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GSN's Editorial Guidelines for 2013

How to contribute editorially to Government Security News

As illustrated in our 2013 Editorial Calendar, Government Security News covers all aspects of security for government customers. We circulate a printed monthly newsmagazine to approximately 40,000 subscribers, including government officials, industry executives, systems integrators, consultants and academics.

In addition, we publish a daily electronic e-newsletter, GSN's Daily Homeland Security Insider, which reaches more than 35,000 subscribers. And we continuously update our Web site at http://www.gsnmagazine.com

We are always interested in thought-provoking contributions to our monthly print edition, our daily e-newsletter and our Website from well-informed writers in government, industry, academia and the non-profit arena.

Here are our general guidelines for such contributions:

( 1 ) For our print edition, submissions should run between 600 and 800 words, not longer. For our daily e-newsletter and Website, they should run between 400 and 600 words, not longer.

( 2 ) They should be written in clean, crisp language, free of jargon, acronyms and industry buzz words that many of our readers may not understand.

( 3 ) The article should express definite and original opinions, which are well-reasoned and logically presented. It should not regurgitate well-known clichés.

( 4 ) The author should not engage in self-promotion of any kind.

( 5 ) We are most interested in new trends, intriguing ideas, controversial recommendations and upcoming security-related challenges that the author can identify, explain and comment upon.

( 6 ) The editors of Government Security News reserve the right to determine whether a submission is published or not, to edit all submissions for style and clarity, and to determine whether to publish selected material in our print edition, in our e-newsletter, on our Website, or any combination thereof. We do not include copyright or trademark symbols, even if they appear in the author's text.

( 7 ) Each guest column will be accompanied by a color photograph of the head-and-shoulders of the author. Authors should e-mail a clear and sharp digital image in .jpg or .gif format (ideally 300 dots per inch), along with their editorial contribution.

( 8 ) We also run a 10-word credit that includes author’s name, title, organization and current email address. Please include your draft credit along with your text.

( 9 ) To discuss reprints of any article published by GSN, please contact Wright Media at www.wrightmedia.com or telephone 281-419-5725. 

( 10 ) We strive to produce insightful, stimulating, well-written print and digital publications. Unfortunately, we cannot offer any cash compensation for your submissions, but we truly appreciate your interest in our publications.

( 11 ) Typically, our deadline for the monthly print edition is 45 days before the first day on the month of publication (e.g., May 15th for our July issue.) We have no pre-determined deadlines for our e-newsletter submissions unless we establish a specific deadline in our correspondence with you. Generally speaking, the sooner you contribute a fascinating article, the sooner we can publish it! 

For our e-newsletter, GSN's Daily Homeland Security Insider

We welcome bylined articles of approximately 400-600 words.

All text and photo submissions for the e-newsletter should be e-mailed to: 

Jacob Goodwin

[email protected]


For our monthly print newsmagazine, Government Security News

We will particularly welcome bylined articles of approximately 600 - 800 words related to the following topics, or Case Studies related to the following areas, as listed in the editorial calendar in our 2013 Media Kit:



January 2013 issue

CBRNE / Detection

Airport / Aviation Security

February 2013 issue:

Access Control / Biometrics

Maritime / Port Security

GSN Guide to Border Security

March 2013 issue:

UAVs / Night Vision / Ground Radar

Border Security

April 2013 issue:

CBRNE / Detection

Rail / Mass Transit Security

May 2013 issue:

Net-centric Video Surveillance

Military / Force Protection

June 2013 issue:

Law Enforcement Communications / Robotics

State & Local Security

July 2013 issue:

Acces Control / Biometrics / Smart Cards

Martime / Port Security / ROVs

GSN Guide to Perimeter Protection

August 2013 issue:

PSIM Software / Network Security

Critical Infrastructure Protection

September 2013 issue:

Rugged Vehicles / Vehicle-Mounted Surveillance

Border Security

GSN Guide to Video Surveillance

October 2013 issue:

Perimeter Priotection / Wide Area Surveillance

Airport / Aviation Security

November 2013 issue:

Homeland Security Robotics / ROVs

IT Security / Information Management

December 2013 issue:

Access Control / Biometrics / Smart Cards

GSN Awards Round-Up

GSN's 2014 Source Guide

If you have comments or questions related to the monthly PRINT edition of Government Security News, or the editorial topics listed above, kindly direct them to:
Jacob Goodwin

[email protected]

(212) 344-0759, ext. 2003

If you have any news, press releases, invitations or events specifically related to the Washington, DC area, kindly direct them to our Washington Correspondent:

Mark Rockwell

Washington Correspondent

[email protected]

(571) 214-8717

Thank you for your interest in our publications!


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