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TSA wants to authenticate credentials of crews, law enforcement officers, air marshals and others

TSA has issued a solicitation for what it calls “Credential Authentication Technology,” or CAT, which can ensure that only legitimate airport personnel, airline crews, non-traveling passengers using a gate pass, law enforcement officers and Federal Air Marshals can gain access to sterile airport areas.

The solicitation, which was issued on December 13 by TSA’s Checkpoint Technology Division, calls for proposals by prospective vendors by January 13, 2014.

“TSA requires a Credential Authentication Technology (herein “CAT”) system which must have the capability to assess a wide variety of credentials and display the authentication results to the Transportation Security Officer (TSO), or other qualified user,” explains the agency’s solicitation document. “TSA envisions the CAT system as a flexible system that can be deployed in different configurations depending on the needs and constraints of each checkpoint environment.” 

The CAT system will include integrated hardware and software which will not only validate passenger credentials, but also allow for network connectivity to the Security Technology Integrated Program, or STIP. 

The chosen contractor will be responsible for the design, manufacture, test, test support,

software development, program management, training, engineering support, delivery, and various other logistics support tasks. 

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