environment.

“The ability to centrally control delegation for privileged users without sharing root and functional account passwords, as well as the ability to control business user access to applications, enables organizations to secure more of the IT stack, streamline security administration, and further simplify regulatory compliance,” said Fox Technologies, in its entry.

Lieberman Software understands that flaws in most organization’s enterprise password management policies can lead to serious security breaches. As the WikiLeaks episode illustrated, a malignant insider can sometimes be impossible to identify. In response to the recent proliferation of high-profile breaches, Lieberman Software has released a major upgrade to its Enterprise Random Password Manager, or ERPM, its flagship privileged identity management solution.

“The ERPM upgrade provides expanded cross-platform discovery and propagation capabilities; enhanced multi-factor authentication to protect privileged logins from key logging, social engineering and other attacks; and greater flexibility to grant authorized IT staff immediate access to Windows, Linux/UNIX, mainframe, and other systems for servicing, configuration and repair,” said Lieberman in its entry to GSN.

Xceedium’s GateKeeper is a privileged access management solution that controls, contains and audits the activity of privileged users, whether they originate from inside or outside of the network. Customers of GateKeeper include the U.S. Air Force, U.S. Army, U.S. Navy, the Departments of Defense and Homeland Security, Boeing, General Dynamics and Northrop Grumman.

“GateKeeper’s zero trust model is an industry first,” says Xceedium, in its official entry, “ensuring privileged users are only able to access data and commands for which they are explicitly authorized and to systems that are whitelisted.”

Government Security News is hosting a gala banquet at the JW Marriott Hotel in Washington, DC, on the evening of November 14, at which the names of all corporate and government winners will be announced.

Further information about the awards program and tickets for tables or chairs at the gala dinner is available here.



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