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Joe Troiano, General Manager and Senior VP of Everfocus Electronics, stresses in his opening remarks that Everfocus is a global supplier of video security surveillance equipment and is proud to...


Fri, 2014-04-18 07:28 AM
A new campaign, involving a host of federal and local law enforcement agencies, in addition to a major child advocacy organization, has been launched to help curb the growing number of children...
Wed, 2014-04-16 08:26 AM
The Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources (DNCR) has warned anglers as well as other visitors to wooded areas to take preventive measures to stop wildfires. This warning comes...
Wed, 2014-04-16 07:50 AM
Boston city officials have released detailed public safety plans for Boston’s approximately two miles of marathon route when the 118th Boston Marathon takes place April 21. In addition to an...
Mon, 2014-04-14 10:02 AM

Paul Goldenberg

In the wake of yesterday’s murderous rampage by a 73-year old former head of the Carolina Knights of the Ku Klux Klan at a Jewish Community Center and an assisted living facility in Overland, KS,...
Wed, 2014-04-09 07:48 AM
Hospitals can be stressful places, and can face a host of potentially violent threats, ranging from potential revenge killings to domestic violence to disgruntled employees. But medical facilities...
Wed, 2014-04-09 03:17 AM
According to the State of Pennsylvania’s Department of Transportation (PennDOT), the 1,208 traffic deaths reported in 2013 were the state’s lowest number on record since 1928."Though Pennsylvania has...
Tue, 2014-04-08 05:19 AM

Barbara Coloroso

One highly effective way to stem violence in schools and to prevent young people from hurting themselves is to put a halt to bullying in its earliest stages, according to Barbara Coloroso, an author...
Tue, 2014-04-08 12:55 AM
Israel-based NowForce, a developer of comprehensive mobile emergency response solutions, announced last week at the ISC West conference in Las Vegas that it has signed an original equipment...
Mon, 2014-04-07 08:10 AM
When it comes to K-12 school violence, the most violent crimes often make the headlines. But many other crimes and violent acts occur daily throughout school districts. Some types of acts, such as...
Wed, 2014-03-12 09:59 PM
Leadership from U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement's (ICE) Homeland Security Investigations (HSI) are participating this week in the second annual International Anti-Gang Conference and...
Fri, 2014-03-07 12:08 AM
Twenty-nine people were charged by the N.J. Attorney General last week following the takedown of a major international carjacking and stolen car trafficking ring. The ring stole luxury cars in New...
Thu, 2014-03-06 10:28 PM
The number of extremist groups fell significantly in 2013 for the first time in a decade, the Montgomery, AL-based Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) has found in its annual count.

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SC Johnson, a producer of household cleaning products based in Racine, WI, has provided $350,000 in funding to the Village of Mount Pleasant (WI) Police Department to create a community-oriented policing (COP) house. The house will be a single family home that is used for community events, training programs, block watch meetings, and educational programs. In the future, the home may be offered to a family. Construction on the property is expected to start in June 2014.

Wallingford, CT-based Mutualink has announced the addition of Lt. Colonel Joseph C. Blackburn to the company’s advisory board. Lt. Colonel Blackburn joins a growing roster of notable members, including former Boston Police Commissioner Ed Davis, former Governor and Secretary of the U.S. DHS Tom Ridge, Retired General Barry McCaffrey, and Retired General Wesley Clark. Advisory board members provide Mutualink’s leadership team with valuable insights -- based on real-world experience and regional knowledge -- to help the company serve its customers as effectively as possible.

The CTIA Wireless Association, an international nonprofit for the wireless communications industry, has partnered with other companies such as AT&T, Apple, Google, Sprint, Motorola, Verizon, T-Mobile, and Nokia in the Smartphone Anti-Theft Voluntary Commitment program. The program is designed to reduce smartphone thefts by having the industry create new smartphone models that include a “kill switch,” enabling people to remotely delete their data and disable the phone.

South Sound 911, an interlocal agency created in an effort to consolidate public safety answering points (PSAPs) in Pierce County, WA, has selected Huntsville, AL-based Intergraph's public safety solutions to replace multiple disparate systems and support multi-site, multi-jurisdictional, multi-discipline response. The project includes multiple PSAPs for police, fire, and EMS in Washington state's second most populous county.

The National Crime Prevention Council (NCPC) and AlertID, a public safety app company, are joining forces to provide educational outreach and support services throughout the month of April for Sexual Assault Awareness Month.

