GSN Homeland Security Awards 2013 - Awards Categories

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Category #1: Vendors of IT Security Products and Solutions
Judging in this category is based on a combination of:
- Increase in client organization’s security
- Technological innovation or improvement
- Filling a recognized government IT security need
- Flexibility of solution to meet current and future organizational needs

  • Best Anti-Malware Solution
  • Best Identity Management Platform
  • Best Certificate Management Solution
  • Best Compliance/Vulnerability Assessment Solution
  • Best Data Security/Loss Management Solution
  • Best Email Security and Integrity Solution
  • Best Endpoint Security Solution
  • Best Forensic Software
  • Best Big Data Analytics Solution
  • Best Intrusion Detection/Prevention Solution
  • Best Network Security/Enterprise Firewall
  • Best Privileged Access Management Solution
  • Best Continuous Monitoring Solution
  • Best Security Incident & Event Management (SIEM) Solution

Category #2: Vendors of Physical Security Products and Solutions
Judging in this category is based on a combination of:
- Increase in client organization’s security
- Technological innovation and/or improvement
- Filling a recognized government physical security need
- Reduction in costs and/or increase in efficiency
-Ability to address future organizational requirements


  • Best Biometric Identification Solution
  • Best Integrated System for HSP D-12/FIPS 201 Compliance
  • Best Smart Card Solution
  • Best Platform for Physical and Logical Access


  • Best Interoperable First Responder Communications
  • Best Mass Notification Systems
  • Best Regional or National Public Safety Communications Deployment


  • Best Chemical Detection Product or Solution
  • Best Explosive Detection Product or Solution
  • Best Long Range Detection Product, Service or System
  • Best Nuclear or Radiation Detection Product or Solution


  • Best Intelligent Video Surveillance Solution
  • Best Thermal, Night Vision, Infrared Cameras
  • Best  Network IP Cameras
  • Best Video Storage/Digital Transmission System
  • Best Specialized CCTV Lens Technology


  • Best Perimeter Protection Product/System (Excluding Video)
  • Best Crash Barrier (Gates, Fences, Bollards, Guard Booths)
  • Best Physical Security Information Management (PSIM) Solution


  • Best Disaster Preparedness or Disaster Recovery and Clean-up Service
  • Best Facility Security/Force Protection Service
  • Best Homeland Security Training, Higher Education Program

Category 3: Government Security News 2011 Government Excellence Awards
Judging in this category will be based on one or more of the following criteria:
-Development of successful strategy and increase in public safety
-Providing a notable solution to a recognized problem
-Reduction in cost and/or major increase in efficiency and effectiveness
-Decisive, successful action or response to threat or emergency

  • Most Notable Airport/Aviation Security Program
  • Most Notable Maritime/Seaport Security Program
  • Most Notable Railroad/Mass Transit Security Program
  • Most Notable Critical Infrastructure Protection Program
  • Most Notable Cyber Security Program or Technology – Government or Military
  • Most Notable Emergency Response Implementation – Federal/State or Local
  • Most Notable Law Enforcement Interdiction, Arrest, Counter Terrorism or Crime Prevention Program – Federal/State or Local
  • Most Notable Municipal/County Security Program, Project or Initiative
  • Most Notable State Government Security Program/Project or Initiative
  • Most Notable Federal Government Security Program/Project or Initiative


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