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TSA could procure uniforms worth up to $50 million from VF Imagewear

Janet Napolitano with
uniformed TSA personnel

TSA announced on Feb. 27 that it plans to award a contract worth as much as $50 million to apparel giant, VF Imagewear Inc., to supply uniforms to TSA employees under the agency’s uniform program on the basis of “other than full and open competition.”

The contract award will be made to VF, of Nashville, TN, for a period of one year, with an optional one-year transition period, said TSA, “pending award of the mandatory DHS-wide uniform contract, which is currently being competed by Customs and Border Protection (CBP).”

This uniform procurement was first announced by TSA last December, but the formal award was unveiled only two days ago, according to a notice on the Federal Business Opportunities Website.

Further information is available from Stacey Walker, a TSA contract specialist, at 206-834-2409 or

“The right uniform program ensures your brand image will be enhanced from the first smile or handshake,” says VF Imagewear on its own Website. “Company image wear provides increased security, employee confidence and teamwork, as well as the assurance that customers will easily identify your employees. The service support provided by our extensive distributor network makes your managed uniform program effortless.” nike air max