The City of New York has implemented Local Law 1111-2013, regarding smoke alarms in multi-family properties. It was signed into law in December 2013 by former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg. The new legislation that went into effect on April 1st requires owners of multi-family properties to install 10-year sealed battery smoke and/or CO detectors when they must replace old or damaged units. Property owners may receive up to $50 per smoke detector as a reimbursement for their expenses.

Ohio Homeland Security has released the Safer Ohio App, a free application for both Apple and Android mobile devices designed to allow the general public to report suspicious activity. The application was created in partnership with My Mobile Witness, a Pittsburgh based mobile application developer.

The American Federation of Government Employees (AFGE) and its Council of Prison Locals (CPL) last week commended the U.S. Sentencing Commission for voting to reduce the sentencing guideline levels applicable to most federal drug trafficking offenders.

Commentary and Opinions

A case now working its way to the U.S. Supreme Court, Lopez-Valenzuela v. Maricopa County, pits the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) against Arizona and its mandatory detention of accused felons who are also illegally present in the U.S. This practice, claims the ACLU, is unconstitutional.

Exelis C4i has been selected by the City of Grand Rapids, MI, to provide its radio dispatch console system to the Grand Rapids and Kent County emergency 911 call centers.

The Exelis radio dispatch console system, called SwitchPlusIP, will enable both call centers to support emergency calls even if one of the centers requires an evacuation. The system will use a fiber link between the two centers enabling communications access to each agency’s radio systems.

Last week, we wrote an article for GSN about personal resilience being the foundation of national resilience, and we discussed the consequences of the following facts:

By Ann Coss and Ronald Bearse

Since the attacks of 9-11, our nation has spent hundreds of billions of dollars on strengthening its homeland security and domestic disaster response and recovery capabilities.  

Despite these expenditures, individuals and families are concerned that they now have to think seriously about being prepared to be self-reliant for as long as a week, based on assumptions about disaster aid from external sources. And so they should be. 

America’s critical infrastructure includes communications, electric power, information technology, commercial and government facilities criss-crossing the country. With thousands of sites scattered across federal, state and local jurisdictions, there are inherent and challenging security risks, such as theft, sabotage and terrorism. 


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John Procaccio, Business Development Manager of Integrated Microwave Technologies, reveals that the company is a designer and manufacturer of mission critical transmitters and receivers used in wireless transmission of videos, and was a platinum winner of the platinum award for “Best Covert Surveillance Solution” in GSN’s 2013 Border Security Awards Program for its “DropCam” product. IMT is a prime contractor for the DHS in Tech-Ops and offers a range of products described by Mr.

Paul Mackler, President of Eagle Eye Expositions, expresses great satisfaction with exhibitor turn-out and quality of the sessions in the 2013 Expo. He gives a lot of credit for the event’s success to his Advisory Board, which included Jason P. Ahern and many other former high-ranking officials in CBP, DEA, ICE and other government agencies. Mackler also announces that the first annual U.S.- Canada Cross Border Conference will take place in Detroit, MI on September 12-13, to help advance the Beyond Border agreement signed by U.S.

Dubhe Beinhorn describes AtHoc, Inc, winner of GSN’s 2012 award for “Best Mass Notification Solutions,” as a company that operates in one sector only: critical communications for crisis management. But it is in this business in a big way, with 50% of the U.S. federal government using the AtHoc System, including U.S. Navy and U.S. Air Force, both on an enterprise level, the U.S. Patent Office and TSA.

Covia Labs received the award for “Best Interoperable First Responder Communications” in the 2012 Awards Program for its “Alert & Respond” software platform and application that provides voice/data interoperability across a variety of platforms ranging from smart phones to police and fire department radios, embedded devices and drones. The top two markets for the company, according to CEO David Kahn, are the military and public safety.

TeleCommunication Systems (TCS), which entered its “Commercial Mobile Alerts System” in the 2012 Awards Program, was named a Finalist in the “Best Mass Notification Systems” category.

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Digital Ally, Inc., which develops, manufactures and markets advanced video surveillance, speed enforcement and thermal imaging produ...

GammaTech Computer Corp., a manufacturer of notebook and tablet computers, has introduced the newest member to its line of cost-effecti...

CINTEC North America, a provider of devices to strengthen structural masonry, offers the Waterwall System, a series of water-inflate...

Created to make metal detection quicker, easier and more reliable, Wizard Industries has released its new Security Wizard 4, a laser...

In July 2011, C4i will upgrade its interoperable communications system with the release of SwitchplusIP, version 9.0.

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