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TSA’s Pre Check program expands to two more airports

Salt Lake City International

Salt Lake City International and John F. Kennedy International are the latest airports to join TSA’s Pre Check pre-approved passenger security program pilot.

TSA’s blog updated the status of the Pre Check program on Jan. 4, noting the addition of the two airports.

Pre Check is a limited, voluntary passenger pre-screening initiative with a small traveler population at several U.S. airports, including Atlanta, Dallas, Detroit, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Miami and Minneapolis/St. Paul. Frequent fliers in American, Delta, United and U.S. Airways programs can participate. The agency has been adding airports and airlines to the pilot in the last few months and some capabilities are still coming online.

The TSA blog said on Jan. 4 that in “early 2012,” United Airlines and US Airways will begin offering the program to their eligible frequent flyers, while Minneapolis and Salt Lake City will offer the program to pilot participants traveling on Delta.

It also said Los Angeles and JFK will also come on board for participants traveling on American

US Airways and United recently began notifying their eligible frequent fliers, and TSA will announce more details on start dates and locations at new airports as soon as we have them.  TSA also said it plans to continue expanding the program to additional airlines and airports once they are operationally ready. nike air max